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2210 - Monday, 1 June 2009: Monday yech.

Reader sends bullets in flight.

I’m not religious. Raised protestant Christian, I am now comfortably, non-militantly agnostic - believe what you like as long as you’re not forcing me to believe it too. As for the Truth, I reckon I’ll find out when I get there and I ain’t in no hurry to. But... being fond of the entire Bill of Rights, this ticks me off. -And here’s more on the anti-American workplace bigotry. Culture. War.

Codrea has more Only Ones than you can swing a nightstick at. Every. Single. Day. How many are being covered up? How many citizen victims are intimidated, or simply brutalized, into never reporting the crimes committed by thugs with badges? (Whaddaya gonna do, call a cop...?) All this is beside the usual revenue-generation-for-its-own-sake - and yes, Woodland Police were waiting on the return trip from IPSC with a radar trap, on the last day of the month, with the town budget, and their quotas, due.

I wonder if I could rig the RCA as a hat-cam. That pistol cam would be a cool toy indeed on an IPSC run, but I’m not gonna blow eight hundred bucks on one. Besides, I don’t have a pistol rail.

Boston sucks. Helluva thing from a city intimately involved in the outbreak of our War of Independence.

RINOs. We’re so “...screwed. There’s gonna be a fight. Let’s win.” And that’s why I go to handgun & rifle matches. I am Developing Skills which may be Needed. -Look how hesitant I was in that IPSC video (hey, it was my first IPSC competition and the fourth live-fire run I’d ever had, counting a single practice run over a year ago), but I already know how to improve and am doing some dry-practice (the GP100 is good for this, with its DA trigger, that teaches sight-picture control) (add a coin to the barrel rib... later).

Chicago sucks. But when hasn’t it?


Snicker. Although in fairness, Cowardly Laundry Gal might have a point. ;)

Video quality... the raw .AVI from the Canon is Really Quite Good (observe those VLC snapshots), but there’s a lot of compression in the .MP4 conversion I’ve linked here. Still exploring various softwares.


I’ve been flying Old Glory inverted since the election, but now Flag Day approaches (and Independence Day too). I think I’ll swap it for a Gadsden. (Yes I know how to fold the Stars & Stripes.)

Quote o' the Day: "Our government... teaches the whole people by its example. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy." - Louis D. Brandeis

Radio talk about demographic warfare, Government Motors closing Red State dealerships while directing bailout money at those owned by Party Members. The Road Trip is never far from my thoughts and I wondered about the dealership where sis' Cadillac was repaired - no evidence in a casual look at their site of any impending doom, though one big Dodge shop here with close ties to local talker Lars Larson is on the death list.

Finishing Williamson's Contact with Chaos. And it was good. Thorough. I think it can be taken as the new standard for First Contact stories, it's obvious lots of brainsweat went into it. Starting Niven & Lerner's Juggler of Worlds, the next in the Fleet of Worlds series prequel to Ringworld. Sort of.

2211 - Tuesday, 2 June 2009: Quote o’ the Day: "The truth is, that, even with the most secure tenure of office, during good behavior, the danger is not, that the judges will be too firm in resisting public opinion, and in defence of private rights or public liberties; but, that they will be ready to yield themselves to the passions, and politics, and prejudices of the day." - Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833

And they call us racists. See also.

And then, perhaps not unrelated, we have Sudden Jihad Syndrome. (Okay, the “sudden” is debatable but it makes such a tasty soundbite.) Either this is a definitive Islamic terrorist attack on American soil, or Islam has been proven to be so violent and destructive worldwide that a filthy little bigot is using it for cover. Either way, get a rope. -Sotomayor’s probably already pardoned him, in her mind. And will be writing amicus curiae in his favor when he sues somebody. >:-[

Culture War.

Eee-Vill Gun Rays.

Totalitarianism. I’m not making this stuff up, folks.

”Few bad apples”. Riiiiiight. Any cop with a conscience is subverted, forced out, or destroyed. And, the last generation or so evidently, weeded out at recruitment.

Slow at work, continuing Barsoom. Purple Prose. But action.

Also starting Juggler of Worlds, with a reference, multiply appropriate in context, to Hal Clement, who, after a bit of research, I’ll have to shoehorn into the library queue now I guess.

2212 - Wednesday, 3 June 2009: A little reminder that cops are useless. (And some feminazi-smacking too.) Then Codrea has more.

Demographic Warfare. Are they trying to provoke a response?

Quote o’ the Day: "Today, when a concerted effort is made to obliterate this point, it cannot be repeated too often that the Constitution is a limitation on the government, not on private individuals -- that it does not prescribe the conduct of private individuals, only the conduct of the government -- that it is not a charter for government power, but a charter of the citizen's protection against the government." - author Ayn Rand (1905-1982)

Hussein’s eligibility question is not going away, though his staff is working very hard to make it so.

Demographic Warfare might work both ways.

Still fiddling with softwares. With RCA’s, I’ve converted this raw 77Mb .AVI to this 4.1Mb .WMV. Except I can’t crop it, hm - I know there are different flavors of .AVI, and apparently while the RCA software can read those made by the Canon, it can’t manipulate them as it can those from the Small Wonder.

'Nother Quote: "One single object ... [will merit] the endless gratitude of the society: that of restraining the judges from usurping legislation." - Thomas Jefferson, letter to Edward Livingston, March 25, 1825

Corolla overheating - finally getting 'round to changing coolant.

2213 - Thursday, 4 June 2009: Politics at the club, and some maybe-libel in the latest newsletter. >:-[

Unrelated, one complaint I hear when I run the plate match is all the standing-around-waiting-one’s-turn. Well, IPSC is much the same, if not worse - I shot four times in as many hours - as are rifle matches with multiple relays. There are only so many targets, only so many firing points, and only so many people can fit on the firing line at one time. What else can be done? One wonders if the people making such complaints have ever shot competition before. I’ve been at it six years now, rifle & handgun, seems normal to me.

Remember Tiananmen.

Time.... Suppose one were to assassinate Karl Marx. A fatal mugging in some back alley, nothing remarkable, long before he wrote the Communist Manifesto. Just another anonymous statistic. How different would the world be? You ask most people the time-machine-and-rifle question they think Hitler, yah? Well remember (anyone got source?) the Wehrmacht officer, during Operation Barbarossa, who quipped, ”We’re going to show the Russians what Marx meant.” Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. The ones calling us fascists always seem to forget those little details....

And yes, I’ve read Niven’s time-machine-and-antibiotics story. A couple times. ”Admiral Heinlein doesn’t let [the Soviets] build spaceships.” :D

”Pay no attention to the racist behind the curtain.”

Quote o’ the Day: ”I firmly believe the majority of cops today just want to ignore laws, beat people up, and drive like maniacs in public without worry of consequences.”

And another Quote.

Storm - a few trees down, a few traffic lights out, and two hours and seven minutes to reach the hovel. I.Hate.Cities.So.Much. That's it, I'm throwing a frozen pizza in the toaster-oven, a Doctor Who disc in the DVD drive, and going to bed.

Late note - finally cleaning the 1911. The IPSC shoot was advertised as 75 rounds, I must have fired at least 80. No evidence of leading, hooaah. Now if I run out of plated .45 again I can still shoot plates & pins with an autoloader, and IPSC Major too.

2214 - Friday, 5 June 2009: You’ll likely have read of the Kentucky pastor encouraging church carry. Some on the lists are getting excited. Codrea, OTOH, looks deeper.

Quotes. Particularly: ”The only thing that will keep a government honest is an armed populace.” - anon

Reloading tip. (More in sidebar.)


Fiddling with some higher-end video-editing software acquired along my travels, I think I’m finally onto something, hmm....

Niven & Lerner’s Juggler of Worlds is a recap, tying-together, and filling-in-blanks of several Known Space stories, featuring several of the most famous characters and (mis)adventures. Strongly recommended for any Known Space junkie; those not familiar with that universe will not fully appreciate most of it.

2215 - Saturday, 6 June 2009: On this day in 1944, Allied Forces - mostly Americans, with mostly American vessels and equipment - began the liberation of National-Socialist-occupied Europe, with the greatest amphibious landing in history, on the beaches of Normandy. -And now the Usurper is traipsing around the world apologizing for it. It was American weapons, American industry, and American blood which purchased Europe’s freedom, and what have we ever received in return? The next time someone tells me "America owes the world" something, I will spit in their face.

...Zz. I had sorta planned some range time today, LTR practice for example, but the weather is icky and I have a lot of other errands to run, and there's a long drive to Lone Oak for CMP tomorrow.

I used the Hoppe's-and-rag treatment last night to remove excess LLA from the cast .45 loads. Got carried away and didn't leave any untreated for smoke comparison. I'll have another big casting session when conditions permit, perhaps on the 20th.

L00t. I haz it. One of the errands was to finally get the smoked turkey (and pepperoni sticks) won in the Turkey Shoot last year, yums. Another was Even More Shocking Reader Loot - optics, parts & books, just about all of which I have, or intend to develop, a personal use for, and if not it's all barterable too.


Government sucks. (See also.) -That calls for some adjustment, hmm. Must ponder.

"Smart Guns" My Ass.

Analysis of the GOP... and those other people.

Quote o' the Day: "Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and then applying the wrong remedies." - Groucho Marx

Old email - reader sends HotSpotShield, to protect your 802.11 connection.

Also sends TrollCats, not always SFW.


IPSC results - 6th of 21 overall, 3rd of 7 in Limited 10. Hooked. Next, 26 July, which will be a very busy weekend indeed if my own club gets the rifle range sorted out - CMP Saturday morning, my own plates afternoon, then IPSC at Wolverton Sunday.

Likely I won't be listening to the show or joining in chat tomorrow, but a featured guest will be Doug Ritter of Knife Rights to talk about a new piece of totalitarian damnfoolery which, when inevitably misapplied, would outlaw most pocketknives.

2216 - Sunday, 7 June 2009: Znrk.

Long drive. Corolla still overheating, but mainly at higher speeds. Shrug, carry spare coolant.

258/2X, not bad at all for a 54-year-old rifle I hadn't fired for two months, with 42-year-old rounds. -The same rifle will naturally shoot differently with different loads. With my typical handload (150gr jacketed, 49.0gr BL-C(2), WLR, military brass) I usually go up six clicks from mechanical bottom on the rear sight to hit the black of an SR target at 200 yards. Today, with LC67, I had to bottom the sight and put the top of the post at 6-o'-clock in the 7 ring to hit the black - but I did.

Pretty good turnout, 21 shooters, three full relays:

One relay would shoot, the next would score, and the third would work the pits. Nice setup at this club. Except for being limited to seven lanes for this kind of shooting.

Nice fresh targets:

At least one Carbine, at least one Springfield, at least one Enfield.

The Canon A580 remains a Very Useful Camera, set to take up to 10 photos at up to 30 second intervals, here during slow-prone (I need a haircut):

Working the pits can be fun too:

I also took several photos of the targets' contstruction, should that information ever prove useful. It's like a miniature Camp Perry!

The obligatory Cool Action Photo:

My rapid-prone stage - some shooters were inexperienced in the ways of scoring and/or pit work, and this one used the wrong color pegs, but the Konus/Canon combo gave good enough results to pick them out:

The Konus 90x performed better today than I was expecting based on past use. OTOH it was way back behind the line for the scorer as opposed to being right next to the Queen to have its innards rattled.

CMP Greek-surplus rifle, USGI 1967 ammunition, ten rounds in 80 seconds (added time for bolt-actions on the line), starting from standing and diving to prone & reloading on the clock. Yeah, I'm pretty good with a rifle. And the shockingly-generous Tucson Tom provided an excellent rifle.


Note the sighters. With this club's setup each sighter can be scored as it's fired, and with the scoring discs one hardly even needs a spotting scope. Total, 86.0%, an adequate performance for not being allowed to use my handloads.

Got video too, but still having trouble with software, hm. Got this 26s, 1.5Mb .WMV, eventually - my first shot in slow-prone, you can see me doublechecking the elevation, then staring at the target wondering why the pit crew didn't pull and mark it - as stated above the Queen shot very high with this load. Also got this 1m24s, 5.5Mb .WMV of my rapid-prone stage (note the guy in the next lane - his rifle appears to be short-cycling). The RCA Small Wonder software is not working as advertised - I'm having to crop the .AVI in an older version of Cyberlink, Produce that as another honkin' huge .AVI, then run that through the RCA software to get the compressed .WMV.

After, stopped at a roadside joint with a couple members of my club, where we commisserated on the current rifle restrictions thereat. There are More Rifle Events around, including my side of the river, but I chronically lack the time, energy and resources to participate....

Vanderboegh posts stirring article on Normandy.

Cruffler sends bumper sticker idea:

2217 - Monday, 8 June 2009: Quote o’ the Day: "If men through fear, fraud or mistake, should in terms renounce and give up any essential natural right, the eternal law of reason and the great end of society, would absolutely vacate such renunciation; the right to freedom being the gift of God Almighty, it is not in the power of Man to alienate this gift, and voluntarily become a slave." - John Adams, Rights of the Colonists, 1772

Walter E. Williams rants on government schools. From which I escaped.

In Shotgun News I saw this kit to convert an AR from direct-impingement to piston with what are claimed to be drop-on parts. ArfCom plug - interesting - but jeepers, way too expensive.

Texas and Alaska contemplate following Montana.

Reader sends analysis of efforts to incorporate 2A under 14A.

2218 - Tuesday, 9 June 2009: Quote o’ the Day: "A free people [claim] their rights as derived from the laws of nature, and not as the gift of their chief magistrate." - Thomas Jefferson, Rights of British America, 1774

Unless, of course, they’re among these, in which case a racist unstable freak in black robes will impose a different view....

Codrea weighs in in the 2A/14A issue.

Waking up.

Ever more thugs with badges. See also.

National Firearms Training Week, including Appleseed, and there is an AS at Castle Rock that weekend but I need a weekend off once in a while.

2219 - Wednesday, 10 June 2009: Milder weather today, that helps with the Corolla’s heat problem.

Gah, Appleseed this weekend. Even longer drive than Lone Oak. Good thing I pre-regi$tered, fuel is around $2.60 lately. Taking only the LTR, a base-model 10/22 with Zephyr aperture sights which I’ve described before. Four Ruger 10-round magazines, no bananas - Appleseed is rarely anything more than strings of ten (to include 2+8). One full brick of Federal #510 40gr solid. Kinda worried about the sling, an old Uncle Mike’s 1” leather - I suppose I can go Hasty but now I’m used to the poor-man’s-loop I’ve been using with the Queen’s 1¼” GI nylon. I do have a 1” leather military loop with the hooks and all, but last time I tried that I tore my Garand shirt, and the 10/22 may simply be too short to make proper use of it. Need an early start too, gah, shooting starts at 8:30. See info for this location (.PDFs at bottom). IIRC this is some guy’s private land which he’s configured, and loaned the use of, for the Cause.

John Lott.


Cruffler sends, via Rush: "What do God and Barack Hussein Obama have in common? Neither has a birth certificate."

One reason I went back to a single-side thumb safety on the 1911 is, the ambidextrous is incompatible with the grip-panel scope mount I was fiddling with. The other reason is, the durn ambi kept separating! Every one I've found has the same tongue-and-groove construction, with nothing but a cutout in the starboard grip panel to keep it in place. Doesn't anyone make one with a pin or bolt or something more positive?

2220 - Thursday, 11 June 2009: One has to legitimately wonder about Manchurian candidates. The latest shooting in a self-defense-free zone fits the enemy’s agenda too well. Most of the other GREs are weighing in of course, linked from Codrea’s.

Related, Quote o’ the Day: "I feel every Jew should be armed to the teeth, as should every American." - Theodore Haas, survivor of Dachau concentration camp

Blue Helmets make good targets.

GR4U rants on badgethugs. Related, Sotomayor is racist and fascist. If this goes on cops are going to die, killed in righteous self-defense. The “civil cold war” is heating up.

OTOH there’s this. -Which may just be typical bureaucratic CYA, but with so many peasants packing cameras these days it’s getting a lot harder for the thugs to get away with their thuggery, and some of them might be waking up.

System’s broke. -I’ve tried to fix that specific bug.

Uh huh.

There is a difference between “peaceable” and “law-abiding”. And another between “peaceable” and “domesticated”.


The elephant makes a good point.

2221 - Friday, 12 June 2009: Via Cruffler, didn't I tell ya? I'm a bloody prophet, I am. (It wouldn't surprise me if the individual used as an excuse for the government intimidation was a government plant. The MSM story says there’s an “informant”.) Forwarding to Codrea and the AS event bosses. (I see all the Monroe Appleseeds have been removed from the list.) Damn sure taking both cameras, and texting certain people throughout the day. What the hell has happened to this country? Already one can't drive on a public road without fear of being randomly robbed and beaten by thieves-in-uniform, now the exercise of Constitutional rights and discussion of American history have become crimes?

Elsewhere Codrea rants on useless recommendations for dealing with active shooters.

From the lists, word that there will not after all be an Eminent Domain landtheft for the Flight 93 memorial. -Yet. “Negotiations” continue. The government can always change it’s mind.

Today I built a trio of rack-mount servers, each with 128Gb of RAM. RAM. That’s more than the hovel’s system has in it’s hard drive. And the thing will support twice that. A quarter-terabyte of memory.

Corolla still overheating, especially at freeway speeds. :( Well heck, it did blow it's headgasket not long ago. Still trying to build a replacement fund.

Never trust a cop of any kind.

And I have a long drive with a sick car so I'm going to bed.

2222 - Saturday, 13 June 2009: Znrk. I'm taking next weekend off dammit.

Departing 0700-ish.

Rain, and cabin heat, on the way up, kept the Corolla's engine temperature somewhat under control, but the car is definitely slowly dying. Had to pull off to add coolant on the way back. Revenuers out of course, but they left me alone. Showers and overcast early turned to serious sunburn and run-to-the-car-for-more-water-bottles by afternoon. (Stopped for another case on the way back.)

Actually got a later start than intended, arriving just in time. Easy enough to find. Met Psycho Barn Kitteh Spook, who facerubs incessantly until touched on the butt, prompting immediate attack, followed by more blissful stropping. Decent turnout, near thirty:

Forgot my prone mat! ...At Lone Oak perhaps. 8-( Well, it was only fifteen bucks and was getting kinda grungy. Landowner had carpet remnants, wholly adequate. Good setup, Designated Appleseed Range, 25m only:

No sagebrush, more elbow room:

First, as usual, was the Redcoat target - three rounds each on targets simulating enemy prone silhouettes at 100, 200, 300 & 400 yards, with a 13th bonus shot (for the 13 Colonies) at a 250yd "not a head!", rapid-prone:

We'll come back to that. Quality instruction, despite the intended event boss being absent due to a family emergency:

After the Redcoats, the 4MOA squares, slow-ish-prone:

Detailed instruction, accounting for different types of sights and sight pictures, 6-o'-clock vs. center-hold, aperture vs. notch vs. scope, Hasty vs. loop sling, finding the right position, etc.:

One thing I picked up today is to cross my legs the other way in Sitting. Instant improvement.

Gunfire is the sound of freedom. Which is why some people can't stand it.

Of 26 rifles I counted on the line, 19 were 10/22s. Some were box-stock, some had scopes, some had Tapco M4-type stocks covered in rails, several had Tech Sights.

Fewer rounds expended than expected today. Only five 4MOA squares, a couple of green practice targets:

For the rapid-fire stages, standing-to-sitting or standing-to-prone, unlike CMP or other matches, considering the lack of experience of many shooters here, they had us start with rifles devoid of ammunition, loading after we reached position. Which incidentally aids in weapon familiarization. How many times have I said it? Know Your Weapon. -Not long ago I was commenting that I go to handgun matches and mine are the only pistols which don't malfunction in some way. I could claim the same for rifles. This LTR, which I think is pushing thirty years old, worked flawlessly all day. I did tweak the windage at one point but that's hardly worth mentioning.

About 14:30 we were overflown by a Cessna-like aircraft, but I couldn't make out any markings and neither could the Canon. This I mention because it has been mentioned.

Eventually came the first AQT. And...

I made it.


I'm gonna have that framed. -The program - totally volunteer, nonprofit, barely meeting expenses (actually probably losing money) - is desperate for more help. Once it became apparent I had some clue what I was doing (during ball-and-dummy drill I helped one young man - 12 or less I think, the landowner's grandson - dramatically improve in slow-prone) I got several direct invitations to work toward becoming an Orange Hat instructor, but I dunno if my car will blow up any given morning, ya know?

This was followed by another hour-and-a-half of instruction and practice, and a second AQT, on which I scored only 197. Last was a repeat of the Redcoat from the beginning, marking previous holes and shooting the same piece of paper again to measure improvement:

I Am Good With A Rifle.

Appleseed is about far, far more than simply hitting targets. Appleseed is about restoring and preserving American liberty; about awakening a slumbering populace and standing firm against tyranny in all its insidious forms; about bringing Gunfolk, those darn independent individualists who don't need a pack of parasitic bureaucrats telling us what not to do and how to not do it, out of the darkness and into our deserved place in the light of the society and the great nation our philosophical predecessors, with no guarantee of success, risked, and often gave, everything to create.

We will not disarm. We will not submit. We will not "Shut up and go away." We have been pushed too far before.

And now I'm going to bed.


2223 - Sunday, 14 June 2009: Znrk. I'm taking next weekend off, really. And not going to the Independence Day Appleseed unless I have a financial windfall, but hoping for 5-6 September. I'd like to do LTR Saturday and the Queen Sunday - if I can break 210, with two rifles, on two days, I'll have arrived.

Corolla hasn't blown up yet. Driving slower than wonted. Stopped again for coolant on the way back, but again not on the way up.

More overcast today, less sunburn but not none, ow. I ended up coaching others toward the end of the day (they started shutting down about 1530 but some stayed for freestyle practice and more personal instruction).

Why was I coaching?

'Cause I did it again. TWICE. After 206 at 11:16am, 214 at 1:31pm:

And at 2:22pm, 221 (Thirty-Cal Rule - I only gave myself 220):

I... am teh awsumm. I am. But I still need to do this again, LTR Saturday and MBR Sunday. So I'll know.

Now some thoughts. If you're thinking of attending an Appleseed, yes do! But know what you're getting into.

First, it's a Physical Event. You'll be getting in and out of prone repeatedly. (Do plan on the full weekend, and if you can only make one day, make it Saturday 'cause that's when the actual instruction is, while Sunday is to apply what you've learned.) Also sitting (or, if you srsly can't, kneeling), and that will be on the clock, as will some of the prone. Standing sounds easy, but is rather less so with a rifle in your hands which you must hold steady (and you'll learn how, using the elusive NPoA - put your feet here, point them there, turn your body this far that direction) and hot brass bouncing off parts of you. You'll be walking back and forth to check targets and shoot again, repeatedly, often on rough ground with prickly flora - Birkenstocks are disrecommended. There could be hot sun or cold rain or both (especially in the Pacific Northwest...); bring sunscreen and a coat & gloves. Really give the physicality of the event some thought before you commit. Dry-practice in the living room to learn if you can do this without self-injury. Not joking.

Second, Open Your Mind. No, as a matter of fact you don't know how to use a rifle. I'd been shooting competition four years before my first Appleseed. 26 months after that I finally made the Breakthrough. Be Prepared to Learn. Don't get hung up on "A .22 is completely different from my $4,900 8.6mm Unobtanium and this training is meaningless!", don't get ruffled about not being allowed to CCW on the line, don't get miffed when the instructors have you clear and safe your rifle That Particular Way. If you're not prepared to Take Instruction, you'll be wasting money and a trip.

([rant=ON] 8.6mm Unobtanium with SnobCorp. Modular UberPicatinny Tactical Stock System. "Yeah, great. Can you hit anything with it?" "It's guaranteed to shoot 0.3MOA from the factory!" "Yeah... great. Can you hit anything with it?" [/rant])

This segues to my Third thought: Pay Attention Dammit. All up and down the line, all weekend, I was hearing shooters - many - ask "What are we shooting?" The line boss just told you. LOUDLY. (Electronic earmuffs are nice. I've needed to replace mine for at least a year.) But "Pay Attention Dammit" applies to far more than the line commands, it's also for the drink-from-the-fire-hose torrent of information, technical and otherwise, gushing forth throughout the weekend. That position isn't working for you? [Instructor sizes up shooter] You're about yea big, proportioned thus - try putting that foot there and your arms like this, and adjust your sling so. And the same instructor will tell the person next to you, shaped differently and/or with a differently-shaped rifle, to do something very much Else.

Pay Attention Dammit also applies to the lunchtime storytelling. They're very careful, at my three Appleseeds so far, to not describe how the skills you learn there might be applied in the real, modern world - but they do spell out how and why they were used on that glorious spring day in 1775. You think you've got it rough, living in the 21st Century? The 18th didn't have nuthin'. No email, no celltext, no MediCare, no air conditioning, no indoor plumbing, no hypoallergenic synthetic blends, no latté... and the Bill of Rights didn't bloody exist for another sixteen damn years. And those men, they still grabbed their rifles, hugged their wives and kids, and marched into history. They DIDN'T KNOW IT WOULD WORK! Some of them never found out.

Thought Four is


Every match, every Appleseed, every rangeday, someone is fumbling with something their way around which they don't bloody know. This button does that, that lever does this. R!T!F!M! Take it out of the safe and fiddle with it. Get some A-Zooms and practice, practice, for all the gods' sakes practice. The LTR had two stovepipes and one misfeed today, zero malfunctions yesterday - I hastily cleaned the action this morning before departure, not cleaning the bore (Federal #510 seems relatively clean) - that's almost certainly an ammunition issue, especially since the stovepipes were widely separated among well over 100 rounds. (After the misfeed I set that magazine aside - the other three ran fine for the rest of the day.)

Now, with that off my chest, we can talk gear. First is your rifle, duh. Your Very Bestest Most Favoritest Rifle Evar? Maybe. The Queen is my best, but she has an expensive appetite and, though she's a pussycat next to a Mosin or Mauser, she is still flinch-inducing and near twice the weight of a 10/22. Especially for your first AS, and especially if you've rarely or never done position shooting before, you want an LTR, a Liberty Training Rifle:

  • Caliber .22LR
  • Semiautomatic vastly preferred
  • Detachable magazine vastly preferred (at least two magazines, You Can't Have Too Many)
  • Post front & aperture adjustable rear sights vastly preferred
  • Sling, any sling

    All weekend, most of the line had Ruger 10/22s, many with Tech Sights. One lady (who Improved Markedly over the weekend because she was Paying Attention Dammit) had an ordinary AR15 lower with one of the new dedicated .22LR uppers, with excellent A2 sights (the Queen has totally spoiled me for sights, and if/when I build an AR it will have a rear sight just like hers). An older gentleman had a Mini-14 with a .22LR conversion Saturday, which he removed to fire 5.56x45mm Sunday, and he also Payed Attention Dammit and Improved. The tube-fed, blade-and-notch Marlin 60 or Winchester 190 or the like will be accomodated, but these will place you at a disadvantage - it's easy to fumble those little cartridges, that long brass tube can Get In The Way, and it's more awkward and time-consuming to clear the weapon when required. A base-model 10/22 can still be had for under $200 from the big retail chains, though you might have to wait for a sale. Slap on Tech Sights, add a sling, grab a couple spare magazines, and you have an LTR. Note that the box-fed Marlin you already have might serve just as well.

    Next is ammunition. Take FIVE HUNDRED ROUNDS, all the same brand, catalog number, and lot number - don't bring two boxes of this and eight boxes of that, it will perform differently and all the sight adjustments you've made for Batch X will be wasted effort as soon as you switch to Batch Y. (Seven months ago you could just go to Mega-Lo-Mart and grab a couple bricks but now they're all gone. You might have to net-order.) You might not use all 500, depending who's running the event, how many shooters there are, etc., but You Can't Have Too Much. If you're doing the LTR/MBR shuffle, take at least 250 for each.

    Most, maybe all, shooting will be at 25 meters. I think some DARs can only handle rimfire (not this one). Look up the range info first. You will probably not need your 90x Schmidt & Uberspendy spotting scope. You have a favorite prone mat? Do bring. Have not? $15 camping pad from Mega-Lo-Mart's sporting goods aisle. Load-bearing equipment, tactical vest, etc.? Oh yeah, if you want to find out what will pierce your spleen when you dive prone, what will fall off you when dropping to sitting, what will increase or decrease your reload time by a factor of umpty. Not being sarcastic.

    Folding chair. (I think I have one, or more, buried in storage....) Food (not junk, stuff to eat, you will be burning calories). Plenty Of Fluid including Gatorade or the like - caffeinated disrecommended sez me, bottled water and/or fruit juice. A cooler might be a good idea. Totally Awesome Digital Camera to take Eighty Bazillion Photos including of your targets so you have zero-physical-space proof of how awsumm you iz (or not). (Spare batteries. Spare memory cards, especially if you're taking video.)

    ...That's about all I have on that. For now. So let's take a little trip 'round the 'blogosphere:

    Tam rants.

    WPE smacks.

    Codrea vents.

    It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you. In their own words.

    Australia is too lame for words.

    Barack Hussein Obama, Ethnic Cleanser. And they call us bigots.

    2224 - Monday, 15 June 2009: Rather Badly Sunburned, Ow.

    All you seniors who voted for Hussein so’s he could steal my money to pay for your healthcare - how’s that working out for you?

    Prohibition Fail.

    Followers of Gun Talk will have heard the “Trap a Terrorist” PSAs. Yuri has compiled.

    Gipper vs. Hussein.

    Insight from an ex-Sov.

    2225 - Tuesday, 16 June 2009: Car trouble, power steering failing, door latch broken, sigh. Still driveable. Setting money aside.

    For the past little while, RHJunior has been skewering Trek.


    ”Hate Crimes” My Ass - and those legislative amendments really should be thought through. See also.

    Pravda. Holy crapping crap. We are screwed and there is going to be a fight. -Dig the ABC response at the Drudge link. “Cognitive dissonance” is too weak a term by some orders of magnitude.

    ”...an out-of-control child throwing a hissy fit...” with a badge. See also.

    Oops, wrong AQT photos Saturday, fixed. And while I was at it, I was reminded that one of the Very Useful Things done at Appleseeds is the partnered ball-and-dummy drill. Observe, on the left, regular AQT sighters, just minutes before I began what would be my first Rifleman-score AQT of 219; and on the right, later that day, ball-and-dummy with a partner to load magazines without my knowledge of whether there would be a live round or an empty chamber:

    Recall also that in October I shot 4 real MOA, from position, with the Queen, for the first time, thanks to the same drill. And for the record, here's the whole AQT on which I scored 219:

    A big problem at Appleseed is the very lopsided student-to-instructor ratio - over two dozen shooters, only four orange or red hats. It's not their fault, turnout is booming (remember the Patriot's Day AS was "packed") (at this latest one they ran out of targets). They wanted to put such a hat on me. I'm not a patient man and don't consider myself to be a good teacher... but that very much depends on the quality of the student, and folks don't blow a hundred-odd dollars and drive a hundred-odd miles to slack off. Sure, some were dragged along by spouses or parents and maybe weren't all the way In, but Appleseeders are by definition more self-starting and stick-to-it-ive than average.

    2226 - Wednesday, 17 June 2009: Steering ok after adding fluid, but stiffening again. Probably a leak. Fortunately I already carried spare fluid. Time to change cars.

    Gah, $tress.

    Work grump, micromanaging bureaucrats have to carve out little empires for themselves. This contract ends in February, and for corporate tax purposes I would not have another with this company for six months after that - but I don’t want one, phooey.

    Perhaps related, Roark’s Fountainhead speech. ‘Crats are incapable of creating or producing. The only thing they’re good at is sticking it to people who are good at stuff.

    Prohibition FAIL.

    Bunker Hill.

    Quote o’ the Day: "On a more serious front, I sincerely hope that when the president goes in for his annual check-up, the doctors at Bethesda will do a brain scan. Surely something must be terribly wrong with a man who seems to be far more concerned with a Jew building a house in Israel than with Muslims building a nuclear bomb in Iran." - columnist Burt Prelutsky

    Hah! I am the first in the library hold queue for Ringo & Kratman’s The Tuloriad! Still waiting for Eye of the Storm. Still nothing new in Kratman’s Carrera series though. :(

    Finished Niven & Lerner’s Juggler of Worlds, must-read for any Known Space fan, so very many blanks filled. Next is, from the latest reader l00t, Vengeance is Mine by William W. Johnstone, an adventure/action novel set on the current U.S./Mexico border/culturewarzone.

    Really tired.

    2227 - Thursday, 18 June 2009: I’m having to do a preflight on what’s left of the Corolla before every commute, mainly checking coolant and now the power steering fluid. So naturally the steering fluid cap drops down into the engine compartment. Eventually it fell all the way to the ground, and I had to move the car to retrieve it, by which time I have engine gunk up to the elbows. Add to this the broken driver’s side door latch, requiring entry from the passenger side, and the overheating’s getting worse, and next Friday’s pay is for the rent so there’s only so much I can spare from tomorrow’s. I’m just having a swell week.

    More on Sotomayor.

    Again with Mexico and MSM lies.


    A state of war exists between peaceable citizens and intrusive, totalitarian government. (See also.) Thieves with badges. There will be blood. There already is. All we want is to be left alone.

    "Government is not reason; it is not eloquence. It is force.” Same guy later said: ”A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.” - Speech of Jan. 7, 1790 in the Boston Independent Chronicle, Jan. 14, 1790

    I guess that makes him a terrorist.

    (Does anyone have the whole speech?)

    ”Fight back! Whenever you are offered violence, fight back! The aggressor does not fear the law, so he must be taught to fear you. Whatever the risk, and at whatever the cost, fight back!” - Jeff Cooper, 1993

    Larry Elder on health care and bogus numbers.

    Victor Davis Hanson on Obamaworld.

    Sudden word of a slowdown (First Law), this afternoon and all tomorrow off. This will hurt my pay but I can sure use the time to do something about transport.

    2228 - Friday, 19 June 2009: Zzz.

    Sigh. Cross town to examine the Tercel - the engine is sound but the rest is in not much better shape than the Corolla. Current strategy is to continue nursing the Corolla along while saving up for something better - I should be able to put aside $100+/week.

    Succinct rant.

    Less succinct but very much worth reading.



    You may recall the bit of TSA thuggery against a Ron Paul campaigner. (-Lemme inject here my position on Rep. Paul. He has some very good ideas, like requiring proof of Constitutionality for new legislation - I stole that. But during the Road Trip I watched him self-destruct in the GOP Primary debates by blaming America for Islamic terrorism. The jihadis don't need an excuse. They've been spreading virus-like for, what, a millenium and a half now? Invariably leaving misery and destruction in their wake. And the first encounter we as a nation had with them was graphically indicative of all that would follow - minding our own business our ships were, without provocation, attacked or siezed, their crews enslaved and ransomed. A couple cycles ago I had signs for Rep. Paul in my car windows, but no more.) An-y-how, the guy is suing TSA and I hope he takes the little subliterate wannabe fascist bastards to the cleaners.

    You can't make this stuff up.

    Or this.

    I think I 'blogged this some moons ago - MilSF author interviews.

    2229 - Saturday, 20 June 2009: Zzzz.

    2230 - Sunday, 21 June 2009: Zzzzz.

    Quote o' the Day: "To me it seems self-evident that any nation that loses its patriotic fervor is on the skids." - Robert A. Heinlein, James Forrestal Memorial Lecture to the Brigade of Midshipmen, United States Naval Academy, 5 April 1973

    Chat & show every Sunday 1100PT. Missed the last three weeks 'cause I was out shooting, HAH. This week guest-hosted by Jeff Knox, and featuring Professor Robert Churchill, author of To Shake Their Guns in the Tyrant's Face.

    Never Talk to Police. Especially BATFU. "Where's your warrant, flatfoot jackboot?"

    Related, registration leads to confiscation... and worse. You just know some of those BATFU thugs, and local-level blueshirts, are fantasizing about just this kind of behavior. For example. And more of them, every day, seem no longer able to restrain themselves.

    Eee-vill Gun Rays, Casting Dominion Over the Sooouuulls of Men! Not.

    Appleseed thought: The standard 10/22 buttplate is smooth plastic, which can annoyingly slip off one's shoulder. I should get me a roll of skateboard tape....

    Another Appleseed thought: If I can get out from under my constant cursed money trouble I'd like to haunt the shows and grab used 10/22s and build loaner LTRs.

    I had thought to do more bullet casting this weekend, but am just too pooped and car-stressed. (Besides it's intermittently raining and casting bullets outside is extremely contraindicated.) Ditto email which is naturally backing up again.

    Thinking of BATFU, et. al., I'm reminded of this. As I said near seven years ago when I started this Journal, my side won't start the next civil war, but we've a damn good chance of finishing it. We have them outnumbered and we're way better shots. All we want is to be left alone.

    And they won't.

    Talk about stream-of-consciousness - Oleg gets it too. (But hey, when hasn't he?)

    2231 - Monday, 22 June 2009: Carstress....

    Educational warfare.

    Waking up.

    Wake the hell up.

    And now Jamaica’s crime is all our fault too. >:-[ You can’t not see the pattern forming. Prepare.

    It would appear that Hussein is out to deliberately and calculatedly destroy the American health-care system. (Visual aid.)

    More Gadsden stuff.

    Leveling up.

    Continuing Johnstone’s Vengeance is Mine, Our Kind of book.

    2232 - Tuesday, 23 June 2009: $tress....

    Prepare to be purged. See also.


    Also continuing Barsoom. Ultraviolet Prose, but near-constant action and a Manliness sorely lacking in today’s society.

    Academic tenure... my utopia ain’t got none. Nor sinecures neither.

    Hmm. My 1911 has hex grip screws, and Uncle Mike’s soft-ish grips (not as soft as the Hogue I think), but the only time I’ve carried it was one IPSC shoot, and that was in Kydex right out in front of Frey & evverbuddy. Good point about the screws certainly. And I already prefer stainless as with my GP100. (The Witness has EAA’s Wonder Finish, which is holding up quite well indeed.)

    It’s not about guns, it’s about control.

    Guts. Dey haz dem. (Me, I’m not setting foot in that Founders-forsaken state except as a soldier in an army of liberation.)

    ”Authorized” ”Journalists.”

    Fraud and oppression.

    Fight Back.

    Comes now notice of a $20 rent increase, and I'll be billed for 1/6 garbage, water & sewer. But I still have this:

    >:-[ The hits keep coming. Too damn pooped to hit the email when I finally get back to the hovel.

    2233 - Wednesday, 24 June 2009: Bleah. Low pay, long drive, sick car, rising cost-of-living, government turning more fascist by the day.

    I’m tired.

    BTW, when I stopped at my local Bi-Mart yesterday, besides the $10 jeans I was after they had base-model 10/22s, blue/wood or blue/synthetic, on sale for $198. And apparently an extended magazine catch is now standard. So go build an LTR.

    Canada Fail.

    "A secret, unaccountable list maintained by secret, unaccountable people."

    Pattern forming.

    Speaking of Ron Paul....

    ”Authorized” ”Journalists”.

    There’s so much of this going on, across the nation, every day, I get sick of linking it. Where are the good cops renouncing their thuggish colleagues? I ain’t seeing any.

    Via WoG, free survival ebooks, including the justly-famous FM 21-76. (These days (see previous paragraph) “survival” includes “avoid authority”.)

    And they call us racists.

    Quote o’ the Day, and one I’ve been using for years: "You know, most people, when they read 1984, were scared. When Barack Obama read it, he started taking notes." - Rush Limbaugh

    2234 - Thursday, 25 June 2009: Times have changed.

    Bureaucrats, government programs... something like OSHA might have been created with noble intentions. “Public service” might have had actual meaning. For about ten seconds. As soon as a government program, agency, or bureau comes into existence, it’s only reason for that existence becomes the perpetuation of that existence. Finding or fabricating some Problem Which Must Be Addressed, creating new laws and regulations which Must Be Enforced. Parasites. And guess what! According to radio news on the drive out this morning, Oregon Health & Human “Services” is hiring eleven hundred more! With the “stimulus” money you worked so hard to have stolen! And the reason given? Record numbers of FOOD STAMP RECIPIENTS!

    And as usual, the revenuers are out, as the end of the month nears, with their quotas due.

    At least the Corolla’s steering has improved. Maybe air in the lines, after it ran dry. Fluid level holding actually. Overheating still bad, having to drive with window down and cabin heat on.

    Heller anniversary analysis.

    Quote o’ the Day: ”I often wondered what would have happened if Hitler had had Walt Disney working for him? We are about to find out.”

    Creating a police state.

    Government only knows how to steal.


    2235 - Friday, 26 June 2009: Lessee here, we got North Korea threatening to nuke Hawaii; we got Iran threatening to nuke everydamnbody while simultaneously going totally Only Ones on their own people; we got Hussein methodically dismantling the entire American economy; and guess what’s been in the top of the news, including Fox, for the past day and likely the next several.


    New Jersey sucks. And of course: ”Federal, state and local law enforcement officers and licensed gun dealers and retailers would not be subject to the 30-day limitation.”

    Remember Peter King? He’s still at it. -Alas, wiping one’s backside with the Constitution one swore an oath to uphold and defend does not meet said Constitution’s definition of treason. But it should.

    What is this ”cap-and-trade” stuff anyway?

    More Heller.

    Yet another lying, thuggish cop displaying total disregard for the law and graphic contempt toward the citizenry. Get a camera. Carry it. Everywhere and always.

    Quote o’ the Day: ”...to a politician, a self-reliant individual is a threat to his very sense of identity.” See also: "Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition." - Thomas Jefferson

    This sums up my experiences with, and opinion of, the legal system.

    Appleseed.... Now that I’ve shot Expert, the idea is to pass on what I’ve learned. So there’s a coworker expressing some interest in attending an AS, so I send URLs and such.

    And all he does is look at the pictures.

    Not grokking. I’ve run into this so very many times, from the very beginning of this my own quest. A few are “Durr, shoot stuff, hyuk hyuk.” More are 8.6mm Unobtanium. Most just don’t care. If this one does go I fear he’ll be wasting a trip and will come away with an artificially-negative image of the Cause. -Not to mention insulting the people who donate the land, travel hundreds of miles and take days out of their own lives, without pay (there’s some travel compensation as I understand it), to run the thing.

    (Then there’s the aforementioned physicality. Looky, I have some health issues and I could stand to lose a few kilos and every other day I’m whining about how tired and broke I am - but I still bloody GO, now don’t I! Tuma really captured it.)

    While looking up the Gear Whore link I happened across this, which illustrates why I get my movies from the public library, which my taxes have already paid for. I cannot presently conceive of a film, which the present motion picture industry would actually produce, which the theater distribution system would actually put on the screen, which I would actually pay money to see in said theater. And besides, some of those places are going this way the last few years anyway, I’m surprised someone hasn’t pulled a Beslan or VT on one yet.

    2236 - Saturday, 27 June 2009: The Corolla is dead.

    It was running rough up the freeway toward the range, then when I pulled over to check the engine and add coolant (or just pour water over the block) there was no "over" to pull to and I went into a ditch (concealed by tall grass), at the bottom of the first hill leading to the range. One of the plate match regulars towed the Corolla all the way up the hill (with the nylon tow strap I was smart enough to have in the Corolla's trunk for years), and we had a match.

    First Revolver. Of only three in the division; small turnout. But the other two were Breen, who usually wins everything, and the guy who towed me, who has beaten me and taken the division a few times. (Both with their own GP100s.) Had a couple misfeeds with the truncated-cone 185gr in the Witness, might be a magazine feed-angle issue - only two such out of maybe near a hundred rounds fired.

    Barely got the mortally-wounded remains of the Corolla back down the hill, across the river (stopped at a WalMart to read American Handgunner at the rack while letting it cool again), and all but the last 30 meters to the hovel, and I might have made that too if some damn brats hadn't been playing in the street, causing me to stop, causing the severely-overheated engine to stall. I might be able to limp it into the driveway after it's cooled but more likely I'll leave it at the curb and start pulling my stuff out of it. Hoping to get the Tercel, such as that is, this evening or tomorrow morning. Not making it to the club picnic or the OAC show tomorrow.

    Oh, and my back went out a little again while we were setting up. Not as bad as last time, should recover soon.


    2237 - Sunday, 28 June 2009: (The gods hate meee....) (Again....)

    BTW, setting aside Vengeance is Mine and starting Drake's In the Stormy Red Sky, seventh in his RCN (Leary/Mundy) series. Instant yum.

    Chat & show every Sunday 1100PT, be therrrrre.

    ...Darn Drake. Up past midnight.

    Got the Tercel, it runs. Now I have to re¢over from buying that, then $ave up again for something that's more than a stopgap. :(

    2238 - Monday, 29 June 2009: The Tercel runs, but it sure ain’t factory-fresh. Maybe it’ll blow up too, that would certainly fit the pattern. A pessimist can only be pleasantly surprised.... The current motor fund is $0.00, having been blown yesterday.

    Radio news, SCOTUS overturns Sotomayor’s racist ruling (which denied promotions to qualified firefighters only because they’re white). But she’ll still be rammed through, you watch. Our system of representative government is in about the same condition as my Corolla.

    Via Patriot Post, Quotes o’ the Day:

    "The Founding Fathers established a system which meant a radical break from that which preceded it. A written constitution would provide a permanent form of government, limited in scope, but effective in providing both liberty and order. Government was not to be a matter of self-appointed rulers, governing by whim or harsh ideology. It was not to be government by the strongest or for the few. Our principles were revolutionary. We began as a small, weak republic. But we survived. Our example inspired others, imperfectly at times, but it inspired them nevertheless. This constitutional republic, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal, prospered and grew strong. To this day, America is still the abiding alternative to tyranny. That is our purpose in the world - nothing more and nothing less." - Ronald Reagan

    "Men have been taught that the highest virtue is not to achieve, but to give. Yet one cannot give that which has not been created. Creation comes before distribution - or there will be nothing to distribute. The need of the creator comes before the need of any possible beneficiary. Yet we are taught to admire the second-hander who dispenses gifts he has not produced above the man who made the gifts possible. We praise an act of charity. We shrug at an act of achievement." - novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand (1905-1982)

    And what do we have today? Stealing from the productive class to prop up parasites, ethnic-identity judicial activism, and “What does this but-ton dooo” meddling in every facet of our lives. Train wreck imminent. How do YOU answer this question?

    From the same source, Victor Davis Hanson (who has Studied History) rants, and from editor Mark Alexander, what may be the Quote o’ the Year: ”I learned early that you do not bring a knife to a gunfight. Obama has shown up to combat nuclear terror with a cotton ball.”

    California sucks. And is always held up as a role model for national legislation. Fight’s coming.

    South Africa is still a basket case. But some of the people there are waking up.

    Why we own firearms. Any lurking antis, see also.


    2239 - Tuesday, 30 June 2009: You know what makes me sick? -Besides American-patriotic-theme fireworks made in communist China (which, to be honest, I’d be buying anyway if I weren’t broke)? Constant MSM harping on the daaaangers of fireworks and of course the steep fines the revenuers will issue for “improper” types or “after-hours” use. MISSING. THE. WHOLE. POINT. For this our Founders pledged their Lives, Fortunes and sacred Honor?

    Email still way backed up, hope to hit it this weekend. Friday off, and off early Thursday. But I do most of my ‘blog reading, and typing this my own, at work:

    Codrea smacks NJ.

    Honduras & Hussein. (See also.)

    Antis also attack First Amendment.

    More on Sotomayor’s racist ruling. (See also.)

    Ringo must have had something like this in mind when he wrote about the Time of Suckage.

    [ramble=ON] I was going to follow that up with “Face it folks, the gene pool needs chlorination.” Buuuut, it’s not a genetic issue, really, it’s an educational one. People are being trained, as children, to not think, to be incapable of solving problems, to always defer to “authority”. Just using the linked example, I have a handheld GPS (not one of the automotive kinds but it does display a map) but rarely use it. What I use more often are the tiny compass on my watchband and the heap of dead-tree maps I keep in the back seat. I had most of that figured out from FM 21-76 years before I got real instruction in map-reading in Job Corps for my brief stint on a forest-fire crew. How? Can you not? Read a map!? The Department of Education should be completely scrapped and we should immediately switch to free-market education. -Which, IIRC, was one of the things Gingrich promised in his Contract With America, and was any part of that contract not breached? [/ramble]

    Remember Correia’s HK rant? Well, HK still hate you. -I never liked the controls on the G3 family anyway. Sights kinda suck too, I have a Garand after all, Best Fighting Rifle Sights Evar.

    And, Quote o’ the Day: ”...it would be really fun to watch Sam Adams punch Harry Reid in the face, then bust out the tar and feathers.”

    Starship Troopers free .PDF! You! Must! Read!

    In snailmail, Lone Oak Garand match results - 4th of 21, pretty durn good with GI ammo and considering two of the three above me are in the top 100 nationally for this flavor of competition. Unfortunately I don't think this will be an official CMP result, the club may not currently have all its i's dotted and such where CMP is concerned and is not listed on the CMP site as it used to be. -Also, #1 for the match, Mr. R., was using an AR spacegun which means if they were official results I'd be 3rd!

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