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1818 - Friday, 2 May 2008: Effing Fill Stuff Out Right fer cryin' out loud. Twice today the customers had purchased extended warranties for products returned and exchanged, and the system wasn't properly updated, so the products they received as warranty replacements were showing out of warranty. And guess who has to clean it all up.

Mm hm.

CALLFROMHELL!! Little old lady with RatsNestOS. Ten-plus minutes to reboot, another five or so just to load a browser window to download drivers to reinstall the product. 45 minutes past end-of-shift, on a Friday with traffic building by the second and UPS supposedly delivering my Midway order. Somehow I seem to have reached the hovel before the brown truck though. -Mainly 'cause, looking at the error code in UPS tracking, the driver couldn't find the hovel. Which is, considering I logged in with my Midway account which saved the same address they've shipped stuff to before, curious - until I remember that we no longer live in a nation of literate, competent individuals.


I have in fact seen the Harry Potter films, on library disk. The latest, Order of the Phoenix, has bits in it which could be interpreted as anti-government, pro-individual, pro-RKBA, and even pro-national-defense. Hmm. Can I be the first to have noticed this?

Reader sends, anti-gun 'blog bites the dust. Dig the comments.

1819 - Saturday, 3 May 2008: Zz....

Garand match! Using rounds from the big batch last year, 49.0gr BL-C(2), LC Match brass, WLR primers, Hornady #3037, Lee crimp. And no practice beforehand, hm. Poor weather, wet & cold, that may affect performance as it did with the first Primer Experiment. This is the shorter Course A, 5 sighters and 30 for score, 10 each slow prone, rapid prone, and slow standing. With the poor weather, and just being burned out, not taking anything else today, though I do need more work with the Hawken for the Big Bore match in July.

Did. Not. Suck. Didn't win, but I think sixth of twenty-nine overall (pending official results), having not done any live-fire from positions for half a year, is acceptable. Obviously there's not a thing wrong with the Queen (though she did partially eject the 8-round clip during the rapid-prone stage - but that's probably just the one clip, and I made a good recovery (I repeat, Know Your Weapon)), or with my current load (though I may still go up a grain for ignition). Slow-standing lost points as usual but I did adequately even there.

Good turnout for the match too, three relays:

I was in the second and did some coaching, also loaning my SLEDs and 2-round clips, and an 8-round. And here are my targets - 1st stage, slow-fire prone, 15 rounds in 15 minutes single-loaded, worst five discarded for sighters - I simply made an educated guess for an initial sight setting based on past experience, for the same batch of ammunition, and got 95/1X (these are standard SR targets at 200 yards):

I made no sight adjustments throughout the match. Definitely minute-of-JBT. Okay once, during slow prone, I went up a click - and the next shot was that 8 at 12 o'clock, so I took the click off again. I was actually using a setting which I used to think was for 100 yards but shrug, awful nice of the rules to allow sighting shots. Here's 2nd stage, rapid-prone, starting from standing, 10 rounds w/mandatory reload in 80 seconds (time extended for bolt-actions on the line) - 91/0X:

Trending a bit low there but that's expected in rapid prone; some shooters deliberately go up a couple clicks. (Last time I tried that I ended up with a nice group, high.) (And of course some use a 6 o'clock hold - I use center hold.) 3rd stage, slow-standing, 10 rounds in 10 minutes, single-loaded - 78/1X, and importantly, I was calling my flyers pretty good:

Yeah, I don't suck with a rifle. Here's the Queen on the line, before the rapid-prone stage (my reload was smooth, 'cause I Know My Weapon - some folks were really struggling to operate theirs, but there were several new faces at this match and it was mostly them):

The final scorecard, 264/2X of a possible 300 for 88.0%:

And Cool Action Photos:

So! With a performance like that, after half a year with only bench work and not much of it, the Queen will not be neglected in favor of the shiny new scoped M100. This year's PIG, on the 31st, has only two categories listed, open-sight centerfire and scoped centerfire; if I can get a good load developed for the M100, and the new stock/trigger/magazine installed in time, I might try both.

1820 - Sunday, 4 May 2008: Zzzzz.

WoGged again. "Martin and his wife sold their property in the town and now live about 12 miles outside of Greensburg in the home of a friend. But he knows from neighbors who had been monitoring police radio transmissions that night that lawmen had gone to his home and were trying to get into his gun safe." And cops wonder why we hate them. Portland blueshirts still have my original GP100 but I haven't had the stomach to call them about it. Just talking to those creatures on the phone disgusts me, and based on evidence such as I've just linked, I'm legitimately afraid they'll take any opportunity to steal even more of my property or fabricate some charge against me out of bigotry and spite, or simple conscienceless greed. It is not safe for an honest citizen to interact with any law enforcement officer or agency. I back up my cop-bashing with documented examples. Oh look, while I was verifying URLs I happened across another! You can't swing a nightstick without hitting one!

Meanwhile, across the pond, Britain's PM calls for the destruction of American independence and sovereignty. At times like these I wish the next civil war would just start already, so I could legitimately shoot the bastards before I get too old and creaky to get into a good prone position.

Guns magazine May 1958 issue. And on page 6, a Solothurn 20mm available mail-order. Sigh.

In the club newsletter I see the Chet A. Plotner long-distance rifle match. Plotner was one of the founding members of the club in 1960; he was in the first rifle match I ever attended back in '03. He gave me tips in that and subsequent matches. He was eighty-something then, and if he had anything to steady himself against he could shoot 2MOA all day long. This match goes out to 300 yards, where I've rarely gone, and is all prone slow-fire. The Queen can do it, though I'm not sure I can with the issue sights; the M100 with 10x scope might do rather well here, but I'd need to develop a load and practice with it at all three distances. -What, no comments on the target knobs or lens pens? Evidently this product is for Leupolds only, and there's a separate model for Tascos - which appears to be out of production and out of stock at all the suppliers I've seen so far. Natchez lists it, and I've signed up for email notification if they get any.

Chat every Sunday.

Quote o' the Day, which bears repeating: "Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birth-right of an American... [T]he unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people." - Tench Coxe, Pennsylvania Gazette, Feb. 20, 1788

Today that would get old Tench Waco'd. Compare, contrast, and consider the kinds of people pushing for both "gun control" and "hate speech" legislation: "Ideas are far more powerful than guns. We don't let our people have guns. Why should we let them have ideas?" - Joseph Stalin - "Don't join the book burners. Do not think you are going to conceal thoughts by concealing evidence that they ever existed." - Dwight Eisenhower

Darn that pesky First Amendment. If only all us peasants would just shut up and go away....

Look at this. This is all more-than-once-fired .30-06 waiting to be reprocessed. I have a few times this amount in various stages, and several more matches to come this year. I need a taller progressive press to handle .30-06. Next time I see the Lee Loadmaster on sale I might have to get it:

1821 - Monday, 5 May 2008: One year ago today I: a) medalled 3rd in a Garand match and b) departed with my sister on the Epic Road Trip through the last even-partly-free territory on Earth.


Well. At least another Garand medal seems within my reach.

Wrapping up Pressfield's Gates of Fire. (Nitpick: "fire", as in volume of, in reference to arrows, grump.) Decent read, picks up well after about halfway, but as I recall from earlier reviews, slightly grumpworthy that Molon Labe is not mentioned. -It's interesting that I'm reading this book, and still Wikisurfing on the topic, and viewing documentaries and the two films, while just this weekend I also competed in a rifle match - honing skills to defend my own freedom and that of my nation from the direct descendants of the Persians and their domestic ideological fellow-travelers (modern-day Thessalians?) - with a rifle that may have been carried on that very ground by a Greek soldier. If only the Queen could speak! (Yes, I've thought of calling her Gorgo but I feel that would be presumptuous, as I'm certainly no Leonidas.) While in the same timeframe I've also re-read Pournelle's CoDominium series which makes specific homage to Thermopylae, something Pournelle has also mentioned more generally on his own site (though I can't find a suitable reference in his archives) - I'm pretty sure he's been there.

Keep at it, guys. Keep alienating and infuriating more Americans. Keep awakening and radicalizing more with your tyrannical excesses. And that's why I practice with rifles and handguns, and wouldn't mind some instruction in bladework either. Such skills will be needed. As they were before.

Got back to the hovel minutes before UPS and got the stock and trigger. Previous driver must have been subliterate. Too much of that going around these days. -The Bold trigger has a humongous side safety, which will need stock inletting, but the stock seems to have plenty of room for the body of the trigger. No bolt handle notch on the Fajen stock, that also will require attention. I have no '98 Mauser magazine to spare at present, hoping to find one at ACSWW this Saturday, but in the interest of getting the M100 into action ASAP I might temporarily disassemble my last VZ and borrow the part so I can get to work inletting the stock. Dremel-riffic. The stock appears well made, very stiff; standard QD sling studs in the standard locations - modern tactical bipods are designed to use the forward one while carrying another stud for the sling. Solid rubber recoil pad, which I might remove (to keep length-of-pull down) in favor of the LimbSaver slip-on the M100 currently wears. Big Fat Barrel Channel for Big Fat Barrel, which will look funny with the M100's skinny sporter tube, but will guarantee free floating and should give improved cooling - chose it deliberately. "Centurion" is specifically listed in the variant names on the product label so I'm not very concerned about the action fitting.

And it's black and eee-vill. Pics by the end of the week if I get off my burned-out butt.

I've noticed that, with the mount and scope I'm using and the essentially non-adjustable position of the scope relative to the rest of the rifle, eye relief is excessive - but that may also be the LOP issue. Reckon I'll find out soon.

Firefly season 2? Speaking of anti-government curmudgeons....

Intro to casting bullets.

Really shouldn't'a missed this on the Road Trip.

Starting work on the Fajen. The recoil pad does come off, and the LimbSaver does fit - but not tightly. Fortunately the Fajen pad and screws just barely fit into the empty stock beneath the LimbSaver, so if the latter gets lost in the field through rough handling, all I'll need is a Phillips screwdriver to reinstall the original - and I've been carrying one of those on my Leatherman SideClip for years. -Also the LimbSaver's boot just barely doesn't cover the aft swivel stud.

Dismount Centurion action from original stock - remove trigger, whose original side safety won't fit the Fajen either - fit barreled action to Fajen - fits snugly.

Attach and test Bold trigger. Discover that bolt shroud strikes side safety, re-engaging safety lever as though it were a youth-model .22 single-shot. Plot mutilation of bolt shroud. Test fit action & trigger to stock. Mark with X-Acto for removal of stock material for side safety. Activate Dremel!

...Some time later the side safety is adequately fitted. Now the bolt handle - same process, fit and cut, fit and cut. Done! That only took a couple hours....

Now, disassemble VZ24, borrow magazine box, reassemble M100 - that... requires more fitting and possibly alterations to the trigger guard, which I won't do on the VZ24 piece. The trigger appears to be binding against the rectangular slot in the guard, though it does seem that a replacement part, suitably adjusted, will complete the rifle. Stopping there, hoping for part at the show, reassembling VZ24 later 'cause I really should go to bed. The bolt shroud I will also address later; without a shroud-mounted safety it's a hassle to get apart and back together. At present, with the action seated in the stock, the shroud will not travel past the safety; I had to install the bolt over the safety with the action loose; but there is enough movement in the bolt to recock the firing pin for testing. The trigger will need a little adjustment too, though it's pretty good as-is.

And a couple more match pictures, to get a better feel of the experience:

Gaaah. That's a bit too close to home. -And the republic is doomed of course.

And from Pournelle's site, while I was looking for a Thermopylae bit, this:

Today both parties seem to subscribe to the notion that we have social problems -- lack of medical insurance, bad education -- that can be fixed by the Federal Government. The notion of local control and states rights, transparency and responsibility, the idea that the people most affected by policies ought to have some control (such as local school boards controlling both education and its finance) is pretty well considered ludicrous by nearly every academic intellectual and political leader in the nation. Fascism has prevailed, and we hardly notice it.

Yet the conservatives, who want to allow local control and to limit the power of the greater government to interfere in people's lives, are thought to be the fascists. So it goes.

1822 - Tuesday, 6 May 2008: In the name of sweet Reason, RTFM.

Am I the only one who actually looks at the screen as I'm filling stuff out?

Okay, near the end Gates of Fire does quote "come and get them" in the correct context, good enough. But c'mon, the terms "gunwale" and "magazine" in a first-person narrative set in 480BC? If you're going to write an historical novel could you at least make the stylistic effort?

That grump being grumped, the resulting tale is moving. Moreso in context with the other interpretations, fictionalized or not, I've studied over the years.

Next is Heinlein's Beyond This Horizon, evidently a recent Baen reissue. And I'm going to need another copy of Starship Troopers someday.... I haven't read everything Heinlein ever wrote, but a goodly portion of it. Also in my library queue are Tunnel in the Sky and Farmer in the Sky.

I see Windows XP Service Pack 3 is now available.

Snailspam, Comcast high-speed internet, $24.95/month, "with any other Comcast service". I don't want any other Comcast service dammit!

Reviewing the Garand match pictures and studying the camera, it seems that it can be set up to automatically take a sequence of photos with a specified cadence. Naturally most would be discarded but that's the beauty of a digital camera: no wasted film, and a 2Gb card can store thousands of photos. This camera can be set to automatically take action photos which would not be safe to take otherwise; my only concern would be damage to my shiny new $140 camera. Might try it some match, off to the side like. Drat, it's limited - maximum of ten shots, and the delay before the first must be the same as the delay between each, from 0 to 30 seconds. Still, might be worth an experiment. -Another thing I might do is simply construct a device to hold the button down - in continous mode, which is how I caught that ejected clip and case, this model will go until the card is full or the batteries are dead. IrfanView makes it easy to sort wheat from chaff. -Might also turn down the shutter speed a bit to get Dramatic Blurs of Speed instead of the near-eerie clarity I'm getting now. Good camera. And if sis hadn't gifted me the first one I might still not yet have discovered the amazing potential of digital photography.

Otherwise, working the day job, driving in city traffic, watching the republic crumble around me, burned out, email backing up.

1823 - Wednesday, 7 May 2008: Bleh.

Dude, where's my bandwidth? At work. Tools failing.

"Liberals" - the people who want everyone to be controlled - you ever notice how, you so much as make eye contact on the sidewalk and they immediately erupt with "BUSHSUCKSBUSHSUCKSBUSHSUCKS!!!!"? Now faithful readers of this journal will see that I have my own criticisms, but that's not what I'm getting at. It's the deep, compelling need these people have for someone, anyone, to agree with them, to validate a worldview they know is more twisted than the decorative wrought-iron grills over their designer windows. We don't do that. We can carry on a calm and rational conversation on an unrelated topic without spurting "CLINTONSUCKSCLINTONSUCKSCLINTONSUCKS!!!"

Most of the time anyway.

And, being pedantic, I might have the tense wrong. Or the active/subjunctive/whatchamacallit, I was no English major.

Yuri illustrates my mental anguish over the election. There's nothing to vote for (yesterday Savage was pointing out how McCain was sitting down and chatting with the brown supremacists of La Raza), and not enough difference to make it worth voting against. We seem to have a choice between a racist, a totalitarian, and an appeaser.

Dial 911 and Die. Police are useless at best, when they're not robbing us at gunpoint under color of authority.

Oh yes!

You may wonder how I have time to 'blog, but not time to answer emails. Most of this I type up between calls at work and email to myself at end-of-shift, then copy-and-paste. -That and I procrastinate.

1824 - Thursday, 8 May 2008: Not getting up early for the show Saturday. I'll get there when I get there, and if I'm lucky enough with the Mauser parts, I'll get to the range after that.

Web research indicates that, yes, the bolt shroud must be altered to clear a side safety. Hope to do that tonight. That Dremel was $75 well spent, years ago. -Or I might find another shroud, perhaps with a sporter safety (i.e. side-swing like a Winchester 70 or Ruger 77) or one to which I can add the scope safety I got previously. -Which would then leave a big slot in the stock for the Bold trigger's side safety and the side safety isn't easily removable from the rest of the trigger which I've paid money for so screw that and apply Dremel to shroud.

I'll need to load some .308 test batches too - need to study load manuals, which I don't have with me as I type this to email to myself from work, and many of the sites where I could otherwise find that data are blocked. I have three bullet types to choose from at present: Hornady 150gr FMJBT, Nosler 150gr Ballistic Tip, and Sierra 165gr HPBT. Since this is a standard '98 large-ring, one of the strongest actions ever made (I'm guessing FN postwar commercial production? Can't find any maker's marks except for Golden State on the barrel), I probably don't have to start with the recommended starting charge and can go directly to something closer to my desired performance - but what should that performance be? An obvious place to start with the 150s would be to simulate M80 Ball, and maybe back that off a little to reduce recoil anyway. Powders... really don't like stick, prefer ball for easier handling. BL-C(2) I have plenty of, and some W748 I think, which has worked adequately in my VZ24. Have some IMR4895 but saving that for the next round of Garand Science - though I have a partial jug as well, of a different lot, which should be enough to make a test batch. Must study. A bit short on funds until Saturday so I won't buy any other powders or projectiles - I'm thinking of a 125 or even 110 for low-recoil competition. Also, a good chronograph session is almost like work; if I were retired on lottery winnings I could make a bazillion different batches and test them on my own private range, but I work for a living and have to go to the club when it's open and hope it won't be too crowded.

Eyughh. That may be the least-bad we can hope for.

Uh huh.

Some folks you just can't help. It's not like I can reach through the phone line and plug the cable in for them. Remote access doesn't work if the customer doesn't click where it says "Click Here", and the product won't work if they haven't unpacked it and set it up physically. Sigh.

VZ reassembled, examining Centurion bolt shroud - good, not much material needs to be removed. Strenuously disassembling Centution bolt - the heck!? The rear end of the firing pin is peened over the cocking piece and cannot be removed! All right, attack that with the Dremel first. Gaah! That only took another half-hour! Whose idea was that anyway? Some liability lawyer? Then finally removing metal from the bolt shroud to clear the side safety. Not the prettiest job, but counting stock and trigger it's still only about a $300 rifle. And it's mine. I care less about how it looks than how it performs. Also I learn things. -Shroud suitably altered, now to adjust the Bold trigger - need more tools to get the locknuts loose... niiiice. Tomorrow I make test batches if I have any gumption left after laundry, and if I can find the last part at the show the Centurion will speak again.

In email the other day, Garand match results confirmed, 6th of 29, 264/2X. The official CMP results are supposed to be here but aren't yet.

1825 - Friday, 9 May 2008: So I'm at Bi-Mart the other day checking my membership number to see if I won a roll of wax paper, and they have a four-figure big-screen TV set up playing trailers for the DVDs they sell interspersed with store promotions. And what are the film trailers for? The latest Denzel Washington all-whites-are-evil flick; the latest used-to-be-hot-actress FBI peasants-can't-be-trusted government-knows-best flick; and if I'd stayed any longer, no doubt, the latest Sean Penn all-Americans-are-evil flick and the latest Disney-Pixar all-humans-are-evil flick. And that's why I don't pay to see motion pictures at theaters, nor wish to pay for "any other Comcast service" bundled with high-speed internet.

Checking last night, I have plenty of BL-C(2), and enough H380, H335, and IMR4895 for .308 test batches without disrupting plans for the next Garand experiments. Probably I'll just stick with BL-C(2) to start, in the interest of saving time and preserving my shoulder. I figure I'll make three batches of ten with each projectile; the 150s at 46.0gr for about 2,750fps, and the 165 at... some lesser amount I have to look up. Oh nifty! Found Sierra's pages in online .PDF that's not blocked from work! (I have the Sierra book, but not with me - and here at work between calls, since I've already dragged myself out of bed, is often the only time I have the gumption for this sort of research. Once I get back to the hovel after a day of dealing with Things That Are Not Entirely Human I just want to read webcomics and eat grilled cheese sandwiches.) Starting charge is 40.5gr for 2,500fps, okay. Maybe a fourth batch, of 165 at 42.0gr, just for variation; the .PDF shows 42.7 for 2,600, and maximum 44.8 for 2,700 which will probably be too much for my shoulder. -In previous Garand experiments I saw that the Nosler 150, with a longer bearing surface, had a lower velocity, compared to the Hornady of the same weight with the same powder charge. It will be interesting to reproduce those conditions. -Federal civilian brass, WLR primers. I have significant portions of CAVIM and Hirtenberger but not the great whopping piles as for .45ACP, .357 Magnum, or .30-06.

Of course all this will fall through if I can't get a new trigger guard/magazine box at the show tomorrow. In which case I'll order it from somewhere and use only the Queen in the PIG. But at least I should have the test batches ready.

Man, I'm burning out. Working every weekday, a match or a show or practice or some combination every Saturday, and sometimes other errands Sunday. Maybe I should take some of my accumulated personal time. And I want to go to another Appleseed sometime - Yakima, where I was last year, is on again for 7-8 June, then there's one in Vale, OR, 21-22 June, which I think is one of the off months for the Wolverton pin shoot anyway. Money, hm, fuel and ammunition and food and lodging and the event fee itself.... More planning, maybe later this year after a couple more matches with the Queen. And a big batch of ammunition - 400 rounds wasn't really enough last time. Hm, Yakima again 18-19 October, IIRC that's another off month for pins. That should be enough time to prepare. Maybe this time I'll order 1,000 Hornady #3037....

Next primer experiment - 50.0gr BL-C(2) in military brass for the Queen, with both old and new lots of primers. I have a couple hundred cases prepped from last year with the older primers which I don't dare use until I sort out the ignition problem.

Indeed. Why does anyone listen to anything from MSM anymore? Are people really that dim?

Reader sends link to 7.62x51mm data. And another.

Heinlein's Beyond This Horizon (1942) is kinda Nietzchean, from certain angles. Not - looking around me - that's there's anything necessarily wrong with that, the way he's set it up. Interesting. But of course it's Heinlein.

Test batches done. Compare seating depth and resultant case capacity:

(Pleased with the new camera....)

The Hornady is at 2.70", to the cannelure; the Nosler at 2.80, per the small chart right on the standard 1lb jug of BL-C(2); the Sierra (both batches at different powder weights) at 2.75" per Sierra's book. Evidently the bases of each bullet are near enough to each other as makes little difference. Utilization of case capacity seems quite good for these loads, especially the 46gr. The Lee crimp die has been applied to all, though only the Hornady has a cannelure. The Centurion will not be ready to test these batches unless I find a suitable part at the show - not temporarily cannibalizing the VZ again.

Tediously downloading WinXP SP3.

1826 - Saturday, 10 May 2008: Zzzz.


Foiled! No such part available. :( Cruffler, bless him, scored a whole Mauser barreled action (Columbian I think) in .30-06 (military stepped barrel, rear receiver bridge stamped "30"), planning to tease me a while then sell it to me for the same $25 (!) he paid, but it turned out to be one of the intermediate-length actions (with the forward receiver screw's locking screw aft), while experiments with my VZ24 part - and measurements taken from other Mausers at the show - have proven that the Centurion has the standard-length action. Several of the vendors at the show knew someone who had the part, but either they weren't there or didn't have it with them. Therefore, rifle not complete, not going to range, therefore not having enough testing and practice to use it in the PIG this year. Might get the part at next month's show. I could order it but the price would be higher.

Held the AutoMag again, sigh. I'm told the seller will be returning it to the owner as un-sellable at that price. And of course ammunition would be a problem, but not as much of one for me. Except I wouldn't want to sacrifice any of my .308 or .30-06 brass for it - but I understand Starline offers .44AMP brass. (Wouldn't it be a hoot to use it on pins or plates? I'd need more magazines, and those are expensive as well....) One of the regular vendors at the same show has at least two .44AMP die sets, and I already have the correct shellplate in one of my Pro 1000s. But there's no way, short of lottery winnings, I'm coming up with the price of an AutoMag anytime soon.

Cruffler, bless him again, has been helping me diagnose the Corolla and last night emailed me where to get what kind of power steering fluid, and today showed me where it goes. Instant improvement. Just low on fluid! -I'm not a car person, all right? And the reservoir is in an awkward place.

Sightings: several desirable revolvers, including a pair of apparently-NIB S&W N-frames, some special variation of the M29 with lightweight but long barrels, $1,200 each; more than a little interesting, a Navy Arms Remington Rolling Block in .45-70 with crude fixed sights but a huge octagonal barrel and evidently D&T'd for a tang sight, $450 (and the vendor said he'd let me have it for $400); a quite nice '03A3 and a quite nice M1917, each in the $500-$600 range.

After, $W, where I was again foiled in my quest for some 125gr plated .358 for low-recoil plate loads like I used to make. Bought a box of Sierra #2110 Varminter 110gr HP .308, will make a fifth test batch - Sierra says 45.0gr BL-C(2) for 2,800fps to 50.3 for 3,100, at 2.60". 46.8 for 2,900, I'll make ten of that. I don't want to beat myself up with recoil, which is why I bought some lighter bullets, but the lighter bullets are supposed to go faster, that's what they're for. All of which is also why I invested in a chronograph and I really will post Scientific Data when I have a complete rifle to generate it with. -These little Varminters appear to be pre-scored for expansion and have a Relatively Huge hollow point to initiate said expansion. I expect to hit nothing but paper with them myself, but once I have a scoped rifle who knows what-all I'll have opportunities to use it for? (JBTs get the FMJ, the BT, or the heavier HP, to defeat their armor.)

Reader sends useful '98 Mauser info.

Aaand I don't have that many WLR primers left. Using, um, WLRM for the 110gr load 'cause that's what I have.

(Yeah, nothin' wrong with this camera....)

As you can see, available case volume has increased with the use of this lighter bullet at the recommended seating depth. 46.8gr BL-C(2) comes to about mid-shoulder in a Federal .308 case; 46.0 goes a little below the base of the shoulder but that's just right for the 150s, as seen above. Not expecting ignition problems anyway.

1827 - Sunday, 11 May 2008: Zzzz.

If you get to the laundromat early enough you can generally reach the machines between the illegal immigrants. (I'm sure somebody, somewhere, is working on a way to make laundromat machines run off food stamps....)

Chat every Sunday.

Foreign aid to Myanmar... why are we even bothering? It's a waste of tax money when we're already far overtaxed by a bloated, corrupt, and wasteful system. It's a third-world dictatorship which is also a corrupt and wasteful system, and the only pitiful fractions of stuff we send which will trickle down to the people who will actually need it will be for propaganda purposes, reclaimed at bayonet-point as soon as the CNN cameras are gone. What doesn't go straight into the palace vaults will end up rotting on a dock somewhere, surrounded by government thugs who keep the peasants away from it with one hand while looting it themselves with the other. And another thing, to reiterate what I said about New Orleans - a natural disaster here kills maybe a few hundred (Wikipedia claims 1,836 for Hurricane Katrina), while a disaster of similar magnitude there wipes out tens of thousands (estimates varying from 28,000 to 120,000 so far). 'Cause our way of life - technology, industry, infrastructure, communication, individualism - is just better than anyone else's. The only way to make a difference in a place like Myanmar is to go all 1901 on them and take the place over - and we haven't had the national or presidential spine to do that since about 1901 - besides which there's nothing in it for us, not even oil as far as I know. (And yes, I would be in favor of claiming Iraq's oil in payment for the blood and treasure we've spent on Iraq's liberation.) If we're not going to make the full effort we shouldn't make any effort at all. Otherwise they're just not worth saving.

Oh yeah.

Some time ago I grumped about Jodie Foster's vigilante film. Now one of my readers has loaned me a copy of it. Leaving Foster's moonbattyness aside, it wasn't such a bad film - boiling down, as might be expected, to a remake of Broson's original Death Wish, complete with an Acceptable Ending. (Which - the Bronson - I'll have to get on DVD now.) Unfortunately it's increasingly hard for the informed class - us - to separate the art from the artist; and really, when you see what's been coming out of the entertainment industry the last several years, there's little point in such separation anyway. I'm not going to recommend you buy or rent the film, 'cause you know where any royalities she gets will go, but if you happen upon a no-cost option - public library for example - go ahead and lose a couple hours.

Yuri points out via Oleg Volk that filk singer Leslie Fish is contributing to a pro-RKBA album! If you don't know who she is you haven't been reading Baen. (Now right there you have three damn good authors: big-thinker Niven, republitarian curmudgeon Pournelle, and libertarian Flynn (the Firestar series which I greatly enjoyed).) And many years ago I actually met Ms. Fish at the one and only SF convention I ever attended. Didn't know who she was then....

1828 - Monday, 12 May 2008: Grunt.

On morning radio, comes now a McCain campaign ad wherein he describes "climate change" as a "national security issue". And illegal immigration isn't? I am not voting McCain. I might even choose Ron Paul after all, despite his position on fighting Islam.

Training all day, with no advance notice, grump. Alternately alarming/depressing/insulting, as the point of the training seemed to be to make the techs do simple logical deductive reasoning like "Is it plugged in" and "Is it turned on", and reportedly they're not doing that. Ye. Gods. Possibly it's a training issue, as, in hindsight, there wasn't much when I started, but I also have to wonder if some people are just not mentally equipped to solve problems and figure stuff out. Insert rant on government schools.

It is not safe to interact in any way with any law enforcement officer or organization. And dig the comments, going a bit further than even I have so far. See also.

Vanderboegh strikes again.

Reader sends bumper sticker.

Niven's Laws, 2002 edition:

4) Giving up freedom for security has begun to look naive.

Even to me. Many of you were ahead of me on this. Three out of four hijacked airplanes destroyed the World Trade Center and a piece of the Pentagon in 2001. How is it possible that those planes were taken using only five perps armed with knives? It was possible because all those hundreds of passengers had been carefully stripped of every possible weapon. We may want to reconsider this approach. It doesn't work in high schools either.

What, another one? Earthquake in China now, and again a five-figure casualty estimate. -I know, it's George Bush's fault. Haliburton caused it through eee-vill climate change.

1829 - Tuesday, 13 May 2008: And of course China, as Myanmar (didn't I tell ya!), welcomes any money we send, but no one and nothing which will actually help anyone. Do. Not. Bother.

Filling out the Oregon GOP primary ballot - and the party isn't even trying for some positions here. For federal Representative there's just another in a long string of unelectable pro-forma placeholders "running" against entrenched socialist Blumenauer; for state senate, state house, and state AG, "No Candidate Filed". -For president the only listed choices are McCain and Paul, and I ain't voting McCain, and Paul a) ain't fighting Islam and b) ain't winning anyway. For other offices there is either an unopposed incumbent, no candidate or issue information easily found anywhere, or both. I can't even effectively vote against, per Lazarus Long's advice, except perhaps on a couple measures which the blackrobes will overturn or uphold against the voters' will anyway 'cause that's what they've been doing here for years. Why should I bother?

Beyond This Horizon, Robert A. Heinlein, 1942, Baen 2001 edition, pg. 139: "...The police of a state should never be stronger or better armed than the citizenry. An armed citizenry, willing to fight, is the foundation of civil freedom...." And that's why I'm competing, practicing, studying, and/or shopping/accumulating just about every weekend. "Just one. There Ain't No Justice, I know, but just one!"

Need taller progressive press. Lots of .30-06 to process. -And I could then do all steps for .308 instead of squeezing them through the Pro 1000 and not being able to perform all finishing operations (i.e. Lee crimp die). Maybe next month, pay-period-wise. The Lee LoadMaster has five stations, plenty of room for a separate powder station and seating & crimping dies.

We are becoming a lawless society. Since it is, demonstrably, useless at best if not outright hazardous for peaceable folk like us to appeal to law and order, those elements who have never respected law are becoming more brazen, knowing that the odds are on their side - first, they're likely to get away with whatever acts they perform, and second, if caught, their punishment will be slight and they're subsequently likely to win lawsuits which effectively destroy the lives of their victims. The world turned upside-down.

The local conservatalk station - well, the one I can actually receive on the handheld in the passenger seat of the Corolla - has recently started carrying Glenn Beck, and list chatter says he's doing RKBA all this week. Will listen. -Interview with Louisiana Governor, past Representative, Bobby Jindal, who introduced the federal anti-confiscation legislation now known as the Vitter Amendment, but not the whole show.

1830 - Wednesday, 14 May 2008: DAMMIT! EVERY DAY I'm cleaning up other people's messes! It really does look like I'm the only one who actually looks at the screen. In fairness some of it does appear to be a training issue but C'MON! THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE DOING! AND MAKE SOME NOTES ONCE IN A WHILE TOO!

And then there are the IT people who have "installed thousands of these" and are completely unreceptive to the idea that their OS is a rat's nest. "Don't You Know Who I Am!? And by the way, my cup holder won't retract." :-6

While one of my cubemates has to slowly and carefully describe the Ctrl key, and its location on the keyboard, to a customer. Sigh.

Then there's the one trying to use the clearly labeled Vista-only CD on an XP machine. Sigh. -And it turned out the ancient thing didn't have enough RAM for the product anyway.

The graphic examples just keep coming. Never trust a cop of any kind.

Several moons ago I treated myself to a simple NVD, the squeeze-power handheld type for a hunnerd bucks. It's not a very good NVD but it does work. It came with a battery-powered IR illuminator and I've been trying to find the special battery for it, as specified in the ChinRussGlish manual, ever since. Only to finally discover that I already had 'em. (Once in a while you can find 10-packs of LR44s at the dollar stores. Laser pointers are the most common application, but they're also used by my digital calipers for reloading, and assorted small electronic toys.) -Yes, I know an IR flash, like a tracer round, points both ways for any opponent also NV equipped, I think I can figure out when to not turn it on. Also consider the covert communication possibilities if your side has NV and the other doesn't.

And then the transfer system crashes and we get a bazillion misroutes and can't effectively transfer them to the correct departments (plural). It's like this every day, there's always something that ain't working.

Then I got VTO'd (Voluntary Time Off), which I don't usually accept. Shrug, about $20 net from the paycheck. Using the time, stopped at the other Sportsman's Warehouse, on my side of the river - and again foiled, no plated 125gr .358. In fact the only box of plated I saw was .41, and that may have been the same box I saw months ago. -That's it, I need to buy a .41, so I can find components before everyone else buys them! I did however replace my electronic earmuffs (recently broken), and grabbed a red box of Federal AE308B .308 150gr FMJBT, for More Centurion Data eventually. The box claims 2,820fps mv.

1831 - Thursday, 15 May 2008: More candidate snailspam and every one bragging about handing out free money to social parasites or bureaucratic pet projects. And I'm supposed to vote for these things? THAT'S MY MONEY you're giving away!

Vanderboegh. -Dayum, gonna name a ship after de Selys in my story. And dig the last paragraph - you jackboots remember, the guy who gets the orders gets a vote too. And you field grunts - what oath did you swear?

The thought of a Constitutional patriot having at BATFE HQ with a GAU-8 - or maybe a couple of these - just makes me feel all warm and squishy inside... hence the Clinton-era purges of the military's officer corps, uh huh. Our Kind must remember that the enemy is capable of looking ahead too. Evidently they don't do it much, but they can.

Mm hm.

A coworker might be able to repair the Vaio laptop's hardware for a low-low price, will investigate. I'll probably yank the hard drive on principle and deliver the device tomorrow after work. Might take a couple weeks. It's only a power issue; it won't switch on. When plugged into AC it does indicate the battery is charging. Maybe I can finally get some use from even more of the astonishing loot my readers send! (I think I'm getting adequate use from this.) -If the Vaio can be repaired I'll take another look at TowerZilla, not least since I've figured out how to create an adhoc wireless network.

Garand match results officially posted!

Tax rant.

1832 - Friday, 16 May 2008: It is useless to appeal to law and order and the existing legal process. The system's broke. When it's broke this bad, there are only a few effective tools to fix it. And it won't be pretty.

...Not entirely unrelated, from Beyond This Horizon, Baen 2001 edition pp. 217-8, the Famous Quote, with some context:

"...You don't need to disarm yourself to stay out of fights. If you did you would get into fights - I know you! - the way Smith did. An armed man need not fight. I haven't drawn my gun for more years than I can remember."

"Come to think about it, I haven't pulled mine in four years or more."

"That's the idea. But don't assume that the custom of going armed is useless. Customs always have a reason behind them, sometimes good, sometimes bad. This is a good one."

"Why do you say that? I used to think so, but I have my doubts now."

"Well, in the first place an armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life. For me, politeness is a sine qua non of civilization. That's a personal evaluation only. But gun-fighting has a strong biological use. We do not have enough things that kill off the weak and stupid these days. But to stay alive as an armed citizen a man has to be either quick with his wits or with his hands, preferably both. It's a good thing.

"Of course," he continued, "our combativeness has to do with our ancestry and our history." Hamilton nodded; he knew that Mordan referred to the Second Genetic War. "But we have preserved that inheritance intentionally. The Planners would not stop the wearing of arms if they could."

"Maybe so," Felix answered slowly, "but it does seem like there ought to be a better way to do it. This way is pretty sloppy. Sometimes the bystanders get burned."

"The alert ones don't," Mordan pointed out. "But don't expect human institutions to be efficient. They never have been; it is a mistake to think that they can be made so - in this millenium or the next."

That's not the point of the book - the Culture is guilty of cherry-picking too - but it's an illustrative facet in the story Heinlein is telling and the brain-sweat he is attempting to induce. Heinlein makes you think. -Consider that the next time someone tells you they don't like him.

Finished with that, Sense-of-Wonder and Man-Gloriously-Conquering-the-Universe-Future. Next, eagerly awaited, is Kratman's Caliphate, which I think may not be part of his Carrera saga - guess I'll find out in a few hours.

Delivering the Vaio, sans hard and optical drives (the donor sent it with a DVD-ROM/CD-RW and a DVD-RW (astonishing loot, if I can get it fixed)), to the putative repairman, with battery, AC supply, and the few accumulated replacement bits for the power switch, speakers, and tiny ribbon cables. Aged, the battery may not hold a charge (the NEC's good for maybe 30 minutes, usually closer to 20 - fortunately there are AC sockets near enough to where I set it up for pins and plates), but if I can get the 2.4GHz thing running at all I can certainly invest in new batteries at $70-$100 each (considering I'm looking forward to blowing a couple hundred on a Load Master) - if it runs it'll be my hottest machine and might become my primary. I'd then have cable-shuffling to do and might have to hunt down a docking port even. But I shouldn't count my laptops before they boot. -Oooh, .PDF User Guide, if I pull the optical drive I can load a second battery! Gonna need a bigger-better bag... and maybe a USB 10-key pad as a luxury... and....



Tucson Tom sends:

Also contemplating getting some use from the DLink DWA-652 802.11n card I bought for the NEC a year ago. Faithful readers will recall it has some kind of device conflict with the ancient NEC, killing sound; hence the NEC uses the Cisco 802.11b card which came with the Vaio and, if the Vaio lives, using the 652 in that. Searching for any information on how to add an external antenna to the 652 (I think it's out of warranty by now...) - I seem to recall something about opening up the plastic cover and finding a standard socket already there - and while doing so it looks like I got lucky and scored what may be the new .11n standard after all (had a bit of buyer's remorse back then, when I discovered that .11n hadn't been finalized yet).

Old Reagan speech.

Cantennas Illegal? According to the Only Ones of course. Naturally they don't want us to be armed. They know we're just a few outrages from going all Black Arrow on them.

And here's something - the NEC has MS Outlook Express v6 set up for one of my lesser-used email addresses. It only works when the NEC is directly connected to my dialup service through the 56k modem card in the NEC's PCMCIA slot - not when I'm wardriving or sharing that samedialup internet connection through the HP box, although all other internet access seems to work fine on the NEC under either of those latter conditions. I've groped around in MSOE settings but can't figger it. Huh?

1833 - Saturday, 17 May 2008: Znrk.

Pins. No gumption for Garand practice after, besides didn't make 50gr loads for testing anyway. (Centurion testing still not possible 'cause that rifle is still incomplete.) Will have to make more Garand loads before the PIG, only 35 left of the last batch (not counting the SHTF reserve in the cartridge belt), and I'm saving that for the next CMP match 'cause it's a known quality.

Hot! Taking Gatorade and water, 'cause I'm smart and already have it in the car. ...13th of 18, hmph. But I have an actual valid excuse! It's the ammunition! Fortunately this unplated batch is almost gone - there was so much smoke, from the lube or whatever, that after the first shot, with the sun angled as it was, I couldn't see a cussed thing. Might as well have been shooting blackpowder. Nor was I the only one so complaining. That and who knows how my accuracy is affected by the rapid lead buildup I know is happening. Anyway I will have to make a new batch within the week 'cause there isn't enough of the old stuff left for the plate match anyway. And more Garand loads, and Garand practice after plates for the PIG the following weekend. While I'm at it I might as well set up for the next Garand Primer Experiment too. -Sportsman's Warehouse stocks Magtech primers, for less than the usual brands, but they're only available in bricks so far; if I could find a single tray I'd buy some to add to the Experiment. (On the Handloading list someone reports that they go bang and appear to be less sensitive than other brands; another speculates they might be mil-spec.) I did wisely, if expensively, stop at Brightwater Ventures (when did he get a website?) on the way back (after refueling at $3.74) and blew some bucks on two bricks of WLR, $24 each, which is way below everyone else's retail (around $29.something now). Everything is more expensive now - seems like just a year ago a brick of .22LR was $8 in the coupon book, now $13 or more. Primers used to be ~$25/brick at the big retail outlets and there was much commiserating on bulk bullet prices at the shoot today. During previous stops at BV I naturally noticed his lower-than-market prices and resolved to stock up there when next space, time, and money coincided.

Now dig these Cool Action Photos. With the Canon, set the settings, point it in the right direction, hold the button down, and you get some actually pretty darn cool images. First, here's one of the regulars literally spraying the table, with six pins in a "bowling alley" triangle setup - you can see two ejected cases:

But from earlier in the day, this one I had no idea I had captured until I could look at it on the 1280 monitor - that streak is the bullet in flight! Big subsonic .45, and the light was just right - I've seen bullets under similar conditions before but never captured one:

And in both photos you can see the heavy smoke which disrupted most folks' aim today. I also experimented with the automatic timer setting, taking ten photos at 5-second intervals, of myself in the last stage of the day, which starts with a safe loaded weapon on the table in front of you, and you seated with hands on knees. In this last stage, the pins do not have to leave the table, just fall over; and there is a sixth stop pin below the table, which can only be engaged after a mandatory reload, and with the strong hand only, otherwise you get a 3-6s penalty. The timer didn't capture the whole sequence - since I didn't clear the table with the first cylinder I had to reload twice, but that much at least I'm pretty good at. But the experiment was unquestionably a success - with the timer set correctly (within its unfortunate limits), and/or with someone to press the button to start the sequence at an appropriate time, this A580 is a very useful tool. I can also (and doubtless will later) put myself on video of course, and pretty good video at that (640), but I'm still looking for a decent video editing package I can download from somewhere. TowerZilla came with a DVD-RW and so did the Vaio - being able to make my own DVDs (Bi-Mart has stacks of blanks on sale frequently) sounds Extremely Useful for a variety of reasons. And even though the one my sister gave me is now damaged and out of use, it's her that got me into the highly rewarding field of digital photogrpahy and therefore inspired me to buy a new one when I quite honestly wore out the first one. Thanks sis!

The rule of law has failed. "How can Mayor Nutter and the council expect anyone else, especially criminals, to obey the law if they dont live up to the same standard," Gottlieb wondered.

LOL. (OMG! I just said LOL!)



F-104 Demonstration Team.

It's not quite 90F inside the hovel with the door open and a fan going and gods only know what's the humidity. Not inclined to start loading cartridges on a scientific basis under these conditions, and besides I'm pooped. Hopefully the weather will moderate during the week.

1834 - Sunday, 18 May 2008: Zzzz.

Kratman doesn't like Islam. And he explains why, in fine detail, using fiction as a vehicle, while including documentable real-world snippets as chapter headers. -And no, this appears to not be part of the Carrera story but rather a standalone.

Chat every Sunday, this week live at the NRA Convention. Quite recently L. Neil Smith ranted on NRA, and not for the first time. Yes, NRA gots warts. Yes it does. -Yet I still sent my quarterly $25 Easy Pay Life installment just a couple days ago. In my defense, NRA membership is a prerequisite of club membership, for insurance reasons; and NRA doesn't get any other money from me.

Meanwhile Yuri skillfully dissects a moonbat... but IMO he's just wasting bandwidth. Those folks' minds don't work right. -Actually Yuri did a Really Good Job there which might very well have a desireable effect on fence-sitters whose synapses aren't yet hopelessly cross-wired.

Blink - there is a chance to get the Centurion in action in time for the PIG! But a very slim one. The OAC show is on the 25th and Monday the 26th is a day off (if I don't get drawn for one of the cover shifts in the call center (at double pay)) - and the calendar says the range is open on the 26th. If I can find the part at OAC I can install it Sunday, then have a good solid range day Monday and still have time to make a batch for competition during the week. Hmm. That's two distinct and separate "if"s.

HUSSEIN Obama rally downtown, yecchh. Might as well be a Nuremberg rally (remember the Nazis were National Socialists and BHO's only practical difference - right down to the Jew-hating via Wright & Farrakhan - is he sure ain't no nationalist). Ain't goin' nowheres near it. Ah reckon ah'm jest too "bitter."

Great Big Guns!

Quote o' the Day:

"Then call us Rebels, if you will,
We glory in the name,
For bending under unjust laws,
And swearing faith to an unjust cause,
We count as greater shame."
- Richmond Post Dispatch, May 12, 1862

I'm just sayin'.

Let the spin begin - McCain on Gun Control via NRA-ILA (also in the latest American Rifleman). Ain't fallin' fer it, don't you neither.

Reader sends documented evidence of the eco-freaks' irrevocable moonbattyness. Sick in the head.

1835 - Monday, 19 May 2008: Znrk. Effing Kratman, up late turning pages. (And his writing style continues to improve.) -He also remains enamored of Alamo-esque Last Stands and Noble Sacrifices, in various sizes and durations. Not that there's anything wrong with that, makes good copy. The story is set a century from now and the Islamic War ain't over, indeed is heating up and getting ugly. (Eerie coincidence that I was mentioning the 1901 treatment just the other day....) Kratman adds interludes from recent and near-future events, showing by stages how the world got to where he's painting it. As Ringo's jacket blurb says, "Kratman's written the future, and it's scary."

There's going to be a war and I'm going to be in it. And I'm getting too old and creaky for that Red Dawn stuff! :( What, am I going to have to get a mousegun so I can train up on the enemy's equipment? Ewww.

Appleseeds (and mouseguns...) cost money and I work for a living, instead off leeching of other people's taxes (how did Savage put it, re: New Orleans? "...people who haven't worked for five generations...."). Comes now notification that Nationwide, my car insurance provider, is being bought out by or is transferring my contract to some other company and, while I haven't read it all the way through, a first glance suggests near $600 for, I guess, a full year of coverage in a lump sum without the monthly option I'm accustomed to. Might have to shop around. (Insurance required by law in Oregon, which is another republitarian grump - more likely I'll be hit by some uninsured illegal alien, but again I'm the one who has to pay for others' sloth and incompetence.) (No, not Progressive - that name isn't a coincidence, word is the company is run by a socialist bazillionaire moonbat who spends your money on unConstitutional things.) Anyway that's going to have to be fixed within a month, and in any case before I can budget for an Appleseed (or a Load Master for that matter).

Looks like I won't be required to work on the 26th, which is good, 'cause I need a day off fer cryin' out loud. (Not traveling north to family for the holiday neither, not least 'cause of fuel prices.) Now just the one "if" left, the Mauser part. -I wonder if Mike at Brightwater has one? I'll call. (Back at the hovel, I emailed.) If he does I'll just buy the thing after plates Saturday and still make Monday the range day.

The weather is moderating and I need to get busy at my Dangerously Disorganized Reloading TableTM. I should start racing with one of my .45s as well - that Pro 1000 is already filled with primed cases.

Effing misroutes. The phone transfer system is an epic ongoing fail. Since last week. And some of the foreign agents... gah. I swear they're reading phonetically off a card taped to their monitor and not listening to a single syllable.


1836 - Tuesday, 20 May 2008: "Rape enablers." That's a phrase Our Kind has been tossing around for a while. And it's accurate! Think on it: what kind of person wants everyone else to be defenseless? Really? What kind of person demands the complete removal of any method of defending oneself against an attacker? What lurks in the dark and secret corners of their souls?

Not entirely unrelated, revenuers lurking along the highway on the morning commute. Of course they don't want us armed. Naturally highway robbers prefer defenseless victims. -What's that you say? "Police protect us from criminals"? Pshyeahright. Maybe they show up before your corpse has reached room temperature. And then they sue you when you call for help.

Ha! Just barely adjusted one Lee Pro 1000 to size & decap 7.92x57mm Mauser brass! I have to throw the shellplate rotation slightly out of synch to marginalize the timing, and the case mouth still touches the decapping pin as it swings away (if I raise the pin any more it won't decap), and the case feeder won't reach at all, and there's no way to do any other steps like seating, but not having to remove Every Single Case from the shellholder does save Therbligs and every one of those counts to a lazy guy like me. Only six cursed millimeters more and I could do .30-06, but those millimeters just ain't there.

Caliphate is an upsetting page-turner. Kratman's probably got a few fatawa on his head by now.

Cops don't know which end the hot stuff comes out of. I ain't making this stuff up, folks.

Still tired.

1837 - Wednesday, 21 May 2008: Tired. -Spot of back trouble too, I think the Corolla needs a replacement driver's seat. (Yay U-Pull-It - except there's little time or gumption to spare these days.)

Election results - what's the point? BHO will round up all the Whiteys, HRC will round up all the capitalists, and McCain... will probably do the least amount of direct damage, but that ain't none, and the indirect will be plenty. If this goes on I'll be right out there in the sticks aiming-and-squeezing. The only question is which uniforms will be in my sight picture.

Finishing Caliphate, action, intrigue, suspense, romance, and opinionated afterword. "...when your homeland ceases to be your homeland, ceases to be comfortable and homelike, there will be a temptation to leave." No foolin'. Like Ringo & Evans' The Road to Damascus, Kratman paints a picture of a society eagerly destroying itself - and we can see it happening in the real world. Chilling. And recommended. -Next I think will be Heinlein's Tunnel in the Sky.

Never trust a cop of any kind.

This new novella looks interesting....

1838 - Thursday, 22 May 2008: Phone transfer system completely broken and I seem to be the only person in that system who a) speaks English and/or b) isn't under the influence of intoxicants. Mentally exhausted. I'm in the American call center; I get a Canadian customer. I try to transfer to the Canadian call center and get Southeast Asia. Not making this up.

And freaky stoned hyper mumbling customers! GAAAHH!!

Hoo-ahh. God bless America!

Drat. Phoned Brightwater, no '98 Mauser trigger guard magazine box thingie. Last hope to get the Centurion running in time for the PIG is the OAC show Sunday and a range day Monday. I queried enough people there last month, and at ACSWW two weeks later, that someone might think to bring one.

Getting busy loading. Also making test batches of .357-158 with different powders - W231 needs to fill the case all the way up to Magnum levels to get reliable ignition. To fiddle with I have... Universal Clays, Unique, and Trail Boss. Using published load data for 158 jacketed, with 158 plated (Xtreme plated isn't far removed from jacketed), for estimated velocity of about 900fps according to the books. 12 rounds each, with WSPM primers, then a larger heap of 7.0gr W231, which might still have a first-round ignition problem as powder shifts under recoil but shouldn't sting as much as the 7.3gr I've been using. Some stray unplated rounds left but not enough for a whole plate match or pin shoot - I'll use them up eventually I guess.

Sierra shows only jacketed data in that weight and they start at 1,050fps, which is just about where I am now. For Unique, the Cowboy section of a 2003 Alliant .PDF shows 3.8-4.5gr for 741-859fps, for 158gr unplated - later it shows a maximum of 7.8 for jacketed, at 1,280, but I want to go down, not up. Trying the 4.5gr for Unique (turns out to be 4.4 from the Auto-Disk). Hodgdon 2007 booklet says maximum 6.3gr Universal Clays for jacketed for 1,133; chopping that to 5.3. And, IMR 2007 says maximum 4.2gr Trail Boss under unplated for 804fps - it's a Ruger and Trail Boss is supposed to be overload-proof, so going right to 4.2, while eyeing case capacity to avoid compression - no problem there. These three batches will be for scientific study either after plates Saturday or during the planned range day Monday. Only the Trail Boss (of course) uses a comfortable amount of case capacity; expecting ignition problems with the others.

1839 - Friday, 23 May 2008: Tunnel in the Sky is interesting, I don't think I've read it before. When RAH wrote about something, he damn well looked it up first.

Effing India.

Gods! I get the hyper mumbling freaky customers who will not listen!

Mm hm.

Eeeexcellent, set up one email address in Opera on the NEC laptop, which is connected wirelessly to the HP box, which is on dialup, meaning I can finally handle straight email on the laptop while wardriving without having to use mail2web. Except now I have to learn how to use Opera's mail handler and I've been using MSOE for a Long Time (and will continue to do so for my other email addresses). -But email is backed up otherwise 'cause I'm pooped (and lazy). -Huh, Windows Update only works with MSIE and MSIE doesn't work over that same shared connection, but Opera (and AVG updates (which (free) will be ending on the 31st (I've heard Avast is still free, comments on that?))) works fine. Eh, Bill Gates still sucks. I'll have to fiddle more next time I'm wardriving and have the NEC actually connected to an actual high-speed 802.11 signal as opposed to adhoc to a dialup box.

1840 - Saturday, 24 May 2008: Znrk. Plates - gambling that POI won't be too different with the different load, also that the GP100's sight will not have shifted the last time I hauled the Lewis Lead Remover through it with the grunting and the cussing. Anyway there should be less smoke and at least a little less recoil. Haven't fired this kind of load in months.

Besides that, it's Memorial Day Weekend and I'm sure the revenuer parasites will be swarming, using or fabricating any excuse to pull people over and rob them at badgepoint. Why do we put up with this? 230-odd years ago we were tarring and feathering and dumping tea in the harbor at a fraction of the indignities we suffer today. What's happened to this nation? -And how dare those gangs-of-thieves-with-badges wear an American flag on their uniforms?

D'oh! Forgot my shiny new camera! Fortunately Yuri brought his, and he got some Cool Action Photos too. -Digital cameras: every five minutes there's a new model with more features. Yuri's had his Nikon Coolpix L-somethingorother for some time, and it was way advanced over my FinePix A345, and is maybe a little behind my recently-acquired Canon A580. But useful! And don't forget camera memory cards are this generation's "floppy disks". I have a multiformat USB card reader in the laptop bag and another on the main computer. Seriously, you can back up your computer on your camera these days. But look what you can capture with a modern digital:

Bullet!  In!  FLIIIIIGHT!!!

With a digital, and a big memory card, you can spray-and-pray with the shutter, take billyuns and billyuns of pics, and throw out the ones that aren't as cool as those above. And never buy film and never wait for it to be developed. 8MP is common now and I've already seen 10MP models advertised - why does anyone even bother with film anymore? I think those pics were originally taken at 3MP (2048x1536 before cropping or shrinking in other programs). With the Canon I take most of mine at 2MP (1600x1200). With the manually adjustable shutter speeds, now I'm actually catching bullets in flight, or at least a streak of reflected light in the right place. This is so cool.

Good turnout, 20 shooters, 37 entries including some new faces. The new, or rather the current, load, 158gr plated over 7.0gr W231 with WSPM primer, works. I even had a couple perfect head-to-head runs. But the POI is definitely off, either from it being a different load or from the sight being shifted last time I wrestled with the lead remover or both. That also I intend to address on the Range Day Monday. Anyhow, didn't win but didn't suck; if my sights had been on I think I'd've taken Revolvers, like I used to. -This load is milder, which makes it nice for plates, but that means it might be too weak for pins. OTOH if I'm not flinching as much from the recoil, or peering ineffectually through the smoke of vaporized lube, I might actually hit said pins squarely enough to remove them from the table. Next pin shoot is 19 July and I'll try this same load there.

And I really must do more with at least one of my .45s. Monday again. I think I'll take both. Which means I need to make some loads - 200gr plated LRN I think, to keep the recoil down. -I'm recoil-sensitive, I admit it! Therefore I make milder loads (within the requirements of what I'm shooting at), therefore I flinch less, therefore I sometimes actually hit stuff. -Today at Sportsman's Warehouse (still no bulk plated in my size, except for the .45 I already have most of two boxes of), I spotted a customer fondling a Desert Eagle. And I gotta wonder, could he hit anything with a .22 even? I remember years ago at English Pit there were two guys with their respective Deagles and they were both flinching all the heck over the place.

Which leads me to the 'blog content which occurred to me during the match. Not fully alive. The people who spend their weekends doing... what? Watching TV? Going to a movie? Maybe a restaurant? No, those people are less than human. People like us are superior. We think ahead. We plan, we practice, we train to defend our homes, our families, our lives, and our sacred property. Those in the Weaker Classes stumble through life worse than half blind. They weird me out. Now sure, I ain't no Mike Harmon nor Bob the Nailer, but I ain't no effing sheep dammit.

Hey - take a closer look at that Adams link. Grok it. Now compare to this from Obama and this from Clinton. This nation was founded by geniuses and prophets and we must heed their warnings!

Hey - what's this thing? There are dozens of them in the plate match area where, coincidentally, local LEOs practice (on days I don't dare go to the range even if I didn't have a day job 'cause it just ain't safe to be around a cop with a gun - nor a cop who has one neither). Some kind of beanbag-round thing? Too big for 12-gauge, one of those one-shot things like for dog training? 37mm flare or gas projection? It's felt-looking and weighs about 24gr. As you can see one side looks like it's been powder burned, with some blow-through, or more likely blow-around, to the other side:

Hmm, playing with the 1911 back at the hovel, looks like those other two 8-round magazines are dropping free now. That makes four 8s and the 10. Need more 10s, but they're expensive, and 42+1 should be competitive. (There's another 8 but its floorplate won't clear the well funnel.) Plus there's the Witness with four 10s. -Thing is, I run the plate match and one of the reasons I've resisted trying the autoloaders in it is I have a responsibility to keep the match going; it's difficult enough doing that while shooting even one entry of my own. Still, I have some quite able assistants now....

1841 - Sunday, 25 May 2008: Zzz.

Oh, and I got sunburned. Then yesterday evening the thunderstorm hit - even rebooted me - and it's been wet here ever since.

OAC show. Drat! Still no Mauser part! But one of the vendors there gave me his card and told me to call him this afternoon....

Sightings: Norinco M1A, with bayonet lug and USGI stock with (empty) selector cut, $800 - which would probably need at least that much again to make it run right; Marlin M39A Mountie, before they called it the M39M, $450 (still bummed about missing that one at the pawn shop years ago for under $200); Martz Baby Luger ("No. 42"), no price, lovely (and many other lovely Lugers of various vintages and origins); an '03 Springfield with eee-vill long bayonet and eee-vill 20+ round trench magazine; a gorgeous original Webley MkVI with original holster, not altered to .45ACP, also no price - at this show some of the guys are just showing off. Which is a good reason to go to such shows, to see and perhaps even touch things you'd otherwise see only in books. I did manage to score another Safariland GL8C speedloader for the GP100, that makes three of those, faster than the HKS I also have five of. Almost had target knobs for the M100's Tasco, but trying them on another Tasco from another table, none of the three sizes the one vendor had fit. :(

Chat every Sunday. Memorial Day talk. This nation is not worthy of the men and women who defend it.

Article in Reason on what's at stake and what we can expect where SCOTUS is concerned. Mostly we're screwed anyway.

Libertarians... have a lot of good ideas. Brilliant even. (Like the aforementioned genius/prophet Founders.) But open borders and ignoring Islam ain't among them. Defend America first. That includes a proactive forward defense. Read Kratman's Caliphate.

Fondling both 1911 and Witness. Both fit well. Must make heap of rounds tonight for practice tomorrow. Differences: the Witness' slide lock will drop by itself (sprung) when the slide is tugged back, while the 1911's slide lock must be manipulated. The 1911's manual safety locks the slide while the Witness' doesn't unless the hammer is down. The Witness' single-action trigger has a lot of creep and movement compared to my 1911, might have to address that.

Damn. Called the guy, he looked, and he didn't have that part for that rifle. No Centurion tomorrow or in the PIG. This also means I have no incentive to try the Sharpshooter match on the 7th, therefore I can try the Washougal show that day, if there is one. Well, I still have the Queen. Better get busy at the loading bench....

Quote o' the Day: "Men naturally rebel against the injustice of which they are victims. Thus, when plunder is organized by law for the profit of those who make the law, all the plundered classes try somehow to enter---by peaceful or revolutionary means---into the making of laws. According to their degree of enlightenment, these plundered classes may propose one of two entirely different purposes when they attempt to attain political power: Either they may wish to stop lawful plunder, or they may wish to share in it." - Frederic Bastiat

And another: "Enlightened statesmen will not always be at the helm." - James Madison -Hence the checks and balances and "declaratory and restrictive Clauses". But some folks just refuse to read simple words as they are.

Hitting some backed-up email. Reader sends another reason to sink the island and start over. See, over here, we have this thing called "free speech". Most of the rest of the world has never heard of it. -Hey, dig my First Amendmentness: ISLAM IS A MURDEROUS AND DESTRUCTIVE CULT! Alas I seem to not have any pork products in the hovel at the moment....

Yuri sends reloading trick, hmm. I'm sure I'll be able to find a Berdan-primed 7.62x51mm case at the club to sacrifice. Mainly this will be of interest for the M100; the M1 I'll seat to the cannelure anyway and the VZ and Mosin I just don't use much anymore.

Global Warming My Ass.

Warnings about WinXP SP3. I have it installed on my primary box; all seems well....

Okay, got some .45ACP loaded - lots of test batches ready from previous attempts. Now contemplating another Garand Primer Experiment - the 150gr Hornady FMJBT over 50.0gr BL-C(2) in military brass. Ten with the old CCI200 primers (Korean PS brass, been sitting in a box on the kitchen counter for over a year) which gave me ignition problems; and in Greek HXP brass, ten each with new CCI200 (a tray purchased in recent weeks specifically for this purpose), CCI250, CCI34, WLR, WLRM, and Rem #9. -Man, that's a lot of work. Better make a full day of it. Also better do the rifle work first 'cause it'll be a lot harder to destroy my new chronograph with a rifle on a benchrest than with any handgun.

The problem with answering email is that it generates even more email to answer. :-/

1842 - Monday, Memorial Day, 26 May 2008: Zzz.

Saturday evening's weather, BTW:

Actually I used Lake City brass for the Remington primers 'cause that's what I had processed. Aaand as long as I had all the stuff out, ten more rounds, WLR primers, PS brass, Nosler 150gr Ballistic Tip. Science-y. Eighty rounds! Well, I have got a lot of loot from my readers. Reiterating, all loads are in military brass, and all of that is Greek HXP unless otherwise noted - all with 50.0gr BL-C(2) (from the same lot of course); all with 150gr bullets and a crimp from a Lee die:

  • CCI250 (Large Rifle Magnum)
  • CCI200 (Large Rifle) (OLD) (PS Korean)
  • CCI200 (NEW)
  • WLRM (Large Rifle Magnum)
  • WLR (Large Rifle)
  • CCI34 (Large Rifle Military)
  • Rem 9 (Large Rifle) (LC)
  • WLR (Nosler) (PS)

    The Nosler #30150 I seated to 3.335", give or take a few thousandths, aiming for 3.34 as for M2 Ball from the .PDFs; the other 70 with Hornady #3037 at 3.18", at the cannelure. The rifle of course is my M1; shooting was done single-loaded from the bench with a SLED at 100 yards, over a chronograph for both velocity and groups. Each round was chambered by rolling the cartridge into the SLED, then tugging on the op rod handle to release the op rod catch, then releasing the op rod to run forward unhindered. 50.0gr of this power does use a little more case capacity but there's still a lot of room in there. Last time I chrono'd this, at 49.0gr, I got an average of about 2,720fps, just a little slower than published data for M2 Ball.

    Cold and wet again! Last time I tried this I got skewed results, probably because of that. Hmm.

    So I get there and I can't see 100 yards. And it's cold and wet like the last time I tried the Primer Experiment and I know that skewed the results. Therefore, starting with handgun work. GP100, sighting with the new load- backing and forthing, frustrating. Maybe I'm just out of practice. I think I have minute-of-plate now though.

    1911... inconclusive. Still shooting high with the sight bottomed, and I get a hand tremor with autoloaders - just not used to them. Probably psychological with all the extra stuff happening compared to the revolver I've been focusing on for over a year. Also the ambidextrous safety keeps threatening to separate, which also preys on my mind. Seems reliable enough though.


    ...is working. Nicely. With plated LSWC too, first time that's happened (dies have been adjusted yet again). And accurate. If I can dump the tremor I could cut Mel-Gibson-esque smiley-faces with the Tanfoglio, almost. I'm focusing on two .45 loads at present, 5.5gr W231 under 200gr plated, RN and SWC. And they're working. -I have my NEC set up in the RSO shack, waiting for the weather to improve before trying anything with rifles, and I'm typing this up in between strings of live fire. I didn't bring much of either of those new loads but POI seems about the same for both, at plate-match distance - back to the line to finish sighting in....

    The Witness (which I haven't live-fired, and rarely dry-fired, for maybe a year) does not have as nice a trigger as my 1911, but it'll do. Especially if it groups like this at 14 yards with a hand tremor:

    The built-in compensator has a noticeable effect, compared to the 1911 with the same loads. These loads are mild besides, which helps address my recoil sensitivity. -Okay I did get another misfeed with SWC; seen previously, the Witness just doesn't like them. But that's all right because I'm mostly out of SWC anyway and have lots of RN, 200 and 230gr. (Also I had one failure to lock open empty in the 1911, with these same rather mild loads.) As for the SWC, I might place another Fiscally Irresponsible Midway order before the sales expire at the end of the month, to which I am presently adding the Lee .45ACP factory crimp die.

    I think... next month... I'll try the Witness on plates again. In addition to the GP100. And I have Kydex for both so come July, depending how well the Witness performs on plates in June, I might try the Witness on pins. (Only one entry per shooter on pins.)

    All right, that took a long time and there was some procrastination too. The fog finally cleared but the temperature did not rise and the humidity did not fall and I cancelled the Primer Experiment for today. Didn't unpack the chronograph at all in fact. I did however do some fiddling with regular 49.0gr rounds with the Queen - I can just make more of those for the match - and also helped Yuri practice with my VZ for the PIG.

    Nothing wrong with the Queen. Not using the bayonet in the match - POI changes several MOA up, and not consistently enough to compensate for, and outside the remaining adjustment range for the sight anyway. Maybe a different bayonet someday. But dig it - at 100 yards, starting with what used to be the zero for that distance, 4 clicks up from mechanical bottom:

    The first shot was high, which very closely matches what I observed with the same sight setting in the CMP match on the 3rd, 'cause what I had remembered as a 100yd setting was working perfectly at 200. So, down two clicks, and I got those lovely three right-dead-effing-center. Gods I love this rifle. And there were two different batches (i.e. phase-of-the-moon) of the same recipe among those three, so I'm also warm and fuzzy over my handloading technique. Now this next photo takes some 'splainin':

    The uppermost hole was aiming at the center of the diamond, using a center hold, with 2 clicks up from bottom, with a beat-up old M5A1 bayonet (stamped "JAPAN") fixed. One of the two below that was with the same setting and POA, to see if it grouped. Another of the two below the top was after bottoming out the sight - and I can't recall which. The one at the bottom was also after bottoming out the sight, that is, no change from one of those three up top. Then: note the four nicely grouped shots in the center. Two of those were after removing the bayonet and returning to the 2-clicks-from-bottom setting. The other two were after going up 2 more clicks, making a couple hits at 200, and going back down 2 to prove repeatability. I only fired 15 rounds total, thinking to save a known batch for the next CMP match, but I'm satisfied with the results. Here's my 200yd target, on an SR1 with a 6.35" black:

    That's well within RWVA's recommended 4MOA (enemy human torso at 500y), with repeatable sight settings remembered from three weeks ago and no forthing-and-backing at all. Getting closer to feeling justified in calling myself a Rifleman. The trick is to do it under field conditions instead of from a bench. But I know my equipment is sound and That Matters. Psychologically.

    And look! Cool Digital Photography!

    There have been a lot of those around the club the last couple days. They're about 4cm long.

    This last one, of my first 100yd target, is an example of how I was showing Yuri, in the next lane, how he was hitting at both 100 and 200yds, without him having to lean over to use the spotting scope. 'Cause it was showing up right there on the camera's LCD. The camera's optical and digital zoom work through the scope too. So cool. I used to do the same with the A345 my sister gave me a couple years ago, until I dropped it too many times and broke the display, hence bucks spent on the new one. And you can plug these things into the RCA jacks on standard TVs too you know. Instructional possibilities abound. I might have to get another small tripod so I can park camera and scope together. Also I imagine someone has built an actual adapter. -Uh huh, a web search reveals that "digiscoping" has entered the vocabulary already.

    Reader points out:

    The M1911 SHOULD NOT need it's slide lock manipulated to release it when cycling the slide unless you have an empty magazine in the pistol.

    The slide should cam it down if it does not fall on it's own, and it should NOT fall on it's own when the spring detent is in the tunnel and properly working.

    IF you have a buffer on the spring guide [and I do], or if you are using a guide rod assembly, it might not be letting the slide travel far enough to cam the slide release down.

    And now I know!

    Sink the island. -Although I imagine Kipling and Churchill could address the UK's energy shortage now....

    Attention JBTs: Knock it off. Now. Or we will start executing you for your crimes.

    1843 - Tuesday, 27 May 2008: Back to work. Grunt.

    Heinlein's Tunnel in the Sky first published 1955. Golding's Lord of the Flies first published 1954. Coincidence? I don't think so. Probably offended RAH's sense of craftsmanship. And his sense of humanity of course - Heinlein wrote about competent people, Improvising, Adapting and Overcoming. Next is Michael Flynn's Eifelheim, a first-contact tale.

    Ah hah! Digiscoping would allow continued use of the damaged FinePix A345! With an external monitor for example. And it would still take pictures too. That's something I might propose for match use or for public sight-in days - there's AC power at the firing line and extension cords in the storage building; one could get the adapter, set up the scope and camera, plug it into the TV, and show shooters their targets. Mm hm. Also spectator-ness for rifle matches.

    Three different readers point out that AVG v8 is also available free as the current 7.5 is discontinued. Downloading... and cleaning arms while the computer is tied up doing it.

    Yesterday's creepy-crawlie identified!

    1844 - Wednesday, 28 May 2008: Self defense... our society has degenerated to the point where we have to make calculations based on the expectation that the system will screw us. Take Yuri for example. He carries a Kahr and makes no secret of it. The Kahr is a nice pistol, well engineered and finely made (except he got the plastic one, yech). They're, what, $500 or so? More? That's real money. So if he ever has to use it to defend his life, his children, his home, what happens? At best it will be confiscated as "evidence" where it has a very good chance of growing legs and walking out of the "evidence" room. At worst? He'll be assaulted and prosecuted by those sworn to "protect and serve", possibly murdered by them, and whatever (...other) subhuman parasitic scum he had to defend himself against will sue him or his survivors for mental anguish or political incorrectness or whatnot. I've suggested he get a ~$200 Makarov, which wouldn't hurt as much to have stolen by the "authorities" - but that's not as fine a tool and even the 9x18mm is a step down in power, the 9x17mm versions moreso. But that's beside the point, which is that we shouldn't have to make that choice. We shouldn't have to ask government-bloody-damn-permission to defend our own lives either. What's that line from Back to Bataan - "There is no advantage in cooperating with the Japanese. A man obeys all the Japanese laws. When he's taken at random and shot, his next-door neighbor will think, 'It does a man no good to obey.' He might as well die fighting." Is it time to shoot back yet? Between parasites in gang colors carjacking us and a different gang with badges doing what amounts to the same thing, what's the damn difference?

    Eyeing the new car insurance, Nationwide handing off to Victoria Select. Looks like they want me to pay $595 in a lump sum by the 18th. Who does business that way anymore? And that's for six months - quite a step up in price from the $65.75/month I was paying. I'll have to shop. Geico? A reader tells me the "Ge" stands for "government employee", with discounts therefore, so there's cooties - more to the point Geico got their name on the boycott list but then there's this, hm. But that lizard is really annoying.

    Awright, Geico it is, saving a whopping 80-odd cents per month (initial payment $81.something, which I have but I ain't getting no shrimp rings for the next week-and-a-half and I'll have to rebuild savings) and setting it all up online, at lunch, from work, including payment. Yay internets. -Curiously, Geico's system seems to have found most of my information, including the Corolla's VIN (which I verified from the Nationwide/Victoria paperwork I brought with me for study). Evidently the insurance companies share.

    I still don't like the lizard. It's the British accent. Considering what's coming out of (and going into) the island lately. But they have their website and online ordering well-oiled.

    Work is increasingly frustrating because Nothing Bloody Works. The call-routing system is a complete wreck - half an hour sometimes trying to get the customer to the right department, with the customer almost in tears from the previous half-dozen misroutes, and the third-worlders on the other end of the connection can't do anything except by rote - anything outside their phonetically-structured scripts and you can almost smell their panic through the headset. Besides this, now the secondary software tool, used to actually place service orders for replacement products, has begun failing too.

    Ooo, Wikipedia says that Burroughs' entire Barsoom series is on Project Gutenberg! Won't run out of reading material for a while. And you know I've never actually read those, though so much else that I've read refers to it.

    Reader sends the death of free speech in Canada.

    Even more Global Warming My Ass. [pointing] Ha-ha!

    New feature, and a look at how I make this in old-fashioned HTML instead of those durn newfangled 'blog-o-thingies: note the clickable link in the entry number. Most of the entries for the past few years are tagged, such that if you add the pound sign and the entry number to the regular URL for whatever Journal page you're reading, it will scroll you right to the correct entry (i.e.). Now I've added a clickable, or right-clickable, link to that, so you can use permalinks directly to individual entries. Now, depending on your browser, it might load all the text first, then scroll perfectly to the correct line, then load the images which will then shift your view - but that's the browser's fault, not mine. MSIE seems to do exactly that, while Opera seems to want to load the entire page and all images before scrolling to the indicated destination. What happens is, when I create a new entry, I copy and paste that line of code, changing the entry number and the actual text describing the date, then I paste in the text I emailed to myself from work and type in whatever else I think up after I get back to the hovel. Now, with that bit of code added, entries henceforth will have that feature - though if you apply the same format manually you'll reach most of the individual entries (within each month's page) going back a few years at least, to when I started tagging them.

    1845 - Thursday, 29 May 2008: Do not pay the Danegeld. And there we are at the proactive forward defense again. The world is not a nice place. It contains bad people who want to control us for control's own sake. Get it?

    You know what I'm really going to miss, when I'm out there in the sticks dodging Queen Hillary's or Sultan Obama's troops? A nice hot shower each morning. With soap. And clean clothes every day.

    Uh huh.

    Public education... it's not that the kids are not being trained to think, it's that they're being trained to not think. No analytical capability, no logical deduction, no sense of thoroughness, no seeking alternatives. I've said this before. Doomed the republic is.

    Reader comments on yesterday's calculations by pointing out this item. Then goes on to say that if it were ever used, he would abandon it... but salvage the cartridges 'cause those cost money!

    Speaking of cartridges, reader sends the latest episode of the Mousegun Follies. Dudes! Put the M14 back in production and start teaching riflery again! Problem solved!

    Reader sends, possibly from the tinfoil files, article about The List we're likely on. ...Vestigial partisanism causes an eyebrow to cock, but....

    Okay it's not panic, when you depart from the third-worlders' phonetically-structured script, it's simple bewilderment, and probably some America-hating. Of course we sound arrogant to them. We actually know what we're doing. -Some of us anyway.

    Mouseguns... one thing that turns me off about the AR is that recoil buffer tube and the telescoping stock, mandating a minimum overall length. I've seen some side-folding conversions, which evidently had a wholly restructured recoil system. Are those available separately as parts, and if so do they fit standard uppers & lowers?

    1846 - Friday, 30 May 2008: M14. Didn't I tell ya.

    Flynn's Eifelheim not sucking, part historical novel, part mystery, with the first-contact tale.

    The dim bulbs among the customers are making me queasy. -That or my bachelor diet and physically inactive job, I dunno.

    Eyeing the PIG COF, unusual. 1st stage slow prone, 15 in 15, 5 sighters and 10 for score at 200, that's normal, but then 3 slow prone sighters at 100 and 8 rapid prone in 60 seconds for score; then 8 rapid standing in 50 at 75, then again in 40 at 50, then again in 30 at 25, with (I asked) the shooters hiking downrange and standing there in front of the fixed 100y targets. Oughta make good photos anyway. Of course the Queen happens to be an eight-shooter - but most of her use has been SLEDded, either bench practice or in matches, with maybe one 2-round and one full clip every few months in the single rapid stage. I do have plenty of standard clips to go with my two SLEDs, two 2s, and two 5s (all of which often get loaned out during CMP matches). As for turnout, I've posted it three times in as many weeks on the area email list, trying to compensate for the low turnout the last few years. I reckon I'll be in the first relay and Yuri will be in the second with my VZ, so he can observe and I can coach. -Need a better bayonet for the Queen, the only one I have now flops around loose, which obviously has something to do with with the dramatic and inconsistent change in POI. And I want a long one anyway 'cause they make sheeple wet themselves and that amuses me.

    Plotner long-range prone match in July (on the anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing, BTW), looking forward to it as the M100 should be finished by then (want target knobs - apparently I'm after the Stoney Point K2T, which appear to be out of production, and out of stock everywhere the search engine hits). With the Queen hitting just about anything she's pointed at - work out the semantics of that - I may as well enter both open and scoped classes. I'll need more practice with both of course, to confirm sight settings. And next time, I'll have to order a thou$and Hornady #3037, 'cause the Queen's worth it (the 500 will probably last that long but they're running low). I want more long-range experience - I've rarely gone farther than 200 in practice, and more rarely in competition. The club only goes to 300, though there are (vaporware) extension plans.

    Holy Crapping Crap. Montana plans secession. They can count on my rifle, if I can get out of here and they'll let me in there.

    In the news, the Convention on Cluster Munitions. Eyeing the list of signatories, it seems to me they're mostly the useless little nations that are always getting conquered, then liberated, by someone who's not afraid to actually use weapons once in a while....

    1847 - Saturday, 31 May 2008: Match day! The PIG was my very first shooting competition and I intend to not miss one until I escape to Wyoming or Montana. And then, socio-political conditions permitting, I might trek back for it. This year's COF was indeed different. 50 shots total, 42 for score, with shooters walking forward toward the target for the rapid-standing stages. Yuri and I both took many photos, which I am now slogging through.

    So I'm driving up the hill and there's Fog. Lots of Fog. Fog Everywhere. And I get up there and there's Even More Fog:

    The targets that you can actually see are at 100 yards. The tarps are at 50, for people to pause during the advancing stages to reload magazines; the cone in the foreground is at 75, and there's another at 50 and at 25, which of course can't be seen. It took Quite Some Time for this to burn off, during which Venison, the unofficial club mascot, made her appearance:

    Not the worst turnout, 13 shooters, at least one of which shot both relays:

    Eventually the fog cleared - some - and we could engage the 200y targets. Of course then it started to rain. Finally the match was over about noon and then we got sunshine, uh huh.

    So how'd I do? 372/5X of a possible 420, 88.6%, which didn't suck considering 24 of the 42 rounds were fired standing, at which I do suck. Slow prone at 200 got me 96/3X - I started out low, doubtless because of the weather, and simply clicked up, exactly as the M1's superior sight is designed for. If I ever do get loose and have to whack some JBTs, and can get into prone with the Queen, they'll be in Trouble:

    This next image shows the remaining four stages, all eight rounds for score in rapid fire. Target 1, top left, includes three slow-prone sighters to doublecheck my sights after the 200yd stage. Target 2 was rapid-standing from 75y; 3 from 50, and 4 from 25. Respectively, 76/1X, 62/0X, 66/0X, and 72/1X, each of a possible 80. It was fun:

    Pr0n, the Queen on the line:

    (I think I may have found a fifth Greek soldier's name carved in the stock.)

    Didn't win anything, but placed 4th of eight or so in the Open Sight division - the other three being regulars who there is no shame in being bettered by. Next year - unless the war is on and I'll be using it for other purposes - I'll have the scoped M100. But then I'll be up against some other regulars....

    Speaking of scopes, one of the regulars in both flavors of riflery recommends Mueller Optics for quality & value. The prices certainly look interesting.

    The Queen functioned perfectly, of course. Not a single bobble or hesitation of any kind with 18 rounds via SLED or 32 via four standard clips. So now I know that too. Love that rifle. You-all oughta get one.

    More match photos:

    Hm, AVG 8.0 is installed on the NEC laptop and the HP box. 7.5 used to automatically update through the shared dialup connection, on the laptop, through the wireless adhoc to the HP. Not so 8.0. Having to plug an actual phone line into the NEC, and as long as I'm doing that maybe I'll do some Windows updates too - though maybe not SP3. I have noticed a little slowing on the HP box but I can't be sure if that's just Opera 9.27 objecting to having 40 tabs open when I load my Saturday webcomics (that folder is where I put the ones that update infrequently, so I check them every week).

    Two packages today! From Midway, three pieces of Lee equipment: the Universal Three Jaw Chuck and corresponding spinner stud, for power trimming (and chamfer/deburring maybe; Possum Hollow deburring tool power adapter in the cart for the next Midway order), if I can find the correct adapter for my cordless drill's charger; and a .45ACP crimp die which, from the reviews, ought to go far to combat any feeding problems I've been having in the Witness and 1911. -Hey, .45ACP SWC, you seat that with the shoulder just a bit above the case mouth, right? Maybe I'm going too deep? RN works fine in both pistols of course, but now I'll be rearranging that Pro 1000 turret so the old Lyman seat/crimp seats only.

    Then, from a reader, More Astonishing Loot: lace-on nylon cheekpiece, might be useful for the M100; a book, some videos, spare nipples which may fit my Hawken, and the Prize o' Prizes, a complete trigger guard/magazine box with follower, spring and floorplate, for a standard large-ring '98 Mauser action! In good shape too. The Centurion is compl-


    NNNOOOOOOO!!!!!! The forward action screw SNAPPED during assembly! It's not FAIR!! Not a complete disaster of course, the Really Good Hardware Store has screw removal kits only six blocks away and I'm sure I'll be able to find '98 Mauser action screws lots of places but dammit! I wuz gonna test it next weekend! -I still might if Brightwater has the screws, I'd grab them on the way up. -No, what I'll do is I'll go to the hardware store now (I don't have a screw-removal kit already? Why don't I have one already? -All right, now I have one), then borrow the screw from the VZ, now that the PIG is over and the VZ won't be seeing use probably until the AvA in November. And I'll get replacement action screws at my leisure. (Probably more than one set.) But damn!

    And then my $10 cordless drill's battery is drained and I either can't find the correct charger or that charger is fried so now I have to go to Home Depot and buy their cheapest new cordless drill (a $30 Ryobi with a clearly-marked charger so I won't get them confused), and then I have to wait for that to get its first charge.

    That's the same store at which I bought the $10 made-in-Mexico drill, on the very day the hovel was burglarized. Which brings back bad memories and a deep and venomous hatred of The System. But also 'blog content: the one thing I admire about Islam is how they deal with thieves.

    Anyway, as I was saying, the Centurion is complete!

    And then, see, I ordered this shirt from one of my favorite webcomics with the sole purpose of wearing it at the PIG, 'cause, you know, Politically Incorrect, firepower, etc. And I get the photos and I carefully handcraft the email to the creator and I don't have his email address so I go to the site like I was going to anyway today and it's not bloody loading. The gods are still jerks! -But I did finally find an email address through the store site, which is loading.

    Mm-hm. I ain't Christian - comfortably agnostic - but I get it. A little tweaking and the cartoon could apply to any other leftist demographic.

    Oh, and there is no muzzleloader division for the Big Bore Buffalo Shoot on 12 July. So I won't be competing with the Hawken yet. :( OTOH I don't have to clean it....

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