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1788 - Tuesday, 1 April 2008: Hm, camera. Or maybe this one. Note instant rebates. Comments? -Reading a downloaded manual at work, it appears digital camera controls and functions are approaching standardization.

I gotchyer "redistribution of wealth" right here.

I have four live-fire competitions in May: Garands on the 3rd, pins 17th, plates 24th, and PIG 31st. And the ACSWW show on the 10th and OAC the 25th. I live an Armed Life!

1789 - Wednesday, 2 April 2008: Oh look, another unstable freak in black robes. Emphasis on black. And they call us racist. -And how many citizens were murdered by John Allen Muhammed while black police chief Charles Moose was looking for a white NRA member? Uh huh.

Hm, no, I don't want the second camera linked above; proprietary rechargeable battery, while the first one takes standard AAs, and I already have a half-dozen NiMH from the other camera (four of which, and the charger, sis included with the original gift). Yes, I think I'll order the M637 next payday. And I'll use a neck strap so I don't drop it (as often). I'll need an SD card for it but there are at least eight stores almost within hiking distance of the hovel that stock them for less than HP wants. -It also seems that the SD format is winning the camera-card wars, as opposed to the xD the FinePix uses. Eh, both my USB card readers (including the one sis included with the original camera) are multi-format - I won't even have to install the software for the new camera.

Oooh, kitty!

Reader points out that the lack of an optical viewfinder is a consideration in purchasing a new digital camera. The FinePix has one, which is why I'm still able to use it even with the LCD shattered; the HP I'm looking at doesn't. Sunlight making the LCD impossible to see is also a factor. Reconsidering.

Yuri sends rifle game (postal match).

Quote o' the Day: "I would like to electrocute everyone who uses the word 'fair' in connection with income tax policies." - William F. Buckley Jr.

Now I've been asked for recommendations for digital voice recorders, to record club meetings, so the recordings can be uploaded to a website for members to download. And I dunno. Suggestions?

From the lists, ban homeschooling? Government has to keep that monopoly of indoctrination, y'know... just like the monopoly of force....

Reader sends left-wing housing thug. That's right out of The Road to Damascus, parasites leeching from the productive class until there's nothing left to steal.

'Nother quote: "An unarmed man can only flee from evil, and evil is not overcome by fleeing from it." - Jeff Cooper

1790 - Thursday, 3 April 2008: HP does not offer any digital camera with an optical viewfinder. Also I've heard that HP may be getting out of the digital camera business (though they'll still be selling photo printers with memory card slots and such). Reader suggests the FinePix S700 - which Bi-Mart has on sale once in a while too - but that's more than I want to spend and probably more camera than I really need, also larger and heavier than I want. If the old A345 weren't broken I wouldn't even be looking.

Again with the freaky customers. Found pills and ate them, with varying results.

Hm, Canon A560? Also more than I want to spend but the multiple video modes appeal, and at least one of the reviews specifically praises the optical viewfinder. $129.99 on clearance from Circuit City (.com).

1791 - Friday, 4 April 2008: Frustrating day at work. Nothing bloody works including the sample products in the lab, or the software tools on the network.

Uh huh. Some folks just don't get it.

And uh huh and uh huh. Sigh.


Still shopping cameras. The Canon A560 continues to appeal, and for about $20 more the A570. Other financial considerations may delay purchase and the A345 does still mostly work.

Speaking of money, the Corolla's steering noise is abating as the seasons turn to warmer weather, hm. I don't remember it doing this last winter. Well, it's a $500 car and I'm netting around $350 a week now.

FREAKY! CUSTOMERS! Not prepared to troubleshoot, not having the product there with them, not following the simplest instructions expressed in the lowest verbal gear I've got. ...But I'm not heaving boxes....

Effing Friday traffic.

Preparing for the site move, reviewing all the .HTML files which make up this site, and many of them have code like this (the hexadecimal is different every time as far as I can tell) at the top of the file, right below the < html > tag. Less frequently there are also random characters, including high-ASCII, at the very end of the file, some of which seems to have been copied from other code or text near the end. It seems to be related to the worm attack months ago. Here I have pasted the text in to MSPaint and saved it as .GIF, rather than have any trace of the actual code left on the page:

I'm pretty sure I've stripped it all out now. Also, this is on the local copies of the files on my hard drive, not necessarily on the actual files you see. As for the worm, Grisoft AVG has been updating regularly and I've been running it every few days, and it's not finding anything. The system seems stable and performance has not noticeably declined since the wipe-and-restore, so I'm pretty sure it's clean.

Reader sends discount cameras. Maybe a Kodak EasyShare?

Quote o' the Day: "Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom." - John Adams (Defense of the Constitutions, 1787)

And that ain't happening. Instead they're being taught that nothing is ever their fault and other people will always clean up their messes. -And here I'm reading Pournelle's Falkenberg saga, describing the degeneration and destruction of Earth less than a century from now.

Reader sends. Don't hold back, man, tell us how you really feel!

1792 - Saturday, 5 April 2008: O blessed Z. No range work today, more likely after ACSWW next weekend. Late to the Washougal show.

And there wasn't one! Nobody there! The ACSWW honcho came by and we chatted some. No clue what happened. Shrug, more money left over for ACSWW next weekend. But I was hoping for certain parts - I have a little project....

Anyway there's a wifi signal there so I got the site transferred and by the time you read this, it should be on a subdomain of Yuri's server, redirected from the .NAME domain. Lemme know if something doesn't work. -Also I now have my whole site backed up on my USB drive, except for the very latest 'blog file like this of course.

Bi-Mart has the Canon A580 for $149.99. That might be it.

Bit of history. Some folks just won't learn from it.

And cops wonder why we hate them.

According to Gun Week online, Wyoming governor Dave Freudenthal has signed legislation to prevent confiscation of legally owned firearms during natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina. According to The Casper Star-Tribune, Freudenthal is an avid hunter who said no such gun confiscations could ever occur in Wyoming because "we ain’t going to allow anybody to do it." Sigh.

I, as a recovering comicoholic, can't even go into a comic $tore anymore, but I am aware of what's been happening. Cap Was Right.

1793 - Sunday, 6 April 2008: Zzz zz z.

Activism products.

Readers report the site move and redirects are successful. I don't even have to change my business cards or taglines. -Ah! Making another redirect for the reloading pages.

Comes word that Charlton Heston has passed. May he rest in peace. Some may debate his ideological purity ("Nobody needs an AK47") (ditto Reagan, as the NFA registry was closed during his administration), but at least he got up there and took a swing. -Kratman put him in his first book, A State of Disobedience. And he was a helluva actor. If I happen to see El Cid on DVD I might grab it. And I ain't even Christian. Download Heston's Harvard speech from '99 denouncing political correctness.

Sounds like Pizza Hut has again fired a delivery driver for defending himself against robbers. And don't forget Dominos did the same a few months ago. One of the Elves in chat mentions some small place in Texas which recommends that their drivers carry, but he didn't have the info with him. I'll 'blog it when it comes.

Airline pilots fly hundred-ton aircraft with a hundred-odd people aboard, and we know what that can do to targets on the ground... but TSA is afraid of them having a pistol. So they mandate an imbecilic padlocked holster and they're surprised when they get a negligent discharge. [rolling eyes] I never have flown commercial, but I won't until after the Counter-Revolution.

Sis suggests the Corolla's power steering pump may be failing. That may be something I can fix (replace). I'll have to study the Haynes manual more.


Inspired by that article the other day, attacking the pile of .30-06 brass, so I can load it, so I can put it in clips, so I might be able to take some of the bastards with me. I do have my 10-pocket cartridge belt fully loaded. (There are modern synthetic ones with snap-buckles, I should get a couple....) -The biggest sub-pile has now been trimmed with the old Forster, but awaits deburring, chamfering, and primer-pocket-swaging. Next will be to get a chuck adapter for the $35 ChiCom drill press I still haven't set up, so I can put the chamfer/deburr tool in that, run it at low speed, and save myself more effort. Once the sharp edges are off, then it's the swager tool in the single-stage press. Then there's all that brass I already have fully processed, but with CCI200 primers which were giving me poor ignition with ball powder - but that was with less powder than I'm using now and it might have been a case-capacity issue as I've seen with .357 Magnum. I have some testing to do.

1794 - Monday, 7 April 2008: Bleh Monday. And now we're supposed to fill out a bazillion annoying templates that are very badly written and repetitive. It takes far longer to do that than to actually provide service to the customer. And I'm still cleaning up other agents' sloppy work. I really must save money for Wyoming.

And Nuke India Now.

And the customers are still freaky.


1795 - Tuesday, 8 April 2008: The non-freaky customers are telling me I should go into radio or do voice-over work. Hm. I always cringe when I hear recordings of myself.

Continuing The Prince, now finishing the second volume, Prince of Mercenaries. Big deep stuff. From a tidbit therein, anecdote. I hated history in school. It wasn't being taught right!

And cops wonder why we hate them.

In contrast, Wyoming. Sigh.

I get the weird calls, the off-the-chart stuff that Should Not Be. Consistently. Some calls, sure, are as simple as handholding during installation, but for some reason the majority of the crazy impossible stuff seems to come to me. And the newest product sux.

New Shotgun News and one entry in Coffield's "Ask the Gunsmith" column addresses the 1911 ambidextrous safety separating - Coffield recommends carefully cutting some small groves across the tongue part. Might try that.

1796 - Wednesday, 9 April 2008: Reader suggests the Sanyo Xacti CG6 all-digital camcorder/camera. Also sends discount code from an online supplier for a price of $160. Looking closely at this one, because I've also wanted a video camera for some time. The all-digital-ness appeals; standard SD cards, no tapes. Two cons so far: no optical viewfinder (flip/twist screen, though that has its own advantages) (perhaps I could epoxy pistol sights to the top...) (or maybe just a tube of something), and a proprietary rechargeable battery (though according to the manual it can be recharged from a standard PC USB port). I'd probably have to invest in a spare battery on principle. Looks like it might even fit the little camera bag I'm using now, which sis also gave me with the FinePix. Furthermore it appears to come with movie software, and this same reader previously sent me a DVD-W drive (in TowerZilla which the hovel's wiring evidently can't support - it shouldn't be too hard to transfer the drive to the current HP box in place of the DVD-ROM it has now - and then, if I'm reading the manual right, I can make my own DVDs which might even play on standard non-PC players).

The customers are using RatsNestOSTM - inside their heads. Mumbletyramble. I almost fear it's contagious, like I'm leaking IQ points through the headset.

Just imagine what's been sniffing around the empty unit at the hovelplex.

Range day after ACSWW Saturday. 1911; Hawken; perhaps another rifle.

1797 - Thursday, 10 April 2008: Effing bureaucratic call logging requirements. Five minutes to fix a problem, fifteen to document it.

And then I get the ones who don't speak American. And then I get the ones who can't hear anything. And then I get the ones who can't hear anything and can't speak American.

1798 - Friday, 11 April 2008: Remember the CA governor's race? I'm not there but I was rooting for McClintock rather than SchwarzenRINO. Here's why.

VCDL Blog. Featuring, words mean things.

Remember: Jack-Booted Thuggery.

Finished Go Tell the Spartans, third of four novels in The Prince omnibus, starting the last, Prince of Sparta. Pournelle rocks; I'm trying not to think about the Stirling cooties. I also read the WarWorld series from the same universe but I think that was only available in paperback; the library doesn't have it. I may have to reread the Motie books now. Also placing Pressfield's Gates of Fire in my hold queue. (A reader has donated both films.) -A customer actually brought that up in smalltalk the other day. Some of the customers aren't freaks.

Another call coaching, 100% on technical issues since the grading process was changed - and I'm told I'm leading the pack in following correct procedures, and am the only one, by a large margin, meeting callback commitments. Rather than giving the warmfuzzy, the context makes me Despair for the Future of the Republic, 'cause I can see that other people Ain't Filling Stuff Out Right, and the call coach intimated that the problem is Even Worse Than It Appears. :(

I don't have cable. I don't watch broadcast TV. But note this, from the latest GOA e-newsletter:


Nickelodeon has contacted Gun Owners of America and offered us a wonderful opportunity to get out the pro-gun message to young people.

They want some teenagers (between 11-15 years of age) to appear on the May 13 taping of Nick News which will run later that month. Specifically, they would like to interview kids from all over the nation:

1. Who can talk about the right to keep and bear arms, or
2. Who have seen an example of armed self-defense in their home.

They need about ten kids. In some cases, Nickelodeon will fly a team out to your home to film your kids taking target practice, answering questions, etc. In some cases, they will fly your child (along with one parent) for an all-expenses paid trip to New York on May 12, for the taping which will occur the following day.

No doubt, they will probably have kids who tout the anti-gun position. But if you think you have a well-spoken teen who can handle this challenge, please contact Gun Owners of America at goamail@gunowners.org or at 703-321-8585.

Wearing the 1911 in Kydex around the hovel, on principle, practicing draw and sight acquisition. The rear sight digs into my spare tire when sitting, but that's not the pistol's fault, nor the holster's. Also reinstalled the grooved trigger with stop adjustment, and dry-firing with A-Zooms - nice short trigger reset and a good feel under the finger. The sear-hammer arrangement was already quite nice when I bought the pistol, not mucking with it. Grip safety disabled but I see that some of the competition aftermarket triggers are deliberately shaped so the bow does not engage the grip safety.

1799 - Saturday, 12 April 2008: Zzz.

Quote o' the Day: "Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law', because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual." - Thomas Jefferson

Off to the show. Got to hold the AutoMag again, sigh. Bought-

Okay, I did the Mental Anguish bit over 'blogging this, 'cause it was a private sale and that is Really Starting to Matter, but finally decided I needed any input my readers could give on the subject because it's a type I haven't had much experience with: a scoped rifle.

I actually got the rifle a little while back - $100, with a Lyman receiver sight (you can see the holes just forward of the bolt handle). The admittedly-nice Lyman is in the spares drawer, with the lovely finger-click Redfield I got a few years ago when I had the five VZ24s; alas the receiver holes don't match or I'd've had a moral dilemma about how to mount the scope. It's a commercial large-ring '98 Mauser - everything that matters seems identical to my remaining VZ24. The barrel is marked "CENTURION MODEL 100 SPORTING RIFLE" "GOLDEN STATE ARMS CORP. PASADENA CALIF.", and "308W" - nothing on the receiver except the serial number, no thumb cut, no charger guide, and standard D&T holes. It looks like a standard military '98 trigger, except it's single-stage and has a side safety. The stock is heavily-black-painted and looks like a synthetic, but peeking under the buttplate (beneath the Limbsaver recoil pad it came with) reveals wood. The magazine is blind, holding only three rounds, though the follower and spring appear identical to my VZ; the magazine box inside is cut down with rounded projections mating with the receiver for positioning; it's also reshaped for the shorter .308 family, but an experiment with my VZ proves that the receiver will accept standard military parts. Besides the Lyman there's a little flip sight in a dovetail on the barrel, just like the little Williams on a standard Ruger 10/22, except one of the screws is broken - I intend to fix that and get it sighted-in at, say, 50yds, with whatever load I settle on, as an emergency backup if the scope fails (which is why I got rings with coin-slotted screws so I can if necessary jettison an inoperative optic - I already know the existing sights (brass bead front) are visible over the empty bases).

Last week I got standard Weaver bases at Bi-Mart, $7/pair, and installed them. Today I went to the show deliberately searching for (the AutoMag (sigh) and...) a scope and rings - and I found them, a Tasco 2.5-10x44mm, painted OD green, $65 (marked $75), and a pair of Weaver medium-height rings, the strap-top kind also with quick-release finger screws, $10/pair. Having wisely brought my tools, I mounted it right there at the show. (In email later Cruffler says that the Made in Japan Tascos are almost as good as a Leupold - in very limited testing so far POI does not seem to change when magnification is changed. I think this one said Japan before I mounted it, but I'm not going to take it off to look now.)

Met Yuri, had him hold the AutoMag too; then after burgers and somehow escaping Sportsman's Warehouse without buying anything we went to the range. After a rudimentary boresighting and some backing-and-forthing with the adjustments I got this, from the bench at 100yds with Remington R308W1 150gr Core-Lokt soft-point, several years old:

A-bloody-hem. And that's with a skinny sporter barrel and Not the Best Trigger (it has a big fat trigger shoe, which helps some, but the VZ's Timney has truly spoiled me). After 28 rounds (the last eight were Remington R308W3 180gr, heavier recoil and, perhaps therefore, poorer accuracy) the scope appears to be securely mounted. This rifle needs work but it sure looks like it'll be worth it - that was with less than $200 invested so far. Next will be a better stock, like a Hogue; a conventional magazine box & trigger guard, for five rounds (and also exploring detachable options - a 10-round detachable box might be handy); definitely another Timney or Bold trigger, possibly without a side safety, as at the show I also bought for $3 a low scope safety, which does appear to be the correct part though it doesn't work quite right in my VZ (fitting required) - that would need a replacement shroud for the M100's bolt. The M100 also has a wee bit too much headspace, closing on a NO-GO gauge but not if a couple thicknesses of tape are added; I might change the bolt altogether if I happen across an appropriate one and get lucky with the headspace (must remember to take the gauge when bolt-shopping). So there's another maybe $200 in parts, but if it's crowding 1MOA (three of those four holes are better, and I think there's supposed to be a fifth hole in there, it just might be a double) as-is, it's obviously worth it as budget permits. I'm kinda thinking of making an Eee-Vill Camouflage Tactical Sniper Rifle, complete with spray-painting leaf patterns over actual leaves. Bipod, Killflash, etc. Maybe even a heavy barrel in time, sticking with .308 (which would be a whole other solution to the headspace question).

As-is it's a rather light rifle, and kicks more than my others (all military) with comparable loads, but I'm already tooled to handload this cartridge and I can tweak the Pro 1000 to go progressive for most of the steps. Since this rifle is not dependant on a particular pressure curve like the Garand, an enormous variety of projectiles and powders can be experimented with (the Sierra #2140 165gr HPBT GameKing looks interesting...). In the Garand I have a true battle rifle; here I have what may be a precision rifle. Heck, I might even try the Sharpshooter benchrest match at the club.

After getting the M100 started I fired up the 1911. (Brought the Hawken but didn't wanna hafta clean it.) Perfect function for about 50 rounds with all the new parts installed - the lug on the other barrel bushing appears to be holding up well. Pretty good accuracy, though I need more practice with it; Yuri actually did better than I with two magazines of UMC FMJ. Shooting a bit high with the rear sight all the way down, that will need attention, but both front and rear are dovetailed so no big deal.

Now let me show you Something Completely Different:

Serial number concealed on principle.  Go eff yourselves, BATFU.

That last photo was an attempt to show the sight picture, but with the camera's LCD broken it didn't turn out well. Fiberoptic front and ghost-ring rear. This is a custom job - the grip will be changed later too - but for years I've been reading about people wishing there were a large-bore five-shot GP100. -And I was so excited about the M100 already hitting and the 1911 finally working that I didn't think to ask who did the work but it might be here (scroll down).

The Season has Turned, and while mornings are still chilly and often wet today's weather was splendid. As the climate stabilizes I expect to be churning out assorted cartridges in great numbers, as I worry less about temperature and relative humidity.

Yuri sends outrage in New Jersey. Like we expect anything different from there.

Uh huh.

Mm hm.

'Nother quote: "A vote is like a rifle; it's usefulness depends upon the character of the user." - Teddy Roosevelt

And, found on a forum:

"Grandpa's Lesson"

Pappy took to drinkin' back when I was barely three.
Ma got pretty quiet. She was frettin', you could see.

So I was sent to Grandpa and he raised me up real good.
He taught me what I oughta and he taught me what I should.

I learned a heap 'o lessons from the yarns he liked to tell.
There's one I won't forget because I learned it 'speshly well.

"There jist ain't many folk who live a peaceful, carefree life.
Along with all the good times there'll be lotsa grief and strife.
But ain't many troubles that a man cain't fix
With seven hundred dollars and a thirty ought six."

Grandpa courted Grandma near the town of old Cheyenne.
Her daddy was cantankerous - a very greedy man.

He wouldn't give permission for a fancy wedding day
'Til grandpa paid a dowry--biggest ever people say.

Her daddy softened up when Grandpa said that he could fix
Him up with seven hundred dollars and a thirty ought six.

Grandpa herded cattle down around Jalisco way.
Ended up behind some iron bars one dusty day.

Seems the local jefe craved my Grandpa's pinto mare.
Grandpa wouldn't sell her so he lit on out of there.

Didn't take much doin' 'cept a couple special tricks
plus seven hundred dollars and his thirty ought six.

Then there was that Faro game near San Francisco say.
Grandpa's cards was smokin' hot and he took all one day.

He woke up nearly naked in a ditch next early morn'.
With nothin' but his flannel shirt, and it was ripped and torn.

Those others were professionals and they don't play for kicks.
He lost seven hundred dollars and his thirty ought six.

He begged some woolen trousers off the local storekeep there
Who loaned him both a pony and a rifle on a dare.

He caught those thievin' cardsharks at another Faro game.
He got back all his property and also his good name.

He left one bleedin' badly and another mostly lame.
My grandpa's trusty rifle shoots just where you choose to aim.

Grandpa's slowin' down a bit and just the other night
He handed me his rifle and a box sealed up real tight.

He fixed me with them pale grey eyes and this is what he said,
"You're awful young but steady too and I will soon be dead.

I'll bet this here old rifle and this honest money too
Will come in mighty handy just as readily for you.

There jist ain't many folk who lead a carefree, peaceful life.
Along with times of happiness, there's always woe and strife.
But ... aint many troubles that a man cain't fix
with seven hundred dollars and his thirty ought six."

Lindy Cooper Wisdom

And more quotes.

1800 - Sunday, 13 April 2008: Zzzzz.

Chat and show every Sunday.

J&G Sales lists an AR15A2 from Century - yet another cobbled-together rebuild like CAI's infamous Garands, new lowers with used internals, but: J&G's price is $600; it's a 20" heavy barrel with A2 everything (including, importantly, sights); and: Big 5 carries Century and Big 5 has layaway and I have a job. Hmm. In chat Yuri finds this information from ArfCom and this from J&G. Of course Big 5 doesn't show it yet, and may not 'cause it's eee-vill. And I have other priorities. Or I should. -More realistically I should get a stripped lower, $125 or so, and start collecting parts.

Interesting article on riflery. I have lots of Garand clips, which is good, but most of them are empty, which is bad.

Reader sends Heston tribute.

Louisiana reader sends report on damnfoolishness at Bass Pro Shops re: open carry.

Oh hey, looks like RateMyCop is back in operation!

Okay, I'm nearing the point of placing Yet Another Fiscally-Irresponsible Midway Order and this is the stock I'm looking at - varmint barrel channel for possible future barrel swap, and better cooling and guaranteed free floating for the existing barrel, and the lowest price I could find. It has the added advantage of being in stock as opposed to the Hogue I was looking at earlier. Comments? Also this Bold trigger on sale - had one in my FR8. Less expensive than a Timney. This particular trigger has a side safety, which would negate the need for a replacement bolt shroud, though I'd be Dremeling the stock in question at a couple points.

Privacy... my cell phone is from TracFone, $15 on sale sometimes, and you can activate it online or through an 800 number without giving any personal information, then buy prepaid cards with cash indefinitely. At such prices you can have more than one, or even consider them disposable. I'm told Net10 is similar.

Uh huh.

Contemplating loads for the M100 - can't figure where to begin. With the Queen it was simple, simulate M2 Ball. Here? Just on the Sierra bullet poster I have 28 choices from 110 to 240gr. And I'm still not sure what the intended targets will be, and that will contribute to load choice. Perhaps a single multipurpose load for sport hunting, target competition, and Hague-be-damned fighting - so 150 to 168gr, of an expanding type. There I am back at Sierra #2140.

Hm, target knobs for the scope - if Cruffler's right about the Japanese Tascos....

1801 - Monday, 14 April 2008: Bleh.

Effing retail stores. Staples told the customer that the product absolutely will not do a thing that I was specifically trained to make it do (wireless and USB connections, selectable). And then I proceeded to make it do it. Phooey. -Although the particular software configuration tool I needed was hidden in a very dumb place, alterna-phooey. Again with the Plot to abduct an infant descendant of JMB and raise it as a software engineer.

Magtech primers in the four standard flavors - large/small/pistol/rifle - are now stocked at Sportsman's Warehouse, but only in bricks - but for $5 less per than Winchester or CCI. Any experience with these? With the Queen awaiting a Big Reloading Session and the M100 showing Potential, I'll be needing more primers. If SW sold trays of these I'd've already added them to the Garand Primer Experiment.

(Oh! More Science: I can repeat the experiment with the M100, including the Federal primers I'm not about to use in a Garand.)

Speaking of Queen food I have laboriously trimmed a significant quantity of brass, but it now needs the chamfering and deburring. There's an adapter to hold the usual handheld tool in a power drill but Midway is out of stock and I haven't noticed one at SW (or at shows), and the chuck on the drill press I still haven't set up doesn't open enough to take the hand tool directly. Also I have a couple hundred various '06 headstamps fully processed with CCI 200 primers, which were not reliably igniting BL-C(2) - but I've increased the powder charge a full grain since then and that may help. Must perform the Primer Experiment. Maybe after pins this weekend.

Probably still using the GP100 on pins & plates for a while. This month certainly.

Almost forgot Guns magazine April 1958. And if you'll look on page 42 you'll see that the BFR .45-70 revolver is not new. How 'bout that?

And on page 63, unaltered .455 Webley MkVI, $19.95. SIGH.

Louisiana sends another Only Ones outrage. ...[shakes head, processes brass] Cops whine that everyone lies to cops. Of course we do! We wouldn't tell any other filthy thieves where all our property is! We always hope you won't manage to steal all of it. -Ya know, in this country, citizens used to hang armed robbers. We've been out of that practice for far too long.


1802 - Tuesday, 15 April 2008: Taxes. Codrea sums it up. The Tree of Liberty thirsts. -Sure, mine were done weeks ago and sure, I get refunds. That's not the point.

It's bad enough that he actually says stuff like this out loud, but it's downright disturbing that thousands cheer when he does. Yer damn right Ah'm a-clingin' t' mah guns!

Every Tuesday Bi-Mart gives away free stuff based on your membership card number. I've never won anything bigger than a bag of snacks or a roll of wax paper but I always check. New flyer today, and in it I see the Canon A580 on sale for $139.99. And I bought it. Also grabbed a 2Gb SD card for $14.88. (The camera comes with a 32Mb card and that ain't enough.) It records video in .AVI, hm, and IrfanView doesn't like this version of .AVI, hm, and VLC says it's "broken", hm, but once VLC is allowed to do... something... to it, it plays fine on VLC (though IrfanView still won't). The camera also comes with an AV cable with standard RCA jacks (as did the FinePix A345). The SD card works perfectly in the card reader I already have - not even unwrapping the CD that came with the camera. So now I have a yet another dangerous weapon in my eee-vill arsenal. Fits the same little camera bag sis included too, and takes the same AA NiMH batteries. Neck strap installed now. -Turns on, and is ready to take the first image, faster than the older FinePix, that could be important.

The Midway order will be po$tponed. But I'll get paid again before the sale prices expire. Except now the Bold trigger shows out of stock/backorder! Dammit!

Continuing to process brass. Focusing on one batch of HXP66 '06 that's been used more than once, and therefore does not need to be carefully segregated like the once-fired LC. I should have the Garand Primer Experiment ready for this weekend. Putting bits of used dryer sheet in the tumbler does indeed combat the dust from the new tumbling media.

Just about done with Pournelle's The Prince. Over the last few days I've watched both "300" films again, and Wikisurfed all over the Aegean, and have recently placed a History Channel documentary I haven't seen before in my hold queue. Pressfield's Gates of Fire is in the stack, but next to read will be Drake's When the Tide Rises, his latest RCN.

And I have to make a page for the eee-vill M100 sniper rifle.

1803 - Wednesday, 16 April 2008: Effing Fill Stuff Out Right Dangit.

New product training Friday, not taking any calls, shift offset one hour. Traffic will suque.

Playing with camera. Continuous shooting mode, better than 1f/s depending on other settings, limited only by SD card capacity and finger fatigue. Adjustable shutter speed. Sweeeeet. Expect Cool Non-Accidental Action Shots.

1804 - Thursday, 17 April 2008: Fine article. And I ain't the - heh - "Only One" postulating on when it will be time to shoot the bastards.

And we're better shots.

Yuri sends outrage.

Preparing for the Garand Primer Experiment. Ten round batches, all loaded fresh in the same session to minimize phase-of-the-moon-ness, with different primers, over a chronograph: 49.0gr BL-C(2), Greek HXP military brass, Hornady #3037 150gr FMJBT, with:

  • Winchester WLR Large Rifle
  • Winchester WLRM Large Rifle Magnum
  • CCI #200 Large Rifle
  • CCI #250 Large Rifle Magnum
  • CCI #34 Large Rifle military
  • Remington #9½ Large Rifle

    The plan is to shoot for both groups and velocities at Clark Rifles Saturday afternoon after pins at Wolverton Saturday morning. Powder charges will be thrown by an old RCBS Uniflow which I trust, afer verifying the throw weight for three consecutive charges and checking again for each batch of ten. The bullet will be seated to its cannelure and crimped with a Lee Factory Crimp Die. The rounds will be single-loaded with a SLED and firing will be from a sandbag benchrest in my 1955 Springfield M1 at 100 yards. I'll use up some of the last big batch, same load with WLR, as a warmup and to test the chronograph. For Science! -Interesting - I've never used Remington primers before, but the #9½ are, when seated, indistinguishable in appearance from Winchester; however the Remingtons seem more snug when seating, i.e. larger, than Winchester or CCI. They don't go as deep either, or at least not with a comparable force.

    49.0gr of BL-C(2) does leave some empty space in the case, which may have had something to do with the ignition problems I experienced at 48.0gr with CCI #200 primers - but WLR has always worked, hm. Hence this experiment. Which I'm also typing up separately and will submit to a couple local club newsletters. -There, all 60 rounds done.

    Cruffler sends:

    Liberalism really is a mental disorder.

    1805 - Friday, 18 April 2008: Bleh. Contemplating the myriad dumb things the customers will be doing with the new product.

    Not doing anything more with the M100 until I can fix the stock, trigger, and magazine.

    Finally got 24, season 6, from library.

    Drake. Leary. Mundy. Good.

    1806 - Saturday, Patriots' Day, 19 April 2008: From Patriot Post: "Don't fire unless fired upon. But if they want a war let it begin here." - Captain John Parker at the Battle of Lexington - "The Sun never shined on a cause of greater worth." - Thomas Paine - "Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!" - George Washington - "The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments, of their duties and obligations.... This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people was the real American Revolution." - John Adams - "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure." - Thomas Jefferson - "Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!" - Patrick Henry - "What a glorious morning this is!" - Samuel Adams (to John Hancock at the Battle of Lexington, Massachusetts, 19 April 1775) - Reference: American Statesman: Samuel Adams, Hosmer (297)

    Pins! Unseasonably cold-&-icky:

    Kinda sucked today, 3rd of 3 Major revolvers, 7th of 12 overall - but I got out of the hovel.

    Cool Non-Accidental Action Photos:

    Learning more about the new camera. Continuous mode caught the niftyness above (and with IrfanView I can make an executable slideshow from a string of such images). The "compact" video mode really is, for both display and file sizes - under 5Mb for a 38s clip but only 160 pixels. The .AVI will play unaltered in the Quicktime viewer, and in Windows Media Player v9. Both video and sound are much smoother than the A345 ever was.

    Almost wimped out on the Primer Experiment, but as I was hurtling along I-5 the weather improved and I went through with it.

    "There are no failed experiments. There is only new data." The results of this experiment were disappointing and somewhat perplexing. Cold was a factor, giving velocities about 100fps lower than I was expecting; everything went "bang" except the CCI #200s, as expected, and for all I know that was a bad lot (same brick as a year ago, as far as I can recall). I forgot to take extra rounds as a warmup, so I started with the WLR primers, which is the load I've settled on at present and a supposedly-known quantity. Here's the data:

    .30-06 test loads
    M1 Garand
    150gr Hornady FMJBT #3037
    49.0gr BL-C(2)
    Greek military brass, Lee crimp die
    H = hangfire; M = misfire
    \/ Round# Primer->WLRWLRMRem. #9½CCI #200CCI #250CCI #34
    42637261526152568 (H)26282603
    52633261625512542 (H)26022586
    6270026332621n/a (M)26242604
    72640263026212592 (H)26252592

    Results inconclusive and accuracy stank, which may very well have been me (also there was wind, but I don't expect that to be much of a factor at 100 yards). The chronograph worked perfectly, recording every shot which actually fired, with no obviously-false readings. (Fortunately I was smart enough to have long ago packed a spare 9v battery in the gadget bag....) One of the things I'm considering is going up to 50.0gr, not least to better use case capacity and therefore to improve ignition.

    This experiment will be repeated with the Queen, and with the scoped M100 which is already crowding 1MOA with factory rounds... but it may be months, as I work up a good .308 load, which I haven't even started yet. The last time I loaded .308 was before the burglary and the moron stole those cartridges but not the rifles that used them. I might as well wipe my .308 handloads page and start over.

    And later, woo hoo! In the HP computer I've added the Belkin 802.11g wireless card which came with TowerZilla. The NEC laptop uses the 802.11b Cisco card which came with the Vaio (which I really should have looked at...). I've been fidding with network settings for days and have finally got an adhoc network set up, at least to the point where the NEC can share the HP's dialup internet connection. Now I'm trying to figure how to share files so I don't have to fiddle with the USB drive... yep, got it. :) And now I can go wardriving with the (relatively) high-speed NEC connection and just bring it back to the hovel and transfer files - like downloaded applications, videos, .PDFs - wirelessly straight to the HP. :) :)

    Reader points out that today is also the anniversary of the effective beginning of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

    1807 - Sunday, 20 April 2008: Zzz.

    From the lists:

    A biker is riding by the zoo, when he sees a little girl leaning into the lion's cage. Suddenly, the lion grabs her by the cuff of her jacket and tries to pull her inside to slaughter her, under the eyes of her screaming parents.

    The biker jumps off his bike, runs to the cage and hits the lion square on the nose with a powerful punch. Whimpering from the pain, the lion jumps back letting go of the girl, and the biker brings her to her terrified parents, who thank him endlessly.

    A New York Times reporter has seen the whole scene, and addressing the biker, says, "Sir, this was the most gallant and brave thing I saw a man do in my whole life."

    "Why, it was nothing, really, the lion was behind bars. I just saw this little kid in danger, and acted as I felt right."

    "Well, I'll make sure this won't go unnoticed. I'm a journalist from the New York Times , you know, and tomorrow's paper will have this on the first page. What motorcycle do you ride and what political affiliation do you have?"

    "A Harley Davidson and I am a Republican."

    The journalist leaves.

    The following morning the biker buys The New York Times to see if it indeed brings news of his actions, and reads, on the first page:


    Quite satisfied with the Canon A580, expecting to make much use of it, just as I did with the A345. Very smart of me to install the neck strap 'cause I woulda dropped it in yesterday's cold. This model even has an autorotate feature for taking stills at 90 degrees; haven't really looked into it yet but I think it will save the .JPG in the correct orientation, once I figure out how to turn it on. (Not that it matters so much with IrfanView handy.) There's also a widescreen mode for those new wide monitors, and four video modes: 160 (compact), 320, 640 compressed (file size), and 640 uncompressed, between the latter two of which I can't tell much difference. Definitely need a high speed connection to transfer anything but the compact mode though.

    Chat every Sunday. One of the Elves sends TJ wiki, nifty.

    A little reminder. Grump.

    Coincidence? I don't think so.

    Next time I see a .40 lead remover at a show I'm grabbing it. For cleaning .357 chambers.

    Holy crapping crap:

    That's one (grunting & cussing) pass, on a fresh mesh disk, with the Lewis after less than 50 rounds on pins yesterday. Buy it. Now. I'm just pushing them too fast. And I still have near 200 left. -I happened to have the blackpowder & Pyrodex test loads along and I thought about doing a chrono session with them, but wimped out. Besides, environmental conditions obviously had an effect on the rifle loads and I might expect the same from blackpowder. More Science later as the weather improves.

    Oh, and I can take Cool Close-Up Photos again too. :)

    Security.... For ages people have been convinced that only those in authority should be allowed to do, or are even capable of doing, certain things. That... is just plain sick. And utterly opposed to the principles on which this, the greatest nation in human history, was founded. -Since the bag-searching began, on the way out the door from work every day I make it a point to make eye contact with the particular rent-a-thug behind the counter. She now averts her gaze. I am a wolf among sheep; I am a man among worms. And I want to go back to Wyoming.

    Reminder: criminals don't have to register their guns. But we do?

    More Science: one actual misfire yesterday. Pulling the bullet with the RCBS kinetic puller, the powder looks normal and appears to burn normally (on the concrete step outside the hovel). The primer, carefully removed with the Lee universal decapping die in the Lee hand press, definitely did fire; I'm in the habit of brushing primer pockets on rifle brass and there's fresh residue there, and no compound evident in the cup. Yet the other fifty-six rounds went bang without hesitation. Only with this same batch of CCI #200 did I have any failure or hesitation to ignite. And, IIRC, this very same batch of primers worked perfectly back when I was still crunching along with IMR4895. More Science is called for here. -The other weekend, Yuri and I were both gazing longingly at the RCBS and Lyman powder dispenser systems at Sportsman's Warehouse, both in the neighborhood of $300. That would address the stick-vs.-ball issue, but like the power trimmer I also want, can the expense be justified on my current budget? Nuh-uh.

    TM 43-0001-27, 29 April 1994, lists 50.0gr IMR4895 for a velocity of 2,740fps ("78 ft from muzzle"). It does not list the projectile weight in the .PDF I have, but other sources are consistent in the 146-150gr range; which is why I use the Hornady 150. The TM does list the total cartridge weight, and weighing a spent case, with spent primer still in place, and doing basic math, suggests the same. So for my next Garand Primer Experiment I will laboriously use IMR4895. Unfortunately I had to sell my stockpiled sealed cans and only have enough left for maybe 30 rounds; fortunately Bi-Mart has all powder in stock on sale through Wednesday. For Science!

    And once the M100 has been Improved - which $hould be sometime next month - I'll work up an M80 Ball equivalent (the TM says 46.0gr WC846 - which is reportedly close enough to the BL-C(2) I still have at least six pounds of - under 146gr, which is close enough to 150gr for a Mauser action, for 2,750fps) (and an essentially identical load, with 150gr, for the earlier M59) (I figure 2,800fps out of the M100's longer barrel would be a good stopping point), on principle, and duplicate the Primer Experiment. -If I work up a load quickly enough I might use the M100 in the PIG, hm....

    Since I'm not hampered by a required power curve, there's a lot of room to work in .308 loads. To reduce recoil, i.e. for competition paper-punching, Sierra lists a 110gr flat-base hollowpoint and a 125gr flat-base soft-point, both Spitzer; and a 150 could be throttled way back besides. At that point one starts wanting target knobs for the scope, so one can note how many clicks to change for which load, like a Garand's excellent rear sight....

    Full page Border Patrol ad in latest American Rifleman. USBP is one of the few law enforcement organizations I don't have much issue with. Because USBP is one of the few law enforcement organizations which doesn't seem to deliberately screw American citizens on a daily basis. -I've seen USBP booths starting to appear in the larger area gun shows too.

    1808 - Monday, 21 April 2008: Encore l' bleh.

    Cops are useless cowards who get a perverted thrill from lording it over us lowly peasants, but turn and run away when those same peasants, whom they have sworn to "protect and serve", are in danger. (But we knew that.)

    Hm, they run from anyone who puts up a fight, eh? Bear it in mind, you jackbooted bastards. I, and millions like me, "aim to misbehave." You barely know which end the hot stuff comes out of. We can field-strip half your department's armory blindfolded, and put it back together (correctly!), and actually hit stuff with it on purpose. You think long and hard about which orders you'll obey and when you should toss your badge. Pensions are all well and good, if you're still around to collect them. This repulsive wave of gross incompetence on one hand, and blatant oppression on the other, will eventually result in a backlash the magnitude of which perhaps even I cannot imagine. And we're better shots.

    Comes word that The Software Tool will be down all Friday. Which will suque.

    Reader sends commentary.

    Close the damn border already. -And get a rope, of course.


    1809 - Tuesday, 22 April 2008: Bolt-actions are so much easier to clean than autoloaders. The Garand isn't particularly difficult to manage - compared to an AR, say - but a '98 Mauser is easy. -Bit of shinyitis where the M100 is concerned. Not least 'cause even in very limited testing I've seen evidence that I can Hit Stuff With It. -Need scope lens covers... found Butler Creek .PDF chart, okay. Looks like my Tasco scope is a "Mag" series, since there's only one entry in that section of the chart that matches 2.5-10x44mm. I think I want the flip type with the switches and the springs. -Although the movement and sound might give away one's position - but on the gripping hand I don't expect to be creeping around behind the lines in a ghillie suit with my spare tire and aging joints.

    Should I get a Leupold lens pen?

    So why did I buy this rifle? Well duh, large-ring '98 Mauser in .308 Winchester for a hunnerd bucks, already D&T'd for standard scope bases, how far wrong can I go? The Lyman sight it came with is worth half that by itself, I could resell that (except I'm hoarding it like the Redfield). And I guess everyone should have a scoped rifle for a longer reach, as well as a battle rifle like the Queen - there's only so finely one can aim even with a Garand's sights.

    Buying pound of IMR4895 and a new tray of CCI #200 primers for the next Primer Experiment. Which may be 10 rounds x 2 powders x 6 primers = 120 rounds. For Science. -Thus I hope to give something in return for the astonishing loot my readers keep sending, not least the Queen herself.

    Quote o' the Day, source not verified: "If we must perish in the fight, let us die like men." - George Washington

    And as long as we're there: "I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. In my youth I traveled much, and I observed in different countries, that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer." - Benjamin Franklin, 1766

    Can I get a "duh"? Or in other words: "Do-gooding is like treating hemophilia--the real cure is to let hemophiliacs bleed to death... before they breed more hemophiliacs." - Jubal Harshaw in Stranger in a Strange Land -The welfare classes, i.e. illegal immigrants and domestically-grown parasites like the one who burglarized my home (and got legally defended at my (abstract but still) expense), are symptoms of cultural hemophilia. Except we're the ones who bleed. (And how much did you pay in taxes last week?)

    And this is the one I was actually looking for: "Political tags--such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth--are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. The former are idealists acting from highest motives for the greatest good of the greatest number. The latter are surly curmudgeons, suspicious and lacking in altruism. But they make better neighbors than the other sort." - Robert Heinlein

    I'll take the curmudgeons any day.

    CALLFROMHELL!! Hour and a half overtime 'cause someone hours earlier seemed to have made the customer's home network go blooey. And that was after the call where the previous agent got the serial numbers for two defective products a) wrong and b) linked to the wrong service tickets. A big part of what I do all day is cleaning up after other people's incompetence.

    I 'blogged something about this last month but evidently the reincarnated Bren Ten made an appearance at SHOT and the rest of gunfolk media is just now noticing.

    Yuri sends, Washington State Offers Funding for Gun Ranges.

    Sink the island and start over. Note especially the last two paragraphs.

    1810 - Wednesday, 23 April 2008: Continuing Drake's When the Tide Rises, excellent. Leary is, in the tradition of General Forrest, "hitting 'em where they ain't." Of course Drake is a combat veteran and more than that, an intense student of history, so naturally he has plenty of material to work with. -I'd love to see this series given the Babylon 5 treatment.

    And there's Depth of Character.

    Diversity. Training. :) Must make poster.

    Codrea warns us. Just like Ringo & Evans did.

    Sick in the head. Some people just ain't fully human. Boogedy-boogedy! -Kinda like Jubal said about the hemophiliacs - it can be argued that it is Our Kind's genetic duty to induce headsplodyness in the maximum possible number of sheeple. -Hey, Inducing Headsplodyness, there's a name for a 'blog!

    Cleaning up after others' incompetence.... I find myself identifying with Adele Mundy. Except I'm not as good with a pistol.

    Want. What I really want is live video, or at least progressive stills, transmitted to the operator. Saaayy, if they can make an 802.11g dongle about the size of an AA battery... and USB-powered webcams smaller than your fist.... Hm, big enough engines, one of those carbon-fiber ARs to save weight, stir in a total disregard for FAA regulations, and a home-workshop curmudgeon could whip up his own personal Predator drone!

    Last call of the day, a simple handholding installation which only took a few minutes... except that the customer sounded like he was halfway through a six-pack. And not his first one of the day.

    Linfield College prohibits self-defense.


    "[L]ining up to be a hot lunch."

    I just saw a Frontsight banner ad on Wowio. Marked "Sponsored Link" even. Hmm.

    Latest Shooting Times, review of Mossberg's new M464 lever-action, which looks like a Winchester 1894 but has real differences inside. Also mention of the Ed Brown Jeff Cooper Commemorative 1911, partial proceeds going to the Jeff Cooper Foundation.

    1811 - Thursday, 24 April 2008: Work grump.

    Reader sends: Axis of Evil. Really. And yay Israel. At least that nation can still boast a few vertebrates.

    1812 - Friday, 25 April 2008: Even more effing bureaucratic call logging, which no one has been trained on in the near eight months I've been there. It's getting like a government job, ten parts documentation to one part action.

    Again with snotty spoiled-brat customers who demand free stuff in compensation for the slightest inconvenience. The entitlement culture is a plague on society, conceited worthless people expecting others to provide everything for them. I work for a living. -True, a cushier job at present than usual, but I still get out of bed every morning and drive out there instead of whining for handouts. And I have done the box-heaving and the house-crawling and the widget-making.

    (In the Words Meaning Things department, "arrogance" applies to someone who actually can do what they boast of or actually is demonstrably worthy of particular treatment, while "conceit" applies to those who only wish it were so, or who have delusions of competence. So of course Americans are "arrogant" as the conceited Eurotrash constantly whine.)


    The Software Tool is down for maintenance, leading to the suque for handling customers and logging calls. We were given a phone transfer code as a backup but naturally that's not working either. Someone also wrote a simple Backup Software Tool which is supposedly saving something, somewhere, which will later have to be retrieved and laboriously transferred to The Regular Software Tool. I dunno man, I just work here. Fortunately call volume was low.

    Uh huh.

    Mm hm.

    Finished When the Tide Rises. Excellent. Next is Pressfield's Gates of Fire.

    Finished viewing 24 season 6. And on the extra disc is a PSA on global warming. And that's why I get videos from the library rather than renting them or paying to see them in theaters. [rolling eyes]

    1813 - Saturday, 26 April 2008: Znrk. Plates!

    Sucked again, even with a low turnout - just not hitting. Between the extra smoke from lubed, unplated bullets; lead buildup probably affecting accuracy; having a far more sessile day job than usual; and just being out of practice, my skills have atrophied. I did get 1st Intramural with Wolverton pins, but only by default as I was the only one to make both events. Very low turnout today, compared to the last two months; only 10 shooters for 18 entries, while March had 25 for 43 and February, 25 for 42. The weather was splendid, which may have been the cause, but one might also expect the opposite effect. Shrug. In another month or so I'll have used up the unplated and, since I got two different boxes of plated 158gr .358, I'll make one as a heavy pins load and the other as a lighter plates load. For the lighter, I might switch powders for better ignition thorugh better use of case capacity; load re-development required.

    The new camera works very nicely. The continuous mode allows the capture of Cool Non-Accidental Action Photos, but I'm still learning exactly which video mode is best. 320 works fine; 640LP (file-compressed) seems choppy; didn't take any regular 640 today. 160 is very smooth and a (relatively) very small file, but it's tiny (the NEC laptop is set for it's maximum, 1024, while the NEC monitor on the HP box (and the LCD flatscreen on my work box) is set to 1280).

    After, burgers w/Yuri and after that, irre$ponsibly went to Sportsman's Warehouse, purchasing a box of Sierra #2140 (eee-vill hollow-pointyness), an Uncle Mike's kydex 1911 magazine carrier, and Butler Creek scope lens covers - got the Blizzard see-through type which you flip up by hand, instead of the spring-loaded type, which they didn't seem to have in the right size and which were probably more expensive anyway. And they fit. And oh! They are sprung! Without the bright red buttons which are inappropriate on an eee-vill stealth sniper rifle. Though these would have a tendency to flip up if jarred, as opposed to the positive latching of the other kind.

    Balancing checkbook. Mailing rent check. Re-balancing checkbook. And ordering Mauser stock and target trigger from Midway.

    Political ads in snailspam. And every one of them is boasting about handouts and entitlements and redistribution of wealth and how government is the cure for all ills. >:-[

    1814 - Sunday, 27 April 2008: Zzzzz.

    OAC show - theme "Edged Weapons", some fine displays as usual. Looking for the trigger guard/magazine box for the M100, did not find, but got a lead on a vendor at the ACSWW show in two weeks.

    Show and chat every Sunday, discussion of campus carry. Also election talk and SAF's Alan Gottleib expresses Mental Anguish over the contents of this cycle's ballot. I might end up voting for Bob Barr (L), but the last time I did that sort of thing (Perot) we got Clinton.

    Sink the island and start over.

    Sink it.

    Sink it now.

    1815 - Monday, 28 April 2008: Et toujours l'bleh.

    Freaky customers. Wouldn't be able to understand them if they were native English speakers, which often they aren't. SPEAK AMERICAN DAMMIT!

    Continuing Gates of Fire. (Author Pressfield was in the History Channel documentary, Last Stand of the 300, which I viewed on library DVD last night.) Page 51: "You have never tasted freedom, friend," Dienekes spoke, "or you would know it is purchased not with gold, but steel."

    Yuri sends article on eee-villy painting eee-vill sniper rifles (remember that paint is also evil).

    So I'm building a sniper rifle now. The stock and trigger have shipped; a bipod I can get later; the proper magazine box may be only two weeks away; are the Stoney Point target knobs any good? Are there any others? Bi-Mart stocks the Leupold lens pen and Midway lists a Nikon, any comments on those?

    Just sized & decapped 36 pieces of accumulated .308 and 7.62x51mm on a Lee Pro 1000 with the case feeder. Yay Hornady One Shot case lube. As I've said before, the Pro 1000 will just barely reach for the .308 family for full-length sizing and, I'm morally certain, bullet seating, though crimping must be separate whether you use a conventional die or a Lee FCD. As for powder, the wooden stand I built a couple years ago for the RCBS Uniflow will serve. Not the most photogenic solution but one which does conserve Therbligs compared to a single-stage. The time and effort saved in sizing alone is worth the effort to set up.

    Lessee here, the stock and trigger should arrive early next week (actually UPS says this Friday); I might find the magazine box on the 10th, and if so I might-could do the installation right there at the show before heading to the range. So I should make some incremental test batches, let's say of the same 150gr FMJBT I've been using in the Queen, since I bought the big box. If I'm lucky enough to find the part (and afford it), I'll have two whole weekends to practice with the M100 before the PIG. -So, M80 Ball is about that bullet weight at about 2,750fps. TM 43-0001-27 says 46gr WC846, which is supposed to be mostly equivalent to BL-C(2). Sierra 5th edition agrees, within a margin of reasonableness: 43.6 to start at 2,600, 45.2 at 2,700, 46.8 at 2,800, and 48.4 at 2,900 for maximum. So, five 10-round batches from 43.0 to 46.0 in .5gr increments? Or larger increments, 1.0? Winchester primers, I know those work. -As for the Sierra 165s, I don't want to beat myself up; in a later session I think I'll start with the book, 40.5gr BL-C(2) for 2,500. And I have some Nosler 150s as well. -That's another future experiment: keep everything the same, including bullet weight, but a different type.

    1816 - Tuesday, 29 April 2008: "Can't fix stupid." Some folks just don't grok technology. And some folks are just no good with their hands. How did I put that before...?

    -You ever notice how some people are just no good with their hands? Can't handle simple hand tools, can't do production work at any reasonable speed, can't perform simple hand-eye-coordinated tasks without breaking something? ...You ever notice how many of those people vote Democrat? And these weak, unskilled, arguably-worthless individuals, who wouldn't survive a week without tax-paid city services, are so often elitists. Looking down on people who "work with their hands." Considering themselves superior to people who can actually take care of themselves without taxing an entire social class into serfdom to support them. Boy are they in for a shock when the next civil war starts and the infrastructure collapses. They ain't gettin' my can o' pork-n-beans, nor my stockpile of drinking water, nor my squirrel stew neither.
    Seriously. Some folks can't change a light bulb without becoming a danger to themselves and others. And yet those same subhuman creatures presume to dictate how we should live our lives. -Not, perhaps, this customer particularly, but that's where the thought led.

    And The Software Tool, which was supposed to have been fixed Friday, crashes spectacularly all across the continent. For this I get out of bed?


    Instructional photo. And I'm pretty sure it's a 1911. Special No-Prize to the first reader who can tell me why!


    And then I get the one who starts disassembling the unit, in violation of decades-old international industry standard warranty practice. And then whines. [face in hands, shaking head in mental exhaustion] Or the ones who want to install the product on a remotely-accessed computer, by remote access, remotely, and no I'm not repeating myself think-that-one-through. Or the ones who think the installation CD is supposed to go into the product. Or today, the one with the odd laptop with some kind of subcompact CD drive that won't take a standard-size CD - or, considering that was the same one who couldn't find the "Esc" key, maybe that one couldn't find the CD drive either. And there are always the ones who say "computer" when they mean "[product]", and vice-versa. The tech-support gods are out to get me. Sitting in Their Cubicles on Mount OlympOSTM hurling virtual lightning bolts of customer freakiness. I mean it! That whole patch of cubefarm recognizes that I get the weird ones!

    Gates of Fire is a rather slow read, at least in the first third so far. Lots of background, not much action yet. Also dark and downer-ish, depicting a world where life is "nasty, brutish, and short." Spoiled I am by the Baen stable.

    Uh huh:

    Reader sends link to a Chicago Tribune columnist commenting that every time he writes an article supporting victim disarmament, Our Kind immediately and lavishly responds with facts and figures and arguments based in logic, while Their Kind immediately descends to hysterical name-calling demagoguery. And it's beginning to sink in even at Daily Kos. [Insert road sign: EXPLODING BRAINS - NEXT 2KM]

    John Lott.

    More on the Syrian nuke plant. ...Tell me again, why don't we just look the other way while Israel bombs the whole region to gravel? Win-win?

    New sticker:

    Wyoming and Wyoming, sigh.


    1817 - Wednesday, 30 April 2008: Freaks.

    Gates of Fire does pick up some about the halfway point.

    Yuri sends link to videos from last weekend's plate match.

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