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1255 - Friday, 1 September 2006: Still templess.

From the Patriot Post:

"If, from the more wretched parts of the old world, we look at those which are in an advanced stage of improvement, we still find the greedy hand of government thrusting itself into every corner and crevice of industry, and grasping the spoil of the multitude. Invention is continually exercised, to furnish new pretenses for revenues and taxation. It watches prosperity as its prey and permits none to escape without tribute."
Sound timely? The kind of speech you wish GWB would make? Here's the depressing part:
- Thomas Paine (Rights of Man, 1791)
Have we made any progress?

Last night, as I suffered my usual unemployment-induced insomnia, I was reading the 1996 Gun Digest, featuring an article on J. Henry Fitzgerald, predecessor to Elmer Keith, Jeff Cooper and many others and author of 1930's Shooting, which was excerpted:

If the good citizens of our country knew how to handle firearms properly, crime would decrease by half. Our present firearm laws in many states so restrict the use of firearms that the honest, law-abiding citizen does not care to comply with the regulations and the red tape... yet how else can he protect his home? What greater assurance does a crook need than the fact that he knows not one house in fifty is protected? He carries a revolver to protect himself against the honest citizen and the police, and he will continue... regardless of any law that will ever be passed.
Well, duh. He had that figured out even before NFA.

Fangs out!I very very rarely watch broadcast television - in fact, never. But from email alerts I learned that a repeat of John Stossel's full-hour 20/20 episode, Stupid in America, was on tonight. Aaand, it confirmed just about everything I feel about public education (and unions...). This is one of many reasons I intend to never have children. If you have kids in public school and can possibly get them out, do it now while they still may be capable of thinking and learning. Private school, charter school, independent school, home school, anything but the horror of the government system. And I dropped out more than twenty years ago! I thought it was bad then! Ohhhhh, the next time someone tells me that schools need more money I might become violent. I ESCAPED public education!

Hm, Stossel must have some ironclad contract to get away with this objectivist, individualist, free-market stuff on ABC (and I'd bet he's among the top-rated content for the network). If by some incomprehensible twist of probability I end up on TV or radio, I want his agent wrangling my contract. Anyway, I sent ABC a saucy email, to the effect of "Stossel's the only thing worth watching".

Reader sends:

A long time ago, Britain and France were at war. During one battle, the French captured an English major. Taking the major to their headquarters, the French general began to question him.

The French general asked, "Why do you English officers all wear red coats? Don't you know the red material makes you easier targets for us to shoot at?"

In his bland English way, the major informed the general that the reason English officers wear red coats is so that if they are shot, the blood won't show and the men they are leading won't panic.

And that is why from that day to this, all French Army officers wear brown pants....

And Cruffler sends:
A black congresswoman reportedly complained that the names of hurricanes are all Caucasian sounding names. She would prefer some names that reflect African-American culture such as Chamiqua, Tanisha, Woeisha, Shaqueal, and Jamal. [No, really, I remember that in the news a couple-few years ago. Was that the same (Democrat...) representative that more recently slugged the Capitol cop?]

She would also like the weather reports to be broadcast in language that street people can understand. I can hear it now!

A weatherman in Alabama says...

"Wazzup, Mutha-f****s! Hehr-i-cane Chamiqua be headin' fo' yo ass like Leroy on a crotch rocket! Bitch be a category fo', So grab yo' chirren, yo' Ho, leave yo crib, and head fo' da nearest guv'ment office fo yo FREE s***!"

And don't forget:

And then there's this.

It ain't race or genes, either. On the Stossel program I just watched, they took some black teenager who could barely read at a 4th-grade level, took him out of the government school, put him in a Sylvan learning center, and his reading skills went up something like two grade levels in three days.

48 stars - 1912-19591256 - Saturday, VJ Day, 2 September 2006: On this day in 1939, the Second World War is considered to have officially begun, following Germany's invasion of Poland. On this day in 1945, it officially ended, on the deck of our battleship Missouri in Tokyo Bay.

And again, for those of you who went to government school: They Started It and We Won.

Zzz. Range day! Must practice with the Queen. Met Yuri, who was getting acquainted with his Big 5 #4 SMLE and his first-ever batch of handloads. Considering that, at 100 yards, the 300/600 flip sight was giving a POI about 14" high, I think he did well:

My understanding is that the micrometer sight drops right into the receiver in place of the wartime-expedient flip sight. He's considering taking this rifle to the AvA in November.

But how did I do? No spectacular sub-MOA stuff, but some very solid and respectable hits at 200 yards:

The upper target is an MR63 repair center. In the match next weekend I'll be shooting standard SR targets. The black is about the same size, but stops at the 9 ring. So, I expect to crowd, if not break, 90% in the match. With the TW5 rounds, five clicks up from mechanical bottom is about right, and I'll have five sighting rounds in the match anyway. Furthermore, and of at least equal importance, the SLED works perfectly and, compared to the 2-round match clip (I only fired 23 rounds total, but they were useful rounds), the POI problem is solved. These were the targets I sighted-in on; I shot a couple more later, SLED vs. clip, but didn't get photos of them. Anyway they were all in the black and one couldn't tell which was with the clip and which with the SLED. So the Queen is match-ready!

Oh yeah, have I mentioned lately how fond I am of my digital camera that my kind and generous sister gave me for my birthday?

This thing is so cool.

I note the Garand runs clean, compared to other autoloaders in my experience. Not much gunk sprayed around in the receiver.

Got some bonus brass, some once-fired Federal .308, some 7mm Rem. Mag. (snicker - how long 'til that bruiser shows up in a pawn shop?), and as always a little .223.

Okay, I'm a webcomicoholic (which is better than the original kind of comicoholic, of which I am a recovering). Whenever I find a new one that I like, I go through the whole archive. I've been following Schlock for a while now, and from there I found a link to The Whiteboard, a comic about paintball players in Alaska. I started chugging through the archive and particularly enjoyed this one. If that's indicative of paintaballers I might have to try it someday. -Except I'd need a weapon with a rifled bore and 4MOA or better accuracy and maybe a bayonet lug (hm, how would that work, perhaps a Magic Marker...?).

A couple weeks ago the 30th anniversary issue of American Handgunner magazine jumped off the shelf at me and from the back I learn that MagTech is now offering the Shootin' Size - 250 rounds of .38 Special, .357 Magnum, .380ACP, 9x19mm, .40S&W, or .45ACP - direct competition for UMC's MegaPacks. And like Stossel was saying about education last night, competition is good.

1257 - Sunday, 3 September 2006: Zzzz.

Gun Talk live, on my usual station, and the Chat Room runs too, though my ISP chokes occasionally. Brief discussion of failure of California's microstamping bill, some disturbing complacency from the host in that citizens should dial 911 and be "good witnesses" instead of getting involved in things like convenience-store robberies. Go back and look at that Fitz excerpt, wouldya Tom? If not us, who? If not now, when?

Random bit: a study of WikiPedia bias and inaccuracy.

Random bit: "The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic." - H.L. Mencken "Feed the children" my @$$. Again, look at last year's hurricane season. Government, on all levels, botched, while private charity blew whole nations' doors off.

...I know the Queen is more accurate than I am. One gets the warmfuzzy from hitting the target; one gets a different kind of warmfuzzy from correctly calling a flyer. I am beginning to bond with the rifle, as I (obviously) finally have with the pistol.

1258 - Monday, Labor Day Observed, 4 September 2006: Zzzzz.


Downloaded September 1956 issue of Guns magazine. The old ads are heartbreaking - mail-order FN P35s for $30-$40 (of course that was when a dollar was worth something...). John Wayne endorsing Weatherby rifles.

Continuing through the 911 Report graphic adaptation, and also Franks' American Soldier - and they're conflicting. Franks claims that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was in the Pentagon and personally helping respond to the attack there - which is even confirmed by the Moonbat Brigades (1, 2) - while the 9/11 report simply says he "could not be reached" for some time. The report also strikes me as slanted in favor of the Clinton administration and terrorism "expert" Richard Clarke, and the conclusion seems to be that more government and less freedom will solve all problems. And every time the artist shows National Security Adviser Rice, he draws a big gap in her teeth. (And the HTML is sloppy too; often the link from one page to the next doesn't work, and page 109 seems to be missing entirely.) Ah, I should have known, the host site has banners to The Washington Post and Newsweek. I am getting so sick of this bias. Part of me actually hopes Hillary does get elected, and then we can have it out. Unfortunately there are too many external enemies that would jump at a chance to attack us while internally distracted.

American Soldier is an autobiography and naturally the subject of such will make himself look good, as well as doing a little sucking-up to the Bush administration - but as a matter of public record there's no denying Tommy Franks is a man who has Been and Done. Especially compared to John Kerry.

Cooper's Corner, the regular Guns & Ammo column, online, with archives.

1259 - Tuesday, 5 September 2006: Zz. Znrk. Bleah.

Phone one temp service - back to the tea-heaving Thursday morning. :( Phone another temp service - nothing. :( :( Phone and electric bills pretty bad, car insurance coming due. :( :( :(

Radio news - looming layoffs at Intel. Where one temp service suggested a packaging job not long ago. The layoffs are estimated to include 1,000 to 1,500 here in Oregon, including production workers who will then be competing for the kinds of jobs I'm most comfortable with. The gods are out to get me.

State ballot measure to restore term limits, which were installed by voters years ago, then overturned by activist/partisan judges. I've been hearing radio ads for it, and recently I received an email alert in which some bureaucrat stated something like "there is no American tradition of cycling new people through office." Tell that to George Washington, who started a two-term tradition that wasn't broken until socialist Franklin Roosevelt (the Lesser, says Cooper, who is an admirer of Theodore - who was, yes, an imperialist, but he was our imperialist, and would the Panama Canal ever have been built without him?), which inspired the 22nd Amendment.

Cute. Added to the front page.

I have this hat, which I bought on impulse a couple years ago. (I never used to wear hats, it's a very recent thing with me.) It keeps the sun out of my eyes, rain and snow off my head, and helps keep me warm. However, only the older kind of hearing protection, with a head bar that swivels relative to the earpieces, can comfortably be worn with this hat. I usually wear the hat in the plate matches, since that match is out in the weather; therefore I use the plain old Silencio muffs. But, the rifle matches are under a covered firing line, providing both shade and shelter, and in those matches - or simply in practice from the bench - the electronic muffs are more useful, since the hat isn't as necessary and one wants to hear the match director's or range officer's commands. Both muffs go in the range bag now.

1260 - Wednesday, 6 September 2006: Lethargy and depression.

Templess still. Not looking forward to the tea-heaving tomorrow, I'm getting too old and creaky for it. (The poor employer, OTOH, seems desperate to find anyone who can read and count and follow simple instructions.)

Fiddling with the Queen and I'm pretty sure I have the speed-reload technique figured, as described elsewhere: after ejection of the empty clip, shove the new one into the magazine with just the thumb, pressing down on the top cartridge and maintaining pressure. The bolt will jump forward as the op-rod catch is released, but pressure from the thumb will create enough friction to stop it against the base of the top cartridge. Then, flip the hand out of the way. Depending on the relative slickness of cartridge and clip, the bolt will run the rest of the way forward and chamber the first round, or you might have to bump the back of the op-rod handle. The less time spent reloading, the more time one has for each shot in the rapid-fire match stages - or in battle. Know your weapon! (My sisters, take ‘em out and fiddle with ‘em. Right now.)

I'm finicky about sights, as I've said before. The Garand and M14 have the best metallic sights ever put on a general-issue fighting rifle. The M16A2's (and M4's) are greatly improved, but still ridiculously tall. DSA's new FAL lower with an M16A2 rear sight, placed to use not-ridiculously-tall standard front sights, is long-overdue; for capitalism's sake I hope they sell a bunch.

Sis emails that due to vehicular concerns she might not make it for the Garand match after all, but intends the plate match at the end of the month. Well darn! She was gonna be my videographer so I could get footage of the rapid-fire stages in the rifle match, which I would then transfer to VHS for subversion. Probably there'll be two relays and I can take the video myself.

Another reason to move to Wyoming. Sigh.

1261 - Thursday, 7 September 2006: Ow. Adding insult, a tow warning on my windshield for not parking in precisely the right spot.

Phone temp service - nothing else. Phone second temp service - nothing at present. On reader suggestion (I think it was Tucson Tom), pushed computer and technical-writing skills, enough with the stuff-heaving already.

Ow. Wrists again, I'll be lucky if I can lift a glass of juice in the morning. Fatigue poisons clouding brain. At least I should have less trouble sleeping tonight.

From dollar store, Gatorade and bottled water, for the match Saturday and for the car on principle. (So many people drive around with so little emergency equipment. Of course far too many people live unarmed. Place not your trust in others, be it 911, EMS, or AAA. Is it Clint Smith's Thunder Ranch that sells a t-shirt that says "NO ONE CARES"?)

From library, L. Neil Smith's The American Zone, sequel to The Probability Broach, which I've read as a graphic novel. I wonder who'll lose a body part and/or get violently raped this time. Also, Shattered Sword: The Untold Story of the Battle of Midway, which I saw reviewed in some gun culture publication some months ago; jumping off the New Books shelf, Japanese Sword Fighting: Secrets of the Samurai, ‘cause one of the worlds in my story somehow got a big Japanese-descended population and I should, like, research that; and, season one of the new Battlestar Galactica - and on the first disc is a big greasy thumbprint. (I've learned to look for such on library DVDs.) #$%^& cityfolk. Fortunately I have a disc cleaner.


Tucson Tom sends: Miller Beer Supports Illegal Immigration; Boycott Miller. I've also heard this on radio talk. Miller reportedly owns Henry Weinhard, BTW.

1262 - Friday, 8 September 2006: Ow.

ISP down again.

Viewing BSG and Ringo's criticisms are largely valid. But, I'm not paying rental fees or having to watch commercials, and I've already paid the taxes to run the library. Season 2.5 (special features) in hold queue. -In my youth I was enamored of the original series and the new one at least takes itself more seriously. -Sometimes.

ISP back in the evening. Yuri sends more media bias. Sis confirms the Cadillac won't let her attend the Garand Match. Cruffler sends:

Remains of Prehistoric Liberal Discovered

Brother-in-law sends:

September 11, 2006, will soon be approaching. On this day, please wear red, white and blue to work or school to show your support for those who lost their lives on 9~11~01 and to honor the heroes who worked to save them and the families left behind. At noon your time on September 11, 2006, no matter where you are or what you are doing, stop, put your hand on your heart, and say the Pledge of Allegiance out loud or to yourself and say a prayer for our nation.

In addition, for those of us who drive to work, please drive with your headlights on to also give honor and remember those who perished.

If all of us do this together in every time zone round the world, we will have a powerful chain of thoughts surrounding us.

Aaand the party of tolerance puts their best foot in their collective mouth. Does anyone still have questions as to which side the jackasses are on? See also.

1263 - Saturday, 9 September 2006: Match day! Barberton first, scored some factory fighting loads for sisters' shotgun use. To the range then, and the bonus brass had already been picked over about the time I was in the shower. (Later I scored a few pieces of LC67-69.)

Three relays! 23 entries! Well, I did post the match to the SW-WA-Guns mailing list. Some friction with the Remchester-toting "Sportsmen," henceforth rifle matches will not be held during Public Sight-In Days. Anyway a terrific turnout and some real competition, including Mr. R., who took second (279/5X of possible 300), the equally-formidable and heretofore unblogged Mr. D., who took first (280/7X), and Ed Perry, match director and club CMP coordinator, in third (279/4X).

Good thing I brought my handloads, I made $15 off them when, as often occurs, someone showed up without ammunition. Ed says that in future matches the club will buy CMP ammo for resale, making a small profit for the club - if I'm not homeless by then I'll buy some on principle.

The Queen functioned flawlessly as did the SLED. On the shorter Course A there is only one rapid-fire stage so I only needed the 2-shot clip once, and only one 8-shot clip; everything else was single-loaded. Did not get M1 Thumb, but learned that I want to load my clips with the top round on the right, to better maintain thumb pressure which creates the friction which prevents the bolt from running forward when the full clip is inserted.

Okay, I'm sure you want to know how I did. By now you're probably thinking I blew the rapid-prone stage or something.



Slow-fire prone, Garand Match, 9 September 2006
Slow-fire Prone - 96/2X!
15 rounds in 15 minutes, worst five discarded as sighting shots

Huh - one doesn't score one's own target, I was busy scoring Ed's and only snapped a photo - it appears there are 16 holes in my slow-prone target! Ah, that must be where Ed's 15th round went (we only found 14 holes), he must have engaged my target. This happens in matches, especially bigger ones with lots of people (and this is the biggest rifle match I've competed in thus far), all the little black dots 200 yards downrange start to look the same and the numbers above or below them aren't always readable. But why didn't he catch the 16th hole in my target? Eh, these things happen.

Rapid-fire prone, Garand Match, 9 September 2006
Rapid-fire Prone - 90/0X!
10 rounds in 70 seconds, starting from standing with 2 rounds loaded

Slow-fire standing, Garand Match, 9 September 2006
Slow-fire Standing - 85/0X!
10 rounds in 10 minutes

Scorecard, Garand Match, 9 September 2006
Total Score 271/2X of possible 300, 90.33%!

I broke 90%! Not by much but I did it. What a rifle! I have a Weapon. I AM ARMED.


Post-match analysis: Fifth place was 265/2X, sixth 264/0X, then 254/0X, several in the 240s, and down to the newbies and the one parts-kit rifle with one of those aftermarket receivers that Ain't Right. Great match, real competition, and measurable improvement on my part - in June I blew my rapid-prone stage of course, but now I think I can blame that on having not used a SLED, 'cause I know the club rifle I used that day is good 'cause it gave me 88.0% last year.

My sisters have my copy of The Art of the Rifle - what was it Cooper said about a really good rifle being an object of affection rarely surpassed? I have a really good rifle.

Holy smoke, I was only 3% away from medaling or even winning the match!

Some people go up a click or two between slow-prone and rapid-prone - I didn't, and it looks like I didn't have to. A measly 23 rounds of practice last weekend, only the last eight from prone to compare SLED to clip, really helped. Now, what I need is money to load up a whole mess o' .30-06. -Time to reprocess brass while the pictures I took are uploading to the newsletter guy.

Gods Bless America. The Queen is just to the right of the cased weapon. I hope some man-hating bra-burning slogan-chanting liberal prey-animal sees this and wets herself. Like I told Yuri (who spectated), "Look at all those Jovian thunderbolts!"

Oh yeah, in the first relay (I was in the third), Mr. R., after five were discarded for sighters, shot 100/5X for slow-prone, which I believe is the first 100 I have personally witnessed or been present for. I shot a 96 today, and a 98 with first sis' Mosin a while back. Hmm.

Heh - last weekend, when I put out my practice targets, one of the "Sportsmen" asked, "You're gonna shoot 200 yards with iron sights?" Yep, I sure am.

My digital camera takes excellent still pictures, but the video feature is pretty lame - especially with small arms fire on the sound track, which makes the whole clip skip badly. I'm sure the maker didn't have such an application in mind. Someday I'll get a real video camera but in the meantime I have to worry about the phone and electricity being shut off. :( Still, I can work with the clips I took today - first sis says she's coming for the plate match on the 23rd, and I'll have her bring a certain VHS cassette to add to. I might even put a clip or three on the 5Gb .NAME server, though it would take some time to upload ($till dialup here).

1264 - Sunday, 10 September 2006: ZzzzZzzzZzzzz.

Gun Talk, and chat - host Tom Gresham in Africa, guest host Alan Gottleib of CCRKBA, first guest adventure author Jerry Ahern (I've read a few), now president of Detonics USA, maker of the tiny 1911 derivatives, which were his protagonist's favorite.


It is a commonplace that the history of civilisation is largely the history of weapons. In particular, the connection between the discovery of gunpowder and the overthrow of feudalism by the bourgeoisie has been pointed out over and over again. And though I have no doubt exceptions can be brought forward, I think the following rule would be found generally true: that ages in which the dominant weapon is expensive or difficult to make will tend to be ages of despotism, whereas when the dominant weapon is cheap and simple, the common people have a chance. Thus, for example, tanks, battleships and bombing planes are inherently tyrannical weapons, while rifles, muskets, long-bows and hand-grenades are inherently democratic weapons. A complex weapon makes the strong stronger, while a simple weapon - so long as there is no answer to it - gives claws to the weak.

Heinlein quotes.

Instruments of freedom - replace "battleship" with mass-transit and "rifle" with privately-owned automobile (by which I include motorcycles, light aircraft, etc.) and we see that the people who want to take away our weapons are usually the same people who want to take away our cars - for the same reasons, to make the masses dependent on government and incapable of independent action, movement, or (public vs. private schools, and state efforts to outlaw home-schooling) even thought. Culture war. Choose sides.

"Feed the children," phooey. Can't feed ‘em, don't breed ‘em! It's not my responsibility to support someone else's irresponsibility.

In the last three years, the only time I haven't won the Axis side with the MojoVZ in the AvA was when I (technically) won the Allied side instead, with first sis' Mosin. And now I have the Queen. I am just about guaranteed to medal. Sight-In Days end on the 12th; Veteran's Day, the target date for the AvA, is of course the 11th, which happens to be a Saturday - reportedly there is another match at another club that day; so I'm fairly certain the AvA will be on the 18th, though it's not in the newsletter yet.

Reader sends self-defense story actually reported in mainstream media. Oh, she didn't use a firearm. Later in email he points out the paper gave her full name, home address, and physical description for the convenience of any revenge-minded acquaintences of the crook.

The electronic earmuffs are preferred for match shooting, as one can clearly hear the director's commands, safety & course-of-fire briefings, etc.

Here are some .AVIs of the Garand match, selected for the enlightenment of those who haven't done or seen this before. WARNING! LARGE FILES! If you're on dialup don't even try. I'm not in these, I was busy shooting, they're of the other relays. Also, as stated above, they're not the best quality.

Match director's instructions before first relay, second stage, rapid-fire prone - 35s, 9.4Mb

First relay, second stage, rapid-fire prone, 10 shots in 70 seconds with mandatory reload - 2m45s, 46.6Mb
This clip shows the entire stage, from the end of the preparation period, through the start of the clock and diving into position, to the CEASE FIRE command. Physically this will be the most challenging stage. If you're not in some kind of shape you could really hurt yourself just getting into position. This is something you practice dry in your living room or backyard or something, before the match.

Second relay, second stage, rapid-fire prone - 24s, 6.2Mb
In this clip I got a little closer to the action, and different angles - you can see a couple shooters reloading, and one fighting a malfunction.

First relay, third stage, slow-fire standing - 25s, 9.9Mb
This clip shows 2nd place winner Mr. R., who scored 91/0X of a possible 100 in this stage, second best (by one point) for this stage in the entire match.

Second relay, third stage, slow-fire standing - 31s, 9.8Mb
Six shooters in this stage.

Starting The American Zone. It tears me; I have some partisanism and Smith roasts both sides of the aisle... but the North American Confederacy sounds like such a pleasant place to live... but some libertarian ideas are mass-suicidal in the real world with Islamic terrorists and rogue North Korea and illegal immigrants waging demographic warfare and so on... and Borders, Language, Culture means something to me... but what amount to large-scale terrorist attacks in the NAC (story set in 1996, book published December 2001) lead to calls for excessive government powers which is (depending how fast Smith typed all this up) either spookily prescient of or deliberately parallel to the aftermath of what we're remembering tomorrow. Anyway, it's a make-you-thinker and I'll probably be up way too late with it. -Smith and I agree on duelling at least.

1265 - Monday, 11 September 2006:

Cox & Forkum - Refresher Course

Znrkbleah. Must seek income. Check email first - from the lists:

Grandpa's Logic

All last year Grandpa and Grandma Johnson have been receiving $500.00 checks in the mail every month and cashing them. It turns out the insurance company made a mistake with the address. The checks were intended for another Edwin P. Johnson, and now Grandpa receives notice he has to pay back $6,000.00.

Visibly upset, he complains to his grandson, an accountant. His grandson asks, "Grandpa, didn't you wonder why you were receiving checks for doing absolutely nothing?"

Grandpa answers, "I just figured the Democrats were back in power."

Phone temp service - nothing. Phone second service - nothing, but sending resumes. I'm in trouble.

Hey blueshirts! Here's a bit from The American Zone:

"You know, in the culture I left behind, I was a police officer. That means I set my individual conscience aside for money, to do the bidding of men and women who were less brave, less bright, and less decent than I was - and who for those very reasons had found their place above me in the political hierarchy. ...I also set aside my nation's highest law (which I'd sworn a solemn oath to uphold and defend, and then been informed I was too stupid to understand and interpret) so I could deprive the people I'd promised to watch over, of their rights, their property, and their lives." And some chapters later: "How can you even pretend to protect people once making them afraid of you becomes part of the job?"
Then the latest Shotgun News comes and Vin Suprynowicz' column has:

John Burtt, chairman of the Fifty Caliber Institute in Choctaw, Okla., sent in some disturbing news in late July:

"Dear Vin, officers from the Los Angeles County Gun Task Force have begun serving search warrants on residents in that county who are suspected of holding un-registered "assault rifles" including .50 BMG target rifles....

"...arrested my friend and charged him with five felonies. He was taken to jail where he remained for two days until his bail was set and met. He is charged with being in possession of an unregistered assault rifle, and in possession of destructive devices, and in possession of destructive devices within so many feet of a school-five felonies under California law in total.

"Being a retired ATF special agent myself, I contacted the case agent who happens to be an LAPD detective assigned to the task force. I asked him why such a chicken**** case was being prosecuted. Why were they ruining my friend's life after his service to our country and the fact that he has no past criminal record? I asked him what happened to law enforcement using common sense and discretion in a case like this.

"The detective told me they didn't make the laws, but it was their job to enforce the law and that the D.A. has a no-tolerance policy regarding firearms. I tried to explain to him that the M1A rifle with its original flash hider was legally sold to thousands of people in California before the assault rifle law was even enacted. Many of these original owners to this day do not know they are in violation by having the flash hider on their rifle. The detective didn't care. ..."

[Just Following Orders. Right. And what's that in Article I, Section 9, about no ex-post facto law? -What's that? They never brought up that "Constitution thingy" at the Academy...?]


"I was impressed by the comprehensive nature of your piece, "Police no longer need to knock." Sadly, your hypothetical question about an American being surprised by the police breaking into their home (unannounced) and an innocent party dying as a result, has already happened.


"As the smoke cleared, the police realized that they had made a mistake. They had broken into the wrong house. The address on the search warrant and the house raided were not the same. In the aftermath of this all-too-common situation the results were:

"- A dead police officer, the one who was assigned to breach the bedroom door. His father was the police chief.

"- An embarrassed police department; they had failed to ensure the accuracy of the informant's information."


Indeed. Thirteen years after the fact - though of course such a ruling can't be retroactive - the Supreme Court has just legalized what the BATF did at Waco, shooting the dog and her puppies in their pen in front of the church, throwing up scaling ladders and firing into the building long before any agent claims to have shouted the word "Warrant!" (though even then, no single agent would testify under oath as to who actually had the warrant in possession; no plans had been made to actually "serve" it) as agents in helicopters hovering and swooping behind the building (according to credible eyewitnesses I have interviewed) fired machine guns down through the roof.

Is that the model on which the justices now hope to see all our law enforcement based? Because they were so pleased at how it all worked out?

Again I ask: What law would you not enforce? What order would you not obey? What makes you want to wear that badge?

Hm, good looking article on bullet casting. I do have a small, donated pot, which I know works but don't dare use inside the hovel, and a single-cavity Lee mold, .358/150 RN. Not much lead though. Anyway downloaded the .PDF for future use. I see larger lead pots at shows occasionally, and Sportsman's Warehouse stocks new ones, as well as ingot trays and so on. Still have in mind a ventilation system - plywood plug for window, a desktop fan, clothes-dryer exhaust hose, and duct tape.

Finished The American Zone, still rather too utopian for this world, but I still wouldn't mind living in that one. Population pressure - the higher the density, the less-well libertarianism works, methinks - we're past the point where such a system could be created here, we'd have to go somewhere else (like Monticello). And furthermore:

"How could a readiness for war in time of peace be safely prohibited, unless we could could prohibit, in like manner, the preparations and establishments of every hostile nation?" - James Madison (Federalist No. 41, 1788)

1266 - Tuesday, 12 September 2006: And still templess. Rumor of a QC/tech job.

From the lists, many of you no doubt saw this in the last election cycle:

6:00 p.m. - Opening flag burning ceremony.

6:05 p.m. - Opening secular prayers by Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton

6:30 p.m. - Anti-war concert by Barbara Streisand.

6:40 p.m. - Ted Kennedy proposes a toast.

7:00 p.m. - Tribute theme to France.

7:10 p.m. - Collect offerings for al-Zawahri defense fund.

7:25 p.m. - Tribute theme to Germany.

7:45 p.m. - Anti-war rally (Moderated by Michael Moore)

8:25 p.m. - Ted Kennedy proposes a toast.

8:30 p.m. - Terrorist appeasement workshop.

9:00 p.m. - Gay marriage ceremony (both male and female couples)

9:30.p.m. - * Intermission *

10:00.p.m. - Posting the Iraqi Colors by Sean Penn and Tim Robbins

10:10 p.m. - Re-enactment of Kerry's fake medal toss.

10:20.p.m. - Cameo by Dean 'Yeeearrrrrrrg!'

10:30 p.m. - Abortion demonstration by N.A.R.A.L.

10:40 p.m. - Ted Kennedy proposes a toast.

10:50 p.m. - Pledge of allegiance to the UN.

11:00 p.m. - Multiple gay marriage ceremony (threesomes, mixed and same sex). Rep. Barney Frank (D, Mass.), Sponsor.

11:15 p.m. - Maximizing Welfare workshop.

11:30 p.m. - "Free Saddam" pep rally.

11:50 p.m. - Ted Kennedy proposes a toast.

12:00 p.m. - Nomination of Democratic candidate.

Any chance we could get Ted Kennedy to drive Hillary Home from the convention?

One reader suggests that I have in fact reached Rifleman status. I'm not sure yet. I want to do the AQT again (after Public Sight-In Days of course), and see how I do in the AvA. I'd love to make it to the RWVA event in Yakima but it'$ not likely.

Sisters pooling resources for a bailout, which is easier to swallow ‘cause it's for my impending birthday. (Pride.)

Starting Shattered Sword, looks thorough. Flipping through, it looks like the wrecks of the Japanese ships still haven't been found, though a part of Kaga has been, in 1999 by Ballard, who also found Titanic and Bismarck, and Yorktown in 1998. Apparently Kaga particularly was gutted by explosions; Hiryu lost a quarter of her flight deck, completely blown away; cruiser Mikuma looked chewed on and spat out, photographed from American planes before sinking. -Hm, again it could be argued that Divine Providence reached down and placed a sheltering hand over the United States of America - the Japanese at (and, strategically and institutionally, before) Midway made blunders comparable in magnitude and inexplicability to the British in our War of Independence. -I recall reading somewhere that the warbird (vintage, especially WWII, warplane) community was disappointed, on technical grounds, with the movie, after the example of Tora Tora Tora. After reading this book (based mainly on the Japanese side of the battle, and referring the reader, in the Introduction, to several works on the Americans) they may have several other reasons to complain. -Hey, big-budget filmmakers, remake Midway, and do it very carefully.

53 rounds TW5 left, that should be enough for the Allied side of the AvA, and I know it works. Need income to buy Sierra #2400s for the other side - powder on hand, brass already processed.

Especially in the standing stage, I was calling my flyers pretty good. That's important. Looking at the photo of the target, I'm jerking up and right. Must work on that. But even so I made 85!

Democrat primaries in New England, reports of incompetence and stupidity in and around polling places. Well, Democrats court the votes of the undereducated and subliterate - usually by promising them handouts from my taxes, so they won't have to read and write and count and work for a living - what do they expect? I remember in the last cycle, some (black) professional sports player (or maybe an "artist") was claiming to have been "disenfranchised." Questioned, he said he had voted, and that he believed his vote was counted. He didn't know what the word meant, he was just doing what he was told.

Reader donates M.L. Brown's Firearms in Colonial America, Smithsonian 1980! I knew the flintlock was developed from the snaphaunce in France, c.1610, but now I have a name: Marin le Bourgeoys, associated with the oldest known true flintlock, which somehow ended up in a museum in what was in 1980 still called Leningrad. For setup, the book goes as far back as the Bronze Age, for the metallurgy; describes metal refineries, rifling processes, powder mills. Gunpowder is probably still older than we've been able to prove but at least a millenium. Experimental breechloaders and even repeaters go back to around the time of the discovery of the New World (photos of breechloading wheellocks c.1535, drawing of 10-shot matchlock revolver c.1490-1530, shoulder-fired grenade launcher (!) c.1580, screw-plug breechloaders (Ferguson wasn't first, by about a half-century (Danish at least, and I think I saw some French ~1720s pieces in an old American Rifleman)), the Puckle 60-odd years before Lexington/Concord, superposed loads with multiple or moveable locks, etc.), so the antis can take their "2nd Amendment only applies to muskets" argument and shove it. (And they can go look at that Orwell quote again.) Telescoping stocks even, almost three centuries before the Eee-Vil Assault Weapon. "The concept of using optical sights for firearms originated in the late 17th Century." Rifling of course is c.1500. Fascinating! -Huh: most of the above I've known for some time from several sources, not least Ian Hogg's companion book to the A&E miniseries The Story of the Gun, but now I just learned that the Hall tilt-block breechloader, an early-1800s US military design (I actually saw an example in a pawn shop in Everett on one of my visits - and yes, the proprietor knew what it was too, and had several other interesting vintage pieces, including a Spencer, on display) isn't original either, invented in England by John Bicknell around 1660. -Military tactics. Cartridge boxes & accoutrements. Parts diagrams. Even an inline flintlock which I've seen somewhere before, very streamlined, no exposed parts. Page 324:

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), statesman, architect, inventor, and no less an avid sportsman than fellow Virginian and compatriot George Washington, philosophically advised "Let your gun be the constant companion of your walks...," and at age twenty-five "...won at shooting a shilling three-pence." ... That Jefferson clearly understood and championed individual rights is unquestioned and perhaps no more graphically demonstrated than in a provision he included in his original draft of the 1776 Virginia Constitution which proclaimed, "No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms." That abstute dictum, with his vigorous urging though in a substantially altered form, was subsequently included in the Second Amendment (Bill of Rights, 1791) to the Constitution of the United States of America:

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

I like my version better though. Less debatable.

1267 - Wednesday, 13 September 2006: Bleah. Still no temp word. Sure, I could get a job at the gas station or convenience store, but then I'd toss myself under a freight train before lunch, so what would be the point?

News, campus shooting in... Canada. Where they have gun control. Though in email alerts I recently read that their registration scheme was under attack as being useless. -The tinfoil hat crowd might wonder at the frequency of school shootings in the Clinton years. I'm just sayin'.

Talk, not-libertarian Lars sucking up to county sheriff Giusto (who releases prisoners in time for the evening news, when budgets and taxes are being voted on), justifying his 6-figure salary while bashing other public employees' voting themselves a 5-figure raise. Change station - Hannity vs. liberals and venom spattering everywhere. Click. And I'm out of antacid.

Something I just discovered, with the charger pouch that came with a Yugo Mauser I used to have:

The fit is a little snug but you can still get thumb and finger in the empty space on either end of the clip, and they're less likely to fall out of an open pouch. Different pouches might not do this, being made for a tighter fit with three 5-round chargers.

Film trivia: both Luke and young Anakin Skywalker wear pouches similar to this. Oh yeah, I watched The Phantom Menace again a couple weeks ago and the writing was lame. A New Hope is often criticized for that, the point being that the action and groundbreaking effects distracted the viewer to the point where one didn't notice how lame the story and dialogue were, but now we're used to that level of visual anesthesia and it doesn't hold up as well. -Is Whedon's Firefly coming back or not? That show had, like, plot, and characters, and stuff. (Serenity doesn't work well as a standalone film but fits nicely with the series.)

Just realized that I used half-century-old ammunition (TW5x) in my half-century-old rifle (SA #585xxxx) and everything worked perfectly. Something really clicked on Saturday, that was the best I've ever done in a rifle match. M.L. Brown recounts the oft-repeated War of Independence tale of the Virginia riflemen making head shots at 200 yards (Fred says 250) but expresses doubts and calls it a challenge for even a modern rifle. Not this rifle I bet, I know she can do even better than I have so far - I've seen her crowd 1MOA from the bench with handloads. I'd like the club to have more matches with 300-yard stages, like my first-ever match, the ‘03 PIG, but the director for the upcoming AvA says they dropped back to 200 because too many cityfolk people couldn't get on the paper at 300. I've been wondering what I might be capable of with a "modern" rifle (as opposed to the 19th Century designs I've been using), looks like I'm finding out. And you can keep yer Remchesters, how long does it take you to reload that thing with that big scope in the way? And most sporting rifles don't even have sights otherwise. (This here is rather appealing though, ‘cause if the lenses fog or the batteries go dead you just pop the optics off and still have excellent sights, and it doesn't interfere with loading.)

Some quotes:

Formerly we suffered from crimes; now we suffer from laws.
Publius Cornelius Tacitus

You cannot invade the mainland United States. There will be a rifle behind every blade of grass.
Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.
Edward Abbey

Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has no heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains.
Winston Churchill

The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.
Hubert H. Humphrey

News: blueshirts using lasers to determine when drivers are following "too closely." Now I think tailgaters should be killed in duels, but my knee jerks at the idea of government getting even more power - and the fine is $242, hint hint.

Heh. Really must go hunting some year.

Weather turning, used one of the heaters for the first time this season.

Later this evening, the lists report that Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper, USMC retired, is in grave condition and has requested to not be resuscitated, following a heart attack.

1268 - Thursday, 14 September 2006: Summer is over whatever Stonehenge says, rain & temperature in 50s F. And thunder. Reports of hail.

Tucson Tom sends Ann Coulter's latest column. Visual aid:

Temp service calls, send resumes to other office on this side of town. I dunno.

Other temp service calls, short-term job up to one month, $10/hr, Beaverton (bad traffic), building machines. Start tomorrow. Okay. Thing$ will be tight though, due-date wise.

Email, Allies vs. Axis match confirmed for 18 November. I have readers all over but if you have a WWII rifle and are in reasonable distance of my club, which is northeast of Vancouver, WA, contact match director Laurits Dixon at dixolg (at) comcast.net for more information. The public sight-in days will be over by then and the herds of "Sportsmen" will have thinned out, so we can have a proper match. Best WWII outfit gets their match fee refunded. Bonus points for firing with bayonet fixed. Journal entries for previous matches: 2005, 2004, 2003. I've medaled in this match three years in a row, before I had a Garand, you think you can take me? -Gah, I need lots more ammunition to get sight settings for 100yds and with the bayonet - I'll save the TW5 for next year's first Garand match and shoot the AvA with handloads, which I'll make as soon as I can afford projectiles. Course of Fire:

  • Slow-prone, 200yds, SR target, 5 sighters & 10 for score in 15 minutes
  • Sitting/kneeling-rapid, 100yds, SR1 target, 5 slow-fire sighters in 5 minutes (sighters may be taken from prone), two 5-shot strings in 30 seconds each
  • Rapid-prone, 200, SR, two 5-shot strings in 30 seconds each
  • Slow-standing, 100, SR1, 10 in 10 minutes

    Depending on finances I'll load every .30-06 case I have and simulate the whole match. If I can browbeat sis into trying this with her Mosin, I'll let her try the Queen while I use the VZ in the other relay.

    1269 - Friday, 15 September 2006: Shrug. Building things. And as usual they're not used to people who know how to use tools, and as usual my production ratio is 3:2 or better compared to anyone else on the same task. Wretched traffic though. YOU! In the SUV!! Get the DOG out of your LAP and WATCH THE #$%^& ROAD!!!

    Back to hovel - no paycheck from tea-heaving, hm. It better come tomorrow. The current job is with a different service where I have direct deposit, but I won't get today's pay (only 7 hours) until the 22nd. Notice from power company, due on 29th, I should be able to make that.

    What's this...? Subpoena for the 26th as a witness in two cases of "robbery in the first degree with a firearm". Neither of the names is of the parasite but one is the same surname. Which means my property, stolen from my violated home, will be rendered inoperative, meaning deliberately broken, by our illustrious public servants, and/or melted down in some "for the children" photo op. Or more likely, considering the state of "justice" in the state of Oregon these days, it'll all be my fault and the defense attorney will call for my immediate execution. (Defense attorneys are fortunate that dueling has been outlawed. -Which, historically, is likely why and how it was outlawed. (Clayton Cramer wrote a book that may touch on that, but of course the library doesn't have it....) You still reading this, you commie filth? Or having your Gen-X slacker staffer read it for you and maybe help you with the big words? How can you creatures live with yourselves, taking the side of parasitic scum and attacking productive members of society whose taxes pay your salaries? YOU MAKE ME SICK! IF YOU HAD ONE SHRED OF HUMAN DECENCY YOU'D TOSS YOURSELVES IN THE PATH OF THE NEAREST FREIGHT TRUCK!) It's not enough that my hard-earned property was stolen, now the county is going to compel my service at $5 - that's five dollars - per day while I miss work at $10 per hour. And I'll have to go back to the cesspit of downtown, and the unarmed-victim, civil-rights-free zone in the Temple of the Almighty State. And of course everything's closed for the weekend. Phone tag Monday no doubt.

    And I'm still out of antacid.

    With the Queen's superior sights it should, with enough ammunition for enough practice, be a simple matter to get different sight settings with and without the bayonet. The usual trick is to sight-in with the bayonet and fire the whole match with it fixed, so you only have one sight setting (plus or minus simple elevation for distance). A more telling test of skill is to fire one stage without the bayonet, then adjust sights for another stage with. Know your weapon. I still have two months, that should be enough time to $crape up a couple boxes of Hornady #3037 (the Sierra #2115 experiment will wait for another pay period, I'll go with what I know works). So far I've found that the bayonet changes POI several MOA up and has no apparent effect on windage.

    In email, I'm pleased to see that libertarian representative Ron Paul (R-TX), whom L. Neil Smith paints as a minarchist, is putting his name on legislation to secure our borders and, quote, "reject amnesty". Rep. Paul is reputed to vote strictly in accordance with the Constitution; Article IV, Section 4, I think. (Yes, I have a Pocket Constitution and I carry it with me. You don't? -Probably won't be allowed in the County Courthouse, subversive material y'know....)

    More news on the Guru, Jeff Cooper.

    Continuing Shattered Sword, a bit dry in spots but quite readable. Authors painting Yamamoto and much of his staff as severely victory-diseased, and detailing some... really big strategic blunders and fatal assumptions. Interesting.

    1270 - Saturday, 16 September 2006: Bleah. I suppose the Corolla will blow up next. Also I hear that the blueshirt revenuers can write hefty fines for having cracks in the windshield now. Obviously that's a far more important use of my tax dollars than chasing down the prime suspect in a burglary in anything less than two months.

    News: Government, Charity Workers Commit Fraud? Say it ain't so!

    And hey! Those five dollars per day are in fact my dollars! Which I paid in taxes! So generous and benevolent of the government to give them back to me! The late Harry Browne, longtime Libertarian Party candidate for President, said, "Government is good at only one thing: It breaks your legs, hands you a pair of crutches, and says, ‘See, without us you wouldn't be able to walk.'"

    No paycheck in mail, and the storage rent is late.

    BadCopNews.com and MoreBadCopNews.com and some of the stories just make me want to... do things I'm not going to describe in public.

    I don't have enough bandwidth. :(

    Hours later, Wikisurfing, I find this photo of USS Enterprise, CVN65, alongside FS Charles de Gaulle. And is it just me or is the French carrier's whole flight deck stained yellow?

    1271 - Sunday, 17 September 2006: ...Bleh.

    News: Muslims murdering Catholics and burning churches because the Pope said that Muslims are murderers. And of course the Pope caves and apologizes. Why do we not simply nuke everything between Israel and India?

    So I'm reading Shattered Sword on break at work and someone asks, "Studying?" Like the only reason to ever read a book is for school. -Lemme think about this. I could go back to college and get even further in debt while some commie moonbat professor tells me that George Bush bombed Pearl Harbor, or I could go to the library, which my taxes have already paid for, and check out a book written by history nerds who actually believe in and care about objective fact. Hmm, which shall I choose?

    Gun Talk rerun, chat room underpopulated, and then some kid shows up, having Googled the chat room and being completely unaware of the radio show. Visual aid.

    Lists, article on the upcoming 15th anniversary of the Luby's Cafeteria massacre.

    Building page describing what goes on in a highpower rifle match.

    Hm, examining match target photos, going one click left on the Queen, which is now centered for windage according to the witness marks.

    Ah! Now I know why I blew the later stages in the June Garand match: I was using a loaner rifle, and I wasn't the only one using it. I had adjusted the sight for my handloads, and someone else had adjusted it for whatever load he was using. And now I have my own Garand which I don't have to share.

    1272 - Monday, 18 September 2006: Thirty-nine. And feeling it.

    Phone deputy district attorney from work - told by her to disregard these subpoenas, I'll be getting a triplet, including the original parasite, for a tentative trial date in November. As usual government's left and right hands are unaware of each other's existence.

    I detect some arrogance and condescension from the Extremely Important Government Official Who Knows What's Best For All the Little People. She wants me to miss work, submit to the humiliating security procedure to enter the courthouse, testify in support of her case (which is not necessarily of any benefit to me), and offers nothing in return but a financial insult and the implied threat of force if I don't comply. I'm feeling very libertarian at the moment. Suprynowicz' The Black Arrow should be required reading for all "public servants." Especially the last courthouse scene. With the fence.

    Apparently my GP100 has been used, by Parasite A and/or his brother, in some armed robberies. This does not fill be with guilt and dread; a tool is not responsible for how it is used, there are no "eee-vil gun rays." (Though if I ever get it back I expect I'd change the grip for sanitary reasons.) But according to the DDA my property still has not been recovered, though she did say it would be returned to me if it were. And you can guess how much of that I believe. A pessimist can only be pleasantly surprised, and I ain't been surprised much lately.

    These lawyers and prosecutors and such - how can they look at themselves in the mirror? Are they really ignorant of the nature of the system they serve? What kind of person is drawn to that kind of work? Me, I'm weirded out by the idea of having power. If someone told me I was switched at birth and I was heir to some kingdom somewhere, I'd take the crown just long enough to dispose of it and do a small-r republican conversion on the place. And then I'd bloody well retire. Maybe fund a Rutan kind of thing, private spacecraft development with an eye toward colonization.

    And I'm still out of antacid.

    Quitting time is 4:30 and I don't even try the freeways. Carefully milked the last withdrawable cash from my accounts for fuel.

    No paycheck, no mail at all, waiting when I return - but the Esteemed Federal Employees of the US Postal Service have been delivering it here as late as 6:15pm. And probably raking in the overtime for it.

    Oh yeah, the other night in email the AvA match director says he'll go to a third relay if my advertising of the match causes that big a turnout.

    1273 - Tuesday, 19 September 2006: Yesterday I was doing some somewhat strenuous work in a somewhat awkward position and today I can barely get in and out of my car. Muscles, though, not joints, so I should recover.

    Phone temp service from work - they never got my timecard for the tea heaving. See? Pessimist. Not surprised.

    Released early due to lack of parts. Back to hovel and temp service wonders if I'd like to go back to the tea place for swing shift - no I wouldn't. But my pay for the 8th is authorized at least.


    1274 - Wednesday, 20 September 2006: Commuters also are fortunate that dueling has been outlawed. Must you turn left at that intersection at this time of day? Plan your trip better, doofus. Read a $%^&* map sometime fer gods' sakes. And it took about 20 minutes to get the last four blocks to the hovel.

    Birthday bailout from sisters has arrived. Storage rent, phone, electric, car insurance, and some groceries (including antacid). Direct-deposit Friday for last Friday's metal-slinging, and there should be a check from the previous week's tea-heaving as well, so I should be all right for a couple weeks; waiting for that income before getting another MegaPack for the plate match Saturday. October's rent might be tight but manageable and at least the utilities are caught up again, so I can let those go another three months if necessary. :-/ Still don't know how long this job will last.

    Chavez blatantly insults Bush. Where's my generation's Teddy Roosevelt? The only honorable response to such words is, "FILL YORE HAND YOU SONUVABITCH!" Sabers, right there on the floor of the UN Assembly! Marxist blood spattered on the wreathed globe! ...But we don't have that kind of leadership.

    Shotgun News, I see that rear sights are now available for the G3 family (specifically the PTR-91, made in Connecticut by the company formerly known as JLD Enterprises) with a proper, or at least adequate, aperture for the 100-meter setting, as opposed to the original V-notch which was too big and too close to the eye. (The article implies the sight is Portuguese.) I still don't like the H&K's controls - selector lever ergonomically incorrect, charging handle too far forward, no positive chambering like my M1 (the FAL at least can be refit for positive chambering, with a particular bolt carrier and charging handle) - nor the fluted chamber and historically-violent ejection which mangles brass. Furthermore one could get two CMP rack-grade M1s and a crate of M2 ball for the price of a PTR. But at least one of my gripes has been addressed. -Speaking of TR, article on The Rifles of the Spanish-American War. Also, generalist article on the 1911, then another on the AR.

    1275 - Thursday, 21 September 2006: Subpoena as witness against the parasite for 10 October. And this will do what for me? Besides give a defense attorney a chance to spit in my face for being a white male gunowner who works for a living? "Justice." Insert rude noise.

    Tired, and not just physically. I pay too much attention to the real world I guess.

    Yuri sends this possible remedy for chronically-sticky Mosin chargers. If I had gumption I'd try it.

    1276 - Friday, 22 September 2006: Pay, such as it is, is caught up. Got a MegaPack, which should be just enough for the match.

    Tired, email backing some. Lots of metal-slinging today and with a match, a show, and sis visiting, no extra sleep this weekend. At least I was building something significant (paper-mill machinery). The work itself is almost satisfying, except for: the usual Disturbing Lack of Documentation; the lefty "alternative" music station, with lefty on-air commentary, that's preferred by some of the crew (no fanged incidents yet); and the truly horrid commute. I'm not quitting, but I won't mind when the assignment ends.

    Tucson Tom sends this story from Idaho, following the example of Kennesaw. A bit later he sends this:

    Thought: The people who think that radical Muslims can be reasoned with, the people who think that the western world must somehow be at fault, are the same people who think that Japan would never have bombed Pearl Harbor if we hadn't nuked Hiroshima.

    From library, watching Midway the film. It's been years, and through the filter of the first third or so of Shattered Sword it's lame. Toshiro Mifune gives what may be his lamest performance as Yamamoto, but that's probably because his dialogue was dubbed - if this film had been made like Tora Tora Tora (from which much footage was lamely recycled), with Japanese actors speaking their natural language, I expect he'd've been more interesting. This film begs for a very serious remake, except it needs about four hours' worth and Hollywood would doubtless botch it even worse this time. And don't even get me started on the technical inaccuracies. All these history books are spoiling me.

    1277 - Saturday, 22 September 2006: No victory for me, but a good turnout of 19 entries (though three dropped out later due to time constraints) and a good match. The P35 remains reliable, and I was satisfied with my performance (no perfect no-miss runs yet, but getting closer), but others were just better. Jim Breen, who dominated the first half of the year, won again, with his Colt M22 with red dot; second was taken by newcomer David Gix, with a Ruger MkII Government Target Model, also with red dot, and third by another newcomer, Tom Dwyer, with a .40 Glock. .22s with red-dot sights are beginning to dominate this match; 1st & 2nd this month, Don Fujimoto in 2nd last month, young Tom Booker previously.

    Sis spent a bunch of money on reloading components... for calibers that she shoots, and second sis too, so I can swallow it. Bought my own Garand and Mauser projectiles with my own money (deposited the tea-heaving check today), so there.

    Some training of sis in rifle match positions - some physical difficulty. It might be said that these highpower matches... are.... Oh. Ohhhhhh!

    Hah! Take that you Volvo-drivin' Birkenstock-wearin' tofu-chewin' tax-hike-votin' liberal cityfolk freaks! HAH!!

    1278 - Sunday, 24 September 2006: OAC show! Got my Garand cartridge belt! $15, faint markings. And another little tub of grease, and a primer flip tray for loading Mosin with primer tubes on the RCBS.

    Gun Talk, chat room, this story on problems caused by Katrina refugees in Houston. Hate Cities Even More.

    Sis on her way shortly past noon, I might be going up there for Thanksgiving.

    At the match yesterday I only took a couple video clips, but I took them with the FinePix A345's lower resolution. Sound and video are both quite smooth this way, and of course the file sizes are smaller, but the resolution is really poor.

    Big reloading batches ahead, 100 each for Mauser & Garand, then more 12 gauge.

    ISP flaking out and back in.

    From the lists, article by the screenwriter for ABC's The Path to 9/11, which was roundly denounced as a conservative hatchet job because it dared point out that Clinton failed to neutralize bin Laden when he had a chance. -But will the liberal screenwriter realize how bigoted his liberal-mainstream-media buddies are and make the logical philosophical course-change?

    Reader alerts me to the McCarran Act, an emergency-powers thingy still on the books from 1950. I get the impression it's far from the only such. And I'm glad I have my Garand.

    1279 - Monday, 25 September 2006: Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper, USMC retired, has passed away this day. May he rest in the peace that he truly earned, and may we who survive him be worthy of his example.

    Yuri sends this police-supported anti-gun campaign ad from California. No conspiracy to deprive me of my firearms? Drop dead you fascist murderous treasonous blueshirt bastards. -And everybody else, go buy a Barrett, ‘cause he still says, right there in his magazine ads, that he will not sell to or service California government agencies.

    Traffic even worse than usual, didn't get back 'til 7, no handloading tonight. Furthermore another temp at work - I've seen a thousand of him - who doesn't know and seems incapable of grasping the most basic principles of assembling a mechanical device. Bleah.

    New 32-place Tournament Tree and accompanying Loser's Bracket Tree complete, replacing old 16-place files. Now I need copies before the next match.

    1280 - Tuesday, 26 September 2006: Too tired to answer email.

    1281 - Wednesday, 27 September 2006:


    That is the sound of a republitarian objectivist's head exploding. The last job was too liberal; too cowardly, too concerned with not hurting anyone's feeeelings, and not concerned enough with getting product put together correctly and in a reasonable amount of time. WE'VE RAISED A GENERATION OF USELESS WIMPS! But now I'm unemployed for the umptieth time. I didn't jump, I was pushed, but I'm not updating for a couple days in the hope that the temp service will have something right away.

    Read Atlas Shrugged. I am a spark of competence in an unpromising wasteland, and there are no diamond prospectors looking for me. Remember the 20th Century Motor Company? That's where I just worked, in the early days, when it all sounded good and they hadn't yet realized the truth.

    Well. At least now I have time to load some rounds.

    Since I was on that side of town, I went straight to the temp office - nothing yet. Then, seeing the sign from the road, stopped at Dual Smoking Gunn's LLC (yes, two Ns), which is pretty empty right now but the counter-guy said they'd be filling up the place. Eyed a Fobus roto-paddle holster for 1911 and P35, $30, can't $wing it right now.

    Back to hovel, about halfway through the second batch of 50 rounds of .30-06, other temp service calls and in a moment of sister-generosity-induced-guilty-weakness I agreed to a tea-heaving shift tomorrow morning. They'd better not tow the Corolla. But at least I won't be sitting in the hovel not working. As long as I was employed earlier this week I might as well keep my momentum. Furthermore the steel-slinging has restored a bit of muscle tone, so the tea sacks shouldn't be as much of a shock as previously. -Maybe I'm punishing myself for letting my mouth cost me another job - no dammit! I'm tired of compromising! I am SICK AND TIRED of being surrounded by incompetent moonbats in the workplace! I GOTS STANDARDS!

    Rent should, mostly, be in direct-deposit Friday morning but I'm not quite sure. I'll make a partial again if I have to, larger this time, and the half-week I just worked will cover the rest.

    100 rounds .30-06 done - but I want 300. Heck, I want 3,000. Running them through the Lee crimp die too. Mauser... not enough powder I think, and can't afford more. Loading what I can of that batch tomorrow.

    20 rounds .30-06 in Winchester brass, five more and ten R-P left over from the Garand match, I'll use that to sight in this weekend; and the other 80, in Federal cases, go into the cartridge belt - except that on several pockets the bottom seam has let go. Somewhere I have a spool of carpet thread... found it!

    ...Ya knoooowww, it might be appropriate to use the DEN42 rounds in the AvA match, for the whole re-enactment shtick. Hm. Or, I have exactly enough of the proven TW5 and I know the sight settings for it - but if sis wants to try it I want the Queen available for her in the other relay and there's only enough TW5 left for one. Handloads it is, for this match. -Maybe I'll take some DEN42 Saturday to see what happens, for New Data.

    Tucson Tom sends:

    Also sends story on an illegal-alien cop-killer. And... I'm supposed to take a side? Well, according to the story it was a decent cop, or at least one who did some decent things, and the illegal was allegedly a child-molester.

    Further sends t-shirts. Respect my lifestyle you bungling commie hippie freaks! Linked from there, I also particularly liked this and this.

    From the lists, real women. May their tribes increase.

    Another reader sends David Codrea's tribute to Jeff Cooper, and more such are popping up all over the lists. One from The Shooting Wire says in part:

    At a time when America seemed to be sleeping, Jeff Cooper challenged us to take our lives into our own hands and to live those lives under the unfashionable precepts of duty, of honor and of grace. In essence, he did something unique - he challenged us all to walk the path of the warrior, then gave us the tools to do so.
    -Michael Bane, host of Shooting Gallery

    From rec.guns, official newspaper obituary. With several pages of reader comments. -Rest in peace, I said earlier... but I think he might be happier in Valhalla. He also was a connoisseur of sports cars, maybe he'll take Apollo's chariot for a spin!

    Shattered Sword is due tomorrow and on hold for someone else so I can't renew, so I'll have to return it about half-done, right at the height of the dive-bomber attack which mortally wounded Kaga, Soryu and Akagi. (Ex-coworkers had no idea what the Battle of Midway was, or likely that it even happened.) ...Probably I won't pick it up again later, it can be a bit dry; it was written by and for history nerds, and I'm not that much of one. However, if you want a Profound and Detailed Scholarly Study of the Battle of Midway, this is your book - the authors are serious about getting it right, which is in itself a refreshing change from most branches of media today. I can imagine how eagerly they await the discovery of the Japanese wrecks so they can perform even more historical forensics. (Coincidentally, at the OAC show Sunday with sis, one vendor had two books by Ballard, on the discoveries of Bismarck and Yorktown, the latter of course being the one we lost at Midway - Ballard, for his own reasons and his own personal glory, no doubt will do everything he can to make Shattered Sword's authors happy, and more power to them all.)

    Next is The Trouble With Aliens, another Flint/Baen reissue of old Christopher Anvil stories.

    1282 - Thursday, 28 September 2006:


    So I get up at 5am and shower and such and go to the tea place at 6, where I park in the VISITOR spot, put a nasty sign on my dashboard, and have pre-emptive words with the security guard about towing. Then minutes later, before they've even figured out exactly what I'm to do, they tell me I'm not needed after all because the previous shift got the work caught up. (Theoretically the temp service will still pay me for a couple hours.)

    And then, on the way back, I came within inches of being broadsided by a red-light-running granny.

    Antacid. It's a good thing I don't use alcohol.

    Tucson Tom sends: StoptheNewYorkTimes.org and Dinocrat.com.

    English Pit is being briefly reopened for hunters' sight-in purposes, and that only. PDF flyer at the site. R/Os are from Vancouver Police, eek, blind leading blind. I'll stick with Clark Rifles, where the R/Os know which is the hot end. -I got that from the SW-WA-GUNS list, where I've also been posting notices of the ACSWW and OAC shows, and upcoming matches. In the same mail packet, Cruffler comments on the blueshirt R/Os and the end the hot stuff comes out of. Curmudgeonly minds think alike.

    Had just enough powder for all 100 Mauser projectiles, good. Now I need another ~$60 in components - another jug of W748, and another box each of Sierra #2400 and Hornady #3037 (I wisely grabbed an extra jug of IMR4895 a couple Bi-Mart sales ago, and all my .30-06 brass is fully processed). -Hm, I have 20 Hornady #3031 150gr .308 Interlock soft-point, I might slap those together just to have some hunting rounds for the Garand on-hand, using the same powder charge as the #3037 FMJBT. Plenty of Sierra #2305 for Mosin, and over a pound of IMR4064, but only ten empty cases, all the rest is with first sis except ten rounds with Yuri for evaluation. Need more Mosin brass! Next, more 12 gauge superlight for my sisters I think - done, about a hundred, the whole sack of hulls first sis bought at Sportsman's Warehouse, OOB, 4B, and #6. So that much is accomplished. Printed some website cards too.

    Nifty! Official Garand match results! And they spelled my name right. There's another Garand match on 11 November at Lone Oak Rifle & Pistol Club (Longview) and many of these same names appear in the listings for that club, but I can't find the place! Income permitting I want to do Even More Garand Matches. In one of the matches I found results for, the winner scored one point less than I did in my last match. I hunger for victory.

    A bit from Christopher Anvil's "The Ghost Fleet" (1961) in The Trouble With Aliens:

    The General shook his head. "You've been out of school all these years, and what have you learned? Don't you know raw ability will never take you to the top?"

    "I'd rather be myself than be at the top," said Beller. "I like to know what I think when I go to bed at night."

    Compromise sucks.

    1283 - Friday, 29 September 2006: Zz.

    ISP down.

    Made more birdshot loads for sisters (their local equivalent of English Pit (facility-wise) has a clay-thrower), in Remington hulls; my low-pressure stuff is based on Winchester AA hulls, but should be less sensitive to hull volume variations between brands, safety-margin-wise. Contemplating some 9/OO; still have some cards & fiber wads, and a quantity of high-brass hulls, mostly Federal. Blueshirts use my club (and leave lots of holes in the target holders, and prompt the board to put up signs prohibiting their use of the steel plates), and they often abandon 12 gauge hulls. (I wonder how often some old sergeant has to shoot the shotgun qualifications on some diminutive quota-hired copette's behalf?)

    I miss my Mossberg. -Can 3-Gun be done with a Garand? I know that some 3-Gun matches have a "Heavy Metal" division for FALs and M1As and G3s and such (as opposed to the usual AR). My club apparently used to do 3-Gun but hasn't since before I went there. I'd like to observe a match sometime and see how big a difference a 20- or 30-round magazine really makes. At least I still have the Marlin Camp Carbine, though I haven't seen much accuracy from it yet and only the 20-round magazine it came with appears to be reliable. Well, $hrug.

    I was a victim of political discrimination. I could sue, they might as well put up a sign that said "NOW HIRING - CONSERVATIVES NEED NOT APPLY." Well, with their Enlightened Social Policies I expect the business to be driven right into the ground, as customers seek a supplier who can actually get things done instead of feeeeling good about themselves. -What a pack of sniveling cowards, can't have an ordinary conversation about anything that challenges their bigotry. Mention the 2nd Amendment and they call a SWAT team. Worthless creatures. All those body piercings must short out the synapses. And they were so ignorant! Not just history, current events! The horror...!

    Rifle practice tomorrow! If Yuri and I can squeeze in between the "Sportsmen" and their Remchesters with our eee-vil military weapons. -Don't forget the bayonets. And the camera.

    Another subpoena, same date, different defendant.

    ISP up, check direct-deposit, sending most of rent, keeping enough for food and fuel until next week. With that under control, resuming updates.

    Florida Republican representative Foley, under allegations of sexually-explicit emails to underage congressional pages, abruptly resigns. He might be a pervert (he is a Republican and it is election season, meaning the odds are good the whole thing was fabricated, like Rather's Bush/Guard memos, Bellsiles' Arming America, or Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11). In any case Foley is possessed of enough integrity to give up his position of power - and his party is throwing him to the wolves. When's the last time a Democrat even acknowledged any wrongdoing? When's the last time that party didn't rally around their criminals? Both parties are dirty, sure. But one is measurably dirtier.

    The tinfoil-hat crowd might also wonder at school shootings conveniently near elections. If I ever have children, which I intend never to, I'd require their school to have armed teachers, and I'd challenge them to competitions to make sure they were armed, as opposed to simply equipped. I'd sell a kidney or engage in high-seas piracy (a' la Ragnar Danneskjold) or something, to keep them out of the socialist-indoctrination, mandatory-medicated, self-defense-free deathtraps of public school.

    Also made 20 more rounds .30-06 with those Hornady Interlocks, on the remote chance I'll go hunting sometime. Dunno if I'll try them tomorrow. The soft points will doubtless get mangled running through the Garand; the FMJBT suits me for match shooting, but if I could afford them I'd get Nosler Ballistic Tips (#30150) and have one load for competing, hunting, and fighting. I never signed the Hauge Convention.

    Emailing the address given for the Lone Oak club, asking about their Garand match on 11 November. Reportedly they're dismal on email but it's the only contact information I have. (I've been mostly caught up lately, whatever Cruffler might think.)

    Cruffler sends even more public-school insanity (from Norway but still). GAAAAHHH!!!

    Surfing through the Garand match results on the CMP site, I see that at a club in Washington, a Garand match was shot on the longer Course B, and the winner scored 444/4X of the possible 500, in a field of 24. The last time I fired Course B I got 440/3X in a field of 11. I can win a Garand match.

    1284 - Saturday, 30 September 2006: Gack. Acid reflux at 2am. Emphasis on acid. It burned my nostrils.

    Range day! Arrive ~9am, depart ~3pm. Yuri and I had some practice for the AvA; I recorded some good sight settings for the Queen (including 300 yards), but the MojoVZ was all over. At least one more session, with both, is required, which in turn requires the aforementioned components I can't presently afford. Furthermore, just as I expended all the match Garand rounds I brought (I took the Interlocks but didn't try them), the Queen fell from the bench to the cement pad. John C. designed her with such mishaps in mind, and the Greeks roughed her up cosmetically before I was born, so there's no great excitement there, but even before the fall I noticed that the gas cylinder had come very slightly loose again (it may have been the heat of firing releasing the Loctite), so further testing is necessary. The bayonet is more trouble than it's worth (raising POI by ~7MOA) and I'll (probably) do without in the match.

    It started out foggy:

    But this burned off in a couple hours. The Queen performed at-least-adequately all the way out to 300 yards (13 clicks up from mechanical bottom with my handload):

    Rather better at 200 (7 clicks):

    And entirely satisfactory at 100 (5 clicks):

    The VZ wasn't doing too well, even at 100 yards:

    At 200 she was fickle indeed (2 clicks up from 100yd zero):

    At 300... shrug (4 clicks up from 100yd zero). At least I hit the paper. And I have the Queen.

    The "Sportsmen" were out in great numbers and R/Os, their reserves called out, were having target breaks every 15-20 minutes:

    It got even more crowded than that later, you can see at least one empty lane on the far end, with a stool upended on the bench.

    One of these folks was using a laser boresighter, the type that plugs into the barrel, then projects a laser dot on the target, which you then adjust your scope to match, before continuing to sight-in normally.

    This shooter forgot to remove the boresighter. And I brought my camera.

    There were no injuries. The boresighter was found most of the way to the 100yd target holders. These pictures are being sent to several appropriate persons - the club's newsletter director, R/O director, club president, etc. The weapon was a fairly ordinary Savage, and I believe it was in .30-06 or a related cartridge. It is hoped that the barrel will be purchased for or donated to the club's hunter education program. Pay attention folks!

    Herein I must rant further about the "Sportsmen". They only bring their weapons out this once a year, wave them all over, don't or can't or won't follow basic range-safety rules, and otherwise make the day unpleasant for regular club members and dedicated shooters (visual aid). (One guy was moseying about with a couple rifles over his shoulders, a T/C single-shot and a bolt-action of some kind, without the sense to even open the actions. Don't any of these people have $10 Wal-Mart cases or $4 gun-show socks for their weapons?) Then they vote as their trade-unions tell them to, for people like Kerry with perfect legislative records of trying to ban our firearms (visual aid). I understand now why many clubs have closed memberships, require initiation fees, and/or don't offer public sight-in days. Furthermore there was a particular testosterone-poisoned jerk on the handgun line waving various items about there - I directed an R/O that way. And before that, another such, who started his day by firing some .41 Magnum rounds in his .44 Magnum revolver and also couldn't keep his muzzle properly directed. (Hey, David G., you reading this? Did you keep that bulged case? I shoulda got a picture.) Additionally one of the R/Os mentioned finding a quantity of .40 brass evidently fired in a .45 chamber and how in the hell do you manage that? I envy not the guys in the orange vests. I actually felt compelled to lock my car at the range today. And it will only get worse through 12 November.

    I wonder how many people were arrested and/or shot by VPD at English Pit today...? After all, they're the only ones who should have guns and some of their wittle heads might just explode at the thought of anyone else having any. Visual aid.

    And just as I'm sending the photos out the ISP goes down again.

    Anyway I did score some bonus brass, a little of which (a few .30-06) is actually directly useful. Of note are Significant Quantities of 7mm Rem. Mag. and .338 Win. Mag. Also got a little .38 and .45ACP, and Even More .223. Noticed a quantity of .45GAP but left it. Also noticed a couple .32 H&R Magnum, split longitudinally. I speculate they were fired in a M1895 Nagant 7.62mm revolver.

    First sis is on my behalf hunting down information on the Lone Oak club, and has provided me with an email address different from the one I found on the CMP site.

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