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1113 - Saturday, 1 April 2006: Zzznrk. Up before 8 again. Laundry, before too many cityfolk get there.

Back a little better maybe.

Jeff Kropf show, focus on immigration and the consensus is that assimilation is the key - and I agree completely. Being American is not a matter of blood but of mind. Anyone can become an American, and there is nothing better in this world to be. But this multicultural multilingual tax-paid-handout crap is destroying the very wealth, freedom and prosperity that immigrants seek here. Speak American! Don't take things that aren't yours! (One caller claimed that a large Fred Meyer store, in the Mexican-immigrant part of Gresham, was closed because shoplifting exceeded legitimate purchases.) WORK for a living instead of wasting my tax dollars! Control your brats! WASH YOUR &*^# HANDS AFTER YOU USE THE TOILET! Do those things and a lot of the resentment toward immigrants will evaporate.

Nearly all .357 brass processed, priming the last of it - will blow it all out, including 50 nickle-plated S&W and 82 nickle-plated Winchester, plus 401 plain brass Winchester, 533 rounds to supply two sisters and a brother-in-law (who didn't make it out of the first round in the match, but he hasn't been shooting for about 30 years except for a couple recent subversion sessions with first sis; second sis, with a brand-new pistol, was also out in the first round but made it to the second round of the Loser's Bracket). (Plate-match regular Margo's husband may be adopting my load - 4.5gr Bullseye, WSP or CCI500 primer, Magnum brass, 125gr plated lead - so I won't have to supply her, too.) (What can I say, I like the idea of More People Shooting More, and find myself compelled to contribute toward that end.) Will need another box of projectiles. And when I get my own .357 again I'll need even more brass. Virgin Winchester or Remington brass is available a couple places around here (Sportsman's Warehouse, Bi-Mart, maybe G.I. Joe's) but it's like 12¢/piece, which isn't much less than I usually pay for live factory rounds; and it's in bags of 100 - I need, like, 500. Another reason to visit the larger shows. Might go to the Hillsboro show tomorrow - nah, I have no income right now and it's still two months ‘til the Garand match. Expo on the 21st-23rd maybe, Canby 29-30, either of those should have a Miwall booth where I should find some M2 Ball or equivalent.

Attacking backed-up email again. Reader sends link to VTI Replica Gun Parts, "largest source of Uberti Parts in the U.S." And, in BadCops mode, I've seen this before but now I have a link to it. Stand-Your-Ground passes in Alaska, Georgia, and Indiana, but not yet in Alabama. Kansas almost gets concealed-carry. And here's a petition to save an innocent man who defended his home against violent invaders... who happened to be cops.

(Keep up with this stuff. The net may be the most powerful weapon in our arsenal. Which explains why the politicians want to regulate it....)

From The Federalist Patriot:

"The minute you rise to govern you become another step removed from the lives of those you govern. Which means you become removed from reality." - Peggy Noonan
She was talking about politicians but it does mesh with what I said about law enforcement.

Here in Oregon, another Orwellian tax scheme. If I found one of those trackers on my car it would suffer a terrible accident.

Phone call, first sis (wanted to make sure I wasn't in hoosegow after the grand jury) confirms she's coming down next weekend!

1114 - Sunday, 2 April 2006: Zzz.

Up late finishing The Weapon. Intense. I'll have to read Freehold eventually but... not for a while. Next in stack, Grantville Gazette II, a franchise anthology in Eric Flint's 1632 universe.

Beginning Huge Batch o' .357 while listening to Gun Talk. Everything still set from last time, just verify the powder measure's setting and go. -251 rounds complete, out of projectiles. Ah, and another hundred rounds left over from the match, good. Too much doesn't happen.

On the show, mention of Valhalla Training, with a really nifty facility but debatable techniques (specifically the use of sights). Also, NICS "coincidentally" down for "maintenance" during a huge gun show in Tulsa. Not the first time this restraint-of-trade harassment has happened, Tom Gresham vows to investigate.

[thoughts="random"] Hm, I might just barely be able to do Mauser rounds on the donated Pro1000 (it did come with a .45ACP shellplate, which will also hold the .30-06/.308/Mauser families), but I feel the old single-stage would give me better precision (and trying to resize rifle brass on the Pro1000 would probably break the table it's clamped to, and I'd get case-lube all over besides). Might do a test batch someday, sizing on the single-stage, charging and seating on the progressive. Or .308 - Mojo finally offers an SMLE sight and I still hope to get the Ishapore out of hock in Cruffler's garage, and I still have the FR8. And I'm still considering having the FR's rear sight sawed off and the old Redfield installed. Hm, much more of this high-volume handgun loading and I'll have to take another look at the Pro1000's primer feed. Will experiment with some .38 brass I think.

Big 5 Sporting Goods now places their weekly ad online, so I don't have to drive to the local store and type it up! Furthermore the link will direct you to your nearest store. (Note that it will cookie your computer and take you to the same store thereafter.)

And another one: Officer Indicted for Sex Abuse Still Receiving Salary. Fer cryin' out loud.

Escaped Sportsman's Warehouse for less than $40. Box of 125gr .358 plated lead, 12oz. jug of Nitro 100 for superlight 12 gauge.

Okay, now install the new Mojo, using padded and altered C-clamp to depress rear sight spring for (relatively) easy installation. And now I notice the Mojo MicroClick has been improved again, with 35 clicks of adjustment instead of the 28 on the last ones I bought. Same range of adjustment, but more divisions. No shooting this weekend but next, first sis visits again and we're both going to the Vintage shoot (see club newsletter) and the format allows lots of time to sight-in. No recoil pad on the M44, but between my handloads and my developed tolerance I probably don't need one. If I'm wrong SW has Pachmayrs for $10.

Speaking of Mosins, article in March/April 2006 Backwoodsman magazine. (Bought from newsstand, but if I had more money I think I'd have to subscribe - there's stuff in there that will Save Your Life when the ignorant cityfolk degenerate into what we saw in New Orleans.) Again I see that the Mosin may be the best highpower rifle bargain going. Now, a Mojo sight will about double the typical cost of either carbine or long rifle, but you'll still be way under $200, and ammunition is getting easier to find as more Mosins influence the American market. Sure it kicks, but only about as much as a .308 or .30-06, and what so-called rifleman can't handle that? Later I'll look for a bent-handle bolt body (which I can swap in without changing headspace (which I doublechecked as long as I had the M44 out of the cabinet), due to the separate bolt head), and maybe order the Mojo front aperture.

Presently I'll phone GoDaddy's tech support to get domans and hosting straightened out. Still have to set up the new ACSW site.

Oh, and my writeup for the March plate match didn't make it into the April newsletter, so May's issue should end up with writeups for both March and April matches. 15 shooters, 17 entries, and spectators too! Much more of this and they'll have to install bleachers! :) And when I get a .357 again I'll double-enter too. A .22 pistol is also on the list for a variety of reasons including subversion.

New neighbor informs that the occupants of the hovelplex' fourth unit are in fact on the reconstruction crew. At least they're not blocking the driveway. Neighbor also appears to be gunfolk, told him about matches and such.

1115 - Monday, 3 April 2006: Zzz.

Re-entering financial hibernation mode. Continuing huge .357 batch, making VHS of last match from digital camera. -Done with .357, counting stray leftovers 635 rounds completed. That'll last the family a couple minutes. :) First sis still has .38/Unique and .357/Unique test batches; also considering .38/Bullseye and .38/W231 test batches.

On Rush, movie United 93 coming out, interview with Debra Burlingame, widow of Flight 77 pilot Chick. And it turns my stomach that some people want to forget September 11th, that some people would claim it's wrong to fight terrorists. I would rather have our troops killing terrorists in Iraq, than have those terrorists kill our citizens in, say, Indiana. Better there than here. (And the Iraqis are still getting schools and hospitals and electricity and running water out of the deal. Even the places we invade and/or bomb to gravel eventually turn out better for it.) Killing terrorists is a moral imperative for the human race. It's not a national issue, not political; it's one of the purest examples of right and wrong available in the modern world. Terrorists are evil and must be destroyed. And the armed forces of the United States of America are best and most qualified to carry out that righteous destruction.

(The PATRIOT Act is a separate rant, on which my Republican and Libertarian aspects conflict.)

Looking at Pro1000 primer feed. Found all necessary parts (enough for either size), figured out how they go together - the case sensor is the problem, it has to pivot to activate a wire spring to reset the primer punch. The case cams the sensor as the shellplate rotates but the hole the sensor pivots on is enlarged and there's slop in it. Could order a replacement part for a couple bucks from Lee, might; meanwhile, may attach scrap plastic to existing sensor - need small self-tapping screws to properly anchor it I think, possibly making small pilot holes with Dremel to prevent splitting - looks like it works.

Hannity: reportedly Gore compares Bush to Neville Chamberlain. ...That may be the most inverted, Star-Trek-mirror-universe, psychotic thing I've heard all year.

Testing primer feed. I think I'll want to do it as a separate step, adding another trip through the machine. Size/decap batch of 50, skipping tumbling but that would be the next step. Now, put 50 primers in the feed tray.

...And, like WinXP, and like the donor warned me, that was more trouble than it was worth. But now I know. Going back to the handheld Auto-Prime. Someday I'll splurge on the RCBS handheld, which uses standard shellholders.

More .38 test batches - Alliant .PDF Cowboy section says 2.8-4.8gr Bullseye under 125gr lead - starting load is under 700fps, hm. 3.0gr I think. Winchester .PDF does not list 125gr lead, hm. Speer #10 (1979) gives something I may be able to work with: for a 148gr bevel-base (that is, solid-base, like the 125gr Xtreme) wadcutter, 4.1-4.7gr W231; much less for the same weight of hollow-base. Let's say, 4.0gr.

1116 - Tuesday, 4 April 2006: Znrk.

Gah, phone interview. Resumes and work-history cheat-sheet on screen, yay personal computers. Gah. Felt like I did pretty lame. This was a Beaverton job, which considering traffic means it was none too soon to bypass the Corolla's engine fans (went back and electrical-taped the heck out of the connections, on reader advice). Assembling fiberoptic test equipment, some of which I may have used at the Lake Osewego job. No word on the possibly-$14/hour Hillsboro job.


.38 test batches, haven't made them yet - 3.0gr Bullseye looks like it may give me ignition problems, even in the shorter .38 case. Recent data maxes at 4.8gr; test batch up to 3.5. Likewise 4.0gr W231 seems pretty wimpy, and this is a lighter bullet than the data I'm extrapolating from; up to 4.5gr. -Done, 50 each, at least I accomplished something today. Over 700 rounds .38 & .357 waiting to go back to the family, not counting whatever they have left over from last time. Later, size & tumble all remaining .38 brass.

Club newsletter calendar - no mention of PIG rifle match through June. Traditionally it's about the last weekend of July, but it's been shrinking alarmingly the last couple years, possibly due to the heat.

2pm, temp service calls - face interview 10am tomorrow. Gaah. I thought I did lame in the interview but I speculate that, compared to what the interviewer must encounter as the usual product of public education today, I must have seemed downright sparkly. MapQuest, etc. This will put me on the dreaded Hwy 217, which I've never commuted regularly on before.

A reader contributes More Bad Cops. Note the wording in the transcript. "Issues." A pattern forms, a good 3,000 miles wide. (What the reader actually sent is this story on subsequent harassment of the reporter by the police he dared to investigate.) Then, there's this murderously Stupid Cop. On a cop-community website yet. I'd bet it won't stay there long, I saved the HTML locally for posterity. (Oh, wait - that's a follow-up to a story I already had on the page, which has since expired. Replaced with the new link.) And you police DARE say WE'RE not qualified!

Everyone dig David Codrea's excellent ‘blog. Makes my page look wimpy.

Later, surfing from a reader-provided link, the Blueshirt Problem is being widely noticed and responded to.

Another sends this (dig the fine print):

1117 - Wednesday, 5 April 2006: Gaaah.

Nice shirt, trim beard, charge (er, crawl) across town in barely-post-rush traffic. Didn't seem disastrous but honestly I'm not sure I'd be entirely comfortable there. Perhaps I need something more structured.

Back to hovel, message from temp rep - call back - start tomorrow, 8:30am, $11/hour. Which is more than I've been making for some time. I have misgivings, and I don't want to string along a place that wants someone to stick; expressed such to temp rep; but I'll give it a try. At least I don't have to get up as early. Used the resumption of income as an excuse to buy (k)rab meat and a shrimp ring.

Still haven't touched savings and shouldn't have to; a nearly-full check from the last job this Friday, and two days this week, then regular weekly pay again.

And then back across town again for paperwork at temp office. Yay fan switch. (Last oil change I only got out a couple quarts, the rest is scattered one molecule at a time all over metro. Should be less of that now.)

Ha! Portland Police Chief Foxworth Investigated for Sexual Misconduct! HAH! These stories are all over, I don't even have to look for them. Firearms-related, KABA usually has a bunch. It's getting to be too much work to link them all!

Some actual reconstruction being performed on the fourth hovelplex unit. Or at least some alleged workers are here with their trucks blocking the driveway. Simultaneously, phone company servicing the hovelplex - and I had to rewire my socket ‘cause they used different strands from last time, but I previously educated myself on that. Anyway the box outside is user-serviceable and if I have to I'll rewire the whole thing.

Hey everybody, check this out. My neighbor, Veteran, is a highly skilled artist, particularly in woodcarving, but like me is constantly struggling with poverty. (I've been meaning for months to build him a computer so he can get on the web himself to advertise his artwork.) Anyway here's a couple Wood Spirits he whipped out recently. Whadya think? How much would you pay for this?

I think I'll at least build him a page off my site. Some of the birds he's carved look like they'll reach right out and peck you.

Meanwhile, finally phoning GoDaddy tech support (yay pre-paid long-distance cards) and I think I have the new ACSW site nearly set up. Earlier I purchased hosting space for my own site but I've procrastinated on getting the ACSW site running, even though I've had the domain purchased for a couple months. So, I got what I believe is sufficient information to assign that domain (purchased through Dotster) to my hosting space (purchased through GoDaddy), and I'll buy more hosting for my personal site later - I'm already obligated to get ACSW running. Hope to learn more tomorrow (it's percolating) and have the site running in time for the show this weekend.

1118 - Thursday, 6 April 2006: Stockboy. Not liking. This job is much slower-paced and less-structured than I like, and I'm essentially doing warehouse work, which I have grown over the years to despise. Even at $11/hour.

And a truly dreadful commute. Going an hour earlier tomorrow, which should help that some; I may get back to the hovel before 5 instead of after 6. Fan switch may work too well, technical-fuel-economy-stuff-wise, but that's better than a meltdown. I turn off the fans when I reach a reasonable speed for airflow through the radiator.

Mail, Willie has pled Not Guilty - I thought he confessed? More plea bargaining ahead it seems. "If this case should go to trial, you will receive a subpoena... indicating the tentative trial date." Request for Restitution form, getting estimated current retail values from net (Cabela's, Dixie, AuctionArms, GunBroker (the auction sites often list NIB pieces being sold by regular FFLs supplementing their brick-and-mortar sales)) - about $450 for a NIB Ruger #KGP141, maybe a little more for a NIB Mossberg #50668; counting shipping from Cabela's or Dixie, $180 for the 1851 Colt, $250 for the 1861, $200 for the Remington, and about $300 for the 3rd Model Dragoon; and crowding $400 for the original Russian SKS-45, plus another $90-odd for the magazines, for an estimated total of $2,350 (which took me years to earn and to spend - when I got the Simonov in the early '90s I paid $125; now you can hardly get a beat-up Yugo M59 for that much). Printing sheet to attach to form. Declining being present at sentencing.

Like deadbeat Willie will ever make payments. Like his parole officer will ever see him again.

Email, first sis has prior engagement Saturday, will miss Barberton show. :( But still planning to visit Sunday and attend the Vintage shoot. :)

Some responses to Veteran's woodcarving, sharing.

1119 - Friday, 7 April 2006: Bleah. Supposedly I'll be doing something "more interesting" than stockboy next week. But presently I'm building shelving. :-/

Back mostly better. The Corolla's driver's seat makes it hurt again.

Grantville Gazette II entertaining, but would probably be more so if there hadn't been such a long wait since the last volume (1634: The Galileo Affair). Many of the characters are no longer fresh in my mind.

Still fighting the ACSW setup. I followed the instructions given by GoDaddy tech support and I believe everything is set up on their end, but apparently Dotster is failing to reassign the domain name to my hosting account. -And Dotster does not have 24/7 tech support like GoDaddy does, which is another reason to stick with GoDaddy for future domain/hosting business. Emailed Dotster.

1120 - Saturday, 8 April 2006: Zzzzz.

Vintage Military Rifle Shoot day! (Not a real match.)

Reach Barberton about 11:15, bought nothing, but Cruffler showed me a subcaliber (sort of) adapter; starting with an ordinary Mosin case, the head is removed and replaced with a machined steel insert which accepts a .22 rimfire blank, like the driver cartridges for concrete nailguns, available at hardware stores. The .22 blank is located appropriately off-center for the firing pin. Projectiles consist of a single piece of OO buckshot pressed into the case mouth; reportedly other projectiles, including jacketed pistol bullets, can also be used. Also available in .308 and .30-06 and, therefore, easily made in 7.92x57mm. If anything comes of this I expect to buy at least one.

That Miroku .45 percussion rifle is still there, now marked $110 (was $115). I'd'a offered $100 cash today if a) I hadn't had another (short but real) bout of unemployment and b) I didn't already strongly dislike the job I have now.

Touched base with web-design clients. I am chagrined that I haven't got the ACSW site running yet ‘cause a) I've procrastinated, b) I've been distracted by employment issues and c) Dotster begins to suck compared to GoDaddy.

Arrive Clark Rifles about 12:30, want to do my shooting today so I can coach sis tomorrow. Cold, light rain - field jacket and gloves stored in car. This isn't a real match as I've come to know them, it's just regular shooting except for two bucks you get a chance to win something. As time permits tomorrow, may try to get sis into match positions again.

VZ, bayonet (‘cause I'll be going for the bonus points in later matches this year), bench, sandbags, (6) SR1C at 100 yards, (2) SR42C (later, full-sheet SR21 so I have a chance of actually seeing the holes through the cheap 45x Tasco) at 200. Sierra. It's been a while, I've been shooting handguns lately, but I was still on the paper, even if I had to re-zero. Should be up two clicks for 200 but that needs some work. Managed one group that wasn't completely embarrassing.

Nosler, for New Data. More bullet, less powder, recoil about the same. POI not drastically different - and my best 100-yard group of the day actually came from the Noslers, though the other two strings of them sucked worse than the Sierra.

86 Mauser rounds fired. 3pm, switch to Mosin. Downpour, scrounge brass while waiting for it to pass - score! Seven pieces Prvi Partizan 7.62x54R! This is the reloadable Serbian stuff that was recently bought out by Wolf and is now available as Wolf Gold. Also, seven Winchester 7.62x39mm. (I had, before the burglary, purchased RCBS dies and a shellholder for the then-unregistered Simonov, and indeed had started processing small amounts of brass, whenever I found reloadables at the range, though I've loaded no cartridges yet.)

The M44 is less accurate than I remember, or maybe not, I dunno. Much heavier trigger than the VZ's Timney, and the eye wants to align the curve of the Mojo's rear aperture with the curve of the original front sight's hood, which isn't necessarily where the rear sight should be in relation to the front post. Not the most splendid performance - indeed, even after boresighting from sandbags it took a few rounds just to hit the particular SR1C I was aiming at. Didn't even try at 200, but after the 28 Sierras I'd loaded were gone I tried a string of the 123gr Hornady - way lower and righter but about the same disappointing group size. Packed up arond 3:45.

In other news, according to the R/O there was this morning what is known, in the Culture, as a kB (kaBOOM), a Catastrophic Failure. The shooter (frequent rifle match director and newsletter editor Laurits Dixon) is (mostly) uninjured (reportedly, minor surface cuts and, no doubt, the traditional Change Of Underwear) but his Eddystone M1917 is reportedly totaled. No clear cause yet but someone suggested his cases weren't trimmed enough, leading to excessive pressure. I expect it will be written up in the newsletter.

And as I'm packing up I read the event copy posted at the line and discover that aftermarket triggers (like the VZ's Timney) are disallowed. Also aftermarket front sights (like the VZ's Mojo front aperture) are implicitly disallowed, though rear sights are not. Hmm. So, another try tomorrow, possibly with just the Mosin, to be rule-abiding.

Reloaded 41 rounds Mosin, 46.1gr IMR4064, 125gr .311" Sierra Pro Hunter, WLR primer, 2.85" COL. 28 Winchester, 5 S&B, 1 Norma and the 7 scrounged Prvi Partizan. The Prvi brass has a significantly higher case capacity than Winchester, S&B, or Norma. The presumably-once-fired Prvi cases measured right at the maximum length (2.114"), trimmed to published 2.105". Other brands usually needed much more trimming after once-fired. Prvi primer pockets are deeper than the others as well, though I've seen primers as deep on the Albanian surplus which always went bang, and if necessary the Mosin's firing-pin protrusion is easily adjusted in the field; and a little looser, the primers seated very easily compared to the others (using the priming arm on the RCBS single-stage press ‘cause I don't have the proprietary shellholder for the Lee Auto-Prime (ditto 7.62x39mm)). No difficulties processing Prvi brass, just differences.

Email backing up again.

Presently I'll be resizing 260 pieces of Mauser brass, once the last 35 live rounds are expended. That takes days, 20 or 30 or 50 at a time. Then there's the tumbling and the trimming and the priming, and then I'm out of .323" projectiles except for the 34 remaining Nosler 180gr Ballistic Tip. And I'll need more W748.

1121 - Sunday, Appomattox Day, Iraqi Liberation Day, 9 April 2006: Iraqi Liberation Day, I'll have to build a new historical blurb for the front page:

On 9 April 2003, the nation of Iraq was liberated from decades of tyrrany under Saddam Hussein by the armed forces of the United States of America.

Znrk. Up early to crash-clean hovel again.

Another thing I procrastinated was some 12 gauge superlight for my double on loan to sis, oh well. I did make a mess of .357 and a little .38.

Off to the range! And sis did better with her Izhevsk 91/30 long rifle than I did with my Hungarian M44 carbine. I turned in a couple crappy targets, sis turned in a couple rather less crappy. All Mosin and all Mauser handloads expended, much elbow grease for full-length sizing in my future. (I don't use neck sizers; cases tend to fail at the neck first anyway, and the Mosin rounds at least I'm supplying to two different rifles.) (Scrounged eight more pieces of Prvi Mosin brass! Sis still has two boxes of live Prvi. No difficulty or danger signs with the seven reloads in that brass so far.) Got a good 100-yard zero for the VZ at least, but the M44 is all over the place. Can't quite figure out whether the VZ should be two, three, or four clicks up at 200 yards. Soon I'll be spending about a hundred bucks at Sportsman's Warehouse on .323 and .311 Sierras; I'll get W748 at Bi-Mart the next time they have it on sale; I'll need another brick of primers; and I'm still tired of fussing with IMR stick powders and want to change to an easy-metering ball powder for the Mosin. Might try H380 again.

Only seven in the Vintage shoot, counting myself and sis. That may not be enough to fill all the prize slots depending on how the event-copy is interpreted. Sis has a better chance of winning something than I. Partly I can blame the respective weapons - the 91/30 is good, but so is she.

Here's the next-to-last string from the VZ, which is disallowed under the Vintage Shoot rules (that's a 4"-long Leatherman SideClip, for scale):

Here's the two targets I turned in for the competition, from the Mosin carbine (the blue target is a one-inch grid and was shot at 100 yards; the other is a standard SR-1, shot at 200 yards):

And here's sis' best 100- (blue) and 200- (SR1) yard targets of the day:

Note sis' 200-yard target. On top is a flyer from another target that was posted above this one; at upper left, just inside the 7 ring, is a flyer from this string which was otherwise 95%. Sis has potential (and, yes, a good rifle). Getting her multiple-surgery knees into match positions will be a separate challenge....

No word on a date for the PIG, but the Vintage shoot director says he'll be there, whenever it is. Giving serious thought to having the FR8's rear sight sawed off and replaced with the sweet old Redfield #80 I picked up umpty Barbertons ago. Um, should Loctite the flash hider.

No handgun practice today but I did deliver the huge mess o' .357 to first sis, who will split it with second sis and brother-in-law to continue their subversion. Tortured ourselves for a while at Sportsman's Warehouse, sis fondling a S&W 617 (10-shot .22LR L-frame - I didn't like the plain black sights, or the zit, but I was pleased to see the cylinder is proper stainless now; I was under the impression the early production used alloy cylinders; $540) and I a CZ75 (in .40, the only one they had; I'd prefer 9x19mm in the CZ75, or the CZ97 in .45ACP, or the EAA Witness in 10x25mm; $420). I could spend a thousand bucks in there on any visit, just on reloading components, tools, and shooting gear (and the occasional book), without even buying actual firearms.

Work tomorrow, bleah.

Response from Dotster, instructing me to... do what I already did to assign the name servers. It does however say "24-72 hours" to percolate. (GoDaddy only says 24 hours, and in my limited experience thus far, sticks to it.) If it's not working by Tuesday I'll... become annoyed.

Bills, bleah. At least I do have a cushion of savings now but am striving to avoid it.

New Shotgun News, full page ad from Century for HotShot rifle ammunition - and if you stare at the photo you can see "Made in Serbia" on the box, suggesting this is another source for the Prvi Partizan which is now known as Wolf Gold. And except for a couple belted magnums, it's all under $0.50/round. Article on pistols seen at SHOT Show, including USFA's reintroduction of the old, quality Super .38 and .22 Ace 1911 variants, and the news that S&W has hung an equipment rail off a revolver (someone had to I guess).

1122 - Monday, 10 April 2006: Shelving, bleah.

Mail: federal tax refund seized for an old debt, as expected. At this rate it's the only way I can pay anyway, shrug.

Laundry, bleah.

Getting ready for big rifle brass sizing thing - lost a Mauser case! Federal brand, split at neck after about a half-dozen uses:

That's an actual hole with daylight through it. Tossed in spares drawer, maybe I'll have a .44 AutoMag someday. Gosh, that leaves only 259....

Went back to Dotster and followed instructions in email, which were in fact slightly different from how I did it last time. "24-72 hours."

Other email backed up.

On my last trip to Grocery Outlet I also got a cheap $5 appliance timer, with a three-prong plug, so I can run the case tumbler while I'm away at work or the laundromat or such.

Finishing Grantville Gazette II, interesting nonfiction comparative-technology essays in the back. Afterword that Flint & Weber will be starting 1634: The Baltic War "very soon" and will the fans please put down the torches and pitchforks. Next, Flint & Spoor's Boundary, reviewed a month or so ago in the 'blog accompanying Schlock Mercenary but I already had it in my hold queue 'cause it's from Flint via Baen.

1123 - Tuesday, 11 April 2006: Today I drilled holes in metal. But mainly I'm still stockboy. And filing! Like with folders and cabinets.

I'll say this for it, it's not strenuous. (Not counting the commute.)

Good Friday off, zzz.

Email, a tentative date for the PIG, 24 June, a month earlier than usual to avoid the heat that's been killing attendance the last two years. (I've a soft spot for the PIG; it was my first-ever match.) E-exhorting sis to practice match positions (she still has my copy of The Art of the Rifle and should also have one of my copies of Fred's Guide, and my prone mat which I forgot to take out of her car).

And it's up! Or will be by the time y'all read this. ACSWW.ORG! Dotster came through, but GoDaddy is still way user-friendlier.

Flint & Spoor's Boundary is a page-turner of the Want to Know What Happens Next kind.

1124 - Wednesday, 12 April 2006: Bleah.

More stockboy, more shelving, but later I finally started some assembly. -This place is a mess, almost as bad as my apartment. Inventory and tools and derelict product are all over, work instructions are deficient, and for supervisors I have Loud Howard (Dilbert reference) and a V e r y S l o w S p e a k e r. Kill me now.

Mail, subpoena as witness, 8:15am Monday 1 May. "To avoid unnecessary appearances, please call again the day before the trial date to confirm that the trial is still scheduled."

1125 - Thursday, 13 April 2006: Gaah. Boy am I glad I have tomorrow off.

In the news; remember that DEA agent, the "only one in this room professional enough", who shot himself in the foot in front of a roomful of schoolchildren? Now he's suing DEA for making the video public. A doofus, a bumbler, and a whiner.

Flight 93 Hijack Transcript.

Portland police chief Foxworth on (paid, naturlich) leave while being investigated for sexual harassment; acting chief Rosie Sizer is reportedly married to ex-sheriff Dan Noelle, who according to OFF was keeping KGB-style dossiers on CHL holders. I feel a compulsion to take a long scalding shower with lots of soap. In another state.

Finished Boundary, not an earth-shattering whizbang read but there was a bit of Grand Scale in it and on the whole it worked well. Next is Weber, In Fury Born, greatly expanded from 1992's Path of the Fury which I haven't read and now won't have to. Honor! Betrayal! Intrigue! Vengeance! Epic Space Opera! Also it seems this is one of the I-Must-Do-This projects (along with At All Costs, the biggest and deepest Harrington volume yet) which prevented Weber from collaborating with Flint on the next volume(s) of the 1632 saga.

1126 - Good Friday, 14 April 2006:

Two day's pay, okay. ISP bill (last month's check still hasn't cleared...), storage rent, groceries.

Seen on rec.guns, referring to the doofus DEA agent: "On the door of the police supply store where I go for holsters & belts, there's a sign saying ‘No loaded weapons except for police officers'. The owner says his wife wants the sign there, but he finds that cops are the most careless of any of his customers."

From Lars Larson: years ago, the use of dogs in cougar hunting was banned in Oregon. Today, cougar populations are booming and becoming an increasing threat to livestock, pets, and humans - I've 'blogged this before. Now, instead of letting hunters pay for the opportunity to hunt cougars with dogs, which would both control the cougar population and generate revenue, the state's plan is to use our tax dollars to hire professional hunters to hunt cougars... with dogs.

Al Qaeda: your target for tonight is the State Capitol Building in Salem. Please.

(Yes, I'm a cat person; Fuji, my own personal Snow Cougar, is in my lap as I type this; yes, cougars are gorgeous and I will not hunt them. But someone has to before they start eating our chilluns, and I oppose restrictions on doing so, and with people lining up to pay for the chance it is difficult to express how stupid I find the state's plan to be.)

Meanwhile, over in Maryland, black republican lieutenant governor Steele, running for governor, gets pelted with Oreo cookies by "tolerant, inclusive" liberals. And they call me bigoted.

In supermarket, special edition Combat Arms magazine, from Guns & Ammo, leapt right into the cart. (I knew I $houldn't have gone down that aisle....) Feature article on Wolf Gold ammunition, formerly Prvi Partizan, from Serbia, which as I told someone during the Shoot last weekend is "Not Wolf". Feature article on the PKM, Kalashnikov's GPMG, nearly as common as his Avtomat. Feature article on new developments in Chinese small arms, a whole new family including new cartridges. Partial reprint of Kokalis' Shotgun News article on the RPG (Primedia owns both G&A and SGN). Feature article on the 7.62x54R cartridge my sister did so well with last weekend. And much more. Guess it was worth seven bucks.

On the cover, for another feature article, the new AA-12 automatic (cyclic 300 rpm) shotgun, reportedly descended from the near-mythical Atchisson. 20-round drum, really bulky - there's got to be a better way to feed such a beast, even with conventional rimmed shotshells, huh? Look at the Spectre submachinegun with it's 4-column 50-round magazine, eh? Okay, that's rimless 9x19mm - but what about the SMLE, or the SVT40, or the SVD and several copies & derivatives thereof, hm (another feature article on the Romanian PSL (which is actually more an RPK derivative according to the text, but is still 7.62x54R))? And the sights are ridiculously tall, like the M16 series, due to the straight-line stock, a recoil-reducing concept that goes all the way back to the FG42 (which, come to think of it, also had ridiculously-tall sights). But in addition, something I've thought of for years, our military is officially developing the FRAG-12 system, which if I read it right would turn nearly any 3" 12-gauge (like the under-$200 X-Mart Mossberg/Maverick) into a 19mm grenade launcher. Some Swiss outfit was working on that years ago, too. (Although the current AA-12 is 2¾" only and must be redesigned to accommodate FRAG-12.) Okay, five grenades per second in a shoulder-fired package is a worthwhile goal.

More news: New Orleans to Return Confiscated Firearms. Those would be the ones they denied, for months, that they even had. -What's left of them. How many were deliberately disabled by NOPD? How many will come back in worse shape than my Dragoon? How many walked out of the evidence room, or never even made it in? Sue those thieving blueshirt bastards homeless. And, in a different color shirt, TSA goons hassle a Marine returning from Iraq. And not for the first time even. Power corrupts, eh? Hey, at least he didn't have mammaries for them to fondle.

Email way backed up, will work on it this weekend.

Beginning Big Rifle Brass Resizing Project, 50 of Mosin after a warm-up of 20-odd 7.62x39mm (Winchester, PMC, Federal, even at least one Lapua, all with large primers; in the spares drawer, one Remington with a small primer), which was effortless by comparison. I figure 50 a day, and all the Mosin first 'cause the trimmer is set for it now. RCBS dry case-neck lube does work, and is worth it to avoid smearing the mouth of Every Single Case with a cotton swab. For the main case lube, still using leftover oil treatment goop (which I don't use in the car anymore, but the dregs in the near-empty bottles may last years) on an old sock.

Still looking at sis' 200-yard 91/30 group. She's... shooting better than me, I think, and with far less highpower experience. I could blame it on the relative rifles; I did declare the 91/30 my best rifle before I gave it to her. But women often become better shots than men. Now, if she can do the same thing from match positions, if she can get into match positions with her damaged knees....

I'll have to order the aperture pack from Mojo, perhaps a smaller one will help me with the M44. On the 91/30 the sight radius allows the front sight hood to disappear behind the body of the rear Mojo, but on the M44 that hood is distractingly visible. I might also just get a Mojo front aperture for the M44.

Oh, and the fourth hovelplex unit is for rent - for a bit over twice what I'm paying. Although they really did gut the place.

Whoa! Lost a Mosin case, incipient head separation! S&B, three or four uses. That would have been really annoying in a match, or on a hunt, or in the midst of a jackboot migration:

The upper ring is the incipient separation point; the lower ring is where the Lee PaceSetter sizing die stops, with the accompanying Lee shellholder kissing the die at the highest point of the press ram's travel. Fortunately my reloading technique gives me four or five separate chances to lay eyes on each case (lubing before sizing, separating from media after tumbling, measuring for trimming & chamfering, priming, charging & seating). Hey sis, thanks again for the cool camera! Hopefully this picture will save some other reloaders from a sticky moment. (Though I am still fighting the really-close-up autofocus.)

In Combat Arms, pg. 43, article "Combat Shotguns" by Patrick Sweeney: "For a while my IPSC club was sharing a range with officers from the local police department. ...They had annual qualification, which was almost laughable. The handgun portion was so sedate that you could have halved the times and we civilians could have easily passed. But the shotgun qual. was an utter hoax. Each officer had to fire five rounds downrange. There was no target. As near as I could tell, as long as they hit the ground and didn't wave the muzzle at the training Sergeant or his cruiser, they passed." (-And still no responses to my challenge.) -Sweeney's article is actually rather derisive of shotguns as fighting weapons but part of this seems to stem from most of the "fighting" models being only cosmetically different from sporting designs. Farnam raises similar concerns; most of these weapons aren't built for real battle. But I am still compelled to replace my Mossberg M590. (I am of the impression the M590A1 is beefed up even more.)

And I must also re-acquire a .357 revolver so I can humiliate the blueshirts and their high-capacity wunderglocken with my "quaint" old six-shooter. First sis is probably there already, and second sis, with two perfect (out of five) qualifying runs in her first-ever plate match, with a brand-new pistol she'd first fired the day before, isn't far behind.

1127 - Saturday, 15 April 2006: Zzzzz.

Bowling-pin match ‘way up in the hills of SW Washington today but I'm vegging this weekend. Some other time; I'm on the list for it. No shows this weekend; Expo next, dunno. OAC 30th, also Canby that weekend.

Still haven't touched savings at least. Disappointed about the (rilly rilly big) federal refund I didn't get, oh well, I carefully hadn't budgeted it. No state refund yet. Will probably get a ~$300 Sentry safe next time Bi-Mart cuts the price; the Corolla still runs and is tagged ‘til July ‘07, so a car can wait a while.

Slogging through email:

Reader sends this activism tool to fax your congresscreatures free, for those who don't have time or resources to countermarch against these Marxist third-worlders (big rally downtown yesterday in fact - I and my temper stayed a hundred blocks away).

Another sends this link calling for a boycott of Borders and Waldenbooks to protest those companies' invertebrate stance on the First Amendment.

From the lists, Public Schools Ban U.S. Flag. Insert extremely foul language here.

While answering another reader's Mosin questions I surfed into this article on improving Mosin triggers (without doubling the cost of the rifle with a Huber). Article is downloadable as a .PDF too. My Hungarian M44 has lots of sear engagement and I think this technique may help. (But it's such a pain getting the stock off....) Sis' 91/30 should be left well enough alone - throw out the flyer and she's crowding 2MOA at 200 yards!

From rec.guns, this looks useful - but as Fred points out it's difficult to get Americans off their backsides.

Reader sends this British designer, with free .PDF plans for a 9x19mm maschinenepistole, who is of course being persecuted by his socialist government. Send him some money.

1128 - Easter Sunday, 16 April 2006: Zzzzz.

Gun Talk, the big news that hit the lists a couple days ago, Wal-Mart will stop firearm sales in about a third of their stores. Host Tom Gresham dismisses the antis as a cause and blames market forces and accountants, but he did predict this months ago (I think I blogged it at the time) and expresses concern for the impact on the firearms industry - it's a significant market share that's going away.

All Mosin brass sized, not counting 24 live rounds with Hornady bullets that I set aside last Saturday and forgot about when sis visited Sunday. Final inspection - priming - 113 pieces complete. About 50 pieces 7.62x39mm fully processed.

RCBS dry case neck lube is adequate for 7.62x54R, with Lee dies, with a long-taper expander ball that barely needs lube anyway; and for 7.62x39mm in RCBS dies with a stubby little neck that requires little force. The dry lube is not adequate for 7.92x57mm in Hornady dies and it seems I must go back to the gooped cotton swab in the mouth of Every Single Case if I don't want to risk breaking the table every time I lower the ram. And I barely started, leaving 240-something pieces. This will take a while.

1129 - Monday, Tax Day, 17 April 2006:

Citizens Against Government Waste

Taxpayer Association of Oregon

National Taxpayers Union

Americans for Tax Reform

The Tax Foundation


From The Federalist Patriot:

"To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it."
- Thomas Jefferson

Bleah. So I'm assembling, but I'm also still doing stockboy. And as for the assembly - parts shortages, Really Bad work instructions, and the slow pace will drive me nuts. This is semi-custom work, where it takes days to produce one device. I am discovering I don't have the temperament for that.

And I deeply loathe warehouse work. Considering bailing out at or not long after the end of the month and having the temp service(s) fetch something else. (Rent will be covered after this week....) OTOH, eleven bucks an hour....


Weather - if that was Indian Summer, this must be Paleface Winter.

1130 - Tuesday, 18 April 2006: Unemployed again, blushing-pink text again. I just couldn't stand it. Especially when I, formerly a tooling technician, was given the Wrong Tool to crimp a terminal onto a wire. So I go to the supervisors and give notice, offering to finish the month, or the week, or to leave immediately. They chose the third option.

Eh. Stopped at temp office but my regular rep was out for the day - emailing him. (Or I would if I could get online. I can connect, and the server appears to accept my username and password, but then it just sits there and doesn't transfer any data. Phone tech support (5pm) - message.)

Now don't nobody go sending me money (ESPECIALLY YOU, SIS!), despite that little PayPal button down at the bottom. I have, for a change, a good cushion of savings, plus $300-odd in the pipeline, and I'm going to see a) how fast I can get employed again and/or b) how long I can go without using savings.

Meanwhile I'll sleep in dammit.

Weather improving.

Not going to Expo this weekend, duh, like I could stand the crowds anyway. Will go to Plate Match on Sunday (seven bucks, shrug, and I have something over 300 rounds of UMC 9x19mm), and maybe get a few pics of the FAL match for the newsletter too. Canby show next weekend, and OAC show on the 30th, theme "Target Rifles & Pistols."

New American Rifleman. Feature articles on the Richmond Incident, Kimber's M8400 as the "heir apparent" to the Winchester M70, and the closing of the New Haven plant.

1131 - Wednesday, Patriot's Day, 19 April 2006: Zzz.

Phone temp service - nothing yet.

Iguanasoft still down - left another message.

Making business cards for Veteran neighbor's woodcarving. Web page too, if I can ever get online again. More pictures later (he has a hardcopy album) if I can get my scanner running (which I haven't used since the last computer upgrade).

Noonish, Iguanasoft is back up, must have been some kind of server trouble.

In Fury Born - Weber is Still Really Wordy, and honestly some of his dialogue is almost as bad as Turtledove's. But it's worth slogging through.

Using petro-based lube, or at least the lube I use, in the case necks causes the tumbling media to stick there (even after an hour and a half in the tumbler), which could cause all kinds of problems if I hadn't previously learned to look for it. Which is why I tried the dry lube, but it's not working well with the Hornady die's expander.

1132 - Thursday, 20 April 2006: Zz.

Restless. Wasted gas on a four-hour drive around Mt. Hood. Part of me wanted to keep right on going to Wyoming. A bigger part wanted to keep right on going to Monticello. At least, on a Thursday morning and early afternoon, there was hardly anyone else out there.

And just as I get back, another Portland police detective phones, asking for details of my stolen weapons, trying to compare them to some seen in a security video of some armed robbery somewhere. ...And again law enforcement "professionals" display a deeply disturbing lack of knowledge regarding firearms. The detective wanted to know if the Mossberg M590 was a "single- or double-barrel," or if it, or the Colt Dragoon "rifle," could have been "sawed off." This while the e-lists are still a-flutter over the DEA agent, "the only one in this room professional enough," who shot himself in the foot and is suing the government for releasing the videotape of his stupidity.

I really must make that VHS tape of the March Plate Match (.AVI clips still on my camera), so the next time someone says "only the police should have guns" I can show them video of "civilians" mowing down the steel, then show the video of a "professional" for comparison. Hssss. And don't forget the recently-‘blogged description, from a national firearms publication, of police "qualification". -I wouldn't be so venomous toward police about this if they didn't keep rubbing my nose in their ignorance and incompetence, while simultaneously having the ARROGANCE to insist they are more qualified than I.

Speaking of which, when I did my usual nightly net session a few hours later, I found this tidbit from a post in rec.guns by the respected and successful Virginia Citizens Defense League:

Urgent Action Item: Prince William members!

A few days ago, in a quiet action that VCDL learned of too late (via an NRA alert), the Prince William Board of Supervisors voted 6 to 2 to BAN hunting with buckshot!

VCDL is not primarily a hunting organization, but we back ALL gun owners and legal gun activities and so we are going to get involved.

If you are a hunter, you might want to put some duct tape around your head to keep it from exploding. Ok, you were warned!

The Chief of Police actually said that buckshot was dangerous because it spreads out when you shoot it!

All shotgun shells, except the much more powerful slugs, spread out and weaken rapidly. That is what makes them SAFER for hunting in urban areas, for crying out loud!

Nothing worse, or more irresponsible, than a Chief of Police, who obviously knows nothing of hunting with buckshot, making incorrect statements like that....

Some states (for example), whose governments' heads aren't quite so far up their backsides, do in fact have shotgun-only seasons, or areas, for hunting, because buckshot becomes less effective faster as distance increases and because proper rifles, or shotguns loaded with slugs, are considered too dangerous due to those areas' population densities. Cops don't know which end the hot stuff comes out of and have no credibility whatsoever regarding the safe and responsible, much less the EFFECTIVE, use of firearms! The detective who called me today admitted "I don't know anything about shotguns... I've never fired one...." Gaah, gimme some of that duct tape.

1133 - Friday, 21 April 2006: Zz.

Okay, the time card I turned in Tuesday afternoon got processed in time for today's direct deposit, so I have just under $400 in checking, I'm all right for a while even without touching savings. Re-reentering financial hibernation mode.

Gas prices up - local ARCO $2.69, some brands breaking $3 for the higher grades.

Made ~12-minute VHS from .AVIs on the digital camera. Objectively, pretty lame, but for my first video production I guess it's not mortifying. There is a frustrated filmmaker within me.... Anyway now the memory card is cleared for this month's match.

I frequently rant on public schools. Mallard Fillmore has a couple (1, 2) recent offerings that are indeed relevant.

1134 - Saturday, 22 April 2006: Zzzz.

Can't get scanner running, hm. Well, it may finally be dead, it's some years old. I could go down to Fry's or someplace and get another, I only paid $50 for this one. Later. (Probably still just software trouble though....) Hm, I could take digital photos of Veteran's hardcopy woodcarving photos and upload those .JPGs... all it should need is enough light, and the camera goes up to 4.1 megapixels and I can crop and mutilate it from there....

Email: gun control parody site; 9mm reloading tips; yet another ‘blog calling out the blueshirts (specifically in New Orleans); commentary from GOA's Larry Pratt.

Speaking of public schools, here is a report on lefty indoctrination in Tuscon, with a related story.

1135 - Sunday, 23 April 2006: Match day! No bragging rights for me this time, I got knocked out in the first round by last month's (and this month's) winner Jim Breen with his Taurus PT92 (which I wouldn't turn my nose up at; it has a proper Browning-type safety and can be carried cocked-and-locked, so you never need to use the double-action trigger). Breen was knocked out later in the Autoloader division but came back through the Losers' Bracket to face... me again, and this time he beat me just as my slide went forward after reloading, with only the Popper stop plates left. But it was a good match, worth $7 and worth getting out of the hovel. The P35 is not as accurate as the stolen GP100, sigh, but it's certainly accurate enough to fight with. And I hadn't practiced. Zero malfunctions for the P35, including UMC ammunition. At least I know I can trust the pistol and both 13-round magazines.

Made "PRESS" card to stick in my hatband, heh. Also got some good pics of the FAL match, including a nifty group photo using tripod and timer:

And here's my writeup for the Plate Match:

Please note: Due to recent changes in membership rules, the Plate Match will now be held on the FOURTH SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH, thus leaving the handgun line open for walk-in members on Sundays, which are open to the public. The next Plate Matches will be on 27 May and 24 June.

Fourteen shooters gathered on a perfect spring day, Sunday the 23rd, for the April Steel Plate Shoot at Clark Rifles in Brush Prairie, Washington. Counting multiple entries, the field totaled nineteen (up two from last month), for a full day of banging and clanging.

The overall match winner was Jim Breen, who has now won two months in a row. Jim was entered in all three divisions and won the Revolver division with his Ruger GP100 to reach the final round. Doug Nelson took second in the Revolver division with his Taurus .357. James Tierney won the Autoloader division and Second Place Overall with a SIG P226 in .40, while Ron Booker placed second in that division with a Springfield XD 9mm. In .22s, 13-year-old Tom Booker took the division and Third Overall with his scoped S&W M22A, narrowly defeating Garth Thompson's scoped Browning Buck Mark. New and returning shooters were welcomed, including Chris Hall, Kevin Huffman, Les Lake, Karl Leffler, Roger Nettles, Bryan Porter, and Rebecca Smith.

Signup and setup begins behind the handgun line at 9am and time trials begin at about 9:45. Latecomers may still sign up before the time trials end. Depending on the number of shooters, the match may run past 2pm. You will need at least 150 rounds of ammunition, and at least two magazines for autoloaders or two speedloaders for revolvers. No special equipment is needed. Match fee is $7 per entry, and you may enter more than one division. Juniors shoot free. For more information, contact the Plate Match Director, Jim Irion, at (360) 256-8776 or jdirion (at) earthlink.net. Visit the club's website at WWW.CLARKRIFLES.ORG.

Hm, Saturdays now. Ah, that means I won't miss Gun Talk anymore! I really want to go to the next match, but that's Memorial Day weekend and I mostly-promised my family I'd be up there. I've already expressed misgivings about holiday traffic (and revenuers) too. But, here's a thought: skip the Friday traffic, go to the Plate Match Saturday morning, and hit the road straight from the club Saturday afternoon, arriving in Everett Saturday evening and still having Sunday and Monday with the family. Emailing them.

Meanwhile, Guns magazine has made some back issues available for .PDF download - way back issues, like December 1955 and March & April 1956. Beware, they're big - 12/55 is 31Mb - and they probably won't be available indefinitely.

Aaa, sunburn!

1136 - Monday, 24 April 2006: Zzz. Ow. Zzz.

Woo hoo! Sis won Third Place, and a club patch, and three bucks, in the Vintage Shoot! (I reportedly placed fourth.) I'll make a certificate - that'll be her second (I made one for her third-overall finish in the October 2005 Plate Match). Oh! That reminds me, Jim Irion and I discussed making certificates for the Plate Match, for the overall winner at least, and also for the Second & Third places and/or the Division winners. Yay word processors.

Lars Larson show - Tillamook Country Smoker, makers of my favorite honey-glazed beef jerky, are reportedly shutting down for the May 1st mass-walkout to support illegal immigration. NOOOOOO!!! I don't want to boycott them! -Later, a company honcho gets on the air and says anyone who walks out is fired. Whew. Though Lars was far less than tactful with him.

And that's also the date for Willie's trial, which I sincerely hope will be delayed ‘cause I do not want to go downtown under any circumstances, much less unarmed and surrounded by thronging racist thieving diseased (tuberculosis, leprosy) Marxist third-world SCUM. Lars bashing Bush over immigration.

Veteran's wood spirits are selling at $25 each! And the only two he has completed at present are sale-pending. That should cheer him up at least.

Conflict between the PIG and the June Plate Match, NOOOOOO!!!

First sis is cool with the Memorial Day weekend plan. Maybe I can lure her down here for the May Plate Match and we can convoy up to Everett. (I'd still take the Corolla so she wouldn't have to drive me back.)

Finished In Fury Born, didn't suck, but the blending of fantasy and science fiction wasn't entirely my bag. Of course there is room for a less-fantastic explanation of what the Fury really is. Room for a sequel too. Next is... In the Beginning: Tales from the Pulp Era, Robert Silverberg, limited edition, signed even. Sixteen of his early works, "...the simple and unselfconsciously fast-paced adventure story of the pulp-magazine era."

Processed more Mauser brass.

With the resolution bumped up some, taking a picture of a picture is a viable proposition with the extra-super-nifty digital camera sis gave me for my birthday, and there are now more pictures of Veteran's work on his page. Dig that mallard hen. I don't think I like the look in her eye.... Ah, and the eagle, merganser, and both mallards are in fact available.

Reader sends:

I'm listening to the Cobb County GA. police scanner online, and just heard a cop call in to run a pistol check, he described it as a 25 caliber Smith and Watson... I think we are in a world of trouble if they are the only ones profesional enough.
When I first responded to this reader, I doublechecked my Krause Standard Catalog to see if Smith & Wesson ever made anything in any .25 (they didn't). Then, when I 'blogged it just now, the "Watson" part sunk in. Head... exploding... need... duct tape....

Email still flying over the new match schedule, the PIG may be moved!

1137 - Tuesday, Holocaust Remembrance Day, 25 April 2006: Zzz.

Lars Larson calling for boycott of dairy products because the unions representing dairy workers in Oregon and Washington support the May 1st walkout. A few farmers (who sell to whatever dairy is buying) calling in to oppose the walkout but no actual dairies returning calls.

Blew out .38 brass so the tumbler has something to do while I trim, inspect and prime the previous batch of Mauser brass. Only a hundred-odd .358 plated lead bullets left - oh, and 200 Speer 110gr JHP, but I don't have an established load for them, no weapon to develop a load in, and the more expensive jacketed rounds should be saved for business anyway (bought them on impulse on sale at Bi-Mart - for business I use factory rounds for handguns).

State primary election, campaign ads, yecchh. Radio's bad enough, I don't dare turn on the TV.

Local ARCO now $2.77, up from $2.73 yesterday. I filled up last week at $2.69.

Veteran has made a sale! The two wood spirits will be on their way presently, he's boxing them up now. He says it doesn't take him long to whip one out, unlike his three-figure prize-winning wildfowl sculptures. When he gets more work finished there'll be pics.

Inspected and primed bucket o' .38 brass, 516 pieces, mostly CCI #500, the rest WSP (bought another brick on sale at Bi-Mart). Plus 150 live rounds in test batches with sis.

1138 - Wednesday, 26 April 2006: Zzzzz.

New neighbor touches base, reports on latest in a long line of suspicious activity in the cul-de-sac and on hovelplex soil. (In the back corner, I cannot see, or be seen from, the street.) Somewhere in the hovel I have a floodlight or two, I'll dig them out. One has a light-sensitive switch, and motion switches aren't too expensive at the hardware store down the street. Also rumor that there will finally be a laundry room on-site!

On Lars, a Republican state rep - Dan Doyle - was convicted of campaign finance violations a year or so ago and is now in some other financially-questionable situation. As I've previously noted, while the Left "defends their monsters" like statutory rapist Democrat ex-governor Neil Goldschmidt, Republicans throw their criminals to the wolves. Such as Randy "Duke" Cunningham, the famous Vietnam jet ace, now serving time for taking bribes. Conservatives (i.e. Savage) wring their hands and say "what a tragedy it is that this great American war hero was corrupted," but they don't rally around him proclaiming his innocence or blaming some Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy. The Republican party can claim some moral superiority over the Democrats. Not much - look how they're spending, and consistently selling out gunfolk - but some.

Wow. That's... great. Whaddaya do when the batteries go dead? Jim Irion hasn't bothered to put the red-dot back on his 686 since it failed last year, and the only scopes in the whole match last time were on Tom and Garth's .22s:

Immigration, still. Our 14th Amendment says, in part:

Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
This is part of the problem - the "anchor baby." Illegals cross the border 8.9 months along, drop as soon as they're on our soil, and the baby is a U.S. citizen. What to do? I have here a little experimental laboratory, if you will; the relevant bit is in my Article I, Section 4, paragraph 5. Any ideas? -Okay, instead of simple territorial birth, how about a Subject must be born of at least one Jeffersonian parent who is already a Citizen or a Subject? But there's another loophole - the Jeffersonian Republic's year is based on the Monticellan calendar, for the second planet around Tau Ceti, and that year is 228 Terran days, which is shorter than the normal human gestation period, so there I am right back at anchor babies again, though I have put a bit of bottleneck in the process. Hmm. Well let's see, how long is the USA's naturalization period, 7 Terran years? How about 5 Monticellan years for Subjectry? (Citizenship, of course, must still be earned through service, much like the Swiss model - or Jerry Pournelle's Spartan model in his Falkenberg/CoDominium universe.) Of course the Jeffersonian Subject has some similarities to the Resident of some libertarian utopias (like Williamson's Freehold of Grainne or L. Neil Smith's Pallas), specifically "freedom includes the freedom to starve", so it's not like my Republic is dumping zillions of tax bucks into social parasitism like this nation.


Later, surfing: dig the comments on this discussion of NOPD.

1139 - Thursday, 27 April 2006: Zzzzz. I'll have to go back to work eventually I guess. Don't wanna.

New Bi-Mart flyer and while I'm in the store fetching it (and trying not to spend any money), I find a booklet that lists other discounts around town with the membership card through 31 August - including $2 off Rose City/Collectors West gun shows! Including the Canby show this weekend where I'll be hunting Garand fodder for the match on 3 June. Nifty! I hope Bi-Mart gets up to Everett soon so sis can get cheaper ammunition - i.e. bricks of .22LR, Bi-Mart's regular price is the same as or less than Big 5's sale price.

2pm, temp service calls, possibility of getting re-hired at the Japanese medical-widget place in Canby that laid everyone off a year and a half ago. Day shift, $10/hour, okay, though it'll be a long drive (eh, I was driving to Hillsboro a month ago) and I recall it was early hours. Eh, I didn't hate the job, and I was actually making things. -Of course they could just lay me off again later, but at least it would be palatable income in the meantime.

Hydrogen-powered vehicles, hm. Previously I postulated a solar-powered electrolysis rig to separate oxygen & hydrogen from ordinary water, which would theoretically put a hydrogen car completely off the grid for fuel. There's another way: internal-combustion engines already have an alternator running off the engine to keep the starter-battery charged. A hydrogen car could be "primed" with a bit of actual hydrogen, then you add plain water to an on-board electrolytic rig and away you go - essentially, you'd have a car that runs on water. (You could even do a bit of recovery on the exhaust, which would be... water.) -This wouldn't be perpetual motion, I'm sure there'd be transmission loss or process-loss or whatever (I'm no engineer) and you'd still have to tank up on real hydrogen often, but c'mon, once the process is started it's gotta cost less than what we're using now. (Local ARCO now $2.83 for Regular.) And we wouldn't have to buy oil from countries that want to nuke us for the Greater Glory of Allah. The real thing is, would the industry make such a car that efficiently, without all the black-box, no-user-serviceable-parts-inside, take-it-to-your-dealer-or-else industrial protectionism we have today? (And, for the tinfoil-hat crowd, would the oil companies let them?)

How simple and efficient can a device be, to zap H2O into H2 & O2 and store it? How hard would it be for Joe Taxpayer to slap one together in the back yard from hardware-store stuff? I mean, fer cryin' out loud, I could walk to the Columbia River in maybe 20 minutes, or just put a tarp out to collect Oregon's ubiquitous rainwater.

The PIG may be as early as 10 June! Emailed sis to get practice.

More Mauser brass. 47 Mosin rounds completed last night, for sis; out of .311, except for the Hornady but her 91/30 is sighted for the Sierra. Long, detailed email to sis, walking her through a typical match; might edit and 'blog it later. -Actually I'll just build a web page for her, yeah, with photos even.

Ahh, state tax refund, $316, now I can make rent and bills still without using savings.

Hmm, new CMP Rimfire competition, hmm. Emailed the club.

In the news and on the net, "Stand Your Ground" spreads; a new full-auto event in Oregon, but way the heck out there.

1140 - Friday, 28 April 2006: Zzz.

Temp service calls, Japanese place wants interview Monday, but before I call back I check with the court - crap, 1pm Monday, at the very height of the Marxist rally. Phone temp service - interview 9:30am, hm.

Scrounged in the junk drawer, using the compromised S&B Mosin case, a lacquered steel, and an Albanian brass, with disappointing Speer .308 FMJ, to make more dummy Mosin rounds for sis. Web page to train her for the PIG nearly finished.

Local ARCO now $2.85.

Veteran has another Wood Spirit ready, $25: --->

Finished Silverberg's In the Beginning, pretty good. I especially liked "Choke Chain". Next is The Sword of Knowledge, by C.J. Cherryh (long ago I read much of the Chanur saga), Mercedes Lackey (established fantasy author), Nancy Asire (shrug) & famous filkster Leslie Fish (I met her once, and even schlepped her guitar for a moment, at my first and only science-fiction convention, OryCon 11; she also appears as a character of different name in Niven/Pournelle/Flynn's fan-service Fallen Angels). What made it jump off the shelf at me was the flap blurb: "The Empire of Sabis is falling.... Still, it is not too late for a small group of philosopher-scientists to turn the tide... [with] the deadly new weapon that they have invented: the cannon." -Off to a good start:

"[The Minister]'s not interested in things military anyway, looks down on soldiers, considers himself something of a pacifist.... Of course, that's a fashionable attitude uphill. Folks there can afford enough guards that they need never take a weapon in hand to defend themselves. They assume everyone can do the same."

"Ye gods!" Sulun tugged at his hair. "Are all the wealthy and powerful so brainless?"

And while I'm reading it I'm also surfing (on 56k dialup) all the heck over WikiPedia, particularly some aviation pages. This external link from there strikes me as rather... ghoulish. I'm just sayin'.

And then the Iguanasoft servers go down again. Sigh.

Yesterday, blew twelve bucks on a motion-activated floodlight thing from the hardware store, and today I finally figured out how to wire it in place of the hovel's porch light. So there's at least the illusion of more security.

1141 - Saturday, 29 April 2006: Zzzzz.

To the show! Only $1 off with Bi-Mart card at the smaller shows, $2 off is Expo only. Gaah, spent lots. Ancient R. F. Wells .30-06 dies, $10 (can't beat that, and dies last forever (inspected before buying, no damage)); box of 20 Olympic (Greece) 7.62x54R, 180gr FMJ, $4.95 (brass case, crimped primer (type unknown but I think I read somewhere that this stuff is reloadable - but the page for it, from the same vendor, says it's not, oh well)); my very own brand-new 5-shot (still thinking of going hunting someday) and 2-shot (for match rules) Garand clips, $4 each; and the big hit, 192rnds Korean .30-06, on clips in bandoliers in .30 can (the last one the Miwall/Outdoor Marksman tables had), $49.95. Vendor said "probably corrosive" - headstamp KA70 - web search - yes it is. Well heck, the clips sell for a buck apiece and there's 24, then another $5 or so for the can, so the ammo turns out like 11¢/round, and it is reloadable according to the forum discussions. Will discuss with club CMP guy. At least now I've got plenty of 8-round clips, like fifty-something. -One of the forum posters said he was re-priming his own KA stuff, that is, pulling bullets, dumping powder, and punching out live primers. I think I'll pass on that.

Republican candidate for governor Ron Saxton had a table and was prowling the aisles (but introvert me avoided him). He did not answer OFF's candidate survey, and there are negative campaign ads on the radio claiming Saxton hired rapist Democrat ex-governor Goldschmidt's wife as campaign manager in a previous run, and that he's given money to Democrats. Jason Atkinson got OFF's top rating (based also on voting records), but then I heard from Lars Larson that Atkinson supports Bush's plan to give de-facto amnesty to illegal aliens. The only other "Republican" with enough money to make a real run is Kevin Mannix... who used to be a Democrat and in fact sponsored the "gun-show loophole" law that passed in Oregon some years ago. Sigh.

As for sightings, a couple that stuck out were the Ruger KGP141 (my stolen GP100) at $520! Yaah! And, High Standard's 1911 is now in production, very much basic -A1, $369 (plus $10 Oregon gun tax).

On the way back, stopped at Sportsman's Warehouse, cleaned them out (two boxes) of Sierra #2305 for Mosin loads, and one tray CCI #200 standard large rifle primers for experimental purposes ‘cause they're cheaper (there) than the WLR I've been using.

And Iguanasoft is back up when I get back and I go back to Wiki-surfing. SIGH.

Later, set & test .30-06 sizing die (have boxful of brass, some LC69 from the last Garand match and assorted range pick-ups) - works. Then back to the Mauser brass.

And of course, email backing up yet again.

Corrosive Garand ammo, sigh. The match course is only 55 rounds, that's less than three boxes - maybe I'll just buy some Federal red-box FMJ at Sportsman's Warehouse. And the Korean and all that WWII stuff gets saved for my own Garand, someday. Yeah, then I'm not using corrosive rounds in someone else's rifle.

The Sword of Knowledge isn't bad at all, though I usually avoid fantasy stories. The actual magical stuff is toned down to the point where it could be Coincidence instead of Enemy Action, and I can enjoy the Natural-Philosophical stuff as I did Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle (I recently learned that The System of the World won the Prometheus Award for Libertarian Fiction) or Jack Kelly's nonfiction Gunpowder.

1142 - Sunday, 30 April 2006: Zzzz.

Gun Talk, interview with Irlene Mandrell, doing a charity shoot, sponsored in part by GunBroker.com; interview with VP/GM Jack Alberty.

Still processing Mauser brass.

Second sis is okay with the Memorial Day plan, might come down with first sis and brother-in-law for the Plate Match.

New club newsletter, two Plate Match writeups by me, most of the photos by me. :) Dig the Vintage Shoot writeup on page 3. :) :) Without that flyer, sis' 200-yard target would have been under 2MOA. :) :) :) The PIG is confirmed for 10 June, and the summer Garand is 3 June, so I'll have two highpower matches in as many weekends. I note the Garand's course of fire is much reduced from last September, only 35 rounds counting sighters and no Sitting stage. Also there's a 100-yard-only .22 division for the PIG (hmm, maybe double-enter, with the Romanian?). The PIG's highpower course isn't described yet but it'll probably be near-identical to last year's PIG or Allies vs. Axis.

Slogging through email again, reader sends link to non-PC t-shirts; demagoguery over "guns that can pass through x-ray machines" (I saw other pictures on some news station's site - duh, barrel, bolt, bolt carrier, gas tube, recoil buffer, it's an AR you subliterate government-paid airport-"security" nincompoop!); more commentary from GOA's Larry Pratt, this warning us not to fall for Democrats' marketing ploys (or Republicans' either, sigh); this classic on the antis' thought processes.

And tomorrow, when the commie third-worlders are telling us to not spend any money, I'll go around the sporting-goods stores looking for clean mil-spec .30-06 for the Garand match.

Oh, if you're with AARP, be informed.

Spaced the OAC show, eh, zzzz. Next month is "Old West" and I'll be out of town; June is "Cartridges and Loading Tools", I'll surely want to scrounge at that one.

All Mauser brass sized, appliance timer set to run the tumbler while I'm away tomorrow. Next I think I'll attack the pile of .308/7.62x51mm I've accumulated (I doubt I can get the FR8 up to speed in time for the PIG - I'm now decided on replacing the original rear sight with the Redfield), and after that the .30-06 (because I will have a Garand someday). And that's all the stuff I have dies for. I'll have to get some .223 dies, and maybe .30-30, on principle. I even have 40 or 50 pieces of (not all matching) .300 Winchester Magnum in the pile, and handfuls (a dozen or less) of .243, .300 Remington Ultra Magnum, 7mm Remington Magnum, and .50 Action Express. Amazing what people will leave behind at the range. And a handful of .44 Special and a few dozen .44 Magnum and a bowl of .45 ACP and I think I'll have to take a bag with me to the range and start picking up the .223 again, just 'cause I can.

Huh, just surfed into the Handgun Club of America.

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