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929 - Thursday, 1 September 2005: I have this urge to play the Larry Elder show really loud so a particular neighbor can hear it.

Nearest ARCO now $2.67, good thing I topped off for the holiday weekend yesterday at $2.55.

Hm, must load remainder of Mosin brass and use MojoMosin to simulate Garand Match Course B at 200 yards. (And also to get a good sight setting for 200 for the AvA match in November. And also just to get rifle practice (Rifleman's Journal, right?). Lots of shooting ahead this (3-day!) weekend.) Here we go, 55 rounds total: 5 sighters, plus 20 rounds for score in slow-prone, all in 25 minutes; 10 rounds rapid-prone, starting from standing, in 70 seconds (everybody! Practice your reload techniques! Knowing how to use a speedloader helped me win the plate match last Sunday! And there are more immediately obvious reasons to develop such skills!); 10 rounds rapid sitting or kneeling, starting from standing, in 60 seconds; and 10 rounds slow-standing in 10 minutes, on the standard SR target (Rule 6.7.2(1), "Standard U.S. Army short-range (SR) (200-300 yards or meters) competitive rifle target with the X, 10 and 9 rings black or the NRA SR target") - hm, I have some SR-42 centers, "OFFICIAL 200 Yd. REDUCTION OF The 300 Yd. MILITARY TARGET" - is that the right size? If it's smaller, so much the better.

Discussion of the situation in New Orleans, and how it could and should have been handled, not by Almighty Government but by the individuals who are as I type sinking to barbarism, on the Homeland Defense Rifles, gunkitbuilders, Concealed Carry, and Backwoodsman lists. I repeat, Cities Suck and Are Not Safe Places to Live. That last list is a treasure trove of primitive skills and how to become independent from infrastructure without necessarily giving up technology. And here is a blog from There.

Here is an RKBA article by Larry Elder.

Staring at dangerously-disorganized pile of reloading stuff, trying to figure a way to produce my newly-discovered .357 plate load on the rapid Pro 1000 without having to use the inaccurate Auto-Disk powder measure. (Presently doing batches of 50 with the loading block and the single-stage. I think I could adjust the 9x19mm powder-through-expander die to work with .357, but it's set good (for expanding anyway) for 9mm now and I'd rather not change it. OTOH I'm not doing 9mm for now....) I have two RCBS measures, the one I've been using since I found it at a Barberton show many moons ago and a slightly rusty but salvageable one I found at a range/shop when I trekked up to Everett to visit sis & company in April - but, screwing them into the Pro 1000's turret far enough to be stable is too far to allow full extension of the operating lever, and therefore full seating and crimping of the bullet, with the long .357 Magnum cases. Removing the small plastic (or aluminum on the rusty one) output funnel from the bottom makes it work, but the opening inside the measure is, on the rusty one, very nearly too big to prevent powder spilling, and on the good one, it is too big. Theoretically I could take the small-capacity drum (it came with small and large, for handgun & rifle - I've used only the small, which is more accurate anyway, even for rifle loads) and put it in the rusty measure (which I still haven't serviced, and which came with only the large-capacity drum), but the good measure is set just right for 4.2gr Bullseye and removing the drum necessitates removing, and therefore disrupting the setting of, the micrometer thing which runs through the drum to regulate how much powder is taken from the reservoir each time the lever is thrown and I don't wanna muck with it! Nor do I want to end up buying another powder measure, I already have four counting the Auto-Disk and the Lee Perfect (which isn't, really, but I still use it for my Mosin loads ‘cause it works with stick powders and it does get in the neighborhood of the intended throw weight, which I can then adjust with dippers); new ones are unjustifiably expensive (I have spent Too Much Money on reloading stuff in the past week) and used ones are a) a crapshoot for quality and b) a crapshoot for whether I could find one that would work in the Pro 1000.


On second thought, not priming the rest of the .357 brass until I collect some data on magnum vs. standard primers.

930 - Friday, 2 September 2005: Work, traffic, bleah.

Paid, rent check sent, I can live on what's left for another week.

Eyeing New Orleans - cleaning out some empty apple juice jugs to store drinking water for emergencies; I did that after 9/11 but they faded away. I appear to have put my little butane stove in storage, that was dumb, I'll go fetch it this weekend, still have a couple cans of fuel and I think I saw some at the dollar store besides. Groceries, including a case of ramen for emergency sustenance (all you need is water & heat - $1.98 for two dozen pieces, and if kept dry they keep for years), will accumulate some canned foods too, veggies and maybe stew and such, a can or three every paycheck. Already have kerosene lamp and fuel for light, and at least one candle lantern from my SCA phase, and a couple-few flashlights and batteries, an ancient TV/radio that runs on batteries (the one I've been using in the car since the last one fried), and maybe one cheap crank radio that might actually work. Just with what's in the hovel now, I'm already in better shape than the habitual victims whining into the camera on the break-room TV.

And that's another thing. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and others of their kind will burn in Hell for teaching black people that they don't have to behave like civilized human beings, that there will always be some government program to bail them out, and that someone else - never themselves - is to blame for all their misfortunes. The victicrats complain "We're being treated like animals!" Well stop ACTING like animals! LOOK AT YOURSELVES FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

It's beginning to look like my Group Darwin Award comment (#928) is on the mark, and should be awarded to the New Orleans city planners, who apparently had no evacuation plan whatsoever (except, no doubt, for themselves, in shiny SUVs and fine suburban houses (on higher ground naturally) paid for with tax dollars via their bureaucratic salaries). I guess they thought FEMA would wave a magic tax-funded wand and Make Everything Better. I urge all my readers, if you live in an urban area and can possibly move out of it, do it now. (My sister won't like that advice, she just got her house not too long ago, with a full complement of Trials and Tribulations....) The disintegration of order in New Orleans would fit chillingly well with The Prophet Heinlein's future history's oft-mentioned Time of Troubles. It's Starting.

Not scared yet? Imagine a major earthquake, or a tsunami hitting our coasts from someone else's earthquake, or a coordinated terrorist attack like this "American Hiroshima" I've been reading about on WorldNetDaily. Now imagine it happening now, with all this other stuff going on at the same time.

Oh! Batteries at dollar stores, including 4-packs of D-cells that go for five or six bucks everywhere else. Hoard now and avoid the rush.

Grab cat, carry inside, rub nose in food... and he runs outside again. Shrug. He scratched at the door this morning but of course wouldn't come in. He'll figure it out eventually I guess.

Loading 50 rounds .357 plate load with magnum primers, 100 with standard, remaining 50 pieces Mosin/IMR load (other 45 still loaded).

Here are some preparedness links from The Federalist Patriot.

931 - Saturday, 3 September 2005: Oh blissful zzzz! Wimping out on shooting today, procrastinated on loading ammunition anyway and I have to do laundry and fetch the butane emergency stove from storage and....

Cat starting to come back inside under his own power, but still a major lap annoyance. At least he's eating.

Now comes a rumor that the Salvation Army supports gun control.

Here is an article in The New American (the John Birch Society's magazine) on the possibility of Blue Helmet UN thugs operating in the US. Now go to Fred's and learn what to do about it. On the lists, one response to the article was the Yamamoto quote: "You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass." So! You see? The people who support restrictions on the private ownership of firearms are softening us up for invasion and should be hung as traitors! FROM STREETLIGHTS IN PUBLIC VIEW!! BIRDS PECKING AT THEIR LIFELESS EYES!!!

400 rounds .357 plate load with standard primers, 50 with magnum primers, another hundred-odd cases not yet primed (and 300-odd up north with sis). Must find a better way than the single-stage to load .357. At least the Lee progressive still slashes brass-processing time, and I have one powder measure I can trust. All 95 Mosin cases loaded. Loading recovered cases from last time's squib load for the VZ, total of 19 rounds 48.6gr H380 (leaving the squib case so the whole batch has been resized the same number of times). Shooting tomorrow! Might be up there all day, perhaps I should pack a lunch....

Hm, can't find the stove in storage, which means it's either buried here in the hovel somewhere or it is in storage so deep I can't see it without an hour's digging.

John Farnam comments on New Orleans here.

New Shotgun News, full-page ad from the Minutemen calling up the unorganized militia. Also I hear they've kicked off their planned autumn project early in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, of which the illegals are taking advantage.

932 - Sunday, 4 September 2005: More blissful zzzz!

Breakfast, off to the range noonish with MojoMosin, 95 rounds, big box o' targets; MojoVZ, 19 test rounds for groups; GP100, 100 rounds plate load with standard primers, 50 with magnum.

Email & such during breakfast - whoa! Rehnquist passed away yesterday! Now what is our so-called Republican president going to replace him with?

Listening to Gun Talk while packing range bag - and while packing range bag (and still looking for that butane stove), found the cheap little AM radio I built from a kit at ITT Tech. New battery, works. On the show, interview with Doug Ritter from Equipped.org, water first! One can live for some time without food but remaining hydrated is essential. I have four gallons and counting, and once I find (or replace) that little butane stove (like the ones they sell at the Asian markets - I got mine at Big 5 with a coupon for ~$16 - piezo-electric ignition, all self-contained) I'll be able to boil more when the tap water runs out. I believe I've said before, used milk jugs degrade, and can't be made clean enough anyway; I use apple juice jugs, which are tougher besides. Specifically the Langers (or current-production Tree Top) with the built-in handle, shaped something like a milk jug, instead of the older cylindrical (and house-brand) jugs with the relatively flimsy plastic-strap handle on a collar around the mouth. Not even a lot of work; rinse thoroughly with hottest-available tap water, then fill with cold tap water, scribble a date with felt pen and stack it up.

Also, just stockpile the apple juice, so you'll have something more interesting than water to drink (and some carbs for energy and a bit of vitamin C to fend off scurvy). The one I bought a couple days ago has a sell-by date of 16 June 2006. The factory-sealed jugs don't even need refrigeration.

For some time, not originally for survival but for work and just to have it handy, I've carried a Mini Mag-Lite clipped into my jeans pocket next to my multi-tool. (Knife on the other side.) Spare batteries in the car's glove compartment, and in the fanny pack ("man-purse"), with the store card-pack trimmed down to save space.

Surplus stores sell steel gas cans, much tougher and more leak-proof than the red plastic ones otherwise available. I prefer the European pattern, with the smaller cap off to one side, to the American pattern with the big threaded cap. And you can get nifty pour-spouts for the Euro type. Even at these prices, you might want to hoard a reserve now - discreetly, a can here this week, a can there next week, don't let it get out that you have stuff worth looting. It should remain viable for at least half a year (probably longer), and stabilizer additives can be had (for diesel too). I still carry one 5-liter mini can in the trunk, along with a couple long plastic funnels. And a siphon hose....

And everyone's armed to keep the savages from running off with all this stuff, right? Old police-trade-in .38 revolvers, ~$200; brand-new single-shot shotguns, ~$100. Tom Gresham, in (northern, un-devastated) Louisiana, reports that "a couple hundred" New Orleans blueshirts have turned in their badges rather than try to tame said savages. Like the book says, Dial 911 and Die.

Oh! Wooden strike-anywhere matches. In empty pill bottles. And, the more white stuff on the tip, the easier they are to strike, you might want to sort them - wouldn't it be a heck of a thing to think, "No problem, I've got matches," and then they don't work?

And I've long since carried at least one gallon of tap water in the trunk, for emergency coolant, which also happens to be drinkable.

To the range, finally. Crowded! And more crowded shortly after I arrive. Further, sight-in days start Wednesday and go 'til mid-November, and English Pit is closed so those shooters will be going to Clark Rifles, and Clark Rifles is honoring English Pit cardholders as walk-ins for the same $6/day they paid at English Pit. Ugh, what a mob it's going to be.

VZ first, disposing of the H380 load - at least they ignite, but those groups won't win any matches, hm. Maybe I should go back to the A2230 load I used before. (Orrrr, looking back (#878), maybe I'll give the IMR4064 another try - except it's such a hassle to work with, with my available powder measures....) Now the Mosin, with the 125gr/IMR load - much milder recoil than the VZ, and decent groups. Still some fine-tuning needed on the sight; still two clicks up from 100 to 200 yards. 35 Mosin rounds left.

Handgun line, also crowded - some paperwork with the GP, fine-tuning sights; no noticeable difference between standard and magnum primers. Some plate practice, did okay - and one of the R/Os says I can't use plated lead bullets on the small practice plates like I've been doing for months now. This was just as I'd run out of .357 loads though. As I was packing up, brought this up with the other R/O and he kindly looked it up in the R/O rules, and there on page 5, paragraph 3, the steel targets on that line must be engaged with "lead or plated bullets only." So I know where to send the next R/O who says I can't shoot plated on plates.

Back to hovel, stopping for the Big 5 flyer (coupon event, one count it one air rifle) and more fuel, ARCO $2.69 now, same in Vancouver - saw one 76 station with a cash price of $2.67.

Ah, to clarify, and to come closer to the true intention of the Darwin Award, the Group Award I suggested should go not to the city planners of New Orleans but to the heads-in-the-sand drones in the general population who elected such incomparable doofuses. See also this, or this. And this isn't related to the hurricane but it's very entertaining.

Watching Josey Wales for the umpteenth time. "Shoot him now, Abe, shoot him now!" "Shut up, Lije...."

At the club, picked up new Hodgdon powder manual last time, new Hodgdon Pyrodex/Triple Seven manual this time; Triple Seven's big selling point is the easy cleanup with just water, but it's for 209 (shotgun primer, in the modern inline muzzleloaders) ignition only, not for traditional percussion or even the big musket caps, and of course it won't work in flintlocks. And it's more expensive than Pyrodex.

933 - Monday, 5 September 2005: Zzzzz.

Here is a story giving some insight on Hollywood stars' qualifications to comment on national policy, or anything else.

Kim du Toit offers this for disaster preparedness. (See also his nifty heap of Gratuitous Gun Pics, down the left side of the screen.)

Added The Minutemen to my front-page icon links.

Slapped together another 100 rounds plate loads, out of .357 projectiles, but now 400 live rounds on hand. Maybe 600 147gr 9mm projectiles left but that's pointless until I service the P35.

Wrapping up Gander's Machine Guns, educational. Starting John Farnam's The Farnam Method of Defensive Shotgun and Rifle Shooting, surprised such a thing is in the lefty library system. Kratman's A State of Disobedience is next in the queue, then Lamar Underwood's (ed.) The Greatest War Stories Ever Told, including Kipling's extra-gritty "The Drums of the Fore and Aft" (which I have read before). Talk about painting word-pictures, wow.

Savage (briefly at least) praising the Second Amendment out loud in reference to New Orleans and the need to defend oneself and one's own against those who would take or destroy it. Then minutes later, a caller says that police in Houston (where many New Orleans refugees have been placed) are warning Houston residents to avoid the areas where the refugees are, because they are committing various acts of crime and violence. News reports that some will be coming to Portland, too. And our terrorist-loving mayor Tom Potter says it's unfair to put them in a "rural" area, that they should be placed in an "urban" setting closer to "the heart of the city" so they don't feel "threatened." (Shades of Ringo & Evans' The Road to Damascus.) I... give up. Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder. And gods I hate city life.

Oh, I like this.

934 - Wednesday, 7 September 2005: Work, traffic, ugh.

Got some canned food at the dollar store, building the emergency stockpile. Back to storage - recovered a GI surplus canteen (that makes at least two in the hovel; something resembling a load-bearing harness already here), another flashlight, a small inflatable boat I once bought on impulse on sale, and a one-person bivy tent which packs up small and light. Still can't find butane stove, will search hovel again, or hike up the street to the Asian market (in front of which sis' Cadillac was crunched) and just replace it.

More preparedness discussion on the HomelandDefenseRifles list.

Dig this, from John S. Farnam's The Farnam Method of Defensive Shotgun and Rifle Shooting:

How can or would either of these weapons ever be of use to you? Imagine, if you will, the following scenario:

Through no falt of your own, you have found yourself in the middle of a natural or man-made disaster, such as a destructive hurricane, earthquake or riot. Damage and disruption of public services is overwhelming and widespread. Normal government services, such as police and fire fighting, are unavailable and will not likely be restored for several days or weeks. Public utilities, such as power, water and telephones are all out of service. In the interim, you're on your own. You may be in your own home or visiting a distant city. Nevertheless, the central point here is that the people and institutions upon which you would normally call for the services ordinarily expected in a civilized society are abruptly and unexpectedly absent. Such despairing situations are surely not uncommon in this age.

In my experience, under such circumstances the vast majority of people, even in congested urban areas, are very caring and helpful to each other. Decency and humanity are the order of the day, for the most part. Nearly everyone tries to be hospitable in whatever way they can. As gunmen, we are, of course, armed, and we are surely willing and able to protect ourselves, but we too are compassionate and helpful, and we have no desire to harm anyone. In fact, in these situations, the only truly compassionless, crude and ill-mannered people are members of the news media. Fortunately, they are usually too inept to be dangerous.

Unhappily however, there is another minority whose members are genuinely dangerous. This is, of course, the criminal subculture. Under normal circumstances (being the cowards they are), although exceedingly volatile, they are, for the most part, held in check by the thin veneer of civil authority which holds our civilization together. But, when civil authority is gone, even temporarily, they become inordinately threatening and are capable of all manners of precipitous lawbreaking, mayhem and other misdeeds. Gangs or packs of them may roam at will, looting, vandalizing, raping, plundering, and murdering. With no one to stop them in any organized way, you may discover that your home is next on their list of places to visit!

[And just a bit later he says:]

...the more foolishly dependent we all become upon governmental institutions as the only means of preserving civil order, the more dubious our continued existence becomes, and the more quickly order will disintegrate when our societal underpinnings are crippled or even imperiled. When citizens become additively dependent on an eleemosynary* and paternal government to do for them what they could be, and, of right, ought to be, doing for themselves, that civilization's days are surely numbered. Never forget, regardless of how politically incorrect it may sound to the uninformed, your personal security is always your responsibility, and yours alone! [Emphasis in original]

*of, for, or supported by charity

Now the spooky part - he wrote that in 1997. And speaking of Farnam, more quips (the second one on that page in particular).

935 - Thursday, 8 September 2005: Bleah, disillusioned and apathetic at work. Might ask for reassignment if I can overcome lethargy. (I still do the work, of course, once my hands get going they find their own best speed, but my heart's not in it.) Actually I've been somewhat depressed for the last month or two at least, with the car trouble, money trouble (today I sent a check for $172.82 for Multnomah County Income Tax, complete with "THIEVES" in red ink on the front of the envelope, the American flag stamp upside-down, and a printout of The Finger (on the back of which was scrawled "Take your tax and SHOVE IT!") wrapped around the check, on which was written the traditional "WASTE, GREED, EXTORTION & THEFT"), politics, victicrat nekulturny neighbors, and so on. This is my life now? Day after day in an increasingly-cess urban-pool? Nine crappy bucks an hour? Gas near three bucks a gallon? A county brownshirt (sheriff's deputy; the greenshirts drive around in their greenshirtmobiles, the brownshirts are some administrative branch or for fixed-site security or something, like there's much difference in how they view the rest of us, as "perps & suspects") now stalking the aisles of my local library? Firearm confiscation in New Orleans? Government harassment of legitimate business? Something like this coming to Portland any day? What's the effing point?

And for gods' sakes speak American or go back to Sonora!


New Shotgun News, adjustable peep sight for SKS (with maximum sight radius yet); Beretta is at least the third outfit (Taurus, USFA) to offer a reproduction of the Colt Lightning. (Oh, in Guns & Ammo I read that the Taurus clone of the Colt SAA is built for fanning, which will often break the original design and most other brands of clones. Fanning is prohibited in Cowboy Action of course, but ya know, sometimes you just want to go up in the hills and....)

936 - Friday, 9 September 2005: #$%* neighbors *%$# stroller @#$%&* driveway *&^%$# WYOMING ^&$#@!!!

Going to be a little tight this week, with the county thievery ($#%@ late fees), don't dare visit Sportsman's Warehouse (or Bi-Mart, some reloading components on sale again) this pay period. Local ARCO still $2.69 but that may change by morning (GasPriceWatch, GasBuddy). Rifle practice tomorrow, still 35 Mosin handloads left, will use them all prone (no benches or sandbags in the field, duh!) at 200 yards, probably on an SR-1 full sheet so I have some hope of seeing the holes through my cheap Tasco - I expect the black part to be bigger in the match. Of course I'll be using a completely different rifle, but any practice is better than none.

On the New Books shelf (today's brownshirt looked like he never met a doughnut he didn't like), the new graphic novel adaptation (2004) of L. Neil Smith's The Probability Broach (1979). (Surprised such a blatantly subversive piece was allowed on that hallowed liberal ground... the acquisition committee must not have read it.) Libertarians... have some very good ideas. But some of them are taken too far, some are taken way too far, and others just will not work in today's world. There are six billion people on this planet and it's starting to look like half of them hate us and the rest don't care (hurricane relief? Individual radio stations can raise more money and goods in a weekend than some whole countries have offered us since the storm hit) - a libertarian open-borders policy in today's, real, world would be mass-suicidal. (Today Savage interviewed Paul Williams, if I recall correctly, author of The Al-Qaeda Connection, who on the show testified that terrorist-controlled nuclear weapons may already be on our soil - a coordinated, simultaneous attack, on as many as ten of our cities, may strike as early as next month. I'm with Savage - I don't want to believe it, the mind resists.) Anyway the GN was entertaining (and I swear, I wrote the Harvey trilogy before I read TPB), I wouldn't mind living in the North American Confederacy, the Bieser artwork was good, and I believe I've previously mentioned that I don't like Hamilton either... but I couldn't get swept away by those ideas-taken-too-far. Also I'm still depressed over the world and all and not getting much joy out of much right now. Maybe I listen to too much Savage and Elder and such and am too well-informed about what a mess the country and the planet are in. (That might also explain my near-instinctive antipathy toward certain neighbors - I've read both of Elder's and all three of Savage's show-based books, learned about Jackson and Sharpton and That Kind, and, well, sometimes the stereotype fits dammit. Meanwhile, trying to avoid contact, and confrontation, but I repeat myself.)

Big Expo show this weekend, staying far away from crowds and blueshirts and a bunch of stuff I can't afford anyway. Maybe I'll find something at Barberton (which should be underpopulated due to the Expo show's tidal force) to help me load .357 faster.

Finished The Farnam Method, highly recommended, some similarities to Cooper's The Art of the Rifle, some differences. I don't presently have a rifle properly suited to the techniques espoused, though - still trying to decide between FAL, AR, etc., and then I'd have to pay for one which is a whole other problem. Want to lay hands on the counterpart, predecessor book for handguns, which the library doesn't have of course. Some of the finer points of shotgun handling, I'd already discovered independently, warmfuzzy; a couple changes are in store for my Mossberg (at least I have that), like back to the synthetic stock, which also has SpeedFeed, and maybe adding a SideSaddle. A light is not out of the question, nor is this the first time I've thought of one. Also commentary; Mr. Farnam is not insensitive to the Blueshirt Problem, having been one himself for years. Judging by said commentary, Farnam is also a Culture Warrior, very much on Our Side.

Starting A State of Disobedience next, I have a feeling I'll enjoy it more than TPB. ASoD appears to be set in the (alternate-timeline equivalent - names changed to protect the guilty, etc.) next election cycle, when something resembling Hillary gets elected. Oh, the book is dedicated "To Hillary, Janet, and Lon" - and few Gunfolk will need an explanation for that, hsssss.

[ramble="on"] Back up to the hurricane relief - this is the United States of America, the wealthiest and best country EVARRR. Anyone who starves in this country is a drooling idiot, or in the case of children, has drooling idiots for parents, said parents being in need of public flogging. Anyone who says people are starving in this country (in other than the aforementioned isolated drool-soaked cases) is a damn seditious liar, also in need of public flogging, or perhaps simply sabres at dawn. And back to Farnam and his commentary: "It is said by enlightened social scientists, ‘If it rained twenty-dollar bills every Monday morning, there would still be people begging for their dinner every Monday evening!'" Well compared to just about everywhere else in the world, it's pouring down Andy Jacksons all over America all the time. I have my own problems with money; I have accepted charity when offered, but I don't go around demanding that other people fork over for me. I've never taken food stamps and it's been years since I took Unemployment; I haven't taken Welfare since I was a minor dependant. They're my problems dammit! I gots me pride! [/ramble]


937 - Saturday, 10 September 2005: Zzz.

~10am, off to Barberton. The usual, except for an EMCO Compact 5 lathe/mill with a pile of Stuff, $1,000, if only. Closer examination of the $200 M10, it's a -5, indicating it was made some time in 1962, between engineering changes. Yakked with Cruffler, his latest prize is a Mauser, marked as an Argentine 1909, a large-ring '98 action, partially "Bubba'd" (sporterized) to use his term, iron sights removed and (empty) scope rings installed - but apparently manufactured (or remanufactured) with a stepped military barrel with matching serial number in .30-06. For fifty dollars.

On to the range. Not much shooting today, just some rifle practice - lower range pretty full (nothing but scoped bolt-actions, most without iron sights), not as bad as I feared but went to the upper range anyway. 35 rounds Mosin, 100 yards prone (forgot prone mat! It's always something - carpet remnant for such occasions borrowed from the lower line), on an SR21 ‘cause it's what I had - mediocre, but at least I can recognize when I pull a flyer and I correctly identified where... some... of them went. Not blaming the rifle, I just need more practice. Actually I started out rather well and started throwing flyers when the rifle got hot and I got tired. Also some fiddling with .22s.

While at the range, met GunPartsGuy, who is going to the Gun Rights Policy Conference (in Los Angeles, boo hiss) on the 23rd-25th. Later, in email, I learn that Larry Elder will address the conference.

Back to hovel - for a wonder, the stroller is folded up and on the porch out of the way. Probably just to get it out of the rain and it will be back in whitey's way when the weather clears, grump/snarl. Add in the constant hollering fights, the constant screeching brats, the zillion cigarette butts, and I'm about ready to complain to the property owners.

Here is more on the disarming of New Orleans.

Ack - added another excerpt (written, oh, a year or two ago) to the Republic. "...gently to hear, kindly to judge...."

938 - Sunday, 11 September 2005: As usual, Cox & Forkum have something appropriate.



A reader sends this first-hand account of conditions in the New Orleans area:

Hi! Its been a while, but I've been busy. We evacuated Slidell but the house got about 4' of lake water inside. Not good, but I got the family out. The house, well I've got insurance.... I took all the guns out (but I forgot the spare barrel for my 12 ga!) The stories I'm hearing (I'm in insurance so I hear a lot) are creepy. Lots of things not making the national media - what's new?

Some good stories: a band of roving armed residents in the Algiers area (Westbank across from the French Quarter) killed 4 looters and are actively patrolling the neighborhood. Some exciting rescues too. People making it out by flat boat, etc. Looting seems to be under control. People are coming back to the outlying areas.

Bad news: 10,000 plus dead in the city. A nursing home where all the residents drowned in their beds. 16 refrigerated tractor trailers full of bodies already. Also, several days after the national guard arrived they were allowed to draw ammo. Not good.

Just news: National guard everywhere. State police everywhere. I know they are needed, but it still doesn't make me happy. Shootouts between gang members inside the Superdome with National guard killing the winners. For you football fans- Saints owner Tom benson has been screaming for years for an open air stadium- now he has it and he still isn't happy!

[name] Now residing temporarily in LaPlace, LA

He also offers pictures later, I'll post some if they're not too big (even at 30Mb I'm having to start conserving server space). Another reader sends this story on armed self- and community-defense, which does not ignore the blueshirt angle. Reason magazine has this to contribute, with many useful links. I don't think the government understands just how angry this is making just how many people, how heavily armed those people are, and how skillful they are with those armaments. The people in New Orleans aren't exactly hardcore Gunfolk who have been preparing themselves for armed resistance to tyranny for years. They're an easy target for the totalitarians. Try something like this in, oh, Indiana or eastern Oregon or gods-help-them Montana (somewhere I read that MT has an average of 27 firearms per home, and you know those folks know how to use them), they'll get a much hotter reception. Here is a GOA press release on the issue, and a CNSNews story based upon it. And don't forget the Second Amendment News Digest.

Summer is Ending, dusting off the little heater-fans.

Later, Gun Talk, Tom Gresham is also not ignoring the Blueshirt Problem, he sounds appropriately freaked out by events in New Orleans, doing a not-(entirely-)softball interview with a state-trooper caller. Whoa! Old Western Scrounger, which for many years has been The Source for obsolete ammunition, has been sold in its entirety to Navy Arms! On the show Dangerous Dave, the Scrounger himself, says he believes Navy Arms will continue offering the same products. At the end of the show, the last caller, awakened by the New Orleans Problem, asks what would be a good choice for a first firearm for someone not very experienced with firearms - and Tom Gresham says exactly what I would say, a .357 revolver with a 4" barrel and a big pile of .38 rounds for a big pile of practice. (6" is fine for house use if you get a good deal on it, but it's much more difficult to carry concealed.)

Put the synthetic SpeedFeed stocks back on the 590. Now it's all black and eee-vil looking again, but more durable, and the narrower fore-end with deeper ribbing is easier to grasp and more controllable. Will seek SideSaddle - can probably find one at the Vancouver show, 1-2 October. Digging out a bandolier too, with Winchester factory #4B, better than nothing. Somewhere I have a box full of 12 gauge hulls and I have a recipe for a low-recoil but still-adequate-velocity 6-pellet OO load, but I can't find the hulls - I thought they were in storage but I can't see them among all the other junk I shoved in there. (Eep, storage rent will be a few days late this month! Well, the counter-dude said I have at least five days' grace and I've only been late once before, it'll be okay.)

Starting A State of Disobedience. Niiiftyyy.

Urp - on second thought, like Ringo & Evans' The Road to Damascus (reviewed #768-770), it can be hard for a paranoid individualist anti-government extremist to take - since I can't yet trust the P35, this one I'm reading with the GP100 in my lap. Anyway Baen is Our Publisher. Oh! Another Weber Bolo book coming, yum! And another Honor Harrington of course, and Ringo has a couple new ones, what looks like a non-SF Clancy-esque military adventure (and very politically incorrect judging by the blurb), a collaboration with Kratman in the Posleen universe, and I may have to read the series starting with There Will be Dragons after all; it smelled like fantasy (I prefer SF, in varying degrees of hardness) but it's not, really.

Troublesome neighbors now have a car. Fortunately, so far at least, they're parking on the street; anywhere else would be in both my and Veteran neighbor's way. (Parking for the hovelplex has been determined by tenant seniority for the last three landlords.) And the stroller is still on the porch instead of in front of it. One hopes that an equilibrium has been established.

Idly rummaging through dies. Presently I have a turret for the Pro 1000 set to size/decap and expand .357 Magnum cases, using a carbide sizer/decapper in the first position and an adjusted 9x19mm expander in the second, the third being empty as the cases then get tumbled. But, I just found another 9mm expander, which I can now adjust for .38 Special, simply swapping it into the same turret as the sizer, so now I can at least process my pile of assorted .38 brass. And, the old Herters dies from many Barbertons ago, a ".38 SPL. SPEED SEATER" (a flat seating punch, possibly for wadcutters, but it should work fine for the RN/FP I've been using - I don't think this die is meant to crimp) and a ".38 - .357 TAPER CRIMP", which together might allow me to volume-load both .357 and .38 Special on the Pro 1000 if I can find a dependably-accurate powder measure that will fit between the case-feeder tubes and the other dies and mate properly with the case mouth and all, thus enabling me to do more shooting (and incidentally to develop a .38 subversion load for those old M10s that J&G Sales has, and everyone else's old .38s too - hah! My subversiveness grows, I will supply ammunition to The Resistance!).

Veteran neighbor says his cat isn't coming inside either, he's starting to get worried. Fuji is eating the food Veteran leaves out for his cat. Both are hanging around our front doors though.

939 - Monday, 12 September 2005: Gods I hate work. But I still drag myself out of bed.

Direct-deposit statement, I'm not in the red yet, but I don't dare set foot anywhere that sells bullets or powder for another week.

Gas holding at $2.69 (ARCO of course) - Portland and Vancouver the same for once. Notice on the pump at Vancouver, on the way back from the last range trip (just so I could pump it my own dang self - Oregon is one of the few, if not the last state prohibiting self-service), fee for using an ATM card going up from 35˘ to 45˘. I prefer cash anyway, harder for The Man to track. (Hm, there's another emergency supply to stockpile. Though far more difficult to accumulate in my case than drinking water.)

Car wheezing a bit, smoothing out after warming up, I'm guessing I half-fried the plug that I left unplugged for a week. Eh, new plugs, wires, and air filter are the Next Thing$. And a spare, still driving around without one....

ASoD is very, very interesting. I think I'll loan it to Cruffler when I'm done, he should get a kick. It's actually marketed as science fiction, but the only thing remotely SF about it is it's set three years from now in a very-slightly-alternate timeline - "...the arrest, conviction and imprisonment of former President Thomas Jefferson Gates [anyone who knows anything about the primary players in the War of Independence can see right through that one] on charges of corruption, bribe taking, rape, aggravated sexual assault, unnatural acts, abuse of office, misappropriation of funds, and treason, the imprisonment itself leading to the former chief of state's beating, homosexual rape and murder by strangulation after his Secret Service detail was withdrawn by presidential order." Anyway Kratman has done his homework - and boy are his opinions showing, most of which I share. And a decent writing style too, though these days one can't tell where typos and grammatical and punctuation errors come from, with typesetting and printing and all being farmed out every which way (I repeat, I am finicky about such things). I'll also have to look for Watch on the Rhine (his Posleen collaboration with Ringo), it sounds very... aw heck, just read some for yourself.

940 - Tuesday, 13 September 2005: Oddly light traffic on the way back today and yesterday, made good enough time to reach the Leatherman factory near the hovel and trade in my battered old SideClip for a new one. Political considerations (#632) aside, it didn't cost me anything but gas.

Grab cat, carry inside, rub nose in food, cat runs outside again. Take said food outside and dump it on the plate Veteran neighbor leaves for his cat, and he chows down. Cats. Weird.

Okay, the Problem has now reached the point where people are saying it out loud. And on this point Kratman's story may be overly optimistic.

And no, I probably don't want Condi to run after all, considering what she's doing to Israel and for the Palestinians.

941 - Wednesday, 14 September 2005: Huh, took long enough for the NRA to chime in.

Finished ASoD, very tasty. There were a couple points that weren't entirely my republitarian cup o' tea but overall I liked it very much and can strongly recommend it. In the back are proposed Amendments to the (alternate-timeline, remember!) Constitution, and I found almost all of them completely agreeable and well-thought-out. Starting Underwood's Greatest War Stories.

942 - Thursday, 15 September 2005: Here is a collection of news stories on the defensive use of firearms in deluged New Orleans, including a link to the infamous video of California blueshirts roughing up a little old lady when they found out she had a firearm to protect herself from looters.

943 - Friday, 16 September 2005: Gaaahhh.

The temp service mails a statement for my direct-deposit every two weeks despite my getting paid every week. So, every other week I phone the service to get my balance. Which is an awful weird way of doing it, especially since the last time they mailed the two-week statement it was in two separate envelopes so it's not like they're saving postage. But anyway. So they look for my statement. And they look for it. And they look for it some more. And they can't find it and they tell me they never received the fax from the fiberoptic place.

Gaaahhh. If I don't get last week's pay (which is short anyway ‘cause temps don't get holiday pay), I can't afford gas to drive to next week's work. And then I'm out another week's pay and I can't make rent and down the spiral goes from there. Raise the Issue with supervisor - fortuitously I have my copies of the timecard still in my bag and he faxes it again, then I call the service again and they say they'll write me a check if I can go pick it up at their office. Which works for me considering the alternative, except now I have to find my way there through the deer paths and cow trails of the West Side, in Friday afternoon traffic, with the second or third real rain to hit the area in months no less. And I get lost on those cow trails and barely make it to the office before they close.

Gaaahhh. But I made it.

More news on the New Orleans disarmament program, one perhaps overly alarmist in light of this other one. Or at least I hope so.

Sis coming to visit tomorrow!

Garand Match tomorrow!

944 - Saturday, 17 September 2005: Constitution Day!

Snrk. Up go-to-work-early to clean hovel for sis' visit, and to pack for the match.

Arrive ~8:45 - fog! Can't see 100 yard line, much less 200! They say it will clear. Sign in, pay match fee, get affidavit which must be notarized, completion of which will get me a certificate enabling me to buy my own Garand for about half what they go for at shows. Sis arrives. Meet Mr. R., and... he's forgotten the M2 Ball he was going to sell me! But, there's so much fog still there's time for him to charge off to his place and pick it up and charge back - done, shortly after the safety briefing (which he knows by heart by now and has himself given more than once). Seven clips, 56 rounds, LC68 headstamp with red primer sealant, in canvas bandolier, $15, I'll take it. And I keep the clips and bandolier! Borrow two-round clip for rapid-fire stages from club's CMP director.

After safety briefing, orientation for those who haven't fired an M1 before, practice loading with dummy cartridges, singles and a full clip - I've seen lots of WWII movies and I already have most of it figured out, no M1 Thumb for me!

Fog clears. I'm in the first relay (shrug), here we go, first stage, slow prone, single-loaded, five sighters and 20 for score in 25 minutes, worst five counted as sighters when scoring. Match director helps me spot - blam, click click, blam, click - "You're in the black." Cooool. Aaand, for a possible 200 points in the first stage, I get... 184/1X! 92%! With a rifle I've never fired before! Woo Hoo! I have got to get me one of these! Good trigger on this one too (Springfield Armory, #3.85x million), and gas-operated recoil much gentler than even the starting handload in the Mosin. Anybody tells me a Garand kicks too hard I'll laugh in their face.

Meanwhile Mr. R. is using a Carbine, and shoots 191/1X as I recall. One wonders that the little .30 can even reach to 200 yards, but he's a very good shot.

Second stage, rapid prone, two rounds then eight rounds, one reload required obviously, in 70 seconds - under the rules it would be 60 seconds but someone at the far end of the line has an old ‘03 (not A3, has the old fancy sight (and a Pedersen cut)) bolt-action, so the rules slap on another 10 seconds for his reload. Starting with two rounds loaded, safety on, from standing, get into prone on the clock. BlamblamTINGshoveCLACKblamblamblamblamblamblamblamblamTING. Felt sloppy, like I pulled at least two completely off the scoring rings if not all the way off the paper. Go downrange to score - 92% again! (No Xs this time but at this rate so what?) I like the Garand. I'll look for more .30-06 rounds at the Vancouver show weekend after next, I'll be doing more Garand matches in the future!

And Mr. R. gets an 89. Okay, he's using the little Carbine which fires glorified pistol cartridges, but still, I've been in matches against this guy before and his 200-yard groups usually look better than my 100-yard groups - so I just shot three points better than one of the best shots in the whole club. Hmm.

Second relay, chat with sis. Ten shooters in this match, four of them using loaner Garands, one shooter entered in both relays if I read the scoreboard right, so it's a field of eleven.

Okay, first relay again, rapid-sitting. 60 seconds this time, again starting from standing, getting into position on the clock, starting with two rounds loaded. BlamblamTING etc., felt even sloppier than rapid-prone. Score - 82/1X! Holy Smoke! Looks like Patton was right about this thing!

Second relay rapid-sitting stage.

First relay, final stage, the dreaded standing slow-fire, 10 rounds in 10 minutes single-loaded. I always stink at this. So, after my ten rounds and the stage is complete, I march down expecting somewhat less than ten holes in the paper - and discover to my amazement not only all ten shots hit the sheet, but all ten hit scoring rings, and I scored another 82/1X which has got to be the absolute shockingly best I have ever scored in this stage in any match! And I scored way better than Mr. R. in the same stage! Man, what a rifle! Total score, 440/3X of possible 500, 88.0% on the official NRA/CMP SR target (whose black 9 ring is just a little wider than the standard M1 front sight at 200 yards)! Ohhh yeah!

Second relay slow-standing.

Tallying final scores - no awards for me (there were "Gold", "Silver" and "Bronze" medals - the first-place winner shot a 197/several X in slow-prone), but it turns out that I actually shot one point better than Mr. R.! Okay, he was using that little Carbine and thus operating under something of a handicap and if he'd used a Garand he'd've won the match, or at least medaled. But still! Warm! Fuzzy! And no umpty-hundred-dollar special equipment, no $175 prone mat, no $500 spotting scope on a $150 pole, no $120 shooting jacket or $50 support-hand mitt - I wore a flannel shirt over a T-shirt, and ~$6 pigskin work gloves from Bi-Mart (until it warmed up later and I didn't bother with gloves at all). Looks like I didn't miss the medals by much either, something like six points between me and third place. I shot good today.

This journal is supposed to focus on my quest to become a Rifleman. Today I made Progress.

Now! On to the handgun line, where sis displays Significant Improvement with a handgun, nifty. Pretty soon she'll be mowing down steel plates and bowling pins for herself, and if an earthquake hits the Seattle metro area looters won't find much joy at her house (until local blueshirts kick down her door of course, snarl...). (Sending her back with another 300 rounds plate loads.) Also she got to try the old double with my low-pressure loads and I could hardly get her to stop, heh. Now planning on getting her into the ‘06 PIG (which I hear they're planning on moving up to June so more people will show up instead of wimping out in the July heat), with one of my Mosins I think. Meanwhile she's Spreading the Gunfolk Gospel at work, extra cool.

Packing up around 4pm, dropping off all the stuff at the hovel for later attention, sis buys me birthday dinner at Outback Steakhouse - the Alice Springs chicken was very good, as were the coconut shrimp and Caesar salad before them. And presents! Yesterday, received a big fat Target store gift card from other sis (just in time for inkjet cartridges!), but this sis has been going a little nuts over me for some reason since she rediscovered me after my self-imposed separation from the rest of the family twenty-odd years ago and presented me with: 1) a replacement toilet seat for the one Fuji broke by constantly launching himself from it; 2) John M. Browning: American Gunmaker by Saint John's son & Curt Gentry; and 3) a FujiFilm FinePix A345 digital cameraaaa!! WOO HOO! I'll be up all effing night playing with that!

945 - Sunday, 18 September 2005: I am 38 years old.

The last year... was not my best. Sis' charity really saved my butt. But I made it. And I'm still motorized, which is still a Big Thing.

Match results - yes, I missed a medal by 7 points, and placed fourth overall in a field of eleven. First place was 464/8X, second 456/4X, third 446/12X(!), and me 440/3X, and Mr. R., handicapped with the Carbine, one point behind me with the same X count. Placing fourth in that company is very warm and fuzzy indeed.

Fiddling with my extra-nifty new A345. The camera works great and is capable of several Interesting tricks - for example I can hook it up to a VCR and record video on VHS! (Not sure about sound though - but in the camera, on the 16Mb card it came with (larger available, saw one at Target when I stopped for an inkjet cartridge today), it stores and plays back video with sound so there should be a way to make my own movies on VHS - gawd this thing is cool, Best Birthday Gift Evarrr.) The software crashes my system to a point where I have to reinstall Win98, so I can't yet get images from the memory card to the computer. Working on it.

Later - okay, to heck with the fancy software, the USB driver was installed and I can just access the camera's memory card like it's drive E: and grab the files directly, manipulating them with IrfanView or whatever. WooHoo!

Ooooo, just had a Thought: this camera will, in low-resolution mode with the included 16Mb card, store four minutes nineteen seconds of video with sound; 1:04 in the high-res mode. Which suggests that, when I get around to blowing fifty bucks on the 256Mb card, it can store over an hour of video-with-sound, and there's the camcorder I wanted for anti-jack-booted-thug activism. Good gods! Looking in the manual, there's a 512Mb card available, one hundred thirty-eight point six minutes of video in the palm of my hand and on a little plastic wafer not much bigger than a thumbnail! Technology Good. I could record whole matches (or standoffs)! Extra Super Cool! Included with the gift was an aftermarket belt case, with storage for spare batteries (already in the hovel on paranoid principle) and memory cards. Looks like I just got a new wardrobe accessory. Don't leave home without it, in today's hostile-to-liberty world!

Belts are important for us gunfolk, good strong belts, none of that worthless decorative triple-wide rhinestone fashion crap, something that will hold up more than your pants. I got a chunk of leather with the Wrangler brand stamped on it in a clearance bin at Bi-Mart, but the buckle end, where the belt folds over to enclose the buckle, is fixed by snaps (to allow the easy use of fashionable decorative buckles (like my big brass oval CS, ahem)), and under load they'll let go. So I just grabbed the snaps with my Leatherman tool and yanked them out, then put screw studs, which I already had from other projects, through the existing holes, and now I have a very serviceable belt (from which I can still hang my CS buckle with another minute's work, ahem).

946 - Monday, 19 September 2005: Hate work, hate cities, etc.

CMP affidavit notarized, $5 at a mail-room place, on it's way to the club's CMP director.

More canned emergency food at Dollar Tree.

Examining P35, reviewing this journal for gunsmithing tips. Polishing the feed ramp is the easy part, a few minutes with the Dremel and the conical felt thing and the red stuff, that may help with the last of the reliability problems but won't do anything for accuracy. Need Arkansas stone - will check Bi-Mart tomorrow.

Speaking of anti-blueshirt activities, here is a link that looks useful.

New Shotgun News, article on RPG-7 including how it works, nifty.

Oh, they asked me to work Saturday, 7am-2pm. Again, I need the money.

Hm, OAC show Sunday morning, theme "Rimfires", then the plate match. I'm starting to miss my traditional weekend zzz.

Processing brass, the .357 empties sis brought back - I still have 100 rounds plate loads complete but want at least another hundred for the match on Sunday (even though, judging by last month's performance, I might not need them - but attendance was low last month, more shooters means more shooting). Also sorting bonus brass from previous range trips, some R-P .30-06 (which I don't own a firearm or dies for yet), a big pile of assorted .223 Remington (ditto), and some .45ACP (double ditto, emphasis on yet in all three instances). Also, sis reported a couple weak rounds - I don't think it's the powder measure, judging by the hundreds of other rounds in this load that I've made and she and I have fired, it might still be the excess-case-capacity first-round-effect on ignition, where the recoil from the first round sets the powder in the other five cases in the cylinder. Considering going up from 4.2 to 4.3gr Bullseye - but if I do I'll have no time to test it, hm. Sticking with 4.2gr for now, but won't make as much, just another hundred. Out of projectiles at the moment anyway, can't afford any ‘til Friday, and when sis and I visited Sportsman's Warehouse they were out of stock besides, hm. Will go back to the unplated Meisters if I have to, point of impact was not significantly different at plate-match distance.

Also, last visit, snagged new IMR powder booklet from clubhouse, More Data. Including Trail Boss, which reportedly doesn't yet exist in this time zone, grump.

And, still fiddling with the camera - I can't use the camera as a video camera direct to VHS with sound (I can record mute video directly, though there will be on-screen messages and icons cluttering the picture; also it won't let me zoom while recording video - ah, instructions, must zoom before recording, so I can stop, zoom in, record, stop, zoom out, record, etc.) but I can record video-and-sound on the camera's memory card, plug it into the VCR, and record on VHS while playing back from the camera and it works perfectly. And with a high-capacity memory card it becomes worthwhile to do so. Nifty. Coolest. Birthday. Gift. Ever. Ooo, there's even a looping playback mode, including sequential playback of all video clips (like all that stopping and zooming and restarting)! Must acquire AC adapter before I run out of AA batteries, heh, I'll put that on the list next to the bigger memory card. With the activism possibilities I'm tempted to add this to my collection page - under certain conditions, the pixel can be as mighty a weapon as the pistol.

Gaaahhh, up late playing with the camera with work in the morning.

947 - Tuesday, 20 September 2005: I could go on a long and detailed rant about stupid people at work, the arrogance of immigrants and of native losers like welfare addicts, the apathy and unprofessionalism of today's labor force, on and on. But I'd probably have to gobble some antacid tablets.

Got Arkansas stone to polish P35's slide and frame rails.

Continuing to process .357 brass, tumbled, inspecting & priming.

A reader sends this question from a bigger and better blog. Reader also sends this, from another discussion, illustrating not only the pitfalls of multiculturalism, the entitlement philosophy, and the numerous sins of Jackson, Sharpton, and their kind, but even more disturbing, a rising, and unavoidably racial, backlash:


I live in Helena Montana. Last week I discovered that our governor decided that we needed to host 500 Katrina refugees from New Orleans. I was completely amazed but soon understood what kind of ridiculous PC capitulation our government engages in... now more than ever. I realize what having 500 New Orleans blacks in our community means. This place I knew is gone. I will never be able to feel safe in the small town again. Helena is fairly densely populated but isn't spread out over a large area, due to mountains. One can see the whole city from a hill without turning their head. The low income housing that has been set aside for these people is right in the middle of town next to one of only two high schools. I have seen the "diversity" my city has inherited first hand yesterday while driving to the store.

Two 20's something, gangsta dressed, shaved head, obvious (displaced persons) gang member, trash were waiting to cross the street in a residential area. They walked out in front of a car they could have easily waited to pass... only a few cars for many blocks. It was apparent they did this for the fun of it. One gang member wandered towards the front of the car and gestured, one hand on his crotch and one in the air, a display of simian dominance. This gang maneuver was done to intimidate a stranger that had been forced to stop for these degenerates in a town where there has never been gangs. In all the years I've lived in Montana I have never seen this kind of thing.

I can only compare it to the mentality of someone publicly & deliberately poisoning a cities water supply and DARING anyone to say something about it.

I am sick of this scum loving, liberal political plague and so I have to ask... What can be done? Really?

I know there is an agenda for this to occur... and political activism is a dead end. So what the hell? Curare and blow guns? Old fashioned western vigilantism? Is it even possible to find a city in America that has enough sense to arrange its infrastructure to keep gangs, welfare generations and degenerates out? You'll notice I don't describe the color of this element... don't have to. Anyone with an IQ above 80 knows what I'm talking about.

I guess I just want to know if there is something that can be done. I am sick to my stomach watching the liberal media lies and opportunistic political parasites mooing and yowling over the race factor in the New Orleans rescue. I can't really keep up with all the accounts of racism against whites and don't have the stomach for it any more. Does anyone have some direction beside moving away and going somewhere that requires actual survival skills to live... somewhere that loser gang member, welfare receiving, culturally diverse groups will not be able to go. Do I really have to choose between living beyond the Arctic Circle or living with degenerate animals?

In the meantime, Montana is a state where many people have rifle racks in their pickups. It gets 40 below zero here and there, up to now has been a very small population of "minorities". Maybe, mercifully the Louisiana scum will return to the cesspool it swam out of.

[name] in Montana

Same reader also sends this a few days ago (email backed up again), unconfirmed:
This from an American Airlines Captain

How is this for gratitude?

A little information you won't read in the papers. I can only relate what was told to me by my daughter who works for AA as a flight attendant.

AA donated the planes and fuels. The crews, cabin crews and all people that worked on the ground were volunteers. One flight was a 757 to MSY and back to DFW. This flight was to evacuate AA personnel and anyone else that they could get aboard. They flew in relief supplies including bottled water. On the return flight the survivors, not AA personnel were griping that there was no food or drinks. There was water at the water fountains. There was a lot of griping that the AA people filled up first class, now mind you they didn't pay a dime. When they got back to DFW the people were put up in the flight academy hotel and fed somewhere in the training center. These people didn't like this arrangement, so they trashed the hotel. As far as damage was concerned I have no idea. AA got a hold of the relief authorities and had these people removed.

AA volunteered 6 flights a day from SAT to MSY. I'm not sure which AF base they flew out of but were able to buy military fuel. On inbound flights they carried all of the relief supplies they could and had to tanker in fuel for the return flight. On several flights the people were not happy that their ass had been evacuated because there was no food or drink. Some of the cabin crews decided to buy bottle water on their own to help the people on their extremely long 1.5 hour flight. Now this gave the passengers, if they can be called that, who fought over the first class seats, something to throw at the cabin people while they were trashing the plane.

Several of the volunteers informed AA that they had had it and they weren't going anymore. AA threatened to cancel the trips if this could not be controlled. I'm not sure just how this turned out but, here is more irony. The relief agency that they were working through wanted AA to bring in a 777 so more supplies could be flown in at once and more people evacuated. After talking to AA I hope they are not holding their breath long.

This is one to be put it under the truth is stranger than fiction file. I know Viet people didn't act this way and they were going to a strange land.

And for another data point, this evening was my turn to drag the hovelplex' garbage out to the curb - and I'm pretty sure the troublesome (BLACK) neighbors flung a used diaper at me while I was doing it. I didn't actually see them do it and couldn't say whether that diaper was in the driveway before I went out there, but either way this behavior is just disgusting. I've said before, if black people wonder why racism still exists, they should take a good long look at themselves. They constantly behave in a blatantly subhuman manner, and it is only natural that they should be treated as subhumans in response. Blacks are keeping themselves down, whites have nothing to do with it anymore and in fact are going way too far out of their way to accomodate them - see above.

Kicked the diaper back toward their porch. Now watch, they'll probably stuff it in my mailbox. Of course then I'll have legitimate grounds to complain to the landlord and get their uncivilized asses evicted.

Hindsight, change of subject: it was probably the wind that did in Mr. R. in the Garand match, throwing those little 110gr round-nose Carbine bullets at much lower velocity than the heavier '06 Spitzers I was launching.

More fiddling - the A345 stores stills as .JPG, movies as .AVI, and with a functioning USB connection you can just grab them as though the memory card were another hard drive. ...Saaaayy, can I store other kinds of files on one of these thumbnail-sized cards? Why yeesss, yes I can. Isn't that Interesting. Can't access anything with the camera but .JPG and .AVI (and there are probably different kinds of .AVI which may or may not run on the camera), but I can store, for example, text files on the camera's card, and even view other still-picture files if they are renamed to mesh with the camera's software. A little thumbnail-sized piece of plastic holding up to half a gigabyte of... whatever. This could be... useful.

Hah! With enough (expensive...) cards I could use my camera to backup my hard drive! One more test - yes, I can create (and delete) my own subdirectories on the memory card, just like it was a regular drive. Wow. What a cool tool.

One more thing - astonishingly, local ARCO price has dropped to $2.65 for Regular!

948 - Wednesday, 21 September 2005: Particularly frustrating day at work. Depressed again.

No diapers in the mailbox yet at least.

Interesting thread on the Gunsmithing list about Really Long-Range shooting and the Coriolis effect and whatnot - Paris Gun, Gerald Bull, etc.

Some HTML books checked out from the library, partly to make me a better webmaster for ACSW, partly for my own interest and to improve this site.

949 - Thursday, 22 September 2005: Half of Katrina refugees have criminal records - and I'm supposed to open my wallet, or even my home, for these people? And besides, like tsunami aid, a lot of it gets sidetracked.

Reader sends this charming tale of Homeland Security.

More work on the P35 - more polishing of the feed ramp, shiny. Measuring slide and frame rails, trying to get a grip on where, how much, or even whether to squish the slide. Another data point: slide's integral bushing measures about .504", barrel outer diameter is about .499", that probably has something to do with my accuracy problem - but how do I fix that? And if I did "fix" it would it affect reliability? Firearm tolerances are a delicate balancing act, between Kimber and Kalashnikov - do you want to hit exactly what you aim at, or do you want it to work right, right now? Like peace and freedom, you generally can't have both at the same time (though, of course, the absence of one does not guarantee the existence of the other). Carefully stoning rails - seems smoother, but those few ten-thousandths may actually make the accuracy problem worse (hence the question of slide-squishing). Hm, should look for gunsmithing books in the library again - yes, found a couple that look promising, placed holds. Anyway will test latest changes, with factory FMJ and factory JHP (my 9x19mm handloads are suspect), after the plate match Sunday - will stick with proven revolver for the match.

Hm, looking through a Dillon catalog, they offer a powder measure adapter - which requires another die - for about $31 together - which might not work with a Lee press anyway - heck with it, I'll find some used Lee .357 dies with powder-through-expander, tape the funnel to the top like with the 9mm before, and get off my butt and build a powder measure stand from scrap lumber and clamp it to the table so the spout is over the funnel. (Sketched a plan now, it's not just in my head anymore, so there.) Then I will have a reasonable expectation of consistent powder charges with the Pro 1000 progressive press and I can load both 9x19mm and .357 faster, just keep the bins filled and work two levers instead of one. (And be careful lowering the Pro 1000's ram so the turntable doesn't jerk around too fast and slop the powder out of the stubby 9mm cases - shouldn't be as much of a problem with the taller .357s.)

Hm, the Lee Auto-Prime hand tool can be hard on the fingers - might dig out the primer feed for the Pro 1000 and try setting that up after all. If it doesn't work I still have the Auto-Prime. (All available .357 brass ready to load - no projectiles.)

Pay tomorrow, budgeting - ISP bill, only the past-due portion of the phone bill, forty or fifty bucks for electricity, NRA renewal can wait (I kinda have to renew despite questions (every time my membership expires) of NRA's ideological purity and legislative effectiveness, or even whose side they're really on - it's a requirement for Clark Rifles membership; eh, I'll just think of it as a magazine subscription), box of bullets at Sportsman's Warehouse on the way back from work, and I should still be able to eat and drive for another week. Got the car insurance last week, one more paycheck before rent is due and that will be the one with Saturday's overtime pay (unless I walk off the job in utter frustration first of course).

Speaking of frustration, Savage was on a lovely rant today about Things That Bug Him - and his list and mine were very similar. Almost cheered me up a little.

950 - Friday, 23 September 2005: Even more frustrating day at work. Some people are lucky dueling was outlawed. (And that I still haven't got ‘round to fixing my second flintlock pistol, or buying a second sabre.) Phoned temp service from there. Will phone other temp service too on Monday. Still going back Saturday though, and probably at least another week.

Nine crappy bucks an hour for making high-tech stuff with high-tech equipment with no instructions. I can make more than that heaving boxes.

SW out of plated 125gr, going back to the unplated Meister. Maybe I can make it through the match with only the 100 plated rounds I already have, heh, but will load a hundred Meisters in case.

Saw one Shell station with Regular at $2.61. On a Friday! A few 76's at $2.65 (at least one of them mobbed), ARCO holding there.

951 - Saturday, 24 September 2005: Gods I'm tired of work. Of working. Of living in a city. Anyway made up my mind to leave this job as soon as I have another that pays no less.

The Shell station I saw at $2.61 yesterday is now $2.65, but then I found a Chevron (of all brands!) at $2.63. ARCO and 76 (cash) still $2.65.

Sis also gifted me with Hollywood Video gift cards; somehow I hadn't discarded my years-old membership card from there and somehow I was still in their system. Rented National Treasure, but now Nicholas Cage is in this Lord of War thing which, according to gunfolklist reviews, is blatantly anti-gun, anti-American, and pro-Eurotrash/globalist. Well, Hollywood Video already got the money, I might as well get something out of it. And maybe I'll find a cool DVD on the For Sale-Used racks.

Finishing the extra plate loads for the match. Also making 50 pieces 9x19mm 147gr over 3.7gr W231, using the RCBS measure and single-stage press, for P35 testing. Aw crap, that's what I forgot today, get some factory FMJ from Bi-Mart! And they don't open ‘til 10 on Sunday, which means I have to go back out and get it now ‘cause I'll be in my qualifying runs then. Already have some JHP on hand at least. Remington green-box 115gr, #L9MM3, $6.99. I also note they have 115gr JHP for $9.99, same price as Winchester white-box - but I already have a stack of the latter from a previous OAC show. Will have to try the Remington JHP sometime though, to collect Data. Fix the pistol first, and stick with the revolver for competition and Business in the meantime.

My Muse struck - well, twitched anyway - just as I was loading the rest of the plate loads, rather inconvenient with exposed powder and open cases in the loading block. Pecking away at parts of the story that have been half-written for years, might put up another excerpt soon... -ish.

New air filter, and a bottle of STP oil stuff, for the Corolla. Added a quart of oil a couple days ago (burnt, apparently not leaked), the rest of a case is in the trunk. Still smokes when (re)starting (warm) engine or moving from a stop. Still wheezing, almost like it's missing, must try new plugs soon. Cruffler also observed, last time he was under that hood, that the jury-rigged plug wires may cause cross-firing through induction, will replace those too. Later. Must stop spending money now.

Here is an article berating, in great detail, the AR15/M16 series of rifles. The rest of the site looks interesting too.

Oh, it's overkill but in video mode the digital camera can also be used as a sound recorder, like for those brilliant ideas you get when roaring down the freeway.

952 - Sunday, 25 September 2005: Watched National Treasure last night, wasn't offended as I am by most of Hollywood's output but it's not one I'll go out and buy a copy of.

Match day! But first the OAC show. Off to the National Guard armory and... no one's there! And right there on the little slip of paper from last time is today's date, hours 7am-Noon, and no one's there at 8am. (Later - ah, on their site is a notice that the armory will be in use processing soldiers returning from hurricane relief and this month's show is cancelled. Oh well.)

On the way there, saw a sign, "COURIER DRIVERS WANTED," will investigate. Hm, would probably have to wear a uniform, I dunno.

To the range. D'oh! Forgot the camera! Next month (23 October). (Later, I learn that a match is also scheduled for November (27th), but not for December (wimps).) Reading various stuff in the clubhouse waiting for other shooters to arrive. Also while waiting, match director tells me of a paper mill in Longview that's hiring, but it's a) an even longer drive and b) Not Day Shift.

Big turnout this month, thirteen! Six in centerfire autoloader, three in revolver, four in .22 division. In autos, five 1911s, all single-column (all hail Saint John...), and a Beretta M92FS, ordinary except for a Millett adjustable rear sight. Match director is also the same guy with the scoped 6" S&W 686 who I barely beat last month; other revolver shooter is the woman my sister chatted with last month, with a Ruger Security Six. In .22s, the formidable senior gentleman with his scoped BuckMark, another scoped BuckMark (less formidable), a discontinued S&W 622 (the one with the underslung barrel), and a last-minute entry, a Ruger MkII Government Target Model (with the 6-7/8" bull barrel). (Later a couple-few more people showed up but by then qualifying was over and we were competing.)

10am, safety briefing, qualifying runs shortly thereafter. This is the boring part, but it does give one an opportunity to size up the competition (and to see how the plates are falling - more on that in a bit). My turn - five targets in the Revolver division, my first run was a perfect five-for-five, always encouraging. Starting with the muzzle down on a table (drawing from holsters requires IPSC, USPSA, or similar certification) my five qualifying runs were 4.93, 12.01 (reload), 10.93 (reload), 5.65 (five hits for six shots) and 4.20 (five for five) seconds - which was about the third fastest qualifying time in the match I think (the fastest I saw was a 3.57 from the 622). The best and worst of the five qualifying runs are discarded, the rest totaled, and that figure used to sort the competitors and pair them against similarly-skilled opponents. Since there are only three in the Revolver division the slowest qualifier (the lady with the Security Six in this case) gets a Bye in the first round.

Underway, best two of three runs per pairing, starting with autoloaders. The lone not-1911 advances, as do two of the 1911s of course, including one old guy who didn't think he'd do very well.

My turn! Paired against the match director's scoped 686. And, it took all three runs (best two of three), but he got me! But not by much. The plates were not always cooperating either; may have to develop a heavier load. The other guy reported having to hit the stop plate, the angled Popper, three times before it fell, and I had a similar experience on my side. Since I usually help with setup, dragging the target racks out of the shed, I'll take that into consideration next month, closely observing the angle of the ground. Anyway I'm knocked out in the first round, insert frowny face. (But wait, there's more....)

Chatting with the senior gentleman, he reports that several people have reported to him that the M627, S&W's four-figure, 8-shot, N-frame .357 from the Performance Center, has a "crappy" trigger out of the box! Not what one would expect from S&W in general and the Performance Center in particular!

.22 division, senior advances - he's quite good. But so was the guy with the 622 (who is at least semi-regular here), close match requiring all three runs! And him with open sights!

Now the other BuckMark against the new guy's Ruger MkII. In qualifying the new guy did... poorly, but he picked up speed and confidence as he went. He was knocked out in the first round too, but it was closer than I think he expected.

Second autoloader round - Beretta advances again, one 1911 is a Bye. Then, pre-Final for autoloaders, the Beretta now leads the division, though the old self-disparaging guy made him earn it.

Now the Revolver pre-Final round, and the lady with the Ruger wins when the guy who beat me has a red-dot sight malfunction! This is why I stick with conventional sights.... Besides, you ever try driving to the supermarket for a gallon of milk with one of those jammed in your fanny pack? So she's leading Revolvers.

.22s - senior in the lead, duh.

Now a sub-match in the Loser's Bracket, one run only per pair, and it dawns on me that I still have a chance to come back! Me against the 686 again - and just like last month I beat him on the reload and the angled Poppers scraped each other on the way down! Practice your reloading techniques, people. And lots of dry-firing. Remember that A-Zoom snap caps nicely double as dummy cartridges for speedloader or magazine drills.

I notice I seem to be using an Isosceles stance. What the heck, it works. So I'm back in the race for the Revolver division and for the whole match! Now the final run for Revolvers, two of three again, and I defeat the other lady easily, not to rub it in. I have now won the Revolver division!

.22 Loser's Bracket - new guy's Ruger beats the other scoped BuckMark! And then he shocks himself no less than the rest of us by beating the guy with the 622! Finally the senior gets him, but he gets most opponents. Anyway new guy gets 2nd place in the .22 division against some very stiff competition in his first attempt!

Autoloaders, winner of Loser's round against Beretta, and the Beretta wins again, officially winning that division.

Now the absolute final rounds, the winners of the divisions against each other, with the .22 winner getting the Bye this time - and in two runs the Beretta beats me by hitting his stop plate just as I finish reloading and align my sights on my stop plate. Both times. And then goes on to defeat the senior, but not by much, to take 1st overall. So, I took the Revolver division (three shooters) and placed third overall of thirteen. I'll take it. Though if I hadn't had to reload against the Beretta I'd've been up against the senior myself. So more practice. Also I think I can blame the plates a little, I'm pretty sure some needed more than one hit.

Chatting with others, once I get a bigger memory card for the camera I might start recording the action (on video largely for audio notes) and writing up a report, with still photos, to contribute to the newsletter! It won't cost me anything but batteries since I'll be getting the big card for my own reasons anyway. Heh, I'll have to make a "PRESS" card to stick in my hatband!

After cleanup, about 1pm, to the regular handgun line, testing the P35. First, 50 rounds of Remington factory 115gr FMJ in all four 13-round magazines. I have two matching pairs of magazines; one of each pair was loaded with twelve. The plan is to thus run through the 50 factory FMJ, then repeat with 50 factory JHP, then again with 50 147gr plated lead handloads, purely for reliability at this point. And, zero malfunctions with factory FMJ, all four magazines worked well and even dropped free. But then, with the mob present for Sight-In Days, there aren't enough R/Os to cover the handgun line and the senior R/O present orders it closed for the day! Phooey! Packed up about 1:15.

Back to hovel, nightly ‘net session: here's another observation of the Blueshirt Problem. A lot of citizens are taking an increasingly antagonistic view of a lot of cops. Also caught the end of Gun Talk on the drive back, Gresham isn't letting it go either.

953 - Monday, 26 September 2005: It's a sign from the gods. An omen, a portent, a Message.

I got a flat tire this morning on my way to work.

Plummeting down I-5 south - thwacksSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs. Got off the freeway safely and, by this time riding the rim, parked next to one of those little coffee shacks. 7:15am, found phone booth, left message at work and another at temp service; located Les Schwab store a dozen-odd blocks away; hiked there; they don't open ‘til 8. Hiked back, dismounted wheel and carried it there, it turned out to be one they sell so they fixed it free but it took a while (at that price not complaining about the wait - besides I've reached a point where I don't want to go back to that job). 9:30 by the time I hiked back and remounted it, and then I'm dirty and sweaty and grumpy and if I went on to work now someone's blood would probably be spattered on the workbench by the end of the day. And there are some other things on the car that need attention anyway, so will go back tomorrow.

While at Les Schwab, counter-guy said he has a bunch of old Corolla wheels for $30 and can slap a used tire on one for $15 - I am of course still driving without a $pare, hence the hiking and sweating and grumping. Will go back there; more than I would pay at U-Pull-It but I would know where this one came from and Les Schwab has a habit of fixing anything of theirs for free. So there's the plug. I've been to my local store a few times and have always been pleased with the service.

Back to hovel, updated work... then alerted current temp service of my desire for reassignment.

And now the stroller's back. However, cable-company neighbor reports they may be moving out, gods be praised.

So now I'm out a day's pay, not that it's a great deal of money. And I have enough in the pipeline to cover rent, and the electricity and phone bills are... under control.

Starting Ted Nugent's God, Guns, & Rock 'n' Roll. Well, skimming - he's awful friendly with blueshirts and is in fact an auxiliary greenshirt. In fairness, this book was written before 9/11, when the world was Different. But I'd be very interested to hear his comments on firearm confiscation by police in New Orleans, and whether it has shaken his long support of law enforcement. No clue on his site. I did however note a link to Law Enforcement Alliance of America, who are supposedly pro-RKBA LEOs.

Here's an interesting rant received via The Federalist Patriot:

"It's been a century-long modus operandi for every black liberal politician: Blame Whitey. And for years, white America surrendered the race card trump, placating racial rabble-rousers with over 10 trillion dollars of social programs. Not enough. They created racial preference laws. Not enough. They laid every guilt trip possible on white people. Not enough. Well, not this time. See, Whitey wised up. We know black people cause modern Black America's great plagues. Newt Gingrich doesn't run around knocking up 14-year-old black girls. Black men do. Ronald Reagan didn't gang bang and murder in the hood. Black men do. Rush Limbaugh doesn't coax black people into government servitude. Black liberals do. And certainly, William F. Buckley never advised black people to speak English like Jar Jar Binks. Black people do. And in New Orleans, George W. Bush didn't ignore evacuation warnings, abandon poor black people trying to leave, loot the city and shoot rescuers. Black people did. Black people caused and could have prevented this entire tragedy, and when white people tried to help, black people literally tried to kill them. That is a fact... To be certain, this isn't an indictment of all black people, though it's certainly a wake-up slap to a large black majority who listen to these cretins. It is, however, a direct accusation against liberal race prostitutes who dominate popular black leadership, create misery and mayhem in the black community for self-aggrandizing personal power, and then detestably blame White America, insisting we don't understand the plight of black people." ---Tom Adkins
I'm tempted to print that one out and leave it on a certain porch....

Ow, arms sore from hiking back and forth hefting a Corolla wheel which was too small to roll - and it was on a hill anyway, I didn't dare let go of it.

954 - Tuesday, 27 September 2005: Relatively uneventful day at work, except when I go to the parking lot now the Corolla's right rear is nearly flat (yesterday's puncture was the left front). Pumped it up with the lighter-socket-powered compressor I carry, got back to near the hovel and went to my local Les Schwab, who demonstrated that this tire was beyond saving - then sold me a used one for twenty bucks, which I could just barely afford. Can't get ahead, $omething always comes up. Of course the left rear is just as bad, except it still holds air.

955 - Wednesday, 28 September 2005: No news on the job front. Still have one of course, but hate it.

Sis sends money. She warned me in email (apparently she's simply pleased with the coaching - but what the heck, I'm pleased with the student) but I didn't expect that much, geez! "Make some bullets or something" says the note. So there's tires for the car. But wait, there's more! I log on and discover that a reader has sent a big fat donation labeled specifically for a replacement tire! So sis' money is for reloading stuff (much of which she'll get on her next visit, heh). Will stop after work tomorrow at the Les Schwab place I hiked to Monday; for some reason my local store seems chronically low on used tires. And will finally get a spare. And maybe I can dare vi$it U-Pull-It again, to fix other things.

Aaaactually, after I get paid this Friday and balance my accounts, now might be a good time to finally start buying back the half of my collection that is sitting in Cruffler's garage. (Hm, maybe I shouldn't have said that out loud - as I recall, it was about the last time I said that, that my last car died.) Starting with the Hungarian M44 Mosin carbine, which will then go to sis (after a checkup of course) to start training her for her first scheduled highpower rifle match, the ‘06 PIG (no date set yet; some say June instead of wimp-busting July). It will need some work though; I stole the good trigger parts and put them in the 91/30, I can't remember if I stole the recoil pad before selling it to Cruffler (eh, Pachmayr for $10 at SW, cheaper even than Butler Creek at Bi-Mart), and then there's ammunition. If I'm lucky I'll find some 7.62x54R brass at the Vancouver show this Saturday (it's out there, saw some at the Puyallup show on my unemployed trek to Everett in April), or at least some reloadable Winchester white-box stuff - Miwall, or whatever they're calling themselves this month, is usually there. If I can $wing it I'll also get the 1945 Russian M44, for parts to attempt to improve the Hungarian's trigger.

Of course what I really need is a couple Garands. Click/aperture sights, swell triggers, nice mushy gas-operated recoil, yum. As a reader points out a 7.62x51mm Garand would be the cat's very whiskers, with all the cheap NATO surplus rounds around - already planning on seeking a trade, my first CMP .30-06 Garand (when I get around to getting it) for a 7.62 model. So it's only 8 shots, that's what dummy cartridges are for, to practice reloading. And they'll be eight by-gods aimed shots.

Speaking of whiskers, Fuji actually came in under his own power this morning (getting me out of bed naturally) and actually ate his own actual food from his actual feeder - he's been mooching off Veteran neighbor's cat for months now. In fact he's scratching at the door as I type, but every time I get up to let him in he runs away. Naturally.

Ah, new club newsletter, course of fire for the Allies vs. Axis match! (I've won the Axis side the last two years (largely by virtue of being in it...).) 400 points: four sighters, two each at 100 and 200. SR targets (same as the Garand match) at 200, SR-1 (same as Winter ‘04's Foul Weather matches) at 100. Slow prone, 10 in 10 minutes at 200; rapid prone, 5 in 30 seconds twice at 200; slow standing, 10 in 10 minutes at 100; rapid sitting or kneeling, 5 in 30 seconds twice at 100. Plus bayonet bonus points for both 100-yard stages. Okay, I'll be simulating all that, with the MojoMosin and the MojoMauser, if I can squeeze in between the "sportsmen" blowing the cobwebs out of their Remchesters (Sight-In Days run through the weekend before the match).... Anyway I need to get a-loadin'. And there's my name in fourth place for the Garand match, in some Distinguished Company!

[24 October 2005 - Okay, I'm back. Please read through all the pink text and entry #980.]

956 - Thursday, 29 September 2005: Well... crap.

I quit the fiberoptic job.

I really must stop doing that. "Control, control, you must learn control!" But there's only so much office politics and personality conflicts a man can take, especially when coupled with a severe lack of training, of documented instructions, and of procedural consistency. At least rent is already in the pipeline, even not counting recent donations.

I'm quite embarrassed by this and am not updating this journal for a few days, hoping to have another job soon. Hence the pink color of the text during this most recent bout of unemployment.

Stopped at the Les Schwab store from Monday... and they're out of stock on used wheels and used tires for the Corolla. Will check my local store, and perhaps others (phoning around first would be smart) tomorrow (since I have the day off...). Local ARCO $2.63 for the last few days, some Shell and 76 stations now matching (cash price at 76, credit/debit higher), topped off. Reserve can refilled after the last plate match.

Meanwhile, finished Nugent's God, Guns, & Rock ‘n' Roll. I may have some reservations regarding his tactics, but strategically he is truly on Our Side in the Culture War. Starting John M. Browning: American Gunmaker, quite engaging - Saint John's father Jonathan, from whom John Moses' genius is obviously descended, actually played a pivotal role in the Mormon Exodus, by providing and preparing not just their weapons (including some of the first practical repeaters, of his own invention), but nearly everything else remotely mechanical. Brigham Young himself pulled Jonathan aside and kept him back in Iowa (after the Mormons were driven out of Nauvoo, IL) to prepare the wagon trains despite Jonathan's "itching heels" when the President requested volunteers for the Mexican war in 1846, and later when the pathfinders set off before the Exodus proper - Jonathan didn't hit the trail ‘til 1852.

Amusing anecdotes of Young John's adventures, heh. And speaking of Father Jonathan's own genius, there are photos and a good description of a bar-magazine underhammer percussion rifle - whose triggerguard doubled as the mainspring. Now that's something I wouldn't have thought of. Furthermore the bar cammed forward to make a gas seal against the barrel, sixty-odd years ahead of the Russian Nagant revolver. The book was originally written in 1964, and in the notes is a reference to one of these early repeating weapons, possibly this very type, being fired 15 times without failure as late as 1952.

957 - Friday, 30 September 2005: Can't even zzz anymore, sigh.

Oregon's dry season has Ended, traditional rain has returned.

Rent check on the way. Cash from sis already tucked inside the wallet to reclaim the Mosin carbines tomorrow, the PayPal donation is percolating through cyberspace on its way to my checking account, and there's another 23.75 hours of pay also in the pipeline, I've made significant and recent payments on phone and electricity, so I'm not in dire straits yet and will not back out on the Mosins. (See? Jinxed. Shouldn't'a said anything about the Mosins. Every time I try to get ahead, or even to catch up....)

Processing Mosin and 20 pieces Mauser brass, not very impressed with RCBS dry case-neck lube. Tediously trimming Mosin brass as described in #752. Lost one piece with a split neck, 94 remaining.

Replaced dangerously-bald left-rear tire, skipping spare wheel until the PayPal thing comes through in a couple more business days. Bought new spark plugs, will install when it stops raining, forecast for sometime next week. $31 for wires, will shop around on that. New air filter a couple weeks ago.

Looks like the troublesome neighbors are packing up to move out (and strewing junk in the driveway while doing so of course). What will replace them? Cable-company neighbor relates that property owners are Not Pleased with these particular tenants, much more satisfied with her, Veteran, and myself, who have all been here over a decade.

Fuji is regaining self-control, has come in from the rain, and is no longer such a lap-pest, presently curled up next to his feeder.

[Whoa there! If you're jumping to the bottom of the page, you may be missing something. Go back up to #956.]
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