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422 - Monday, 1 March 2004: Postcard from OFF urging me to call senators (one commie, one RINO) to oppose anti-gun amendments to S.1805, or to oppose the whole bill. Not bothering with the commie, no answer at the RINO's local number. (Later learned the number was incorrect. Well, this is breaking news, they had to get the postcards out in time to matter.) Sent GOA postcards on Saturday.

Sixteen days left on the trip permit. Called eastside muffler shops. First, the one Woodworker recommended, dropped his name - "Direct-fit only, no universal available; $255 installed, about 45 minutes." Not if I can find a better deal or do it myself.

Down the list: "$217.41 installed, $139.91 loose."

"There are two; one is $300 and change, the other is cheaper. Can you bring it in for a free estimate?" Will do so tomorrow after work.

Next: "Right at $200 installed." Getting warmer....

"You're looking at $159.99 installed." That's more like it - but be thorough:

"$225 installed, two year/24k-mile warranty, about three hours."

"Let me call you back.... $285 installed."

"$200-$225." No answer. "Around $189." "$148 plus $78 labor." "$189.95." No answer. "$193."

Called Woodworker, never heard of the cheapest place - I'll stop by there tomorrow or Wednesday so they can look at the car and confirm that price.

Dug out prepaid long-distance card, still works, called RINO senator's D.C. office, left message, got correct local number.

Still a little daylight left, dryer than it has been, examined convertor. -Um, not that dry, not crawling under the car today, but I can determine that I have the close-mount type, in the front of the engine compartment a little below and aft of the radiator, instead of the underbody, and it appears to be easy enough to remove and replace. Probably some of these prices are assuming the universal convertor, where the old one is torch-cut from the straight, generic part of the exhaust system and the replacement welded in; mine isn't like that. But, if I find a replacment cheap enough, Woodworker says Schuck's will match, or beat by 5%, other parts stores' prices. I have also learned that their website prices are often lower than the retail prices, but they match those too if you point it out.

Paid rent. Left same message at RINO senator's local office.

423 - Tuesday, 2 March 2004: Visited a muffler shop - after some discussion and catalog-digging, got an estimate of $185 for a new converter, installed, which would take about an hour and a half - they think they can get a universal model in there, a direct-fit would be more expensive.

Visited the cheapest estimate I got yesterday - and that was for the universal, not the direct fit, which would be "more." They said other things are probably wrong, like the oxygen sensor and EGR valve - which I replaced a couple weeks ago. Also said a new converter would likely not clean up the extremely high numbers on the DEQ printout.

On talk radio, gay marriage. Rumor has it that Portland, or rather Multnomah County, will issue licenses for such starting tomorrow morning.

My biggest problem with the homosexual community has always been their voting record. Historically, demographically, they vote for people who raise my taxes, ban my guns, censor my speech and generally treat me like dirt. That is what makes gays my enemies.

(Not all of them, of course - but these days, most.)

Meanwhile the leftist contempt for law and decency has gone so far that a citizen, pointing out their lawless hypocrisy, is being officially intimidated by police. Nor is this an isolated incident of such authoritarian behavior. And Bush is no help....

For distraction, viewing James Bond films from library. Brosnan is a stubby little Euro-socialist Naderite wanker who hates America and needs trick photography to make him look more than four feet tall, but the special effects are cool and he's not getting any of my money through the public library. Last night, viewed The World is Not Enough, the only one I hadn't yet seen. Denise Richards has too much collagen in her lips, too much silicone in her breasts and too much air in her head to make a convincing nuclear scientist - or to be attractive. Sophie Marceau is ten times the actress Richards is, and more aesthetically pleasing too - but she's French. That's even worse than Californian.

(A little. Sometimes. Californian is pretty bad....)

Reports coming in from activist groups and lists about the corruption and demise of S.1805, originally intended to protect the firearms industry against frivolous, politically-motivated lawsuits. Ron Paul made my head hurt when he explained, on Constitutional grounds, why he opposes such legislation, but with all the fascist citizen-disarming amendments hung off it the bill is better off dead anyway.

Both Oregon senators, commie Wyden and RINO Smith, voted for one amendment which would have extended the prohibition of so-called "assault weapons." I printed and mailed this actual paper letter to Smith:

Senator Gordon Smith
One World Trade Center
121 SW Salmon St., Suite 1250
Portland, OR 97204

Dear Senator Smith,

You - and too many in your Party - voted for anti-gun amendments to S.1805.

You voted to destroy my rights.

You are no better than the Democrats.

I will never vote for you or any Republican again.

From now on I will vote Libertarian, and I will urge all my gun-owning friends and acquaintances to do the same.

I realize this will spoil Republican elections and get Democrats elected in your place...

...but at least the Democrats stab me in the front.


424 - Wednesday, 3 March 2004: Stopped at another shop recommended by one I visited yesterday - Racer's Automotive, NE 188th & Glisan, where Robbie spent some time trying to help me puzzle out what was happening. (I didn't give him any money and probably won't, so I'll give his shop a plug.) I'm starting to get the idea I should put the old parts back in. Of course I've already discarded the old EGR valve, and probably the old oxygen sensor too, and stupidly didn't keep the receipts for either in case they were defective - furthermore I paid cash so I can't even track it with my debit card. Sigh. So, I figured I'd try U-Pull-It, get old parts and put those in just to see what happens, but of course they're still on winter hours and closed at 5pm, just as I got there. Sigh.

Why do a car's emissions get worse when you replace the oxygen sensor, and worse still when you replace the EGR valve? Argh! And only two weeks to find a solution!

Yes, Multnomah County is issuing same-sex marriage licenses. I can't make up my mind on this issue. I'm for equal rights for gays, but a lot of them want special rights. A lot of them hate straight people (just as, thanks to racist demagogues like Sharpton and Jackson, a lot of blacks hate whites - and Asians and Jews and Latinos and Christians and Republicans and anyone who's ever worked for a living instead of raking in the welfare checks...). There is a gay agenda being forced on American children in public schools - openly-lesbian feminist Democrat Tammy Bruce provides the documented evidence in The Death of Right and Wrong! You gonna tell me it's coincidence that Gay Pride parades happen on Father's Day? And, as previously noted, most gays are my political enemies on other issues, and potentially other kinds of enemies as well - as in they'd be on King John's or Hillary Regina's side in the next civil war.

Have you listened to why gays want marriage rights? Not "to be together," not "to prove our love" - no, they want breaks on insurance rates and health care and cosigned home loans and inheritance rights. That's what they say in their own press releases! Do they listen to themselves? Do they know how that makes them sound?

No Commies!No Jackasses!And how many people are so disgusted with the fascist policies of the Bush administration that they are rushing blindly into the waiting arms of the communist jackasses? I believe Poul Anderson pointed out that Joe McCarthy did so much damage to the opposition of communism that some have seriously suggested he was a communist. Whose side are Bush and Ashcroft really on?

I am disgusted with the universe.

425 - Thursday, 4 March 2004: Tried another shop, suggested I clean the EGR passages - i.e. the intake manifold and the exhaust gas supply pipe leading to the valve. Said a new converter might clean up those high numbers but wanted a lot more than other places. Previously, found direct-fit replacement converters for under $100 on the net, but "we can't do customer-supplied parts" and "we don't have internet." They've got a website....

426 - Saturday, 6 March 2004: Match day! Arrived about 8:40. Oh! Forgot prone mat! Match director, shooting in second relay, loaned me his.

Lane 14, first relay. Again, mostly scoped sporting rifles - Ruger M77s seem popular - a couple M1As, and a genuine M1D sniper Garand with correct M84 Weaver scope in offset mount! And a late-model ‘94 Winchester in .30-30. Not all the same faces - previous match winner absent, a couple new people. Senior Rifleman present, got more tips from him later.

Adjustments to course of fire: both slow and rapid prone stages first; all four sighters, two per, at once on the upper (slow-fire) target, discard four worst shots for scoring; do the rapid-prone stage right after the slow-prone, since everyone's already set up for it and it's not an official NRA match. Then, the next relay; then slow-fire standing and rapid-fire sitting, two sighters each, worst two each discarded, and then the next relay for that.

Here we go! Slow-prone - 71, picked up a point over my official score last time! (See February 2004 weblog, #s 402 and 404.) Argh- 56, lost fourteen points in rapid-prone, mostly low, as is the tendency. Obviously need more rapid-fire practice! One of those little Romanian 5-shot .22LR bolt-actions would be just the thing, after I get the car issue resolved I'll look for one at the next big show. Dunno how the Senior Rifleman did but probably quite respectable.

Second relay. Chatted with others, including Senior Rifleman, got rapid-fire tips - use both hands to operate the bolt action, rolling the rifle toward the strong side with the support hand while lifting the bolt handle toward the support side with the strong hand; this reduces elbow movement and increases shot-to-shot stability.

Back to the first relay. Offhand, cringe. Holy cow! That .22 practice worked - 63, picked up ten points! Five hits in the 9 ring! Rapid-sitting - 69! Picked up seven points there and I hadn't even practiced! Total score 259/0X of 320, 80.94%. Still Marksman class, but a net gain of four points! The way the categories and such worked out, no prizes for me this time, but I'll take those four points and be happy. Really want that Timney trigger now.

After, planned to meet Cruffler - not there yet. Drove around, stopped at a pawn shop, saw Remington 1100 12 gauge, pistol-grip stock, extended magazine and extended bolt handle, quite the 3-Gun rig, $330. Drove some more, stopped at a Vancouver gun shop, browsed - ‘03A3 Springfield, $500; Kel-Tec SU16 folding mousegun, $500, Sub2000 9mm folding carbine, $320; Beretta CX4 9mm, $650. For six bucks (and they asked if I was from Oregon and therefore exempt from Washington sales tax), bought a Euro-surplus three-place submachinegun magazine pouch for the 30-round S&W pistol magazines I don't have yet for the Marlin.

1pm, met Cruffler at his house - he presented me with an "experienced" RCBS JR2 single-stage reloading press which he got cheap enough to give me. (And then he rummaged through his piles and produced a shellholder and gave me that - and then handed me a wholly-functional 1970 Lyman reloading manual besides!) Now, with the dies I won, the brass I've saved, the scale Cruffler scored for me previously and the Lee powder-dipper set, I'm very close to reloading centerfire rifle - need powder, primers, projectiles, case lube I guess, and eventually a case trimmer though Cruffler says I should be good for two or three reloads before I need it. Everything but the projectiles I should be able to find cheaper at Bi-Mart, though Sportsman's Warehouse does have a superior selection and competitive prices.

Also, previously arranged, for use in his recently-acquired Bushmaster, for $50 I gave him a bag containing the two AR magazines I got from the Navy veteran coworker at my last job, 100 rounds of M193-equivalent (most of it the real thing in civilian Winchester packaging, with WCC headstamps), one actual M16 stripper clip and, since I had less 5.56mm on hand than I told him I did, a pair of HKS #10 speedloaders for the S&W K-frame I had laying around for some reason, which don't work as well in the GP100 as the #586 I have four of. Got to fondle some of his items, including his most recent score, an EAA Witness Compact in .40S&W. A little fat in my hand but thinner grips might help - but I'm still leaning toward the 9x19mm anyway, for lower recoil, higher capacity, and wider availability. A Witness or genuine CZ75 is still near the top of the wish list and will be my first or second major purchase after solving the car problem.

I may be able to borrow a car from someone for long enough to save up for another car. Somehow I've got over $200 in checking with the rent, phone and electric caught up, which will be not much under $200 after paying the car insurance bill that came today.

Dunno if I'll crawl out of bed in time to watch the Cowboy match tomorrow. If I do I'll probably take the Stevens and more .22LR for more practice after. Saw folks practicing for it today, handgun-caliber lever-actions, SAAs, a cartridge-conversion reproduction Remington percussion revolver.

Um. Objectively, that four-point gain may be due to the more lenient local-range rules, of discarding the lowest-scoring hits as sighters - last time the sighters were fired on separate targets. Hmm, more practice anyway. But there's no questioning those five 9s in offhand - I don't recall if I hit the black at all last time! And if I hadn't blown the rapid-prone stage, exactly as I did before with the Mosin 91/30 in the first relay of the Axis vs. Allies match in November, well...!

Reading the old Lyman manual, 45th Edition. Blackpowder section! Bullet-casting section! Technical theory! Load data of course - have even more in the powder-makers' free manuals, both print and .PDF. The Federal 170-grain loads I've been using claim a muzzle velocity of 2,360 feet per second and a striking energy at the muzzle of 2,100 foot-pounds - which turns out to be pretty wimpy. Having yakked and emailed about it with Cruffler I think I want to duplicate the performance of the .30-06 M2 Ball - a 150-grain projectile at about 2,750fps. Except mine will be expanding projectiles, to heck with Geneva and Hague. 150gr projectiles are available for 8mm (0.323 inch, this VZ24 must have the later JS bore), and data for several loads; I'll make a list of recommended powders from the manuals and compare that to what's on the shelves. The old Lyman manual gives an Accuracy Load for the 150 of 48.0 grains IMR 4064 powder, for a velocity of 2,631fps. Energy charts in the back say this gives about 2,300 ft-lbs, as opposed to about 2,520 for the .30 US M1906's M2 Ball - anticipated targets (i.e. jack-booted thugs and their less-armored vehicles) likely won't notice the difference, and the 34-year-old Lyman accuracy load should also be entirely adequate for deer; the .243 Winchester delivers some hundreds less and harvests lots of venison every year. The ancient .30-30 Winchester is weaker still, and they wouldn't still be making it, and brand-new rifles for it, after more than a century, if it didn't still put meat on the table. This should be, as Elmer Keith exhorts, "enough gun."

For deer at least. Elk would, for my peace of mind at least, call for a hotter load, but of course shot placement is the real key, and if the critter falls over dead, why beat myself up with extra recoil?

Never have been hunting. The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting (animals, anyway...). But one of these years I really would like to tick off the animal-rights goons....

This is another reason I'm a cat person. Cats still hunt stuff down and kill it and eat it. Dogs wait for someone with thumbs to show up with a can opener....

427 - Sunday, 7 March 2004: Zzzz....

Spent money I shouldn't have at Sportsman's Warehouse, on 100 Speer 150-grain .323" Spitzer soft-point projectiles, 100 Winchester standard large rifle primers, a pound of IMR4064, a couple 50-place plastic cartridge boxes and a powder funnel. Following Cruffler's instructions, got a couple bottles of molasses-like oil treatment to use as case lube (and as intended in the car) - could not find un-inked rubber-stamp pad, did not want to pay $8.50-$10 for RCBS case lube pad, will use rag. To assuage financial guilt, immediately paid car insurance over phone upon return.

Reckon I'll mail the check for county government extortion next payday. Some folks will be civilly disobedient.... I'll just be ornery. On the check, in the lower-left space, I'll write "WASTE, GREED, EXTORTION AND THEFT!" - and I'll wrap the check in a printout of this:

Multnomah County: Take your tax hike and SHOVE IT!

428 - Monday, 8 March 2004: My immediate supervisor, with whom I have established rapport, is being given a different job while hers is taken over by a new outside hire. Danger! Danger...!

Unfolded flimsy card table, C-clamped JR2 press to it. Following instructions in Hornady die set, prepped and installed decapping/sizing die. Opened bottle of oil treatment goop for case lube - goopier than the law allows! Small dollop, or rather smear, on an old sock, rub it around some. Way goopy, unspeakably goopy. Dug out spent Federal brass - 100 pieces anyway, all I have projectiles and primers for. Goodness! Counting the Remington and Winchester from November I have 220 pieces! Um, starting with denegrated Remington for experimental purposes. Lubed one case by rolling it on goopified sock, slipped into shellholder - Cruffler's right, card table ain't cutting it for resizing. Phooey! Will have to excavate a sturdier table, possibly dump some stuff at Free Geek. Well, I need to clear a path for Fuji's window soon anyway.

Fiddled with dies and a Federal factory cartridge, getting preliminary die settings. Cool Hornady locking rings give repeatability even in a single-stage press. Appropriated SAE box wrenches from (metric) car, ½" for the lock thingie for the decapping pin which may someday break, ¾" for the sizing die itself - hm, no wrench flats on the seating die, but it's well-knurled.

Interesting, even with the decapping pin removed a factory cartridge won't go all the way into the sizing die (by hand, removed from the press - don't want to alter a round I'll be trying to score with). Am I missing something?

Reading IMR .PDF powder manual - jeez! The modern manual lists a 150-grain load with only 36.0 grains of IMR4064, for a sluggish 2,300fps, for a paltry 1,762ft-lbs - that's less than a factory load, and IMR's copious warning pages call it a maximum! Lawyers, blackhearted lawyers are to blame for this unpardonable wimpification of America!

429 - Tuesday, 9 March 2004: Loaded up a half-dozen old (Old) printers and cursed my way through traffic to Free Geek. Disgustingly left-wing part of town, I was beginning to really worry about the kind of people who might benefit from such donations - and there's one of the staff taking a smoke break outside as I pull up, wearing an OFF t-shirt. Whew. Duh, geeks got brain cells and are rarely, as Michael Savage puts it, "Red Diaper Doper Babies."

The table thus excavated should be sturdy enough for resizing rifle cases - let's find out... yes! I'm reloadin' now! -A little tighter on the lock thingie for the decapping pin with neck-sizing knob thingie.... Okay, for my first experimental load, use the odd 20 rounds each of Remington and Winchester brass, develop techniques before trying the big batch of matching Federal cases.

Move cat's water dish, don't want discarded primers in there.... Hm, lube inside of case neck - $pecialized tools available, use cotton swab. Resized case chambers in MojoMauser!

Stop every 20 pieces or so, disassemble and clean die - outer locking ring undisturbed, no change to headspace, and the MojoMauser, VZ24 #4, won't close on a NO-GO gauge anyway, good enough. Obviously there will be a big decapping/resizing session first - that's some work, full-length resizing on a full-power rifle case. But the table is holding up and the die appears to be adjusted properly. The press should be higher from the floor for ergonomics but I'll make do. Forty pieces done, will proceed tomorrow.

430 - Wednesday, 10 March 2004: Again, I reject all liability for anyone doing anything I've done or said I might do here. Imitate at your own risk!

($#%! lawyers....)

Christmas-gift calipers, cool. Case length acceptable - manual says maximum 2.240", trim to 2.235, mine are still under maximum. Cases not cleaned, though after wiping off the resizing lube I gave each primer pocket a spin with the straight-bristle brush attachment (like a breechface cleaning brush for muzzleloaders) in the Dremel. I can see I'll be investing in a case cleaner - get a used one at a show.

Having discussed it with Cruffler, the starting load listed in the old Lyman manual is safe, no need to drop 10% and work up - and the starting load is also named as the accuracy load, and still beats Federal factory ballistics - and yet is way hotter than the "maximum" load listed in the powder manufacturer's own current manual! Anyway it's difficult to overload a ‘98 Mauser, and if what I've read about their metallurgy is true, it's a touch more difficult to overload these Czech copies, and what was a starting load 34 years ago should be wholly adequate for my purposes today.

Remove decapping die before using built-in priming arm. Earmuffs and detested goggles on for paranoia's sake. No feed tube, place primers by hand into cup/sleeve thing, already correct Large size. Lee hand-held priming tool on the list. Forty pieces primed without incident!

Lee powder dippers, new version in cubic centimeters - chart says the 3.1cc gives 41.6 grains and the 0.5cc gives 6.7, totaling 48.3 - Aw to heck with it, just set the scale at 48.0 and dump powder in ‘til it's balanced. Powder funnel helpful, can charge cases right in the MTM plastic box - furthermore spilled powder is more likely to end up in the box, salvageable, than on the table or floor, wasted. Not possible to double-charge these cases with this much powder - 48.0 grains IMR4064 takes up most of the room in a 7.92x57mm case.

On second thought, dump some of that meticulously-measured powder back in the can and use the Remington brass to adjust seating die. Will need hammer-type bullet-puller to recover those components, wanted one anyway. Supposed to chamfer case mouths first but not entirely necessary - two more tools for the list. Maximum cartridge overall length 3.250", mine 2.90 - which happens to be the same COAL as the Federal 170gr factory loads. Okay, both my dies are set, next time I only have to screw them down against the locking rings and off I go!

Now the real thing. Previously sorted projectiles by weight, off by as much as a grain, mostly over. Selected twenty of approximately the same weight, seated one, looks okay, hear and feel powder faintly shifting inside, not a compressed load. Repeat, same results. Continued with the full box of Winchester brass.

My first box of reloaded rifle cartridges! :) Now I seem to have the bugs worked out, will later decap and resize gobs of Federal brass and may try out my new loads at Clark Rifles this weekend, which if I get out of bed that early at all would be after a trip to the Barberton Grange gun show. Will hold off reloading the Federal until I've tested the Winchester-brass loads, and the Remingtons after recovering those components. My first recipe: 150gr Speer Spitzer SP, 48.0gr IMR4064, Winchester standard Large Rifle primer, Winchester (or Remington, and later Federal) brass, case length 2.235-2.240", COAL 2.90".

Meanwhile, attempting to make arrangements to borrow, or perhaps rent, a car from someone. Will not take mass-transit to work in Beaverton from Parkrose! Seven days left! :( County-government extortion will have to wait. >:-[

Reckon I'll need more die sets.... Cabela's Shooting catalog wants $15 for the kinetic bullet puller, $12 for the chamfer/deburr tool - not terrible, but maybe find used ones at Barberton.

431 - Thursday, 11 March 2004: Last night, Liberty Committee mailing, HR1146, again trying to get us out of the UN. Postage-paid Priority Mail return envelope. Sigh. $20 check, dropped in the Express box this morning near work.

Spring is in the air! Temperatures rising, less rain, cat rediscovering outdoors and the Big Litter Box.

Went to Sportsman's Warehouse, blew $17 on kinetic bullet puller, passed on $15 deburring tool, grabbed 200 more WLR primers at $1.60/100. Puller instructions say light taps on solid surface - it works! Weighed out powder again, again sorted projectiles by weight - only 17 left of the same weight as the first batch, took three from the next-lightest group, maybe a quarter-grain difference. (You've read Unintended Consequences, right? The preparation for what would become the Laramie Massacre?) Reloaded twenty pieces Remington brass! My second box of reloaded cartridges! Lots of Federal brass to resize now, hope to make Clark Rifles this Saturday.

No movement on the motorized front....

432 - Friday, 12 March 2004: Yesterday I had a shouting match with the IT person - and again, You Can't Get Good Help These Days. Been waiting for a new computer since I started the job in October, been nursing along an ancient P1-166/Win95 beast. Finally got a "new" PII-350/Win98 machine about a month ago and it needs work. Finally get intranet email (folks who complain about Outlook Express should try Lotus Notes - yecchh!).

IT person tries some things - obviously just guessing - and tells me, in email, to let him know how they work. After using the machine for a while I email the very same IT person describing the situation, what's working and what's not - and he doesn't respond. And doesn't respond. And still doesn't respond. Supervisors start telling me to stop emailing the IT person. Huh? Three, four days go by. I forward the original message to a supervisor to have him send on to the IT person. A week and a half after sending the original message, the last thing I sent directly to the IT person, he finally shows up. I ask him, logically enough, why I hadn't heard from him in eight business days - and he blows up, starts ranting about me sending him "ten or fifteen emails a day." I don't think I've sent him ten pieces since I got email. Utterly bizarre. I catch up with him while he's lying about me to one of the office people and demand an apology and he goes off even worse. Doesn't touch my new work computer all day while I'm there. I leave notes explaining what needs to be done, expecting him to stay after. Come in this morning... nothing's changed on the new machine, except a few desktop icons have been moved and the other parallel card, for running the more-than-one printer needed to print labels for the various products, has been removed, so I can't even continue trying to get it to work myself. Furthermore the software used to track the hand tools as they leave and return to my area of responsibility has not been configured on the new machine to run the laboriously-constructed (by Tool Woman, who left in January) tool database. So I've still got two computers cluttering up my desk, one for intranet email and the other for nearly everything else.

What, is this guy a Red Diaper Doper Baby who saw something he didn't like on my website? "Liberals" are, after all, the most hate-filled, venom-spewing bigots on Earth, and his behavior does bear some similarities to other allergic reactions to truth and decency I've encountered.... See previous note about geeks and brain cells - this guy's complaining about ten or fifteen emails. I get three hundred every night, from the activist and gunfolk lists. Might I suggest a remedial reading course? Or would that be a waste of time due to insufficient cerebral capacity? (How do such incompetents get technical jobs anyway?)

Makes a fella want to join the Scorched Earth Party.

And then there's Oregon. Extortion (taxes)... ideological persecution ("political correctness")... victim disarmament ("gun control")... I'd almost rather live on L. Neil Smith's Pallas, as harsh as it is! Freedom to starve is still freedom!

Starting Drake's The Reaches, omnibus edition of the trilogy. Pagey turney. -Again with Venus. His Seas of Venus, another omnibus in a different universe (Surface Action), was also tasty.

Loaded 20 more rounds, same recipe, in Federal brass. Finding correct amount of lube to put on cases for resizing - more on the body, not so much inside the neck. Powder in this batch may be slightly compressed - difference in case capacity? Difference in powder density due to humidity, temperature, phase of the moon? I'll try one or two with goggles on and if I don't like it I can pull the bullets and salvage the components. May invest in powder measure/dispenser.

433 - Saturday, 13 March 2004: Zzzz....

Departing about 9:30am for Barberton, someone should still be there. Taking MojoMauser and 60 rounds reloads for testing at Clark Rifles after.

Oh! OH!! I can't believe I just did that!

So I get to Barberton and I browse around. Cruffler's out front with his hot-dog stand and he waves me on, urging me inside where he says there are piles of reloading gear. It's a small show, only two or three "aisles", but some interesting stuff and genuine gunfolk. There seemed to be more stuff this month than the last time I attended.

A member of the club, SW Washington Arms Collectors, passed away and left his piles of reloading gear to the club to be sold off at the show, proceeds going back to the club to pay for things like renting the grange hall for more shows. RCBS powder measure, with large- and small-capacity cylinders for rifle and handgun loads respectively, $25 - got it. Ziploc bag of five (!) reloading dies for .38 Special and .357 Magnum, $10 - got it!

Things I noticed: "Investarm" Hawken rifle, .54 percussion, $200; Armscorp 1911, Kimber-esque bells & whistles, stainless steel, $425; used CVA .45 percussion rifle, missing ramrod, $70 - no, I'm leaning toward a flintlock for a muzzleloading rifle, the Minuteman angle. Ishapore 2A1, 1965, $200. RCBS case trimmer, $20, hmm. Ithaca 51 gas-operated 12 gauge autoloader, possibly suitable for the 3-Gun project, $275. Polish Radom Browning-pattern 9x19mm service pistol, $250, I'd say Very Good condition. Marlin M39A, $250 - not bad for one of those. Winchester ‘94s of course, a typical .30-30 for $200. S&W M29 (the .44 Magnum), 8-3/8" blue, $525 (later, 6½" nickel, $500). Some kind of War-era muzzleloading rifle-musket being fondled and discussed - I don't think it was an 1861 Springfield because it had the little door on the lock for the Maynard tape-priming system. Norinco clone of Winchester 1897, about 20" barrel, $275. Kel-Tec folding carbine, .40, three 10-round magazines and case, $275. Spanish FR8 Mauser, 7.62x51mm, $200. And the showpiece, IMO, a Browning M2HB semi-automatic, on a pintle mount, $5,000.

Cruffler congratulated me on the reloading gear score and I departed for Clark Rifles. -And they're having a hunter-safety course and the upper range, where you can shoot full-power rifles at 25 yards, is closed. Said they'd be done in less than an hour but I changed my mind and left - maybe tomorrow, more likely next weekend, that's still two or even three practice sessions before the next match, by which time I might have switched over to my reloads so I can get even more practice.

On whim, returned to Barberton. Cruffler directed me to a Stevens M15 single-shot .22 marked $30 - I'd have to say Fair condition, though the bore was pretty good. Stock was gouged and carved upon, then painted, and I'm not sure the action was entirely functional - it seemed not to be cocking. Possibly it was a safety model needing to be cocked separately. Anyway I have a single-shot .22, although more than one, for seducing people into the Gun Culture, wouldn't hurt - though I think a Romanian repeater might be next in that category.

So I'm standing outside yakking with Cruffler and a show regular, seen him all over, comes up and joins the yak. Then he asks Cruffler if he wants to buy something and hands it over for examination.

It's a technically-authentic, or closer than usual, reproduction of a Colt 1851 Navy percussion revolver in the correct .36 caliber.

He wants $100 for it.


I wrote a check.

I'm trying to save money dammit! I got car troubles fer crying out loud!

Lyman, seller says made in early 1970s, probably by Uberti - older quality, nobody makes nice stuff these days. Blued steel frame, no color case-hardening anywhere. Grip frame German silver over brass, hammer blued on front and back straps but in the white on the sides. Squareback trigger guard. Brass cone front sight, rear notch in hammer nose more generous than my other Colt reproductions. "Never fired" - but turned and dry-fired a lot. Eh, still not a bad deal. That makes four percussion revolvers, three of them at $100 each!

What the heck, back inside. Found another case trimmer, a Forster with pilots for .22, .270, .30, and .35 (9mm, .38/.357), and two collets for different case heads, for $15 - got it. Cruffler says the .30 should be adequate for 8mm, but Sportsman's Warehouse should carry the correct pilot for a couple bucks anyway. (Also says a dull pocketknife, like the one I wear to work for opening boxes, will work for a chamfering tool - and that the real thing can be found for vastly less than new at shows, but apparently not this one today, or someone beat me to it.) Rummaged through the other reloading stuff again, found shellholder for .38/.357, $2 - got that. Escaped with about five dollars, but now I'm in even better shape to reload 7.92x57mm, and have everything but consumables for reloading for the GP100. (Oops - will need a different priming thingie, the .38/.357 takes small - well, the Lee Auto-Prime is on the list anyway, it most likely comes with both. And meanwhile I can decap and resize.)

Cruffler suggests Unique or Bullseye powder for reloading .38 and .357, need to give some thought to what loads I'll want. Harder-hitting .357s for personal defense and softer-kicking .38s for action shooting? Or one middlin' .357 load for everything, as the games require a certain amount of power to knock the steel plate down? An extra-mild .38 load for seducing with the beefy, recoil-absorbing Ruger? Hmm. Anyway I (probably...) won't be buying any .38/.357 components ‘til next payday at least, having blown a hundred bucks on another percussion revolver. Sigh. My name is Karl, and I'm a hoploholic.... Anyway scoring the reloading gear is nothing to be ashamed of.

Fiddling with the powder measure. "DO NOT USE FOR BLACK POWDER." (Phooey.) Not as accurate as I'd hoped. For example, I've been thinking of reducing my powder charge - I'm new at this and don't like being so close to case capacity, my enthusiasm ran away with me. I'm thinking I'll go from 48.0 to 44.0 grains of IMR4064, disassemble and recycle the rounds I've made so far. So I try to set the measure at 44.0. Once I get in the neighborhood, I throw ten charges and weigh each:

44.3 - maximum
43.2 - minimum
(Note how those last two, thrown consecutively, were over a grain different.)
(And again.)
Average: 43.82

This is not going to give me the precision I want! Furthermore I can feel granule shearing with the long, cylindrical chunks of 4064 - enough of that may alter burning rates and therefore chamber pressures, and of course velocity and therefore accuracy. Hmm. And then what about when I start loading handgun rounds? What's this Bullseye powder - 4.5 grains is a maximum load for a 158gr cast bullet in .357 Magnum?

Leafing through the old Lyman manual - illustrations, explanations. So that's what a powder trickler, or "dribbler," is for! Sits right next to the scale and trickles powder into the pan for precise measurement. (I've been tapping the .5cc Lee dipper with a fingertip.) I saw at least one at Barberton, I may have to pick one up the next time I see a good price. Blackpowder section - suggested loads with round ball, 25gr by volume for a .36 revolver (I've been using about 17 so the Colt wedge doesn't come loose), 35 for a 2nd Dragoon (should be same chamber capacity as my 3rd, still haven't fired it, probably start with 30), 50 for a Walker. 39 for a .44 Remington and 40 for a "Kentucky" .45 pistol, I use 30 for both of those, though I've tried 35 in my Remington. Dixie Gun Works' catalog recommends even lighter loads than I've been using, like 22 for a Walker.

Examine the small powder-charge cylinder - it will reach the capacity I need, over 50 grains. Swap that into the powder measure - about the same accuracy, and shearing more pronounced. Hmm.

Fiddling with .38/.357 dies - two sizer/decappers, one of them "TUNG." Tungsten, does that mean it doesn't need case lube? I've read one can pay more for carbide dies to avoid that hassle - anyway straight, shorter, smaller handgun cases should require less force than full-length bottleneck rifle cases. Three other dies: .38 "SPEED SEATER", .357 crimp seater, ".38 - .357 TAPER CRIMP" - yeah, that should be all I need, not bad for ten bucks! Apparently all older Hornady judging by the H-inside-C logo. Following instructions for modern Hornady rifle dies, both handgun sizers preliminarily set for my press with locking rings. Too lazy to dig out brass right now and set the seaters - then there's the question of whether I want crimps, which would be a different setting, which would depend at least partly on how the chosen projectiles are designed. (Not using crimps on the Mauser rounds, no cannelure on the Speer projectiles - and, reading the technical stuff in the manual, crimps increase chamber pressure (duh), let's avoid that unless necessary.)

434 - Sunday, 14 March 2004: Decapped, resized and primed another box of Federal Mauser brass. I figure I'll try out the sixty rounds I have next weekend, then if I like it I'll load up a bunch more for the following weekend, sight-in with them and get plenty of practice, then the match the weekend after that. Cruffler says I shouldn't recycle the rounds I've made so far to reduce their powder charge, as pulling the bullets will shorten the life of the brass. Well, if the MojoMauser can take that 1940s Turkish junk then 48.0 grains of IMR4064 under a little 150gr Spitzer - still a starting load in the 1970 manual - should be all right.

A blog reader giving reloading tips, thanks! Another blog reader, the guy trapped in the Michigan Collective, is due for a couple replies. I've been procrastinating, sorry!

Way back on the 9th, received match results in email, finally looked at them - hm, looks like I won the Marksman category again after all, but no prize - eh, probably at least one of the people now classified as "Marksman" was Unclassified at match time so there weren't enough for a category prize (at least four per category) after all. And I greatly improved my offhand stage, and somehow improved the sitting-rapid stage without practicing. NRA should be mailing me an official classification card in a week or three - still haven't rejoined the Wayne LaPierre Admiration Society, firmly on Neal Knox's side in the schism.

Anyway, my score 259/0X, as I figured at the time, for 8th of 11 overall. And if I hadn't blown my prone-rapid stage I'd've scored Sharpshooter for this match! From this point I need to fire 96 record shots, three matches under NRA Sporting Rifle rules, to officially move up; thereafter my classification is based on my last 96 shots, figured after each match of 32. Only one more match in this series, I believe the last one under these rules, at this range this year, I might start looking at other ranges. This is fun, and it's valuable training. -Apparently I can also look up my name on NRA's site, I'll post a link when and if practical.

Match director likes to see lots of different rifles - in the match report I was mentioned for my "straight-bolt Mauser," heh. Talk of creating special categories, like for old military bolt-actions - the category I won in my first-ever match in July. Match winner broke 300, 303/7X with some scoped sporter. Hope to have a Timney trigger before next match, maybe at the Expo show the weekend before.

May have an arrangement for a car - person involved wants no details posted, very privacy-conscious, I can dig it. Meanwhile, if it does work out, I'll save up for another car dammit, and get what I can for this one. Some sentimentality to the First Car, I dunno, but as soon as I have $500 again I'm going back to Nickel Ads.

435 - Monday, 15 March 2004: So Spain suffered a terrorist attack, and their solution is... to elect Socialists.

Gods help them. Didn't Lazarus Long say that people living in a democracy get the leaders they deserve?

Meanwhile, a recall rally here in Portland, to boot the county commissioners who ignored the rule of law by arbitrarily deciding to issue same-sex marriage licenses. According to local radio personality Bob Miller, who observed, it was gay-bashers on one side and straight-bashers on the other and little if any talk about the actual recall. Sigh.

On the drive back (I missed the downed power line that wholly shut down Hwy26), Michael Savage talking about Spain, Islam, and Socialism. Apparently the commies were a leetle too quick on the draw with the red banners and the peace signs that came out too quickly and in too-great numbers to be "spontaneous" demonstrations. Savage alleges collusion, pointing out how the Socialist candidate was five points behind when the attacks struck three days before the election, then suddenly won by five points. Then he and callers speculate what might happen here around November 1st.




That makes my brain itch. To scratch, stopped at Sportsman's Warehouse, bought Lee Auto-Prime ($17) and 200 Federal #100 standard small pistol primers ($1.60/100 - and noticed price break, $15/1,000, unlike Bi-Mart), and priced powder and projectiles - I figure I'll settle on one middlin' load, something like the Winchester factory 110gr JHP I've come to prefer. Speer 110JHP, $10.50/100; Hornady 110XTP, $9.99/100. Unique powder, $15/pound, Bi-Mart carries it, will check there tomorrow - they should carry projectiles that size too. SW still has that Bianchi paddle holster for the GP100, so I could carry my only modern handgun (crossdraw) comfortably (learned last summer that IWB or belt-slide behind-the-hip won't work, subjectively) while driving, but the price has gone up to $43. Definitely getting rifle practice this weekend, and if the car situation reaches an equilibrium I'm treating myself to that holster this Friday.

Auto-Prime does come with complete tray assemblies for Large and Small primers, switching easy, takes standard shellholders - or would if my Auto-Prime weren't apparently defective. Dremel, or take it back? Hm. Also, instructions say to avoid Federal primers, which "can explode with sufficient force to seriously injure the user, or persons nearby." Grumble. Huh - even if the standard shellholder did fit, the priming pin wouldn't reach the bottom of the case! Huh? Does this need proprietary shellholders? Emailed Cruffler, he'll know. Probably has four of them laying around.... Examining Lee .PDF catalog, yes, the Auto-Prime requires its own shellholders, but they're not too expensive, I'll check Sportsman's Warehouse again later, probably payday, I shouldn't go there $o often.

Apparently the check for the 1851 has cleared, very well. With the tax refund that's still near $150 in checking, hm. And somehow I've got $60 set aside for the next car. -Make that $65, there, I feel better now.

436 - Tuesday, 16 March 2004: Someone complained to the temp service about my shouting match with the IT doofus. I'll be Discussing that with the temp service rep.

Ya know, I think society lost something precious when dueling was outlawed....

I am still motorized! No details, as mentioned previously, but essentially I'm renting an otherwise-underused car from an acquaintance. So, with that expense, I didn't stop at Sportsman's Warehouse to look for Lee Auto-Prime shellholders, but I'll go there Friday I reckon.

Local radio bumps Michael Savage for a basketball game. Now, baseball, maybe I could understand, but basketball? -Well, baseball's kinda short of positive role models too. Anyway I guess there's money in it for the station. -And isn't that a commentary on our society.

Victor Bock going on and on and on about gay marriage. Dude, get a new topic, or approach this one from a different angle!

Campaign signs going up for county-commissioner recall, will have to keep up with that....

Bi-Mart does not carry those shellholders, wants $16 for a pound of Bullseye powder and doesn't seem to carry Unique. Forgot to check projectiles! Well, Sportsman's Warehouse is competitive on most stuff, and has selection.

437 - Wednesday, 17 March 2004: Stopped at temp service, discussed matter with temp rep, "Don't worry about it."

A caller to the Victor Bock program (Savage bumped for basketball again) read a paragraph from an editorial in Just Out, a gay-community magazine, where a gay activist sounds a note of caution about how these marriage licenses got issued - "some say the end justifies the means, but a cause loses its luster through a tarnished process" or suchlike. Now that's impressive. Some of them do have functioning brain cells and do see the implications. (But I knew that.)

Of course whoever wrote that will probably be burned at the stake for heresy....

Last night, resized & primed another forty Federal Mauser cases, a hundred left, will work on them tonight. I think I will load up another twenty with 44.0 grains, for testing this weekend, and start with those.

438 - Thursday, 18 March 2004: Crap! Talked into overtime this weekend. Well, money. Might get practice Sunday, will keep range bag packed.

Jerry Doyle, who played Michael Garibaldi on Babylon 5, covering for Michael Savage. Not bad. I'd previously heard, from Artist (Blacksmith's daughter)'s husband, that he was having trouble finding work because of his political views but hadn't researched those views. Now I know!

Anyway listening causes intellectual discomfort, because I really don't want to vote for AW-Ban, PATRIOT-Act, Homeland-Security Bush again - but I might be compelled to vote against the greater evil. :(

(Reportedly, FBI records indicate Kerry, in the ‘70s, attended an anti-war meeting or meetings where one of the topics was the assassination of United States Senators who supported the Vietnam War. And who did kill Vince Foster anyway? Kerry claims support from "foreign leaders" - how many wear turbans and beards? We know nuke-happy North Korean despot Kim Jong Il likes him. Democrats are murderers and traitors! THEY SHOULD HANG FOR THEIR CRIMES! PEOPLE WHO VOTE DEMOCRAT SHOULD BE INDICTED FOR TREASON UNDER THE CONSTITUTIONAL DEFINITION FOR GIVING AID AND COMFORT TO THE ENEMIES OF THE UNITED STATES! Ex-commie David Horowitz' Left Illusions in the reading queue, non-commie dem Senator Zell Miller's A National Party No More on the hold list.)

Gas prices around $1.80. Happened across an ARCO at $1.699, got ten bucks.

439 - Friday, 19 March 2004: Paid. Blew seventy-odd bucks at SW on the Bianchi 7500 AccuMold holster for the GP100 ($43), a box of 125gr Hornady XTP projectiles ($9.50, half a buck less than the 110s), a small primer thingie for the RCBS press (need a good set of hex wrenches from local hardware store to change them over; want a set anyway), and a pound of Unique powder (which, duh, I can also use in the Load-All for 12 gauge rounds).

Holster adjusted to crossdraw. "Handguns are not supposed to be comfortable, they are supposed to be comforting." -Clint Smith, Thunder Ranch. Wearing the rig around the hovel - not as concealable as the IWB or belt-slide I have, but a jacket or perhaps a flannel should serve, and I should be able to drive with it. Also the paddle allows me to pop it off fairly quickly, yet with a good belt it stays adequately put; checkered rubber grips the inside of the waistband, smooth plastic against the body (tucked-in shirt recommended) chafes less than it might. Furthermore it slides along the waistband to accommodate different sitting positions. Thumb-break retention strap, as I prefer. Gould & Goodrich two-place speedloader carrier on the opposite side, also with some sliding room for sitting. Some practice needed for concealment - it isn't a concealment holster, actually - but this should work. Finally I can carry a full-power handgun in relative comfort while driving! May look into something more when I get a pistol, though, like the Bianchi Shadow II. And I do have (some) leatherworking tools.

Hornady XTPs have the jacket all the way up to the opening of the hollowpoint, preventing accuracy-degrading deformation of the lead during loading and handling. Cruffler says buy bulk lead projectiles at the shows for cheap shooting, hm. The GP100 does have a click-adjustable rear sight, to accommodate different loads....

Loaded twenty Mauser rounds with 44.0 grains IMR4064. Cleaned Mauser. Getting out of bed at usual weekday time tomorrow for overtime pay - with me working there the job might get done sooner and I might get practice Sunday or even later tomorrow. Range bag packed, jerky & everything.

440 - Saturday, 20 March 2004: Ten and a half hours overtime pay this week, eight more expected next week, and no work tomorrow. Laundry done, ready for the range!

To hardware store for hex wrenches. Almost bought nice $30 22-piece set, SAE & metric ball-end in plastic carriers like I use on the machines at work, by Eklind, Made in USA dammit. Settled for the much-less-expensive plain-end vinyl-pouch sets, metric & SAE, by the same maker.

Tools are important. Firearms are tools....

Well crap! The primer arm in the old RCBS JR2 press is marked "LYMAN" and the actual large primer ram slides into the arm and is held by a set screw. The replacement RCBS small primer ram is threaded and probably wouldn't fit if I did choose to open the package, which I won't since I can still take it back for something useful. Possibly an entire replacement arm with both rams, I think I saw one at Sportsman's Warehouse. Meanwhile I still can't use small primers.

But I can put it back together and continue resizing and priming Mauser brass. Will probably mail-order Auto-Prime shellholders from Cabela's or Lee direct, whichever's cheaper.

Finished Drake's The Reaches, a satisfying three-course literary meal, though the bubble-universe thing for FTL, and especially the Mirror, bugs me - eh, pretend they're jumping through hyper in just this one galaxy. Starting Josey Wales: Two Westerns by Forrest Carter, an omnibus; first Gone to Texas, on which the film was based, though the sequence of events has been shuffled and the whole first encounter with Lone Watie is different and the Fletcher/Terrell thing, the main plot of the film I reckon, isn't in the book at all; but the Kaufman/Chernus screenplay and Eastwood direction works just fine; I daresay it's better than the book, which is pretty good by page 75. Leafing ahead in the omnibus, the sequel, The Vengeance Trail of Josey Wales, looks to mesh adequately with either version. -Ya know, lurking in a deep dark corner of my brain is a would-be filmmaker, if only the whole motion-picture industry weren't such a gang of filthy commie perverts. Just as, when I read a book, I think of how I would have turned a phrase differently or rearranged an action sequence (very little of that with Drake), when I watch a film I think of changes to script and sequence and camera angles (very little of that with Eastwood). Can Jerry Doyle do Western? Hm, he'd have to lose some weight for Wales, I think, and Selleck, IMO, would not be harsh enough... but maybe, like Jimmy Stewart in Winchester ‘73 or Henry Fonda in Once Upon a Time in the West, that very contrast between type and typecast would work. Some recent Selleck western videos on the library hold list.

Crossover between Christian and gunfolk email lists - Gibson's Passion making lots of show-biz heads hurt, not least by being hugely $uccessful while ignoring Everything Everybody Knows about making movies. Good! Anything that ticks off that much of Hollywood is probably worth seeing, I might actually.

441 - Sunday, 21 March 2004: Zzzz....

Arrived Clark Rifles about 10:45am. Gorgeous day! Upper range, 25 yards, four of my 1"/4MOA practice targets. Starting with the 44.0gr loads in Federal brass. Single loading, on with the hated goggles. From bench, hands & elbows, no blocks or sandbags. Just to make sure I'm on the paper, aiming between the two lower black squares so I don't chew up the target holder. Bang! Recoil about the same as Federal factory 170s. Primer backed out a little, but it did that with the original factory loads. Anyway, about an inch high and right, that'll do. Not changing sights, figure on using the two remaining boxes of factory 170s in the match on the 3rd.

Okay! String of four on upper left target, single-loaded. Second round, again high and right. Primer didn't back out, hmm. No flattening or cratering or flowing, no case bulging either. Three more - right, right, and high, mostly my fault. Very slight flattening of primers, the factory stuff has looked worse. No apparent movement of the shoulder relative to an unfired resized round, chambering & extraction both smooth, but I knew this rifle passes headspace.

Off with the goggles! Five single rounds on upper right - hmm, not as accurate as I'd hoped.

Five rounds lower left. Sandbags! Let's steady this up for administrative purposes. Also, putting a second round in the magazine but not chambering it ‘til the end of the string, to test how the uncrimped seating holds up to recoil. Huh! Way high from the sandbags! And the next round, back down where I expected it. Huh? Really bad accuracy from sandbags.... Anyway, no apparent movement of bullet in case neck from recoil, though the exposed lead nose gets deformed from bouncing around in the magazine.

Five rounds, last of the 44gr load, lower right target, still on the sandbags. Full magazine. Hmm, better....

21 March 2004: MojoMauser, 150gr Speer SP, 44.0gr IMR4064, Federal case, Winchester primer 1 21 March 2004: MojoMauser, 150gr Speer SP, 44.0gr IMR4064, Federal case, Winchester primer 2 21 March 2004: MojoMauser, 150gr Speer SP, 44.0gr IMR4064, Federal case, Winchester primer 3 21 March 2004: MojoMauser, 150gr Speer SP, 44.0gr IMR4064, Federal case, Winchester primer 4

Fresh target - a big five-place bullseye with orange centers found in trash, Alco Target Company, "Hill 23/2". Someone was all over it with a smallbore, probably a ~$900 M4-lookalike AR (smirk). Not easy to confuse the 5.56mm holes with my 7.92s, made small pen marks anyway next to existing holes. Anyway whoever it was only hit the black once, for seven holes in the paper, lots of target left.

Now the 48.0gr loads, in Winchester brass, same procedure as above. About the same felt recoil, fine. A little more primer flattening. Same general point of impact, about the same accuracy. Possibly copper being shaved from jacket when seating bullets in unchamfered cases, that might affect accuracy. Flannel shirt back on, elbow chafing on bench carpet. Expo show next weekend, hope to find Timney trigger Saturday for more practice Sunday. One or two primers backed out a little, no other pressure signs. Hmm, less residue with IMR4064 than with Federal factory loads. Seating-test results the same. Lower-left bullseye, last of the Winchester brass, hmm....

21 March 2004: MojoMauser, 150gr Speer SP, 48.0gr IMR4064, Winchester case, Winchester primer 5 21 March 2004: MojoMauser, 150gr Speer SP, 48.0gr IMR4064, Winchester case, Winchester primer 6 21 March 2004: MojoMauser, 150gr Speer SP, 48.0gr IMR4064, Winchester case, Winchester primer 7 21 March 2004: MojoMauser, 150gr Speer SP, 48.0gr IMR4064, Winchester case, Winchester primer 8

Fresh targets, back to my 1". Now 48.0gr in Remington brass. Goggles on, five rounds, no more pressure signs than before, goggles off. These are Hoppe's, by the way, #3073 clear, the only ones I can stand. Same procedure, same seating test, same results. There's potential here, but now I think I'll shop for projectiles less likely to get mangled in the magazine, though I don't want to spend ~$30/100 for Nosler or such. IMR4064 quite clean. -Hm, a Timney trigger and lots of practice. And start looking into converting another Mauser to .308.

21 March 2004: MojoMauser, 150gr Speer SP, 48.0gr IMR4064, Remington case, Winchester primer 9 21 March 2004: MojoMauser, 150gr Speer SP, 48.0gr IMR4064, Remington case, Winchester primer 10 21 March 2004: MojoMauser, 150gr Speer SP, 48.0gr IMR4064, Remington case, Winchester primer 11 21 March 2004: MojoMauser, 150gr Speer SP, 48.0gr IMR4064, Remington case, Winchester primer 12

Fresh targets. Last set, 48.0gr in Federal brass, which I suspect is a compressed load. Goggles on! ...Everything about the same. Second string, the flyer this time was the first, not the deformed fifth, round - and I'm approaching 4MOA. Last string, rushed some - eh, I've done worse. Packed up about 1:15.

21 March 2004: MojoMauser, 150gr Speer SP, 48.0gr IMR4064, Federal case, Winchester primer 13 21 March 2004: MojoMauser, 150gr Speer SP, 48.0gr IMR4064, Federal case, Winchester primer 14 21 March 2004: MojoMauser, 150gr Speer SP, 48.0gr IMR4064, Federal case, Winchester primer 15 21 March 2004: MojoMauser, 150gr Speer SP, 48.0gr IMR4064, Federal case, Winchester primer 16

Well! The rifle didn't blow up and I got something resembling groups. Not bad for my first try at reloading! Only twenty Speer 150gr SP Spitzers left, I think I'll put them in Federal brass over 46.0 grains IMR4064. May look into a different powder, as the ‘blog reader suggested, for smoother use in the powder measure.

Filled up on $1.699 regular in Vancouver. Stopped at same Vancouver pawn shop as last time, that $330 tactical 1100 is still there and I've got overtime pay coming.... This is one of Cruffler's regular stops and he said he saw some blackpowder handgun there, which from his description was probably an inauthentic brass-frame inauthentic .44 "1851" Colt repro - no sign of it this time. Stopped at same gun shop as last time, examined Kel-Tec SU16 - no obvious bolt hold-open, folding not convenient - have to drift out a pin almost identical to that which holds the trigger group in a Mossberg 500 or Remington 870. Acceptable sight picture but inferior plastic sights with inferior adjustment. But on rec.guns folks are saying there are improvements coming to later production.

Crap! Carter's Josey Wales on hold for another, had to hurry through Gone to Texas and return it to library. But, Stephenson's Quicksilver came through, now I can finish that. Gone to Texas was all right, but I'd probably have enjoyed it more if I hadn't seen the really good film first. The Vengeance Trail will be new to me, once I get the book back, and I should enjoy it more.

442 - Tuesday, 23 March 2004: Non-specific mailing from OFF, sent $25. "Ultimate Outdoorsman" targeted mailing, card for $10 off NRA membership, probably soon.

Reports on gunfolk lists of NRA rudeness and arrogance when members call them on the phone - and there's lots of evidence to back up other gun rights groups' claims that NRA is the biggest and most successful gun-control organization in the country.... I expect to be round-filing a lot of beg-for-money mailings.

Anti-war (pro-terrorism) marches and protests worldwide on the anniversary of the start of Gulf War II. Organizers consistently claim at least four times as many attendees as professional head-counters, with aerial photos and scientific method, come up with - and they accuse Bush of lying? One Chicago-area protestor says he's upset that "there are no jobs." I've got four hours overtime this week and counting, and I wasn't sitting there wrasslin' wire by myself....

Bi-Mart's projectile prices are higher than Sportsman's Warehouse's, hm. But Bi-Mart puts it all on sale for a buck off every few weeks. New Lyman reloading manual on Bi-Mart shelf, committed intellectual-property theft, looking up alternative powders, concentrating on spherical or ball powders for easy mechanical measuring, will cross-reference with the old Lyman and downloaded powder-maker manuals.

Diving back into Stephenson's Quicksilver. Stuff, I say Stuff, Happening - and again, this is only the first of a honkin' huge trilogy, prequel to the honkin' huge Cryptonomicon. Gawd, almost makes me want to check out a calculus text....

Will probably send off the county extortion this weekend from the overtime pay. Not expecting to buy much at the Expo show, but now I'm reloading there's even more stuff to catch my eye, sigh.

Mechanic so upset with Bush that she's apparently becoming a Kerry supporter. Going on about the Bush administration's damage to the Constitution - she thinks that commie slime will kiss it and make it better? He'll raise our taxes (he says he will in his own campaign ads) and use them to pay Danegeld to bin Laden (pleeze don' blow up no mo' o' owah bildin's, massa...). Issue an Executive Pardon to Hussein and apologize on the UN Assembly floor for interrupting his cultural revolution (by stopping him from murdering another few hundred thousand of his own people). Reinstate the Draft to bulk up the (unConstitutional...) standing army to prop up mass-murdering despots like his close friend and spiritual advisor Aristide (who promotes "necklacing", placing an old tire around a political enemy's neck, filling it with gasoline and lighting it). Hand off to Hillary in 2012, after his second term, no matter how many recounts it takes. And Mechanic seems to think he's The Solution.

And there I'll be out in the boonies with my rifle, getting things alternatively frozen or shot off. Thanks ever so much.

She's getting mean about it too, very much the kind of liberal bigotry I've pointed out from other sources. The kind of hatred and lies I'm constantly bombarded with from the Left are actually pushing me further Right and I am beginning to seriously consider voting for Bush again, gods help us all. I believe it was Jerry Pournelle, no fan of Bush himself, who wrote, sometime during this Presidential term, that the question is no longer whether we will be a Republic or an Empire, but what kind of Empire....

I've quit, again, responding to Mechanic's email. Anyway that's the end, finally, of that friendship. -Which means I'll probably never get Woodworker to finish the Dragoon or GP100 grips, as they live together. Well, I can finish the Dragoon myself when I get the gumption and those for the GP100 were from scrap walnut he had laying around, no great loss.

With that relationship turning hostile - the friend of my enemy is my enemy, and she's effectively declaring for Kerry - I'll be seeing less of the others too, like Blacksmith, Artist, etc., as it's all the same circle. And I was thinking of getting a 20 gauge for Artist as a graduation gift, having something like "Defend What is Yours" engraved in Latin on the stock. Oh well. Just have to hang out with more gunfolk instead. At least we have reasons to dislike Bush, other than "he's a filthy old bigoted racist Republican with friends and cronies in all those nasty old Corporations." We hate his treasonous national-socialist guts for what he's done, not what he is.

Sigh. I can see that, like Bush I in ‘92, lots of gunfolk will just go hunting on election day....

Shrug. Artist will probably vote for Kerry too. Her single-voting-issue appears to be abortion - and I am pro-choice, within reason, as described previously, and in the first installment of the story I'm trying to write - but attempting to enlighten her about the larger picture would probably only alienate her anyway. And I don't want to vote for Bush again, and I'm not voting for that globalist commie traitor, and the Constitution party is further right than the leftists think Bush is, and I still don't know who's running on the Libertarian ticket, and the Reform party is falsely advertised, and, and....

If I'd ever developed a taste for alcohol I'd've drunk myself to death by now. I spend that money on ammunition instead.

443 - Wednesday, 24 March 2004: Allergically reacting to ignorance and incompetence of certain co-workers, left work earlier than I could have, only another half-hour overtime.

Michael Savage condemning the 9/11 hearings as show trials where the blame is spread as widely, and therefore thinly, as possible and nobody from either party faces any consequences for letting it happen. The other night, reading Pournelle's site, interesting but not encouraging. The Republic is doomed....

To Sportsman's Warehouse, returned primer pin, splurged on whole new primer arm with both pins, and a box of Hornady Interlock 150gr .323" spitzers. These have cannelures but judging from last time a crimp does not seem necessary. About as much exposed lead as the Speer, hm, and nobody has a really good selection in 8mm. Really must get one of the other Mausers rebarreled in .308. Will have to slog through old saved posts about Mausers and gunsmithing - I seem to recall reading that some American sporting rifle has barrel threads that match the large-ring ‘98, possibly the Ruger 77, perhaps I can find a take-off barrel at a show. Sporter barrels are usually nekkid (though I might find one that has or had sights). The rear sight on the rifle in my head will go back on the receiver where it belongs, but that will necessitate a front sight, and I want a bayonet lug, and I wouldn't mind a flash-hider, just because the totalitarians say I can't have them. And on a bolt-action it's legal anyway, at least this week. But fixing such things to an otherwise-naked barrel will require, what? Drilling & tapping? Dovetailing? Contouring and silver-solder?

Phone message from Blacksmith's wife, redeeming one of the Christmas certificates - actually they seem to have forgotten about them and offered to hire me - for some housecleaning Saturday morning, very well. Hm, Expo show closes 7pm Friday, 4pm Saturday and Sunday - might still make it Saturday, get the Timney, install it that evening and practice Sunday. Have to load up some cartridges, I do. 46.0gr IMR4064 under the last of the Speers, and those Hornadys, I think - have 40 once-fired pieces sized and primed already. Cruffler says I'm not good enough yet to worry about weighing out the projectiles and I have to agree; that'll save time.

From library, starting to slog through the Sharpe's Rifles series on video. Yes, redcoats, but Sharpe himself actually wears a different color and more to the point, the character is a whole different breed. Besides the Eurosocialists aren't getting any of my money from it. Already viewed the first episode - not the best swordfights I've ever seen, but the gunhandling seems decent, and Napoleon was a Bad Guy so it's okay to root for people fighting him.

Let's not discuss the Louisiana Purchase just now, though....

444 - Thursday, 25 March 2004: That's it for overtime, but an even bigger order of the same product is expected soon.

Loaded the last twenty Speer 150s the other night, 46.0gr IMR4064, COAL 2.90. Reset the seater for the Hornady 150s, same powder, seated right to the middle of the cannelure, COAL 2.96, loaded another twenty rounds. No crimp.

Sinclair International catalog in mail the other day, argh. But just looking at the products they offer gives me more knowledge of handloading - I'll be experimenting with a piece of dowel or something to try to get closer to optimum cartridge overall length, i.e. .005-.010 from the ogive to the rifling. That digital caliper was a very cool gift and I intend to tell blacksmith so this weekend.

Blacksmith called last night, rescheduled for Sunday, maybe hit the show Saturday morning(ish), rush home to install the Timney, charge off to Clark Rifles in the afternoon. I think tomorrow night I'll make another twenty rounds, with the Hornadys since I don't have any other projectiles now, and increase the seating height again - 3.0" I think, just to see what happens. Resized & primed another 40 cases, 60 once-fired left. Running low on powder, may only have enough left for another twenty.

Oh! NRA classification card in mail, cool! And a thank-you letter from OFF, cool.

Okay, according to the current Lyman manual, ball powders are:

Hodgdon H335, BLC2, H380, H414;
Winchester 748, 760;
Accurate 2230, 2460, 2520.

Old Lyman manual lists 50.0gr H380 under a 150, for 2,570fps and about 2,200ft/lbs - but it's an old manual and that's the only spherical powder listed from my list. Previously acquired a copy of a Sierra CD-ROM manual, installed it - won't run without MS Internet Explorer, which I have iEradicated, hm. Still have the .PDF powder manuals - Accurate gives 45.5gr of 2230 for a starting load, giving velocity of 2,674fps, which works out to an energy of about 2,330ft/lbs, spitting distance to the load I have already, all right then! What else - 2460 and 2520, larger charges for about the same velocity, might as well be as economical as possible. Now the Winchester manual - one load each, both for 170gr projectiles, hm. Hodgdon - misplaced the printed manual that came with the Load-All, hop online and download a fresh one (and check out my standing at NRA - not practical to post a link - signed up for competitors' email list, rule changes & such) - hm, not finding a downloadable manual, but the data is up in .HTML. "NEVER Exceed the Loads Listed Here." Hmm, nothing inspiring, I'll try Accurate 2230 for my next pound of powder and come back to Hodgdon if I don't like the results.

445 - Friday, 26 March 2004: Demonstrations and marches this weekend in Corvallis, by MECHA, a Latino-supremacist outfit which claims to be for "farm workers' rights" while its website says their goal is to reclaim California (and Oregon) for Mexico by any means necessary, its spokespeople brag about influencing elections with violence, and its members chant things like "White people, it is your duty to die." (Victor Bock played a recording of an LA march.)

And some people wonder why I'm armed.

Media fawning all over these murderous racists of course, the usual multicultural fluff. And you know what's the scariest thing of all?

The United States of America is still the best country in the world.

Which means there's no where else to go. "They'll be comin' for ye, Josey. ...Ain't no place ye can go t' git away from ‘em." Except maybe Switzerland but they're surrounded by Eurocommies and I'd have to learn French for gods' sake. Maybe New Hampshire but that's probably vaporware too. SIGH....

And sigh. Almost forgot about phone and electric bills, the county theft will probably wait another week, even with overtime pay - I'm going to the gun show dammit. But the new batch of product is starting to come through at work, maybe I'll pick up even more hours. Doing production work on that in addition to my tooling duties since I am, demonstrably, worth two or three other employees in terms of quality and speed. The one machine may never have run that fast since it left the factory.... Oh. I didn't forget the phone bill, still getting used to having regular income, paid it when the bill arrived a couple weeks ago. Rent paid. D'oh! Forgot to mail Iguanasoft check. Well, it seems their billing is a month or more behind, they shouldn't complain if the check is a couple weeks late.

Loaded another twenty rounds, same powder & all, 3.0" COAL. Another twenty sized & primed. Not enough IMR4064 left for a full box now.

446 - Saturday, 27 March 2004: Zzzsnrk. Up at 8am, show opens at 9. Hoping to find Timney trigger, slap it in and charge off to the range.

Parking at nearby shopping sprawl, hiking to Expo to save $7. Not quite $120 cash after admission (eight dollars now), left ATM card and checkbook behind. But maybe by the April show I can splurge on a CZ.

Good thing I left the other money. Saw two Romanian .22LR repeaters, one $81, the other $65 - almost got the latter anyway. Hopefully next month. Did not find Timney!

Bought: old 1¼" leather military-type sling, for match shooting, $3 (only one keeper, aren't there supposed to be two? Maybe I can steal one from one of my M44 Mosins); chamfering tool, $8; ah, Lee Auto-Prime shellholders, #1 (.38/.357) and #2 (.30-06 family, a long list), pair for $3; pound of Accurate 2230, $16.25; box of Winchester .357/110, $9.95, two bucks less than Bi-Mart; new Dixie Gun Works catalog, $5; and the big hit, three 30-round S&W magazines for the Marlin, $16.95 each. Phooey! They don't fit the magazine pouch I got, they're too long! Oh well, that was only $7, I'll live. And possibly the pouch can be altered. Yes of course it can and I think I have everything I need to do it.

Saw: used FM Argentine GP35 clone, $265; Marlin Camp Carbine, 9mm $325, .45 $475(!); FEG Hungarian GP35 clone, $300; brass-case 7.62x54R, $2.95/20; Yugo SKS, $175; Marlin M39TDS .22LR lever-action, $325; used Kahr K9 w/2 magazines, $425; used Mossberg M590, $325; Marlin & Winchester handgun-caliber lever actions, I can beat those prices at Big 5, and get layaway too (and last time I visited Cruffler he showed me the third-party filler plug for the Marlin's lawyer-safety, which looks like just another frame screw); Makarovs, $170-ish; used FM GP35, $250; MREs (tan), $35/case; some old IMR4064, $12/pound, would have got at least one if I'd had more money; CZ75B two-tone, black slide & OD frame, $389; Charles Daly GP35, bar-dot express sights, gas-pedal safety, $389; slightly-used Witness .45, $350. At least one Class 3 dealer present. John Sweeney, Democrat for congress - huh? Does he know what show he's at? I'll investigate, particularly his voting record, not least through OFF. Only one big blackpowder vendor, no parts geezers. Escaped with $20 about 11:30.

Back to the hovel for food. Now, rifle practice today, or tomorrow after helping Blacksmith? Laundry tomorrow, when some MECHA member typically does clothes for the entire province of Sonora at the local laundromat, or today when there might actually be a machine available? Hm- practice tomorrow, I think; I can load up another 20 rounds tonight, see how the 2230 performs. With the powder measure.

Finished Quicksilver; second volume, The Confusion, trickling down the hold queue. Horowitz's Left Illusions not renewable - returning it to hold again, starting Richard Poe's The Seven Myths of Gun Control. At the laundromat.

Ugh, cityfolk. But a good book, useful. I'd love to see someone like John Stossel do a miniseries on it. Like that's gonna happen.

Resized all forty remaining once-fired cases, Auto-Prime in action, works fine. Need bigger loading block.... To hardware store for a couple more C-clamps, the powder measure comes with a plate thing so I can clamp it to a table separately, instead of threading it into the press; thus I can use my smaller loading block, charge that many cases with powder, seat bullets without changing anything, and charge another set of cases. (This also reduces the chance of charging errors.) -As long as I'm out, time for more fuel - over the bridge to Washington, where I find an ARCO with regular at $1.69. Down here they want $1.75 and other brands want $1.81 and beyond.

Powder measure works good with Accurate 2230 spherical powder, about 0.1gr deviation per charge when set for 45.5, very little shearing. Outlet nozzle shaped the same as the powder funnel, just stick the case right up in there and turn the handle. Now I'm cookin'! Chamfering case mouths, not too much, before charging with powder - yes that helps with seating. 2230 takes up less space for the same weight than IMR4064, no worrying about compressed loads. Loaded 40 rounds (40 more cases, sized & primed, still available) with that charge and the Hornady 150s; twenty at the 3.0" OAL and twenty at 2.95" (Accurate's .PDF manual says 2.94, close enough). Little load tags in the bottom of the projectile boxes, filled out and dropped into reused Federal boxes - the MTM boxes still have the twice-fired cases from last time, don't want to get my twice-fired mixed up with my once-fired, and I reckon I'll have to start trimming soon. Twenty Hornady 150s left. Once I settle on a load I'll just do ‘em all the heck at once.

So, if I actually have time and gumption enough to go from rural southwest Blacksmith's house to rural northeast Clark Rifles tomorrow, I've got 100 rounds to learn with; twenty each:

Speer 150, 46.0 IMR4064, 2.90"
Hornady 150, 46.0 IMR4064, 2.96" at the cannelure, no crimp
Hornady 150, 46.0 IMR4064, 3.0"
Hornady 150, 45.5 Accurate 2230, 3.0"
Hornady 150, 45.5 Accurate 2230, 2.95" at the cannelure, no crimp

As last weekend, the plan is to shoot for groups and leave the sights set for the Federal #8A factory loads I'll use in the match. If it's late or I'm lazy, I did get "practice" last weekend and I can dry-practice during the week.

Reckon I'll dig out that mound of .357 (and .38) brass soon and start fiddling with that. If I do splurge on a lever-action it'll probably be a .357 Marlin from Big 5 next time they're on sale and I can justify the downpayment. There are conversions for the .36 percussion revolvers I have, to fire .38 Special (full wadcutter only, not enough chamber length for conventional loads).... Nah, one conversion would probably cost more than I paid for both my Navy Colts, and I don't like having to take them apart to reload every time - the 1851's wedge is driven in further than I think it should be, obviously some peening has occurred. There's another thing on the to-do list, finish developing combustible paper cartridges with the saltpeter solution, that'll make Cowboy Action more fun if I get into it.

The guy I got the Auto-Prime shellholders from also had a #11, for .44 Russian/Special/Magnum and some other things. If I'd'a been thinking I'd'a got that too, oh well.

447 - Sunday, 28 March 2004: Zzzsnrk? Up with the dawn, more or less. Expecting to meet Blacksmith at his place around 10:30. Ah! I can go to the OAC show! Uh-oh - this month's theme, "Blackpowder & 19th Century." Maybe I should leave the bank card and checkbook behind again....

Eh, safe enough. Some things that were out of my price range anyway. Saw lots of fine old originals though - Trapdoors, a Snider(!), a Spencer, a Lee 6mm Navy straight-pull, a couple Colt Lightning slide-action repeating rifles. One Russian SKS, $250; a Whitney Wolverine(!) .22 pistol, $365. Original Colt 1st Model Dragoon, the kind of thing they don't put prices on because if you know what it is you're expected to know what it's worth.

Chatted some - and here's where I got in trouble. Learned of an individual with nineteen pounds of Goex FFFg genuine black powder he wants to get rid of at $9/pound, or maybe $8 if he can get rid of all of it. That's $152 but it's also a fine opportunity - this stuff is hard to find around here, with police-state restrictions and the closing, a couple summers ago, of the only place in 100 miles that was set up to legally stock it. Apparently this guy ordered, on behalf of another, a standard case of 25 pounds - which can be legally shipped to individuals here; don't expect gun laws to make sense - but that other turned out to only want six and now he's stuck with the rest. Anyway, got an email address and phone number. -Man, that'd last a long time in my one-and-a-half flintlock pistols, and would also serve in a .45 rifle, maybe even a .50 though I think I'm supposed to use 2F for that. Last time I laid hands on some was a road trip to Spokane a few years ago, where a variety store, similar to the one down here that closed, sold it for $7.50. This is a good deal, I should do this.... At worst I can resell some myself. Well- I'll email him and offer $75 for 10 pounds to be transacted Friday, after I send the check for the county extortion; or $140 for the whole lot if he can wait another week.

Obtained OAC membership info, hm. Yesterday at Expo, got flyer for the Spring Machinegun Shoot at the Albany Rifle & Pistol Club - never been to a full-auto event before, known of this one for some years now and always wanted to go. May 15-16, hm.

Well, no practice. The housecleaning took hours. During which Woodworker - and Mechanic - showed up. (The object was to clear space for Woodworker to redo a bathroom.) Didn't take long for Mechanic and Woodworker to start bashing Bush and, by implication, praising their savior John Kerry. I don't think either of them reads this ‘blog so I don't think they know ideological war has been declared. I tried to say as little to both of them as possible. They seemed to get that hint at least.

I admit it - I'd rather have four more years of President Bush than four days of President Kerry. And I don't want four more years of Bush. (I want four years of Ron Paul. Hell, I want four years of Barry Goldwater. I want a republican dammit....)

Being near there, when work was done I went to the Big Electronics Store, and missed out on a 2Mp digital camera advertised Friday for $40. Nothing else caught my eye, which was fortunate, as now I have to start setting money aside for that Goex powder.

Return to learn my next-door neighbor's car was stolen from a shopping-center parking lot. It's not much newer or prettier than the one I've now got in mothballs, and it leaks a lot of oil - who the heck would steal that? Anyway now he's on mass-transit, gods help him.

Later, email from Mechanic, "I hope you didn't take that as endorsement of...." Of course that's how I took it, how the hell else am I supposed to take it, she's spewing the enemy's party line word-for-word and I'm supposed to believe she's not one of them? She's giving every indication of voting for a man who will raise my taxes, ban my guns, kowtow to terrorists and generally treat me like dirt and she expects to still be friends? At one point I demanded the conversation be ended or I'd leave (leaving Blacksmith and his wife, who have both done many a thing for me many a time, to do their own housecleaning with their own old-and-creaky bodies). She missed the second part of my demand. "You don't believe in the First Amendment anymore?" Sure I do - she has a right to speak. She doesn't have a right to be listened to. I can change the damn channel.

No Timney at the OAC show either. Email suggestion from Cruffler - went e-shopping at Brownells and Midway, decided on Brownells for the free catalog offer. Timney Featherweight model, no safety (uses original safety instead of one alongside like a Remington 700), closeout of discontinued item, regularly $65.25, on sale for $36.98, plus parcel post is $40.58. Probably won't arrive in time for the match.

448 - Monday, 29 March 2004: Nothing back from the powder guy yet, but Cruffler, reading ‘blog, has offered to buy whatever I can't afford.

Meanwhile, loading up the last twenty Hornady projectiles, same powder & weight, OAL 3.05", just to see what happens by seating the bullet closer to the rifling.

Brownells emails that my trigger has shipped. Parcel post, cheapest - in time for the match?

Can't load any more rifle rounds at the moment - dig out the .357 brass! Slick resizing with the tungsten die, that was a score, will seek and if necessary pay extra for such dies in future. Resized cases drop freely into GP100's chambers, drop right out when I raise the muzzle. 200 primers, 200 cases, Winchester unplated brass (I also have a meaningful number of nickel-plated Winchester cases, before they cut that cost on the same 110JHP load). No mishaps with Federal standard small pistol primers in the Lee Auto-Prime. I'll contemplate a load tomorrow.

Or tonight, listening to the Larry Elder show tackle the economic realities of minimum wage, the many forks of John Kerry's tongue, and so forth. Apparently C-Span played a ‘70s debate on the Dick Cavett show between Kerry, who served in Vietnam for four months, and a US Navy Lieutenant who served in the same riverboat unit shortly thereafter for two or three years. Kerry alleges atrocities, LT O'Neill articulately rips him a new one. Media (some media anyway) scrambling to Find and Interview This Man. Then a couple actual Vietnam combat veterans call the show, one of whom speaks almost as well as O'Neill with the same eloquence of outrage, both boiling down to "I was there and Kerry's a %$#&! liar."

Vietnam. I wasn't there - I was born in 1967, nor have I ever served - but I offer this:

We - the country - shouldn't have gone; Vietnam was less a threat to the United States than was Iraq. (Although the resisting-communism angle has undeniable merit.) But having found ourselves there we should have fought to win, which the United States damn well could have done. But the bureaucrats chose neither path, getting tens of thousands of real Americans, decent Americans, killed and arguably worse, and plunging a whole society into the horrors of communism. Are there any Montagnards left, I wonder? Now there were some men - and our politicians abandoned them to genocide. I understand the Special Forces people were very upset about that. It's a good thing for bureaucrats that such people have self-control to go with their morality - but if they didn't have those qualities they wouldn't have become such elite operatives, eh?

But I wasn't there so I'll shut up about that. So with Kerry getting blasted on the radio, Alliant .PDF powder manual, page 16: 9.6gr Unique under a 125gr jacketed with a Federal 200 primer (I've got 100s), warnings to reduce by 10%. Velocity at 9.6gr given as 1,585fps, works out to an energy of 693ft/lbs. Winchester 110gr factory load claims 1,295fps & 410ft/lbs - so the Unique load is zippy, and should still be when reduced by 10%! I'll load a box with 8.6gr tomorrow, and possibly try them after the match Saturday, the GP100 is plenty beefy and I'm not very concerned about straining it. Probably won't try my rifle reloads that day, I think I'll be rifled-out after the match, but I might take them along.

No overtime today, I was kinda expecting some - probably some corporate... thing. Dunno about tomorrow - this big batch seems to be in less a hurry than the last. Meanwhile I often find myself making bricks without straw - on Friday I made a drill jig, for enlarging holes in fan housings, from a piece of scrap plywood and a couple craft sticks. (And there's no drill press - no $50 commie Chinese drill press you can buy anywhere in the hemisphere - the drilling is done by hand, with a chuck on a stubby little T-handle.) Part of my job is to make such fixtures, wire-harness guide boards, and the like, but I got no tools! I got no materials! A couple rusty hacksaws, scrap wood from broken pallets and shipping crates. And the machines, ugh! I've had to learn their secrets, their tricks, their age- and neglect-induced infirmities, how to tweak them so they won't jam every three minutes, or in one case where to smack the machine to engage the kill-switch so it runs at all. I've been winging it so long I wonder when I'll get my frequent-improviser miles, and would I have to use them as-is or can I cash them in? And when the heck am I going to get another backup tooling person? (If this car breaks down they are screwed, and they know it....) Not, judging from experience, that I expect a useful one, from today's labor pool....

Flyer from The Leather Factory - "Forty-Niner Holster Pattern Pack", ten patterns, twelve bucks, squinting at the photo I can see the 1851 Colt and Remington New Army listed on the cover, hmm....

449 - Tuesday, 30 March 2004: Finished Poe's Myths of Gun Control, big long epilogue about masculinity & feminazism, heroism & cowardice, honor & depravity, right & wrong - right & left.

Well, yeah. Anyway I recommend the book as a useful tool in the Cause.

Ing's Rackham Files next. Picked up Sen. Miller's A National Party No More. Coupon from Bi-Mart - got two boxes of Winchester 9x19mm 124gr FMJ (cheaper than the 115JHP on the same coupon), all Marlin magazines loaded because I can dammit. Hose them fascists down! Or as Oleg Volk says, "Too Much Ammo Does Not Happen." Do I really want to start saving 9mm brass? Well yeah, I might work up something for whatever pistol I finally get.

In the news, via Michael Savage - 9/11 hearings; Richard Clark contradicting his sworn testimony, in sworn testimony. This guy was a national security adviser for three presidents for over a decade and did nothing to catch bin Laden, and now the September attacks are all Bush's fault? (Clinton holdovers were in charge of national security until about September 7th and the attacks are all Bush's fault? -Well, RINO Bush coulda purged the administration much sooner, certainly - and still should....) Rice going to testify publicly and under oath - now, I've read, and heard on radio news, some sources that say she says she wants to do just that but was barred by Bush's order under executive privilege, which barrier is now removed. Yet the Oregonian (someone's bringing it in to the break room at work) has an article saying she's been refusing? And some people say there's no media bias? Some people claim the Oregonian is a conservative paper?

Mercury in seafood, sez Gore's daughter. (Oh, that's a reliable source.) Savage has a high degree, Ph.D or Masters as I recall, in Nutrition - cites studies of certain island societies which consume ~100 times as much mercury in their seafood as the Gorelet is whining about (and those high levels are all Bush's fault too, naturlich) without ill effects. Think I'll have me some battered fish tenders....

Democrats holding a $1,000/plate fundraiser "for the poor." Can even Democrats say that with a straight face? Of course when Republicans hold a $500/plate fundraiser it's evil corporate greed....

Experiencing mental anguish over upcoming presidential election. Bush supports the ban on "assault weapons", his tax cut was a placebo (never mind the "nasty old corporation"/"tax breaks for the wealthy" crap - do poor people put up "NOW HIRING" signs in their windows? Did a non-profit organization manufacture the microwave dinner you're eating, the store you bought it in, the car you drove there in, the oven you nuked it in, the house whose roof you're eating it under? And as for Haliburton - aren't they the only outfit in the world that is capable of fulfilling certain whoppin' huge contracts, except possibly a certain French outfit that Hussein probably still owns stock in?), his immigration policy is a disgrace and a clear and present danger to our national security and sovereignty, his Homeland Security Department and PATRIOT act are exactly the kinds of things the Second Amendment was written for-


Kipling. Had. This. To. Say:

When the Cambrian measures were forming, They promised perpetual peace.
They swore, if we gave them our weapons, that the wars of the tribes would cease.
But when we disarmed They sold us, and delivered us, bound, to our foe,
And the Gods of the Copybook Heading said: "Stick to the Devil you know."

Kerry would be worse and realistically it's one or the other. Argh....

(See the whole thing - do a web search for [kipling "copybook heading"]. It's worth it. It's everything Horowitz, Coulter, Hannity, Savage, et. al. have been saying, a century early and vastly more eloquent and concise. In fact go out to a bookstore right the heck now and find a big fat collected-works chunk of Kipling and buy the sucker. -But don't read it in bed if you have work in the morning....)

Powder guy responds, wants $85 for ten pounds but will accept $140 for nineteen, responded to him he's got a deal if he can wait ‘til the 9th, two paychecks from now. (Again no overtime.)

Fiddling with .357 Magnum crimp seating die, think I've got it figured out. Loaded 50 rounds in Winchester brass, 8.6gr Unique under Hornady 125gr XTP JHP over Federal 100 primer. Not a compressed load. The 201st case used for testing and adjustment is wrapped firmly around one projectile which isn't budging in the kinetic puller - hm, how am I going to get that back? Also, exact case length more important when using a crimp....

450 - Wednesday, 31 March 2004: Huh - don't read Ing in bed either, if you have to go to work in the morning.

Powder guy responds, come the 9th we've got a deal! Nineteen pounds of 3F could last years.... Especially as it'll be reserved for flintlocks, or the increasingly-unlikely-with-my-political-alienation-from-the-SCA-circle wheel-lock project. Pyrodex works fine in percussion, and 12 gauge shotshells, and probably metallic cartridges with some research and testing, and it's available everywhere.

Michael Savage's Birthday Bash bumped for basketball. Victor Bock more eloquent than usual - or maybe I just didn't hear him repeat himself so often, as I got an hour and a half overtime, tuning in for only the last hour of his show - about Senator Gordon Smith (RINO-OR) joining Senator Ted Kennedy (COMM-MA) in proposing an amendment to a bill, to expand Federal "hate-crime" legislation. The eloquence was pointing out that the message given by such legislation is not that attacking minorities is bad, but that attacking white heterosexual males is not as bad.

There have already been several instances of, for example, black people deliberately seeking out white people to murder - many more of which, I'd bet money, have been carefully suppressed by mainstream, politically-correct media (see Bernard Goldberg). How long ‘til some gay-rights activist decides to deliberately spread HIV to the straight population? Or has that already happened and simply not been reported, or not reported as such? Elements of Islam have declared and are engaged in religious war against the people of the United States. And there's MECHA, as noted above, proclaiming that white people must die. But those aren't "hate crimes"?

And some people wonder why I'm armed. These days, I am an oppressed minority. Look, I'm not out to suppress or oppress or "get" anybody - you leave me alone, I leave you alone; you deal fairly with me, I'll deal fairly with you. I don't care about your melanin level or the fold of your epicanths or your sleeping arrangements or the name of your God (though you'd get more respect if you could speak Amurican fer cryin' out loud). But by that same God if you come after me, I'll defend myself! -And if you vote against me, you can damn well expect me to return the favor.

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